Chapter 10

Eric entered his house and immediately sought out Sookie's location and found her in the guest bedroom, fast asleep from the sound of her heartbeat and breathing. Deciding to leave her asleep until he could see her the next night he chose to think about his next move. He could easily kill Sophie Anne and eliminate the immediate danger to Sookie, but that would put in line for the throne and he didn't want that. He would need a way to out manouver her and the only way he could think to do that was by blood bonding with Sookie. He was unsure about asking her if she would be willing to be bound to him so completely since they were still on unsteady ground as far as their slowly progressing relationship was going. He would approach her with the suggestion of a blood bond carefully but he was counting on Sookie being angry with the idea. With only an hour left until sunrise Eric decided to do some paperwork and then go to ground for the day.

Sookie woke at 10 am to a growling stomach and decided to have a quick shower before she went downstairs to find the coffee pot. Once she was cleaned and clothed in a pair in denim shorts and a white t shirt, she went downstairs to the kitchen and fired up the coffee pot and made herself a bowl of cereal. Deciding to have a look around the grounds outside while Eric slept, she polished off her breakfast and picked up her mug of coffee and walking out of the house through the patio doors at the back of the house. Admiring the stone paving covering the patio which led towards an outdoor swimming pool with a jacuzzi at the far end in it's own little corner. Walking across the immaculate lawns, enjoying the peace and serenity accompanying it. finding her way to the back of the estate, she found a white gazebo and sat in there for a while, enjoying her coffee and the bird song around her. After half an hour, Sookie made her way back to the house, sincerely wishing she had packed a bikini so she could enjoy the pool or at the very least sunbathe. Making her way to the living room, she turned on the TV and flicked through the channels until she found the discovery channel and watched a marathon of mythbusters.

Around dinner time, Eric found Sookie in the kitchen cooking Chicken and vegetables. He watched her bustle around and revelled in how right it seemed to have her here when he woke up. Sookie looked up and jumped slightly at the sight of the Viking vampire silently watching her. "Good evening, did you sleep well?" She asked him politely. Eric nodded slightly, knowing he would need to bring up the fact that Sophie Anne was still trying to aquire her, and seemed to be becoming impatient. Once she had eaten her dinner and moved them into the living room before he spoke to her, "I got information out of the vampire last night." Sookie looked at him patiently, waiting for him to continue. "She is waiting for the perfect opportunity to take you, but she fears my reaction and so far, that fear buys us time. I want you to stay here with me a little longer until it is safe. I don't intend to attack and will wait for Sophie Anne to make her move. She can be rash and spoiled, determined to get what she wants, so I imagine she'll make her move soon." Eric told her bluntly. It was always better to be straight forward and honest with Sookie and she tended to react badly when repeatedly shielded from the full truth. Sookie took a deep breath before she asked him," Is there anyway to make her back off, short of you killing her? It doesn't seem to end and I don't want to be her pet." The blood bond was what Eric had been thinking about nonstop, long before this threat even emerged but was unsure about how she would take it. Deciding to bite the bullet and bracing himself for her reaction, "A blood bond would prevent her from ever being able to come near you again without my permission. That also includes other vampires. If Sophie Anne so much as attempted to take you, then I would be well within my rights to kill her and not have to worry about taking the throne after her true death."

Sookie sat there in silence, seemingly considering this option much to Eric's surprise, before asking him to explain all aspects of the blood bond to her. "A blood bond is mutual blood exchanges, after three we would be permanently bonded, only broken if one us was to die. If that should happen then the survivor would lose their mind and very likely kill themself. After the first exchange, I would be able to feel your emotions, feel you if you were in danger and be able to locate you. The second exchange would mean you could feel my emotions and locate me. After the third exchange we would be permanently connected and feel each other all the time and in the supe community we would technically be married, however there is also a ritual which would offically recognise us as married." He told her everything and she seemed slightly shell-shocked and Eric became worried that he had lain too much on her at once. After a little while, Sookie spoke up" You said if one us was to die, then the other would not survive. I'm going to grow old and die one day, Eric do you intend to turn me?" She asked. Eric was gobsmacked that, that was the one thing she would be worried about right now. Was she considering the blood bond then? He hoped so. Even if she chose to remain human, he would enjoy those precious years he had with her. Deciding not to delve too deep into these foreign feelings for the moment. "I would love to have you as my child and mate for an eternity Sookie, but I would never force you. I want you to be with me willingly. You mean alot to me and these feelings I have are new and they confuse me, but I know that I cherish your company." He told her honestly. Sookie's eyes welled up with tears and Eric became concerned that he had said the wrong thing and upset her.

