A Kogan Story

Pairing: Kendall and Logan

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Kendall sighed, checking his phone for what seemed like the millionth time. He groaned inwardly as the device didn't inform him he had a new message from Logie. Throwing his phone onto the cushion next to him, Kendall turned his attention towards the television. He tried to let himself be drawn into the show blaring across the screen but nonetheless he found his attention sliding back towards his phone which lay motionless on the cushion next to him.

"Stop staring at your phone. It's not gonna miraculously get a message from Logan if you keep staring at it." Katie said as she joined her brother on the couch.

"I know," Kendall sighed, "It's just, I miss him so much."

Katie smiled softly at her brother, patting him gently on the arm. She didn't need Kendall telling her how much he missed Logan when it was obvious from his constant moping around the apartment. See Logan had gone back to Minnesota at the beginning of the week to celebrate an ancient relative's birthday and too catch up with family, much to Kendall's dismay. Sure Logan would be back on Saturday but that was too far away for Kendall's liking, this having been the most time they had spent apart since they had started dating six months ago.

Kendall and Logan had been texting each other constantly ever since Kendall had dropped Logan off at the airport. Their constant messaging only stopped for sleep, school and rehearsals, Gustavo still making the remaining three boys' rehearse daily. There had been several arguments between Gustavo and Kendall, the blonde's eyes constantly glued to his phone as he attempted to practice their latest dance routine. Of course it had led to several accidents involving James and Carlos, leading to Gustavo banning them from having their phones in the dance studio.

It had taken both James and Carlos to hold Kendall back from storming after Gustavo as he carried their phones into his office, locking them in his drawer until the end of rehearsal. Too say the rest of rehearsal was bad was an understatement. Kendall pouted his way through the rest of the dance routine, ignoring the calls of both James and Carlos when he made a mistake.

It was relief for everyone when Gustavo sent them home for the night, the manager only managing to hold back his anger when Kendall eagerly snatched his phone out of his hands. It had only gotten worse as the days went by, everyone counting down the days until Logan's return. However that wasn't even the worst part of Logan's visit to Minnesota.

No the worst part of Logan being back home was the phone calls between him and Kendall. James and Carlos only heard Kendall's side of the conversation but it made them wish that they were hearing Logan's side every time. Kendall's sickenly lovey dovey side was bad enough when Logan was at home but with him gone it was even worse. It was like a living nightmare for Carlos and James listening to Kendall whisper sayings' such as 'I miss you so much baby', 'I love you so much baby', 'I can't wait till you get back baby', 'I miss holding you at night'.

Even though the sweet sentiments proved how much Kendall loved Logan, it wasn't really something James and Carlos wanted to hear on a daily basis. It had been alright for the first two days, seeing how happy Kendall was talking to Logan enough for the pair to put up with his simpering but now they just had to leave the room. Not only did they not want to hear what was supposed to be a private conversation between Kendall and Logan, their friend's romantic side also reminded them that they were still single and lonely.

"Guys' dinners ready," Mama Knight called from the kitchen.

Kendall sighed again, pushing himself off the couch. He had barely even taken one step before he turned back to grab his phone. Curling his fingers around the small device, Kendall checked the screen again, disheartened when it still showed no new messages from Logan.

"Kendall you know phones aren't allowed at the dinner table." Mama Knight piped up, making Kendall groan.

He turned his attention towards his mom, hoping that his unusually sad expression would convince her to bend the rules just this once. But no it didn't work, Mama Knight just crossing her arms over her chest, her sign for saying she was serious and nothing was going to change her mind. Kendall groaned turning and throwing his phone back onto the sofa before trudging towards the dinner table.

His stomach rumbled lightly as he took in the highly piled plate of spaghetti Bolognese that sat at his place but couldn't help but be saddened by it. Spaghetti Bolognese was one of Logan's favourite meals, the simple dish making Kendall's heart yearn for the smart boy. Slowly lowering himself into his seat, Kendall picked up his fork and began to pick at his dinner.

