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Youko was ready for the woman and Hiei's arrival, having been told of the incident by Hiei telepathically on their way back. He noticed when Hiei came in that he hadn't bothered grabbing her winter clothes from where ever she had put them in the barn, instead using his youki to keep her warm. The woman was still unconscious.

The fox motioned toward the fireplace. "Put her on the blankets there and get me some warm water," he said, sweeping his fingers through his hair and producing several seeds.

Hiei simply did as he was told and the kitsune quickly knelt by the woman's side and started examining her injuries for himself.

She had a few other large slivers in her arms and legs, and now instead of mere cracked ribs, she had five that were broken. Listening to her uneven breathing, he guessed she might have a collapsed lung as well. Looking down at her leg, he saw blood leaking through the make-shift bandage and nodded to himself. He had best get that taken care of before anything else.

Hiei approached, carrying a large bowl of warm water as Youko started removing the bandage around the woman's most serious wound. "I need to remove her pants and properly treat the wound before it becomes infected," he said. The fire demon knew what was expected of him and simply nodded, setting the water aside as he started the process of removing her jeans.

When they got to the region of the injury, they very carefully peeled the blood-soaked material away from her skin, exposing the full injury. Youko, unable to really help himself, took a moment to note that the woman was wearing light green panties that hugged her hips. Then, shaking his perverted thoughts off for the moment, he returned to the issue at hand. Motioning for the water, he took several of his seeds and made them grow, plucking off leaves, stems, petals and some strange juices the various plants produced, he mixed it into the bowl of water. He then soaked a cloth into the water for a few moments, keeping the flowing blood staunched with a thick towel.

He looked at his companion, his expression very serious. "The treatment of her wound is going to be excruciatingly painful, Hiei. I know such a thing is not your specialty, but try to keep her calm."

The little demon shrugged. "Hn. I'll use my Jagan to block out some of the pain for her." He positioned himself by her head and carefully lifted it and placed it in his lap. Placing the tips of his fingers at her temples, he activated his Jagan Eye.

Even with the effects of his Jagan, the woman let out whimpers of pain as the fox worked steadfastly on the wound, using his ointment to keep the wound from becoming infected, and which would also help it heal much faster.

After several long minutes of working on the wound, he bound it securely and moved on, removing the smaller splinters that had lodged themselves in other regions of her body. He disinfected those minor wounds as well, knowing all too well that even minor wound could cause severe infections. Then, after treating and binding her ribs, he wrapped her in the blankets and let her rest in front of the fire place.

"We should just let her rest for now," Youko said. He reached forward and gently brushed some of her hair from her face. "The poor little thing looks too frail to be taking on so much."

Hiei shrugged. "It's not as if she doesn't enjoy her responsibilities, but you're right that she is overworking herself. She was exhausted before we even arrived."

The kitsune nodded silently in agreement and the two of them spent the next few hours lounging around the house and conversing about nothing in particular telepathically.

Their lounging stopped the moment they heard a pained groan and heard the light rustle of fabric on fabric. Youko was at Jessica's side in an instant, Hiei standing at his shoulder. The woman opened her eyes and looked around a little blearily for a moment before her eyes closed once more and she let out a long sigh.

"You won't hear me say things like this often but... I'm really starting to hate that fucking horse," she muttered.

The two demons smirked as Youko brushed away some stray hair that was dangerously close to her eyes. Her eyes snapped open when she felt his clawed hand gently brush against her forehead. "He certainly did a number on you, but I have treated your wounds and given you some medicine to relieve you of some of the pain. You should be recovered in only a day or so."

Jessica's eyes widened. "Ah, shit! I still had to..."

"Onna," Hiei cut in. "Put the animals out of your mind for now and focus on your own recovery. They won't die if you leave them for a day."

Casting a glance at the window and seeing that the daylight was rapidly decreasing, she let out a sigh and frowned. "I suppose one day won't hurt anything. I'll just make the Kremp's acreage my first stop when I head out again. But I really need to use the bathroom, so I'm just..." She pulled the blankets back and let out a shriek as she quickly pulled them back over her again. She was cherry red and her eyes were enormous. "I... I'm..."

Youko let a devilish smirk cross his features as he leaned in close to the young woman. "Just feel fortunate, little Jessica, that I didn't feel the need to remove all of your clothes. Considering that you are covered and that Hiei and myself have already seen you in your current state, there's nothing for you to be embarrassed about, is there?" He pulled away from her then and offered her a hand up. "Now come. There is no need to make you even more uncomfortable by forcefully holding it in."

