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Romantic Russian Roulette of a game of jealousy

"Adam, I do not get him," Clare complains

"Whom are we talking about?" Drew and Adam ask at the same time.

"Eli and his stupid mixed feelings"

"Yeah, I've been noticing that lately. Didn't he say he needs time?" Adam asks

"Yeah I have been giving him time, but he flirts with me, and then acts like he wants to take the next step, then he will give me the cold shoulder and avoid me." Clare states

"Well that's his loss, you are extremely beautiful Clare." Drew adds

Adam suddenly speaks, "I just got this totally crazy idea. Drew, how would you feel about helping Clare show Eli he has missed his chance?"

"Well, that depends on what I have to do…" Drew says

"All you have to do is pretend you're interested in Clare; flirt with her, send her things like flowers, be all romantic and sweet around her, just show her that you're interested in her."

Adam continues… "And Clare, you have to pretend that you don't even know about Drew, you have to act shocked when he hits on you, and you have to show interest in him too, got it?"

"I'm in." Drew states

Clare adds, "Yeah, me too. Do you think this will really work?"

"I kind of do, but we'll have to see, this is only the first step." Adam says

"So Bro, how are we gonna start this?" Drew asks

"We'll start Monday, but today let's just get this get together over with. What time did Alli say to be at her house, 8:30?" Drew nods "What time is it right now, 6:30? Hey Clare, wanna play Dance Dance Revolution?" Adam asks

"Ding" "dong"

"Adam, would you go get that?" Drew asks

"Fine, but who ever loses I take their place" Adam states

"Sounds good to me, but I got to warn you Drew I'm pretty good at this game." Clare says with challenge in her voice.

Adam goes to get the door.

"Hey man, I know we said we were going to have guys night at my house, but my dad has company over so can we do it here?" Eli asks

"Yeah we can but Clare's here, I forgot all about guys night. Sorry dude." Adam says with sympathy

"It's okay. Wait, Clare's here?" Eli asks

"Yeah. Drew, Clare, & I are going to Alli's get together tonight. Do you want to come?"

"I did not know she would be here, maybe I should go." Eli starts to turn around. Adam grabs his arm softly.

"Why do you keep acting this way? You guys are friends, and she sees that now. She understands that you're just not ready. Well, we have to go to my room for guys night. Clare & Drew are playing a game, so they'll be using the flat screen."

"What are they playing?" Eli asks.

"One of the Dance Dance Revolution games."

"Never played it."

"I can't wait to see Clare beat my bro, he's always so cocky when he wins." Adam says with a grin.

Eli laughs, "Nice. Should we go watch?"

"Yeah, go right in."

Eli walks in and stands by the door so Clare & Drew can't see him, he spies on them. Adam watches as Eli does this -seems like my plan already working. Eli does already not like that she is spending time with him- Adam smiles to himself.

"What! You cheated! There's no way you got all those." Drew complains

"Drew I did not cheat, I'm sorry that I'm better then you at this game. Looks like you need some practice" Clare says teasingly.

"Take that back," Drew threatens

"No I will not take that back."

"Alright, you asked for it."

"Wait, what?" Clare asked confused

Drew tackles down Clare, and starts tickling her.

"Drew! Stop! I hate getting tickled!"

"Only if you take it back!"


Drew stops, pulls Clare up, then grabs her and throws her over his shoulder.

"Drew! Put me down!" Clare yells.

"Nope you asked for it!"

Drew takes her outside to where the pool is.

Clare yells again, "Drew! You wouldn't!"

Without Drew saying a word, he throws her in the pool.

"Drew what did you do?" Adam asks

Adam & Eli come running outside to see that Drew threw Clare in the pool.

Clare went under, pretending to be drowning.

Once Drew saw that, -Ohh shit!- he thought to himself

He immediately jumped in and swam to where Clare was, he grabbed her and brought her to the surface.

Adam yelled, "Dude, you dumbass! Why did you do that! Omg, is she okay?"

Drew got her out and shook her. She didn't move. When he was about to give her mouth to mouth Clare spit water on him.

"Ha-ha got ya!" Clare laughed

"Clare you scared the living shit out of me!"

"Well, next time you will listen when I say no"

"That's it."

Clare got up, and Drew started going after her. Clare got him exactly where she wanted him, the moment was perfect.

"Alright. Drew, I'm sorry." She said as innocently as possible.

"You are?" Drew asked, confused.

Clare got closer, than pushed him in the pool.

"That's what you get!" She started to laugh

"Hey, that's not fair."

Drew got up then got out, and started chasing her. They both end up falling in the pool at the same time. They started wrestling. After their little fight, Drew got out first.

Clare then got out without her noticing she had a white shirt on.