The sound of knives and forks clattering filled the room, the sound of small talk soon joining it. Mama Knight asked James and Carlos about their day, listening with a small smile as they both relayed their day, laughing at something stupid they had done. The Knight siblings though were quiet. Kendall was sliding his food around his plate, eyes reaching over to the couch where his phone lay motionless. Katie however was watching her brother, only tearing her gaze away to slide more food onto her fork.

She watched as her older brother pushed his food around, never actually lifting the fork to his mouth. It worried her slightly, having never seen her brother this sad since their dad past away nearly a decade ago. Sure she had always joked about Kendall and Logan's relationship, about how they were always telling each other they loved each. She had never thought that the boys' were as in love with each as they said they were but this week had changed her perspective completely.

Usually Kendall was all smiles and bright eyes but this week he had barely cracked a smile, his eyes dull almost lifeless. It was obvious Kendall needed Logan in his life, proving to Katie that they were in love as much as they said, giving her hope that true love was actually real.

Her eyes darted back to her plate as Kendall turned to look at her, lips tilting slightly. She returned his look, smiling sadly as she reached over to pat his hand. It was then that her smarts kicked in, her ever devious brain formulating a plan to put a smile back on Kendall's face. The rest of the dinner was silent, Mama Knight occasionally breaking it to reprimand Carlos and James for playing with their food.

Even though he had barely touched his food, Kendall was quick to drop his plate by the sink as soon as James and Carlos did. He ignored the look Mama Knight shot him, practically running back to the couch to check his phone. Kendall had to bite at his lip to hold back the scream of frustration that threatened to bubble forth.

Kendall understood that Logan was busy catching up with relatives but he really wished that the smart boy would take a second to send him a text. Throwing his phone onto the coffee table, Kendall sank back into the cushions, crossing his arms angrily over his chest. He knew he was acting like a small child but he didn't care, he just wanted Logan back in his arms.

Kendall didn't bother to acknowledge when Katie sat next to him, just continued to stare blankly at the show playing across the TV. That's how he didn't notice Katie pulling out her phone and tapping out a quick message. However he did notice when her phone beeped, automatically leaning forward to see if it was his. When he pulled back disheartened, he noticed Katie smiling to herself as she tapped out a reply.

"Who are you texting? It better not be that Kyle boy." Kendall asked, shooting his sister a stern look.

"No I'm texting Tyler; we're going to the arcade tomorrow." Katie replied without looking at her brother as she pressed send.

The answer seemed to placate Kendall, the blonde turning his attention back to the TV. He was just about to complain that the show had changed when he spotted the remote residing in James' hand. Pursing his lips, Kendall sat back against the cushions knowing that James would not willingly change the channel until he finished his show.

The four inhabitants of 2J's couch were silent as they watched the TV, only turning their attention away from the screen when Mama Knight joined them. However it was quickly broken when Katie's phone beeped again, Kendall turning to stare down his little sister. He couldn't understand why a small smile was constantly plastered across her face if she was only planning a trip to the arcade with Tyler.

His suspicions arose as he watched Katie push herself off the couch and sauntered down the hall leading to their bedrooms. He couldn't help but flinch as she slammed what he believed to be her door behind her, noticing that Carlos and James did as well. Kendall turned his attention back towards the TV but found he couldn't focus on the show, constant thoughts of what his little sister was up to plaguing him. However it kept his mind off of Logan and his absence from beside Kendall's side.

Kendall had finally been sucked back into the show, comfortable on the sofa, eyes drooping slightly when his phone beeped. The noise made him jump him at first but when he realised what it was, he eagerly scrabbled to grab it from the coffee table. He only succeeded though in dropping his phone, earning a disapproving look from Mama Knight. Shooting his mom an apologetic smile, Kendall turned his attention back to the device in his hand. The biggest smile spread across Kendall's face as he stared at the screen and what it said.

1 New Message from Logie

Kendall eagerly pressed view, smile never leaving his face as he read the message.

I miss seeing your face. Logie Xx

"Aw," Kendall cooed, earning him a strange look from Mama Knight and Carlos. James was too engrossed in his show to care.

"What is it hunni?" Mama Knight asked, already knowing it had something to do with Logan.

"Logan said he misses seeing my face." Kendall replied, a smile that could only be described as goofy spread widely across his features.

