Chapter 1

Slayer Meet Watcher-umm I mean King

Buffy smiled as she looked around.

"I think I'm gonna like it here." Giles sighed as he rubbed the skin between his eyes.

"Buffy, we have to get home. I believe we may be in the Middle Ages. Possibly the Crusades. We-Buffy, put that back!" He exclaimed tiredly as he watched her pull a sword off the wall, playing with it delightfully. She heard a noise behind her and turned. She flew into a defensive position with the sword pointed out when she saw a man with a sword at Giles' back.

"Halt! Who are you to traverse through my castle unannounced and unattended?" Buffy felt her mouth drop when she looked at the King. The she looked at Giles, who looked at her a bit worried, then back again as her sword fell limply to her side.

"Well Damn. You don't see that everyday." This to encourage Giles to slowly turn around to face the King, and they both jumped as they saw the others' features. It was as if they were looking in the mirror.

"Bloody Hell!" they both exclaimed. The King's eyes widened, mirroring Giles.

"You can not look like me! You must be a sorcerer! Magic is banned from this kingdom!" Buffy and Giles looked at each other with raised eyebrows. Buffy chuckled, breaking eye contact first, looking at the king bemused.

"Him? He was born this way. Besides, we don't do magic. Too many bad consequences from what we've heard." Giles smiled at her quick handling. The King seemed taken aback from her forwardness. He turned to Giles.

"Then who are you?" Giles fixed his glasses before stepping next to Buffy.

"I am Rupert of the House of Giles. This is Buffy, my daughter." At Buffy's hurtful confusion he gave her a meaningful glance. She understood his need for secrecy immediately.

"We come from Versailles, but there was no one at the door. We have been wandering the halls, looking for a guide or any living soul." The King looked at Buffy disapprovingly, the sword still in her hand. She hid it behind her back sheepishly.

"And your daughter is doing what?" He left the question in the air. Giles sighed, shaking his head at Buffy at what seemed like disappointment.

"Fashions herself a young man. She was gifted more strength and speed as a bairn than many men in their prime. I have been unable to find her a husband, she acts more as a boy, loving swords and fighting. I have not been able to rid her of the hobby." The king nodded, understanding.

"I am Uther Pendragon, King of Camelot. I invite you to stay at the castle during the duration of your visit." Giles kneeled as Buffy curtseyed.

"I thank you for your hospitality, my Lord. We should not impose long, we were merely passing through." The King nodded before sweeping out of the hallway. Giles made Buffy leave the sword before they followed his long strides, much like Giles' own, to Buffy's displeasure. They came up on a big door and the King let them in. It was a huge guest suite, with a bedroom attached on the inside.

"I hope this is good?" Giles nodded, smiling appreciatively. The King nodded back.

"I will have appropriate clothes sent up." He shut the door behind himself as he left.

Uther walked down the hall to his ward Morgana's room. As he walked in, he noticed he was interrupting a conversation between Morgana and her maid, Gwen. He coughed and the women stood. Gwen curtseyed respectfully and Morgana smiled at the King.

"Gwen, I have two guests in the blue suite. I need you to see to them, if my ward can afford to miss your presence." Morgana nodded, so Gwen curtseyed again.

"I need for you to size them and find them acceptable clothing, Morgana may need to lend the young lady a dress until the clothes are ready." Gwen nodded and watched as the king left. Morgana sighed as she watched him leave, her smile wiped off her face. Gwen smiled sadly at her Lady and friend.

"You're in love with Uther, are you not?" Morgana smiled sadly at her friend.

"I am, and have been for a long time. He will never see me as anything other than his ward. He's too in love with his late wife, Ygraine, to see anyone else in that matter." Her eyes lowered as she stepped to her wardrobe. Gwen shook her head, smiling softly.

"And that's all you'll think until you take a chance with your heart." Gwen muttered to herself.


As you can tell, this is Giles/Buffy, and Uther/Morgana

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