A.N. So I've kind of been thinking of this since I watched the final and completely freaked out that Mozzie got shot (MOZZIE CAN'T DIE! *SADPANDA=,( !). So after a really bad dunking night and nothing but rain this freaking week, I figured what the hell I have to get these bunnies out of my head so I guess here you go. I really hope you enjoy! Sorry for grammar and spelling.

Summery: When Neal and Peter get a call that Mozzie's in the Hospital and in really bad condition he seeks out help from one of Kate's old friends and Peter and Neal try to figure out what Mozzie had of import and how to save Neal from being next.

Chapter One: Just A Dream.

Neal was tired and he had to admit emotionally drained. He still didn't have Kate's killer and had no idea who was behind it all. Not to forget that now he had a target on his back. He still had hope that Kate was smart enough to get herself out of the plain before it exploded, but she would've got in contact with him by now, right?

He turned and looked up from his desk to where Peter was. In his office, he picked up the phone just a few seconds ago and he turned to lock eyes with his partner. The look on his face told him that something was wrong and it had something to do with him.

He couldn't help but shake his head. He was probably going back to jail. He turned back around and rested his hands on the desk and he buried his face. He wished at this moment that he wasn't a con man but a magician so he could make his escape in a very entertaining fashion. But it wasn't going to happen like that.

He felt someone lay their hand on his shoulder and give him a comforting squeeze. Looking up Peter was next to him and he was pulling on his shoulder now.

"Come on," Peter said in a soft but urgent voice walking past him quickly. Neal was dumbfounded by Peter. Did he really want to get rid of him that bad? No. Peter was his friend. He wouldn't be like this, there was something more. Neal had to run to catch up to Peter.

"Peter, what's going on?" Neal asked when he was beside the F.B.I. Agent.

"I'll tell you when we get into the car." Peter said quicken his pace making Neal have to do the same again. Neal couldn't help but wonder what that call was about. The look Peter gave him told him it was about himself. When they got in the car Neal couldn't contain himself.

"I'm going back to jail aren't I?" Neal asked sighing.

"I'm not letting you go back to jail." Peter answered determinedly. Neal shook his head.

"Then what's going on?" Neal watched Peter press his lips together.

"Neal," Peter said trying to think of the best way to put what he was just told. He knew that Neal wasn't going to take it well. Neal took a quick glimpse out the window and his eye caught the 'Hospital' sigh. Neal quickly turned to Peter.

"Oh my god, please tell me El's okay?" Neal said quietly.

"It's not El." Peter said. He saw Neal take a quick sigh as his brief panic faded.

"Then why are we going to the hospital?" He asked. Peter stayed quiet. "Peter!" Neal said annoyed but Peter caught the small speck of fear as well.

"Mozzie was shot in Central Park." Peter finally answered quietly.

Neal wasn't sure when he stopped breathing, only when his chest felt tight, his lungs were screaming for oxygen and Peter practically slapping him in the face.

"Neal! Hey, breathe," Peter was chanting in a calming voice. "Neal are you okay?" When Neal was finally taking deep breath he started shaking his head. He couldn't of heard that right, he thought to himself. He realized that the car was parked. He faced the windshield and the lights of the hospital sign.

"Is he dead?" Neal asked in a whisper.

"I don't know," Peter said honestly. "Can you go in there?" He waited for an answer from his partner. Neal again started shaking his head. He felt so bad for the ex-con. He lost his girlfriend and now he was going to lose his friend. "Neal look at me," He said forcing the younger man to focus on him. "Mozzie needs you. Okay I'm going to be right there with you." He said to Neal. Neal finally agreed with a quiet okay and got out of the car with him. They were told by a nurse that Mozzie was in surgery and that they would have to wait in the waiting room for the doctor.

Peter made a quick call to El, to let her know what was going on and that he might not be home tonight.

"Is Neal okay?" El asked, in a worried motherly, tone." To be honest Peter wasn't sure how to answer. Neal hadn't said a word since they got out of the car.

"I don't know," He said sadly.

"I'm on my way." El said. Peter shook his head even though his wife couldn't see it.

"El you don't have to..." He tried to protest but El interrupted.

"This isn't open for discussion. I'm on my way." She said hanging up. Peter was actually glad that El was on her way. She was way better at the whole comforting someone then he was. He made his way back into the waiting room where Neal was still sitting in the same seat he was in when he left. Neal was tapping his fingers against his knees and rocking himself forward and back in his chair.

He wanted to say something, anything that would calm Neal's nerves, but, at that moment even his best try could cause harm. He didn't want to tell Neal everything would be alright and then Mozzie die. All that would do would drive Neal crazy. He lost Kate, Peter secretly wondered how much Neal could really take before he just snapped.

Then only thing he did was place his hand on Neal's should and gave it a squeeze like before.