Jessica considered for a moment, and then let out a sigh. She accepted the kitsune's help, but the moment she was on her feet again, a searing pain shot through her thigh and Youko had to catch her before she could crash to the floor.

"It seems you are still in pain in spite of the medicine I gave you," he said, that smirk of his growing by leaps and bounds. "I suppose I shall just have to help you out, then." With that said, the kitsune swept her up into his arms. Realizing his intentions, Jessica's eyes widened.

"You know, this really isn't necessary. I have a set of crutches laying around here somewhere and..."

"But this is much easier and more convenient, little Jessica. No arguments now, I've made up my mind."

She let out another sigh. I'll give in this time because he healed me, but he better not let it go to his head! "Okay, you can bring me into the bathroom, but please let me have my privacy."

He looked as if he was considering her request for a few moments, cast a glance at Hiei, and then let out a sigh of his own. "Very well, little one. I will set you down inside and then wait outside the door until you are done."

Jessica breathed a huge sigh of relief hearing this, and she nodded to him thankfully. The kitsune made his way into the bathroom with the woman in his arms and couldn't help but feel a tinge of disappointment when he saw a bar beside the toilet that was obviously meant for additional support. He set the woman down in front of toilet and then, giving her one of his devilish grins, he exited the room, telling her he would be waiting outside.

She never thought she would be so happy they had installed this thing when her mother had broken her ankle three years before. After having a brief struggle in pulling down her undergarments and then pulling them back up, she took a deep breath and called in Youko once again.

The fox let his gaze flicker across her form as he approached her once more and lifted her up into his arms. Then, grinning, he re-entered the living room and sat down on the couch, still holding the woman in lap.

Jessica turned bright red. "Um... what are you doing?"

Youko gave her one of his mischievous grins. "Well, when I was injured you stayed at my side the entire night. It's only fair that I do the same, don't you think?"

She felt her face get even hotter. "Well, yeah, but I..."

"You are even more so injured than I was, so it only makes sense that I keep you closer than you did me. I'll be able to detect even the slightest discomfort and be able to rectify it far more quickly." Then he allowed his expression to turn serious. "Jessica. You have my word that I will not take advantage of you. You can rest easy."

The woman looked up at him for a few long seconds before she let out a sigh, and laid her head on his chest. "I'm too tired to argue..."

The kitsune wrapped his arms around the woman and held her close. One hand started gently rubbing up and down her back, while the other started stroking her hair. She stiffened slightly, but then relaxed when he didn't do anything else. In spite of her own misgivings about this situation, she had to admit that it sure felt nice to have someone hold her like this again.

Christ, it's been too long since I've been with a man, she thought. Had her eyes not been closed when she let this thought come into her mind, she would have seen Hiei send an evil smirk in her direction.

The feel of the kitsune's warm body and the sensations he was stirring up with the gentle movements of his hands quickly did their work. Before the woman was even really aware of it herself, she had dropped off into sleep.


She wasn't sure how long she slept before she woke up, finding she was still in the arms of Youko. Although the pain in her ribs was now next to non-existent, her leg and her back were now throbbing, sending jolt after jolt of pain through her.

The fox was still sleeping, his head leaning up against the back of the couch, and Hiei was sleeping sitting against the wall, his own head having fallen into his chest.

She groggily wondered at what the time was and carefully craned her head, trying to look behind Youko's head so she could see the clock and not wake him at the same time.

"Hn. It's still early, onna. You don't usually wake up until a few hours from now."

The voice was quiet, but clearly audible. She blinked in surprise and her head whipped around to see Hiei looking right at her from his position against the wall.

"I thought you were asleep," she said, her voice barely more than a whisper. He seemed to hear her just fine.

He shrugged. "I make a point of being aware of my surroundings even as I sleep. To do otherwise would most likely get you killed in the Demon World."

"And he's not the only one who's awake," Youko said now, stirring slightly. When Jessica looked up at him, she saw his eyes were fixed right on her. "And how are you feeling this morning, little one?"

"Better than before," she said, but Hiei cut her off before she could say anything else.

"Don't lie, onna. You're still in pain, but you don't want to admit it."

Her head whipped in his direction once more, her eyes wide. She couldn't help but feel some annoyance come to the surface. "Am I ever going to have private thoughts while you're here?"