Mama Knight let out a small aw, just happy to see her son happy again while Carlos made a small gagging noise, earning himself a smack on the arm from Mama Knight.

"Be nice," She warned him, "You know how much Kendall's missing Logan."

Kendall however was too busy typing a message back to care about the conversation between his mom and Carlos.

I miss seeing your beautiful face too. Can't wait till you get back. Love you Kendy. Xx

Kendall let out a small sigh as he pressed sending, laying back against the cushions as he dropped his phone into his lap. He ignored the obvious smile on his mom's face; too busy daydreaming about Logan's return to care. He didn't jump this time when his phone beeped, snatching it out of his lap to eagerly read Logan's reply.

Aw, you're too cute. What would you say if you could see my face right now? Xx

Kendall's heart thumped in his chest, he had no idea what he'd say if he could see Logan's face right now. He knew part of him would want to cry with joy at being able to see his beloved again but also knew that might be a bit too much. He decided with,

I'd tell you how much I love you and how much I miss you. Xx

The wait for Logan's reply was agonisingly long in Kendall's opinion. Kendall's fingers were tapping away at his screen before his phone had even finished its beep.

Go find Katie. Xx

Kendall read the message several times to see if he was reading it right. What did Katie have to do with missing Logan's face? Before Kendall had the chance to reply, another message from Logan.

Stop trying to work out what I mean and go find your sister. Xx

Knowing that Logan wasn't gonna tell him anything else, Kendall pushed himself off the couch and went in search of Katie. He quickly made his way to her room, eager for answers. He knocked impatiently on her door, pushing it open with precaution when he didn't get an answer. Confusion ran through Kendall when he saw no sign of Katie in her room, even checking behind her door to make sure she wasn't waiting to jump out on him.

And that's when he heard it. Twin laughs, both loud and recognisable. Shutting Katie's door, Kendall made his way towards the room he shared with Logan, the sound growing louder. Curling his fingers around the door knob, Kendall slowly and cautiously opened the door. What lay beyond made his heart jump and his stomach flutter.

Sat at his and Logan's desk was Katie, her head thrown back as she laughed. Beyond her on the screen was Logan, his head thrown back in the exact same position as Katie. Kendall stood there in shock, a hand held against his chest, heart beating hard. Was that really his Logie laughing on the screen with his baby sister? Kendall got his answer when Logan's eyes darted towards him.

"Hey baby." Logan said, shooting the shocked blonde a wave. Kendall continued to stand there, mouth agape as Katie rose from the chair.

"I knew how much you were missing Logan so I..." Katie started but was cut off as Kendall stepped forward and engulfed her in a tight hug that took your breath away.

"You're the best baby sister ever. I love you, I love you, I love you." Kendall said, squeezing Katie.

"Yeah yeah, I love you too now let me go." Katie replied, patting Kendall on the back.

Realising what she meant, Kendall gently placed his sister back on the ground. She made a move to walk away but was stopped as Kendall bent down and pressed a kiss to her forehead. He blushed lightly as he heard Logan let out a small chuckle.

"I'll make sure no one disturbs you." Katie said, shooting a quick wave to the web cam before walking out, shutting the door behind her.

As soon as Katie had shut the door behind her, Kendall raced over to the chair. He stared hard at the screen to see if it was really Logan, to which the smart boy couldn't help but laugh.

"It's really me Kendall." Logan laughed.

Kendall blushed, scrubbing a hand through his hair. He still couldn't believe that he could see and hear Logan right now. He nearly reached out to stroke the screen but stopped when he realised that Logan was waiting for him to say something.

"Hey," Kendall said voice light.

"Hey yourself." Logan replied, smiling softly at his slightly dishelleved boyfriend.

"How have you been?" Logan asked, already knowing Kendall's answer.

"Missing you." Came Kendall's reply.

Logan nodded, "I miss you too."

Kendall smiled somewhat sadly at Logan, knowing that as soon as this conversation was over he wouldn't see Logan for another two days. It didn't go unnoticed by Logan, the smart boy getting comfortable in his chair before talking.

