Roxas is dating a high schooler?

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"Roxas is dating a high schooler?" Hayner cried out, in a mixture of surprise and awe. He was impressed. I sighed. Hayner was one of my best friends, but sometimes, he could be so annoying. Name: Roxas. Age:23. Dating Status: High Schooler. I blinked. Time seemed to stand still there, for a moment. That happened to me a lot. I sat down next to Hayner and my other friend, Pence. Olette was sitting on the other side of me. She was looking sour, as always, when I'm around. "Stolen another poor girl's fertility Roxas?" She asked, glaring at me. I glared at Olette. I knew she was talking about when we had gone out, in high school. We had broken up, when I had moved to Twilight Town. She had moved here, sometime later. We had formed a band, with Hayner and used my other friend's Pence's house. He was kinda our manager. He booked us our gigs, and took photos. He also played the bass, a little. I had been teaching him. Name: Hayner. Age: 23. Plays Guitar and sings. He calls himself the heart of his band- Sex ba-boom! Name: Olette. Age: 23. Used to date Roxas, in high school. She never really got over him. Name: Pence. Age: 23. Has a love for photography. He's very quite, and rarely says anything. "It's not like that, Olette. We're taking things slow." I replied. She rolled her eyes. "We almost held hands, but then she got nervous, and it didn't happen." I smiled at the memory. "Her name is Xion Stonner. She's Chinese." Olette seemed to turn even more sour, which I didn't even think was possible. She stormed out of the room. I called after her, but she left, with a loud door slam. I blew some blonde hair, out of my eyes and looked, miserably, out the window, seeing Olette running out into the snow of the twilight sky. "So, how did you guys meet?" Hayner asked, curious, plucking a few cords on his guitar. "Well…"

Flashback- 1 week ago -

"You need a boyfriend!" I heard an elderly Chinese women say to her daughter. The couple didn't really look Chinese, but that was the language they were speaking. I had taken Chinese, in high school, and I was pretty fluent in it and Japanese. That way I could play the newest video games, as soon as they came out. "Mom!" The girl complained. I had to agree with her. Why did people think you weren't happy, if you weren't in a relationship. "You are seventeen years old! You should be interested in boys, by now." The mother said, still in Chinese. The girl growled, at her mother. The bus came to a violent stop. The bag, in the girl's hands dropped. The contents, which I saw were manga books, spilled across the bus' floor. "Your books…" The mother noted. The girl started cursing, under her breath. I shrugged and began helping her. I handed her back a couple of the books. She smiled at me. "Thanks." I shook my head. "Don't mention it." Just then, the bus started off, just as violently, as it had stopped. My head fell towards hers. The girl also fell. Before I realised what was happening, my face was right where her…well you know, is. The mother squealed, in excitement. As far as she was concerned, we were practically engaged now.

I walked into my shared apartment. And by shared, I mean me, my roommate and whichever of his boyfriends he had with him. That's right. I said him and his boyfriends. My gay roommate was sitting, in a chair, opposite the door, reading the newspaper. His fiery red hair, spiked behind him. He smiled at me, sarcastically, from behind his paper. Name: Axel. Age: 25. Roxas' gay roommate. He owns everything of value in their apartment. Basically, Roxas owns the floor and a horrible poster of Utada Hikaru. I hung up my coat and turned to Axel. He had put down his paper, and was looking at me, expectantly. I sighed. "Before you hear some dirty rumour, from someone else, yes, I am dating a high schooler." Axel chuckled, apparently amused. "Is he hot?" He joked. I gave a little fake laugh. Axel was a huge joker. I guess that's why I hung out with him. I was really sullen all the time, I needed someone as Flamboyant, as him. He kept me from committing suicide. "Does this mean that we have to stop sleeping together?" He asked. I looked at him. "Do you see another bed, in here?" I asked, pointing to the bed, right beside his easy chair. He chuckled. "Guess you're just going to be my bitch forever." I scowled at him, watching his phone appear in his hands. No doubt he was updating my face book status for me. This was going to be fun.