He smirked but said nothing. He put his hands behind his head and continued to lean against the wall.

Youko looked at her, somehow managing to look reprimanding as well as amused. "Come now, my little Jessica. If you are still experiencing pain, then tell me where it hurts so I can take care of it." He leaned in closer, brushing his lips against her earlobe. "Or would you prefer me to tie you down and give you a full examination?" he purred.

She turned a blazing red immediately and seemed to fumble for the right words. Finally she gave a low growl. "Dirty trick," she muttered before letting out a sigh. "It's my back and..." she turned redder and couldn't bring herself to meet his gaze. "...my leg."

Youko paused hearing this, before letting out a sound that was a cross between a growl and a sigh. "I knew I forgot something last night... Hiei had told me you went through a wooden fence, but once I saw your leg and all the splinters..." He shrugged. "Well, no point dwelling on it now. I'll just have to take care it this morning, I guess. But first..." Jessica found herself laying on the blankets in front of the fire place, the kitsune focusing on her bandaged leg. Blood had seeped through the bandage overnight, in spite of the remedies he had applied to it... a sure indication of how deep the wound had been. When he had finished carefully unwrapping it, he gently prodded the injury with his fingers.

The woman immediately let out a hiss of pain and her hands gripped the blankets in a white knuckled grip. Her eyes shut tight and she had to fight to keep herself from kicking the fox with her good leg.

Only seconds after she felt the searing pain, soft fingertips came into contact with her temples and the pain diminished significantly. Her eyes snapped open in surprise and she blinked, seeing Hiei's ruby orbs staring down into her own. She couldn't help but let out a shiver.

"It's all right, onna. I'm using my jagan to block out the pain for you."

She managed a small nod and forced herself to relax as Youko continued his examination. He scowled slightly after a moment.

"It's healing slower than I thought. It's only about half done." He looked at her. "I think it would be for the best if you skipped work today."

She balked. "I hadn't finished the second acreage, and still had a third to go yesterday! That would be two straight days with no care!"

He frowned at her slightly. "Jessica, with your leg in this condition, if you overexert yourself it could cause the wound to reopen. I can only bind it so tightly without it cutting off your circulation. And with how much you DO on those acreages, your condition worsening would be almost certain."

The woman's mind was going a mile a minute, desperately trying to think of something that would work out. "Okay, how about a compromise?" she asked, trying not to sound desperate.

He rose an eyebrow, curious. "What did you have in mind?"

"Okay. How about I just feed them and take care of the ones that have obvious injuries? Normally I examine all the animals one at a time, which is why it takes me so long to get the job done, but if I just feed them and only treated the ones who are obviously sick or injured, then it'll cut my time down significantly. If need be, I'll even take a few minutes to rest if I feel like I'm overdoing it."

Youko pursed his lips in thought before nodding hesitantly. "I suppose that would be all right. Since Hiei will be with you, he can ensure that you do, indeed, take it easy."

Her eyes widened. "Hiei's going to...?"

The shorter demon smirked. "Well, since that contraption of yours and your winter clothing is still where you left them, I will have to bring you there if you're going. Not to mention those demon hunters might still be in the area. I didn't detect them yesterday when I was with you, but that doesn't mean anything."

Jessica blinked and then moaned, realizing something. "Great. That means that the snowmobile's been outside in a raging blizzard for almost an entire day. I'll be lucky if it's not completely buried. Hell, I'll be lucky if it even runs anymore."

Hiei shrugged. "You may have gotten lucky. But you still do have one more injury that needs tending before you can even think of going."

Youko grinned at her in a way that set her on edge. "Yes. And for me to treat this injury, I will have to ask you to remove your shirt."

She turned tomato red immediately. Then she let out a long winded sigh, muttered something about 'wishing she could kill that damn horse', and then started to slowly sit up. Youko immediately moved to help her, as Hiei stayed at her back.

Then she gave the fox a look that plainly told him she wasn't happy about having to do this, before gripping the bottom of her shirt and pulling it off over the top of her head. Youko let out an appreciative growl and didn't bother to conceal the fact that he was looking her over. She blushed even further and held her arms across her chest to try concealing her breasts and the bra that held them in place.

Youko reached forward and placed a hand on her bare shoulder. "Lay down on your stomach now, little one." He started brushing his fingers through his hair and brought forth a seed that looked identical to the one he had used when she had first met him.