Drew & Eli couldn't stop looking. Clare was standing there, in her white v-neck tee, that was now see through.

Adam came back to tell them it will be awhile for the towels to dry, then he saw what the guys were staring at.

"Uhhh, Clare? You do remember your wearing a white shirt?" Adam asks

"Huh?" Clare asks

Adam laughs "ha-ha, I hate to tell you this but your standing there all wet, with just a white v-neck, which we can now all see through."

Clare Stared to cover where her bra was, with her arms but it didn't work.

"Clare, come with me." Adam says, guiding her back into the house.

Clare follows Adam up stairs to the bathroom

"You should take a shower, then get dressed for Alli's party. It's already almost 8:00." Adam suggests

"Yeah, I guess I should. Would you do me a favor and get me my bag of clothes?"

"I'll go get it right now. I'll just leave it outside the door."

"Thanks. Adam? Do you think this will really work?" Clare asks nervously.

"Clare, I believe it's already working. You should of seen Eli's face, especially when you didn't notice him; he had a hurt look on his face." Adam said matter-of-fact

Clare nodded, "So, what's the next step?"

"Clare, you're still on the first step. Since Eli will be going to the party with us, you and Drew should flirt and dance; do all the things to get him jealous, and if he loses it and comes to realize that he's done playing games and he's ready to take the next step we won't have anything else to do. If not, we will take the 2nd step, which will be you & Drew going on Dates.

"What if we need a 3rd step?" Clare asks.

"You and Drew would become boyfriend and girlfriend, but not officially." Adam says

"Wow, you really thought this through." Clare states

Adam chuckles "yes, I have. Now go take your shower and get ready. I'm gonna go get your bag for you"

"Thanks Again, Adam, for everything. Also for having a sleepover with me" Clare smiles at him

"It's no problem, but you will owe me someday." Adam smiles back at her.

"If this goes as planned, I will owe you my life."

Adam leaves and goes back down stairs, back to Drew & Eli.

"Hey guys, have any of you seen Clare's bag?" Adam asks, his eyes searching for it.

Drew was first to answer, "Yeah, she put it in your room. Where is Clare?"

"She's taking a shower, and then she's going to get ready for the party." Adam answers

"Ooh, well I should be doing the same, is she in your shower?" Drew asks

"Yeah she's in mine. Go in Mom's room and use hers."

"Alright, you two don't have much fun while I'm gone" Drew says with a smirk

"What was that suppose to mean?" Adam asks confused.

"You and Eli doing the naughty, naughty…" Drew winks.

Adam says loudly, "Ewww"

"I'm just joking, chill."

"Dude that's just not funny" Eli adds.

Drew leaves them to go take a shower

"Bro, what is up with your brother and Clare?" Eli asks

"What do you mean?" Adam asks innocently.

"When did Drew start to have an interest in Clare?" Eli asks, more intently.

Adam shrugs, "I do not know"

Eli shakes his head, "I don't like the way he looks at her."

"And why is that Eli? You're the one who keeps giving her mixed signals"

"Mixed signals?" Eli asked confused

"Are you going to stand there and act like you haven't been leading her on again?" Adam asks.

"I have? I did not notice." Eli says

"Well, dude you need to work on knowing your actions before you do them."

Eli shrugs, "I'll try and work on it."

"Talking about getting ready, you need to go clean your hands; you have grease all over them. While I go get ready, you go clean your hands.

Eli walks to Adam's bathroom. He didn't hear the shower on, and the door wasn't locked so he thought Clare must be done. He opened the door, and sees Clare half naked standing there drying off her hair. He couldn't take his eyes off her. She was so beautiful and dead sexy. She had the body of a goddess, he loved that Clare had curves. He watched Clare get dressed, still not able to pull his gaze away from her. His eyes filled with lust and desire now, if only he could act on it. He wanted to go behind her and kiss her neck, and touch her body like he did many times in his dreams. But, for someone reason he still couldn't do it.

Is he scared of a commitment since after what happen to Julia? The one person that he cared for the most? But, with Clare it was so different, he never felt this way with anyone one else. Not even Julia, he cared for Julia deeply but he never fell in love with her. Eli knew he was falling for Clare. Clare made him feel things he never felt before; they had this sexual tension that you just couldn't hide. He now wondered if she felt the same. Did she want him as bad as he wanted her? He was to deep in thought when Clare noticed he was there.

She screamed, "Eli! What are you doing in here!"

"Huh? What?" Eli said, confused.

Realization hit him, "Ohh, sorry Clare. I didn't mean to…"

"How long have you been standing there?" Clare asks

"Uhh, not that long." Eli says nervously.

Clare glares at him, "Oh really? Then how come you look so happy, huh? You were watching me change weren't you?"

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