"How have rehearsals been?" Logan asked

"Same old same old. Gustavo's not too happy you're not there. We've learnt a new dance routine; it won't be too hard for you to learn once you get back." Kendall replied, swinging his legs up to rest on the desk.

Logan let out a chuckle, tugging on the sleeves of his shirt as he thought of something to talk to Kendall about. It wasn't this hard to talk to the blonde usually but all that ran through Logan's mind was how much he missed Kendall. Luckily for Logan, Kendall spoke first.

"How's your family?" He asked, clasping his fingers together and laying them over his stomach.

"They're, they're good." Logan replied, covering his mouth to stifle a yawn.

"You're tired." Kendall stated.

"Yeah, I haven't been sleeping well..." Logan replied, cutting himself off.

"And why's that?" Kendall asked, a small smile tilting the corners of his lips. He already knew Logan's answer or at least he hoped he did.

"Because I wasn't in your arms." Logan replied, cheeks flaming red.

Kendall's smile widened, wanting nothing more to reach through the screen and wrap his arms around Logan.

"I've really missed you." Logan whispered, ducking his head so Kendall couldn't see his bright red cheeks.

Kendall's heart wrenched as he heard the sadness tingeing Logan's voice. He had never really given much thought to how much the smart boy missed him, always believing it wasn't as much as he missed him. Yet Kendall found himself to be wrong.

"I've really missed you too baby." Kendall replied.

Both boys' lapsed into silence which to some would be uncomfortable and awkward but to them was perfect. Kendall drummed his fingers on his stomach as he thought of how to word what he planned to say next. Dropping his feet from the desk, Kendall leant closer to the screen.

"I've really, really missed you. I've missed telling you I love you, I've missed holding you hand. I've missed sleeping with you in my arms, I've missed kissing you," Kendall said, dropping his voice to a whisper for the next one, "I've missed making love to you."

"I've missed all of that as well. And," Logan said, "I've missed feeling you inside me."

Kendall's heart beat harder in his chest as Logan's words sunk in. A familiar warmth began to flow through his body as he imagined what it felt like to be encased in Logan's velvety heat. Kendall bit at his lip as he felt his cock twitch in his jeans. Kendall shifted slightly in his seat, a warm hue appearing across his cheeks.

"Kendall are you okay?" Logan asked, concern tinting his voice.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just got caught up in my thoughts." Kendall replied.

Logan chuckled; he knew exactly what Kendall was thinking about because he was thinking about the exact same thing.

"I know exactly what you were thinking about." Logan said, making Kendall's eyes widen.

"You were thinking about how good it would feel to be fucking me into the bed right now." Logan continued, fingers twitching in his lap as he felt his cock harden.

Kendall bit his lip to hold back a moan as the images in his head grew even more vivid thanks to Logan. He felt his cock swell in his jeans, shifting in his seat to hide the growing bulge from Logan.

"I've been thinking about it as well but there's something I've been thinking about even more." Logan said, watching as Kendall bit harder on his lip.

"W...W...What's that?" Kendall stuttered, taking a deep breath to try and compose himself.

"I haven't been able to stop thinking about your cock and how badly I want to suck it." Logan said his cock hardening in sweatpants.

Kendall wasn't able to hold back his moan this time, images of Logan on his knees, lips sealed around his cock flying through his mind. His hand made a move to palm himself through his jeans but he stopped himself when he remembered Logan was watching him through the screen.

"Now I definitely know what you're thinking about. You like when I get on my knees for you baby?" Logan said, pushing his chair further under the desk to hide the tent in his sweatpants.

"Fuck Logie." Kendall groaned

"I'll take that as a yes then," Logan smirked, "How about when I trace my tongue along your cock, making sure you're all wet and ready to fuck me?"

Kendall moaned low in his throat, fingers gripping the edge of his desk as his cock throbbed beneath the confines of his jeans. It was only then that he noticed the blush flushed over Logan's cheeks, the smart boy tensing every few seconds.

"You okay there Logie?" Kendall said a teasing tone to his voice.

"Just peachy," Logan bit out his fingers itching to reach under the desk and relive the pressure in his pants.