A knock on the door woke me from my nine O'clock nap. It was Xion. "What's up?" I asked her. She was timid around me, as usual. "You…you said that today, I was going to see your band rehearse." She reminded me. My expression softened. "Oh yeah." I said. I held up a finger, giving her a silent order to wait for me. She nodded, and I left to find my coat and a scarf. Twilight Town was, almost, constantly snowing, in the winter time. It was the only time of the year, I couldn't eat Sea-Salt ice-cream. When he left, I tried to be excited, but I couldn't manage it. Actually, I treated her like the time, that I had to baby-sit my little cousin Sora. "Be good." I told him, and then I realised I had just said that aloud. Xion was looking at me, confused. "I'll be good." She said, insecurely. "Am I usually not?" I shook my head. "I mean…uh…you know, have a good time." She nodded, looking a bit more understanding. I sighed. This was not fun. "Roxas…and his new girlfriend too." Hayner had greeted us, at the front door, of Pence's house. "Hayner, Xion. Xion, Hayner." I said, dryly. Hayner stood aside, letting us pass. I saw Olette, behind her drums. "Hey Olette. This is Xion. Xion that's Olette. She's a bit sour, but just ignore her." I said, Xion nodded. I had told her about Olette, before. Pence walked in and sat on the couch, opposite our instruments. Xion joined him. "And what do you play?" She asked, while I picked up my bass. "Uh, nothing." He answered. Xion looked a bit disappointed, but apparently Pence didn't want to let Xion down. "But I…uh take pictures. Video taped these guys. Post them on YouTube. And I play bass a little." Xion's eyes sparkled, and Pence smiled to himself. "Okay." I said, getting everyone's attention back on me. "Let's start with endless struggle." I said. Hayner looked at me, annoyed. "That's not the title of the song." He complained. "No." I agreed. "But it's better than 'we are the best duellers ever!'" I told him, he looked like he wanted to protest, but just then, Olette started the song. "We are Sex Ba-Boom! One! Two! Three! Four!" Suddenly, Hayner and his stupid song title slipped from my mind. So Xion. So did the reason I was dating her. All that mattered, was my music. Nothing else. I shredded, on my bass. Somewhere, in the back of mind, I could hear the familiar lyrics. The familiar tune. And, from out of the corner of my eye, I could see Xion's eyes shinning brighter than I had ever seen them. She looked ecstatic. Not exactly the reaction, I had been expecting. I mean, we weren't actually that good. Our YouTube view count was only in the hundreds. And a lot of those who commented, only had negative stuff to say. We finished the song, and I went and walked Xion to the bus stop. Her eyes were still shinning, brightly. "You guys are soooo amazing!" She said, finally. This defiantly had not been the reaction that I had expected. I had expected her to hate it and break up with me. Xion was a weird kid, but I guess I still needed her. After she left on her bus, I walked back to Pence's place and we continued practicing.

After Practice-

Pence was busy uploading our newest video onto YouTube. Me and the other members of Sex Ba-Boom! Were on Pence's bed, talking away. Eventually, Olette mentioned Xion. "You're sick Roxas." She told me. "You're just using this girl." My eyes widened, in fake shock. "Olette. I am hurt. Do you hear me? Hurt!" She shook her head, and continued to glare at me. "Oh come on! You're dating a high schooler!" Hayner came to my rescue. "I thought she was nice." He said, a playful smile, appearing on his lips. "I might even get a high school girlfriend." Olette looked outraged. I knew she had a thing for Hayner. I was going to have a little revenge. "I highly recommend it." I said, handing Hayner a class picture, which Xion had given me. Hayner eyed it, dreamily. It was a good thing that Xion went to an all-girls school. Midnight Academy. "Never mind okay!" Olette said, going into another huff. I smiled a little, victorious.

'RINNNNNGGGG!' My head stirred. My phone was going off. It was a good thing that Axel was a heavy sleeper. "Hello?" I said, flipping my phone open, and clicking the accept call button. "Roxas!" My sister's voice came through the phone. She sounded excited. Name: Selphie. Age: 19. Rated T for Teen. "Roxas!" She screamed down the phone again. "what's this I hear about you dating a sixteen year old?" She cried. She had seen my face book status. Thanks, again, Axel. I rubbed my eyes and turned on a light. "First off, what time is it?"

"Twelve Thirty, in the afternoon." She said, obviously not understanding my and Axel's need for a lot more sleep than average people. "I called last night, but you were at the band practice or something, now get on with it!" She commanded. I sighed. "Secondly, she's seventeen, eighteen in a few months." She sounded impatient and asked another question. "What's her name? Her race? Where does she go to school? Spill!" Okay, make that a lot of questions. "Her name is Xion Stonner. She's Chinese, although she doesn't look it. And she goes to an all girl's Catholic school." I said, with a slight yawn. "OMG!" Selphie screamed, scandalised, by my love life. "With a uniform and everything?" She asked, intrigued. "Yeah. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to hang up."

"Wait." She said, her tone of voice had changed, now it sounded more concerned. "Why are you doing this Roxy?" Childhood nickname. She really was concerned. I wished I had an answer to her question. "I don't know." I answered, simply. "I worry for you bro. I really do. It's been over a year since you broke up with…"

"Don't say her name!" I almost shouted. "Okay bro. Just let me know how you are doing, kay?" I smiled and nodded, although she couldn't see me. "I'll keep you posted. And if I don't Axel sure as hell will."

