Chapter Nine: Gotcha.

Guinevere parked Peter's car next to a sliver car. Neal looked for a license plate but the car didn't have one. Guinevere didn't look like she was going to move, or that she could at all. Neal cleared his throat and she turned to him.

"You never get nervous." Neal pointed out.

"You're my friend," Guinevere said softly. "I don't want you to get killed." She said not looking at Neal. Even though he knew that this wasn't the best situation to be in, he couldn't help but give Guinevere a a small smile. She never gave a damn about anything but the money and here she was worrying about him.

Neal didn't know what to say. He actually like Guinevere when she was nice and he like the 'sibling' teasing they did.

"Just stay behind me, okay." She said Neal nodded. They got out of the car and walked up to the building. Guinevere opened the door and walked in first, Neal right behind her. The lighting in the warehouse was dim, some of the lights flickered making it hard to see anything inside.

"About time you got here," A man said standing under one of the only lights that seemed to be working. He smiled. "The original plan was to shot you in front of you cop buddy. Have him watch you die. Granted, that was suppose to happen in three months."

"Sorry to ruin you plans." Guinevere said. She looked around and noticed that the only thing he had with him was a gun. "What gave me away. You obviously knew I wasn't giving you Neal." She said standing in front of Neal and pointing the gun at Larson. He lifted his arm and pointed his gun at her.

"Lucky guess," He answered. "I don't waist my money on people I don't like anyway. Although I do have to apologize, the drugged coffee was for him." He said with a smirk.

"You weren't going to let me walk out of here alive, were you?" She asked.

"Still aren't," He said. "As a matter of fact, the boss doesn't even know about this meeting. I figured when I tell him I already got the threat and a potential threat it'll get me a nice gold star." He said happily.

"Who said you're leaving here alive either?" Guinevere asked with a smile. Guinevere reached behind her back without Larson seeing anything. She pulled the other gun out and handed it to Neal. He grabbed it and held it out of view of Larson.

"You're a thief," Larson pointed out. "You don't kill."

Peter was wasting time, not that he wanted to. He had to get a cab back to his house to get Guinevere's car. After that he had to go back to his office and grab another gun, there was no way he was going there unarmed.

He looked at his watch, five minutes passed. He looked again another five minutes. These five minutes felt like hours. He wasn't sure if he was going to make it or what he was going to find when he got there. He would never be able to forgive himself if they both died. They were waiting for him to 'save the day' as Mozzie put it.

The pressed his foot against the gas peddle harder now. He stopped looking at watch and concentrated more on not hitting another car as he swerved to get around them.

"So how do you want to play this, sweetheart?" Larson asked. "I'm not going to stay here all day and play this game with you guys."

"Then shoot me." Guinevere said. He looked at her and shook his head.

"I want him first," He said looking at Neal. "I don't know what the Boss wants with you but he sure likes making you miserable, first your girlfriend then you buddy. You really pissed him off didn't you?"

"Who do you work for?" Neal asked. "Since you're going to kill both of us, you can at least tell me who this guy is?" The man just shook his head.

"Why bother to waist my breath," He said. "It doesn't matter." The sound of screeching tires made Neal look to the door and Larson look up. "Looks like your friend came to same you."

Peter was surprised that he hadn't gotten pulled over yet. He was relieved when he finally saw the building in his view. He pulled in quickly, the tires came to a screeching spot. He quickly got out.

As he ran to the building he saw his car, it didn't seem to be scratched and it was in one piece. Next to it was a silver car. Looking at the building he noticed the door opened and lights were on.

"Let's go Agent Burke," He heard someone yell. "We're waiting." He walked in to the door cautiously. In side he saw Neal standing behind Guinevere her gun pointing at Larson and Larson's pointing at her, until he walked in. Larson turned to Peter. "Two against one," He said shaking his head. "Now that's not fair."

"Then you're really not going to like this." Neal said pointing Peter's gun at him to. The smirk on Larson's face quickly turned into a frown. Larson was now staring at three guns.

"Who's behind this," Guinevere asked. "Nobody has to get hurt, just tell us what we need to know." She said.

"He'll kill me." Larson said.

"Who?" Neal asked. Larson shook his head.

"I'll take my chances with you three." He said raising the gun. There was four gun shots. Peter ran over to the body that fell with three bullet holes. He checked for a pules but there none. He looked up at Neal. Neal wanted the name of the guy trying to kill him but it looked like they weren't going to find out anytime soon.

The sound of metal hitting the concrete made them turn around to see Guinevere holding her shoulder. The could see the blood dripping from in between her fingers.

"We have to go back to the hospital." She said pained.

"He shot you." Peter said running over to Guinevere. Neal was already next to her. Peter reached up to check her left arm but Guinevere swatted his hands away with her good arm.