"Really, because it looks like you have the same problem I have." Kendall teased, reaching down and palming himself through his jeans.

Logan moaned as he watched Kendall palm himself, the blonde's moans making his cock throb. The urge to touch himself became too much as Kendall let out a moan of his name, reaching to open his jeans. Dropping his hand from where it rested on the arm of his chair, Logan slid his hand beneath the waistband of his sweatpants.

"Oh fuck" Logan moaned as he wrapped his hand around his dick, giving it a slow stroke.

Kendall's eyes widened, fingers fumbling on the zipper of his jeans when he heard Logan moan. His eyes were glued to the screen as he took in the sight of Logan. The smart boy's eyes were filled with lust, biting harshly on his bottom lip as his hand moved what was supposed to be discreetly under the table.

"Logan Mitchell are you touching yourself under the table?" Kendall asked, attempting to keep the lust from his eyes.

Logan gasped, fingers dropping from his cock as Kendall spoke. The brunette felt his cheeks burn as he watched his boyfriend through the screen; he had though he was being discreet. Logan watched as Kendall licked his lips, fingers moving slowly to pull down the zipper of his jeans. Logan began to pump himself again as Kendall stood up, pushing his jeans and boxers to the ground.

Logan let out a moan as he watched Kendall's cock spring free, head shiny with pre cum. He wanted nothing more than to lick up the clear liquid, the simple thought of how Kendall tasted on his tongue making Logan's cock throb in his hand. He bit his lip as he watched Kendall sit back in his chair, stroking his length faster as he watched Kendall wrap his long fingers around his dick.

Kendall couldn't help but smirk when he realised where Logan's eyes were glued to. He made a move to stroke himself but stopped at the last minute. The whine that slipped past Logan's lips didn't go unnoticed.

"Nuh uh Logie, not until you show me yours." Kendall smirked, giving his cock a slow stroke.

Logan whined again, but pushed himself back from his desk. He gave Kendall a small coy smile as he wrapped his fingers around the waistband of his sweatpants. Taking a deep breath Logan pushed the material down his legs, shivering lightly as the cool air hit his now exposed skin. The moan Kendall emitted didn't go unnoticed by Logan, the smart boy blushing as he kicked his sweatpants to the side.

Logan turned to look at his bedroom door, contemplating whether he should go and lock it. He knew Kendall was probably wondering what he was doing but knew the view was probably distracting the blonde. And he was right. Kendall was too busy staring at Logan's cock that filled the whole screen, licking his lips as he watched a bead of pre cum slide down the smart boy's shaft.

Kendall couldn't help but whine as Logan walked away from his screen, hearing the distinct click of a lock. He smiled widely as Logan returned, licking his lips as he watched the smart boy's cock bobbed between his legs.

"Fuck Logie, fuck." Kendall moaned, stroking himself slowly.

Logan moaned in return, wrapping his fingers around his length, stroking himself in time with Kendall. Both boys' moaned as pleasure coursed through their bodies, Logan bucking into the fist wrapped around his dick. Kendall's eyes were glued to Logan's length, watching as his fist slid smoothly over it. Kendall's cock throbbed as Logan moaned, the brunette thumbing the head of his cock.

"Fuck Logie, can't wait till you get back. Gonna fuck you so hard" Kendall moaned hips bucking as he stroked himself faster.

"Don't think I can wait that long, need to fill you inside me right now." Logan moaned, arching his back.

Kendall shivered as Logan's words sunk in, wanting nothing more to bury himself into the smart boy's tight heat. And that's when it struck him.

"Finger yourself for me baby." Kendall moaned watching as Logan's movements halted.

Logan gasped at Kendall's suggestion, cock throbbing in his hand as he thought it over. He had never tried anything like that on his own, it usually being Kendall's part to do that when they did anything remotely sexual. The idea thrilled him, the idea of Kendall watching him through the screen making his cock pulse but it also scared him. What if he did it wrong? What if Kendall didn't like what he saw?

"Stop thinking, you'll be fine and so fucking hot. I can just picture it." Kendall moaned, slowing the pace of his hand.