Later that day, I had dragged Axel along with me to go and pick up Xion, from her school. It was two fifty and a light snow was falling. "I don't want to be here!" Axel whined. I gave off a small laugh. "Oh come on. If everyone is making me do this, I'm going to make you help me." I said. When we neared the school, I heard a loud bell ring, I hesitated in front of the school gates. Teenagers were pilling out. Axel tried to make a break for it. I grabbed the back of his collar and pulled him back here. He started slipping and had to pull on me, for support. Once he was standing, steadily, he glared at me. "I hate you." He breathed out his visible breath, in a huff. "ROXAS!" I turned and saw Xion, gracefully, gliding on the frozen walkway. "Heyyy!" She said to me, in a sing-song voice. "Hey." I greeted her, without excitement. "This is my gay roommate, Axel." I said, indicating the fiery red head. She nodded, in his direction, then she turned back to me. "Can we get some pizza. I'm starving." She said, in a playful voice. "Sure. Let's go. Wallace, you can go now." I said, to him, coldly. "Oh wait." Xion said, suddenly, holding my hand and pulling Axel towards her. She smiled at him. "I have a gay best friend, looking for someone. He's twenty, kinda looks like Roxas, actually." That perked Axel's interest. "I need a number." He said, a smile playing, on his lips. Xion laughed and handed him a piece of paper, with a mobile number and a house phone number on it. Axel pulled Xion close in and said into her ear. "You're too good for him." He said the words with such seriousness, Xion's smile faded a bit. Axel walked away, looking at the phone numbers, in his hand. Xion turned to me, again. "Axel sure is funny, huh?" She said, with a giggle. "Yeah, funny." I managed, with a fake and dry chuckle.

After me and Xion left the Twilight Town Pizza Hut, a box still in my hands, we left for Tram Common. That's where my favourite store, The Usual Spot, was. The Usual Spot was a clothes store, a music store, a DVD store. It sold a lot of things. "Wow. I've never been in here, before." Xion commented. "It's a good store. Hayner gets our band clothes from here." I said, looking through a rack of coats. "Your band is so awesome." Xion said, dreamily. "I don't listen to much music, but seriously, you guys rock." I smiled at the compliment. "Thanks…hey! I picked out a black coat. This would look good on you." She looked at it, and shrugged. "It's pretty cute." She said. "Changing rooms are back that way." I pointed, behind me, a little absent minded. For a moment, I could actually imagine me and Xion, as an item. Back at the front of my apartment, I was saying goodbye to Xion. "Roxas." She said, in a whimper. I looked at her confused. "Yeah?" She started fiddling with her fingers. She reminded me a lot of Hinata, when she was…oh boy. "Roxas. I've never kissed a boy, but I've never had a boyfriend who's as cool or as talented, or as…" I cut her off, with a small peck on the lips. Afterwards, she looked like she was about to faint. "Thank you so much." Xion said, dreamily. She left, squealing every now and then. I smiled at her, and went into my apartment. Axel was looking at me, with a look of slight hatred. "You're getting worse Roxas." He told me. I shrugged, and went back into the bathroom. I heard Axel starting a phone call. "Hello? Is this Ventus?"

In my dream, I saw a huge castle. It was almost intimidating. Then, I was immediately transported to a beach. The water was black. The sky was black. Everything was black, as black as my heart. Why had I let Xion and me get so close. Because I was alone. I needed Xion. I was using her. But I also needed something different. In fact, someone. I needed a new girlfriend. And then there was light. From the water, a girl on a motor cycle was coming towards me. She was completely white, especially in this world of darkness. "Who are you?" I asked, as she got closer. "Someone you need." She answered. "What?" I asked, my jaw dropping. "Oh stop that. I was kidding." She sped away, her white hair, flowed out and caught me, in the face. I coughed out hair, when I was awake. I was stunned. Had that been real? "Roxas?" Axel asked, semi-concerned. I glanced over to Axel's side. He had someone in his arms. "Hi Ven." I mumbled. He nodded at me. He seemed lifeless. Oh. Axel had taken him fast. I got out of the bed and went into the bathroom and got changed.

The dream had me thinking all day. For some reason, I couldn't forget her. The girl in my dream. The girl that I needed to meet, so I could get over…Tifa! I blinked in surprise. I hadn't spoken her name in years! This girl was a miracle worker! The next day, I was in the Twilight Town library. Xion was picking out some new manga books, and I had volunteered to help her. Currently, she was looking at Vampire Knight. She noticed that I shuddered, in the library. "What's up?" She asked. I looked around at all the books. "It's just that this place always reminds me of grade school." I complained. She laughed at that, as if it was the most ridiculous thing she had ever heard. "That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard." I rolled my eyes. "Yeah. Whatever." I said, taking all the Vampire Knight books she got and added it, to the pile, which I had in my hands. I walked to the register and saw her. The pale skin. The long white dress, which was almost a gown. The long whitish-blond hair. She looked so pure. So light. Afterwards, I started calling her the light to my darkness. And then even later, I learnt that she was light on the outside, and completely dark in the inside.

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