"That's all I needed to hear Eric. We can try this blood bonding and see where we go from there." Sookie informed him softly. Tears escaped and slid down her cheeks, paining Eric. He hated her tears and always would. Leaning over to kiss them away from her cheeks, Sookie gently took the sides of his face in her hands and kissed him deeply, leaning in to his body. Eric kissed her back, his heart swelling with her decision, and sweeping her up in his arms and moving her so she was straddling him. Sookie's kiss turned almost desperate as she rubbed herself against him, needing to be closer to him. Eric's hands found their way to the hem of her t shirt and proceeded to pull it up and over her head, greeted by pliant and willing Sookie. She decided then that she trusted him enough with her heart and now she would show him that fact. "Eric, bedroom," Two little words from her mouth meant so much more and a permanent change between them. Eric growled low in his throat and ran at full speed to his bed chambers below the rest of the house. When they entered the room, Eric made his way over to his Queen sized bed at the back of his room and deposited Sookie on it before following her down and joining their lips once more. Her mouth opened and he was granted entrance as his hands travelled up her body towards her breasts and he massaged them expertly through her white lacy bra. Moving his hands round to the clasp, he undid it and removed the offending garment completely from her body and his hands then moved down to her shorts and removed them swiftly, taking her panties with the shorts. Pulling back to look at her bare body, he took in every curve and freckle, revelling in her beauty. "You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen Sookie Stackhouse," He told her breathlessly, and Sookie thanked him shyly, blushing and only to raise his own bloodlust with the sight of her delicious blood raising to the surface begging to be tasted. He controlled his need to feed and proceeded to kiss her lips hungrily before moving his mouth down her body. Kissing his way down her neck towards her chest, reached her breasts and then took a pebbled nipple into his cool mouth and suckled firmly, causing Sookie to writhe and moan in delight with his ministrations on her sensitive breasts. After paying the same attention to her other breast, he moved down her body once more to find his way between her thighs and inhaled deeply at her sweet aroma before leaning forward to lay a long lick from slit to clit. Sookie shuddered in pleasure at his actions. He continued to lick her clit vigorously, occasionally nibbling on it, his tongue made one final sweep of her clit before white light exploded behind her lids, her mouth open in a silent scream. Eric licked away the remants of her orgasm away before swiftly removing his own clothes and moving up her body, positioning himself at her entrance.

Once Sookie came down from her high, she looked Eric in the eyes as he moved forward, fusing them together, filling her completely. Eric's eyes rolled into his head at the pleasure her enveloping heat created. He had never felt anything like it, so perfect, so tight. He started to move his hips in a dance as old as time and her hips rolled up to meet him thrust for thrust. The sounds of slapping flesh, moans, groans and growls filled the room as they finally succumbed to one another. His thrusts sped up, grasping her hips in his hands, he tilted her hips slightly, and her moans increased in volume as he hit that sweet spot inside her repeatedly. With both their releases iminent, Eric bit down into his wrist with a sickening crunch, and manouvered it towards her mouth where she latched on and sucked hard at the wound causing a loud growl of pleasure to escape his throat before he leaned forward and gently bit into her breast and sucked on it. Her release washed over her in a torrent wave of pleasure washed over her in a way she had never felt before. Her orgasm tightened her muscles around him a vice like grip triggering his own orgasm. With a roar he spilled into her over and over again, relishing in the feeling of completion within her hot depths. He held himself slightly above her, licking her bite mark closed and closed his eyes to feel his blood coursing through her body. Her arms weakly came up and held him, rubbing her hands over the muscles in his back in a soothing gesture. His eyes moved upwards to find hers before he dropped his head to place a gently kiss on her mouth.

After a few moments, Eric rolled off her onto his back, taking her with him and tucking her much smaller frame against him as he held her. Stroking his hands through her hair, he let the feelings of pure joy at having her here with him like this, wash over him. Her heartbeat slowed down and her breathing evened out, looking down, he saw she had fallen asleep in his arms. Choosing to stay there with her for a while before he knew he had to get up and make the neccessary calls to inform people to spread the word that Sookie Stackhouse was now his bonded and any that dared to approach her without his permission, do so at their own risk.


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