Logan nodded slowly, slinging one leg over the arm of his chair while bracing the other on the edge of his desk. Kendall gulped as Logan got comfortable; the pale boy's positioning giving him a perfect view of his hole. Kendall squeezed the base of his cock, staving away the small tingling in the base of his stomach.

Kendall watched hungrily as Logan sucked on two of his fingers, tongue swirling seductively around the digits. Logan slowly pulled his fingers away from his mouth; hesitantly bring them down between his spread legs. It was still obvious that he was nervous about doing this, Kendall thinking of something to comfort him.

"Hey Logie," Kendall said, drawing Logan's attention, "I love you."

Logan's smile was almost blinding, all traces of tension leaving his body.

"I love you too." Logan replied, resting his fingers against his entrance.

Taking a breath, Logan pushed his first finger past his tight ring of muscle. He paused when his finger was buried knuckle deep, taking several deep breaths to allow himself to adjust. A glance at the screen showed Kendall had gone back to slowly stroking himself, biting his lip hard to keep his moans at bay. Feeling himself relax, Logan began to thrust his finger, moaning lightly at the feeling of being stretched.

"Oh fuck Logan, you're so fucking sexy." Kendall moaned, thumbing at the head of his cock.

Logan moaned in response, sliding a second finger beside the first. He paused for a moment before thrusting and scissoring his fingers. Red hot pleasure coursed through his body, his free hand moving to pump his length. Kendall's name slipped past Logan's lips repeatedly as his fingers brushed over his sweet spot.

"Fuck Kendall, fuck." Logan moaned, curling his fingers to press directly against his prostate.

Kendall moaned, fist moving faster over his length. He could sense himself getting close to the edge, slowing his pace, wanting to see Logan's face when he came first. It was obvious that Logan was getting closer and closer to the edge, high pitched whimpers and moans spilling past his lips everytime his fingers pressed against his sweet spot.

Kendall was torn between watching Logan's fingers or his fist which moved rapidly over his length. He decided to switch between the two, eyes lingering longer on Logan's fingers as he slid in a third, curling to press against his prostate.

"I...I...I'm close." Logan whimpered, pushing back against his fingers whilst bucking up into his fist.

"Let go baby." Kendall moaned, bucking up into his fist.

With one more hit to his sweet spot, Logan came with a shout of Kendall's name. His hips bucked rapidly as his seed spilled over his fist, a drop landing on his shirt. Watching Logan's orgasm wash over him was enough to send Kendall to the edge. Running his thumb over the head of his cock, Kendall came, Logan's name leaving his lips in a broken moan. The blonde's hips bucked as his seed spilled over his fist, a splash of it landing on his thigh.

Both boys' were panting as the last waves of their orgasms washed over them. They slumped back in their chairs, chests heaving as they try to regain their breath. Logan was the first to move, letting out a whine as he pulled his fingers back. Kendall peeked an eye open when he heard Logan whine, smiling softly at his lover as he slumped back in his chair.

"You okay baby." Kendall asked, swiping his sweaty hair away from his forehead.

"Mmm" Was Logan's reply as he let his leg fall from where it rested on the desk.

"I really can't wait till you get home now." Kendall joked.

Logan laughed, open his now sleepy eyes.

"I can't either." Logan replied.

"I do believe we have a date with our bed when you get back." Kendall said, biting back a yawn.

"That's a date." Logan replied.

Both boys' were silent for a moment, basking in their recent highs. They both jumped lightly when a knock sounded on Logan's bedroom door.

"Logan it's time for bed." Mrs Mitchell's voice echoed through the wood.

"Sure thing" He shouted back.

Logan waited for his mom to go away before he turned back to the screen.

"I'd better get going to bed." Logan replied, hand moving to cover his mouth as he yawned.

"Yeah same here," Kendall replied, "I love you baby. Can't wait to have you back on Saturday."

"Don't forget our date," Logan replied, "I love you too."

Kendall watched with a soft smile as Logan blew him a kiss. He returned the gesture, mouthing a final 'I love you' to Logan before his screen went blank. Kendall slumped back in his chair, a goofy smile spread across his face. He really could not wait till Saturday.

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