"Don't touch it!" She said annoyed.

"I just wanted to check if the bullet is still in there." Peter defended.

"It's a through and through," She stated. "There's blood down my back." She said. Peter again tried to examine it and Guinevere again slapped him. "Oh my god can you just get me to the hospital, this really freaking hurts." She said. Peter and Neal both looked at her. "I'm not going to die but can we please go!" She complained.

"I'll have the local police deal with this," He said throwing Neal the keys to Guinevere's car. "Take her to the hospital, I'll meet you back there." Peter said. Neal started to walk Guinevere out but she stopped.

"Sorry about the whole handcuff thing," She said. "And I'm really glad you came, I really didn't have anything else planed out." She said honestly.

"I understand, just go." Peter said.

Guinevere was happy to hear that there was no permit damage. They placed a sling on her arm and gave her some pain pills.

"Looks like I'll be playing piano in no time." Guinevere said playfully. Neal smiled.

"And looks like I have a few months before someone tries to kill me again." Neal said.

"Who ever it is doesn't know where Larson is yet, so you kind of have the advantage right now," Guinevere said. "Plus you and Peter will get him, I know it." She said.

"You're leaving, aren't you, Gwen?" Neal asked. She just nodded. "Were you even going to tell me?" He questioned.

"Of course," She stated. "I was actually going to ask you if you wanted to come with me. You be safe, no one would try to kill you, I promise." She said with a smile.

"I couldn't do that to Peter," Neal answered. "I couldn't run like that." Guinevere nodded.

"Well," She sighed. "I don't mean to leave without Peter's knowledge, put I booked a plane that leave in two hours. After I say goodbye to Mozzie can you help me get my bag and drive me to the airport?" Neal nodded.

"Leaving me so soon?" Mozzie asked as she walked into the room.

"Afraid so Moz," She answered. "I've been here way too long."

"Well," Neal said with a smirk. "The last forty-eight hours has been a blast." Neal said sarcastically.

"Leaving before the suit comes back?" Mozzie questioned.

"Oh yeah." She answered with a laugh. "Bye Mozzie." Mozzie nodded as the two left. Neal stopped at the Burks first and grabbed Guinevere's bag. When they reached the airport Neal took her bag out and stood in front of her.

"So where are you heading?" Neal asked.

"Well I thought about what you said to go to London, but I've never been to France. I can also know French fluently."

"I was serious when I said you have to call everyday." Neal said in a very serious voice.

"Okay," Guinevere said with a smirk. "But that counts drunk weekend calls." The sarcastic tone got a laugh from Neal. Neal stepped closer and wrapped his arms around her gently, making sure he didn't hit his arm. With her free hand Guinevere wrapped it around his neck. "My offer's still up," She whispered in his ear. "I can get that tracker off in seconds and I don't mind buying another ticket to France." She offered.

"I'm good." Neal whispered back. Guinevere pulled away and started towards the door.

"Oh," She said turning around. "You can do whatever you want with that car. I stole it." She said with a smirk. "Tell Peter au revoir for me." Neal nodded as she disappeared into the airport.

Peter didn't expect to have to wait almost an hour for the police to show up. When he got to the hospital he was surprised to see Neal by himself with Mozzie.

"Where's Guinevere?" He asked, he could hear the concern in his voice.

"On a plane by now." Neal answered quietly not to wake Mozzie.

"What!" Peter almost yell, but stopped himself and it came out more like a hiss.

"Her job's done." Neal said.

"But we never got the guy who's trying to kill you." Peter pointed out.

"Actually we did," Neal looked up at him. "We never got the guy who's behind it, but we have time to. He doesn't know Larson's dead and we have a few months before he tires to kill me again." Neal said with a smirk.

"You're a smart ass, you know that?" Peter said.

"Part of my job description." Neal said simply but his smirk turned to a sad smile. "What do you do when they try to again?"

"We be ready," Peter said. "I'm not going to let anything happen to you Neal." Peter said protectively.

"Guinevere was right." Neal said.

"What was that?" Peter asked.

"She said I was lucky to have you," Neal said. Peter couldn't stop himself from smiling. "We should go for coffee." Neal said standing up.

"Someone almost died last time you went for coffee." Peter pointed out.

"But the French roast." Neal said with puppy dog eyes. Peter just rolled his eyes but eventually gave in.

"Fine," Peter said. "But it's going to be tested before you drink it." He stated.

A.N. Sorry that this didn't fill everyone's expectations (Definitely didn't fill mine) but I needed to finish this because I really don't have any time. Everything just seems to be crappy and I need to deal with some bad family issues right now. So again sorry if this isn't the ending you were expecting it's definitely not my best work. Hope you enjoyed it anyway.

P.S. I based the character Guinevere off of the song Guinevere by the Eli Young Band.