Only a few minutes after first spying the seed, Jessica felt warm hands gently start massaging the strange substance onto her back. Youko used gentle circular motions that instantly caused her to relax.

"Youko, you're going to put me to sleep," she muttered quietly.

He just chuckled. "Then sleep, little one. You have several hours to rest. You can leave a little later than you usually do since you're not going to be breaking your back working today."

The girl allowed her eyes to close, and promptly fell asleep.


Jessica slowly woke up again several hours later and saw that it was starting to get light outside. She was still on the blankets in front of the fireplace, one comforter concealing that she was dressed in nothing but a bra and a pair of panties. This made her turn very red when she realized Youko was laying down behind her and was holding her close with one arm. Thankfully, his hands and arms were on the blanket and not under it and against her own skin.

A quick look around revealed that Hiei was sitting leaning against the wall beside the fireplace, only a few feet to her right. Even though his head was in his chest, Jessica had to wonder if he was really asleep.

She very carefully started trying to make her way out from under Youko's arm, but got nowhere when it simply tightened its hold on her and pulled her closer to him. She froze a moment and then a sneaking suspicion told her that Youko wasn't asleep either. Casting a glance in Hiei's direction, she saw his head was up and he was smirking at her.

She sighed inwardly. Yup, I'll take that to mean that Youko's awake and being a pain...

Confirming it once and for all, Youko brought his lips right up to her ear, brushing against them lightly and sending a blast of his hot breath onto her neck as he spoke.

"Well, good morning, little one. Are you getting up already?" Did she just feel one of his fangs brush up against her ear lobe? Jessica turned red immediately.

"I kinda have to," she said, trying not to squirm. She gasped when she felt his lips start brushing the skin of her neck. Then the hand that was around her started trailing up and down her front.

"Must you? I was just starting to get comfortable..." he murmured seductively in her ear.

Oh no, not THIS again... Jessica wailed in her mind. Youko had told her that he would never rape her and that if she didn't like the attention, than she had only to say so, but... DAMNIT! It wasn't easy to say NO to someone who intimidated the hell out of you...

Hiei shifted from his position then. "Youko, unless you want the onna and I returning in the early morning hours, I suggest we let her get ready."

The movement stopped and she heard a disappointed sigh from behind her. "Oh, very well..." The arm released her and she let out a sigh of relief.

Thank you, Hiei! She thought, not knowing that the hybrid had picked it up.

She quickly got to her feet, making sure the blanket was still wrapped around her. "Well, um... I'm just going to go get dressed..." Ignoring the aching pain that was still emanating from her thigh, she quickly made her way to her room.

Youko glowered at his friend. "You couldn't have given me just a few more minutes, could you?"

Hiei shook his head. "Believe it or not, kitsune, you were scaring her. Whether you mean to or not, you intimidate her and she's afraid to tell you 'no.'"

The fox looked from his friend to the direction the woman had just disappeared. Then he let out a sigh. "Well, I'm going to have to give her more assurances that I won't harm her, I guess..."

Hiei shrugged. "She doesn't seem to mind when you simply hold her. I suggest just keeping her comfortable and relaxed rather than trying to turn her on. She seemed quite content earlier when she was in your lap."

Youko smirked. "Well, at least it's a step up from where we were yesterday..."

Jessica re-emerged from down the hall, dressed in a fresh pair of jeans and a black, long sleeved shirt. She made up a quick breakfast for the three of them, barely taking the time to inhale it as she bustled around the house.

Hiei looked at her once she had settled down somewhat. "Hn. You ready to go now, onna?"

She took a last quick look around the house and nodded. "Yeah, I'm good." Then she looked down at herself. "I feel nuts going outside wearing this..."

He smirked and approached the door. When Jessica went to join him, she blinked when she felt him take her hand in his own, and braced for the worst when he opened the door.

She was honestly shocked when she was now outside in the raging snowstorm, wearing nothing but a shirt and a pair of jeans, and was unable to feel the cold. She couldn't help but look at Hiei with some measure of awe. "How are you...?"

"I'm a fire demon, onna. I just extended my aura to you as well, and as long as you are in contact with me, you will not feel the cold." He answered, anticipating her question. Rather than giving her a chance to say anything else, he scooped the woman up into his arms and vanished from sight.

Youko had watched the little exchange and smirked. "Well, Hiei... let's see if you fare any better than I have been..."


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