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A night like this - A reunion of sorts

The rising sun was torturing his face mercilessly, forced him to open his eyes and face the day. In general, there was nothing wrong with sun in the morning, but today his head hurt like hell and he felt sick. Actually, sicker than ever and he couldn't move. Trying to find out where he was and especially why he opened his eyes. Okay, there was sun and he was apparently far away from home. He heard the soft movement of water that hit a shore and though it fucking hurt, he lifted his head – and saw nothing but the blue sky.

"Damn it."

The air was fresh, he lifted his wrist and realized why it was cold. It was just about 6 a m. Pushing his investigation a little further, he looked down on himself and detected the reason for his inability to move. A blond woman had wrapped her arm around his chest and slept peacefully. What he recognized around him was that he was laying on a soft ground that couldn't be grass or something similar. Actually, it felt like... sand.

"Oh fuck..." he groaned as a first flash of memories hit him. "Not again." People called that dejá vu. Reliving a situation in all its glory. Fearing he could get sick immediately, he moved until she woke up and lifted her head. The moment her clear eyes met his, they widened in disbelief and her tanned face became pale. He bet she was the one who felt sicker now.

"Fuck..." Pushing herself up as quickly as possible, she did her best to establish a safe distance between them. With one hand she grabbed the fabric of her untied blouse and held it tightly over her chest. Rossi stole a secret glance from her and had to smile though his headache made it hard to think the situation funny. She looked too cute when she was pissed and helpless.

"What the hell..."

"Please, yell at me in small letters, Erin" he demanded, covering his eyes with his arm. The feeling of the bright sun on his face was awful and worsened his headache.

"What are we doing here?"

"I don't know," he admitted wearily.

"And where are we?"

"I don't know."

"And what do you know?"

"I don't know."

"Fuck off, Rossi!"

"Not now, Erin."

"You bastard, this isn't funny!" she yelled.

"No, it's not... my head is killing me and your lovely voice doesn't help me recovering."

"I'm going to kill you, if you won't tell me right now where we are, why we are here and where you hid my bra!"

Realizing he wouldn't get any silent moment for the next few hours, he pushed himself up on his elbows.

"Are you sure you wore one?"

"Yes," she answered ghastly, giving him her best killer look.

Blinking, he looked around, trying to remember what had happened. He actually lay on sand and in front of him was water. A lake to be specific. He knew this place... just as he knew her.

"We've been here before... about 25 years ago... shit, what a party that was."

"Oh, shut up..."

Sinking on sand, Erin started to tie her black blouse. "I can't believe I did this," she mumbled more to herself than to him. How much did she have to drink to end up in his arms? And how much more did she have to drink to screw him? Ever since she woke up, she had tried to deny it, but the sore feeling between her legs and the whole rest of her body couldn't lie. If she just remembered how...

"David," she asked, as she suddenly started to remember where the whole disaster had started.

"Yes, Erin?"

"Where are the others?"


"Who?" he asked, astonished.

"The others... Jason and... what's her name... Tracy?"

"You mean Stacy..." he said, now remembering the young woman.


He rose slowly, fixed his clothes and looked around. There was no one but them around. He scratched his head. "Maybe she's dead... alcohol poisoning..." he gave her a knowing look.

"She drank it all herself," Erin defended herself, as she rose as well. "I didn't force her."

"Please, you pulled a fast one on her... you gave her champagne and martini. That's a killing combination! It was obvious she had no rich experience with alcohol."

"Well, you certainly didn't try to keep her from drinking," she reminded him. "I guess in your head, you already pictured how willing she would be, once she had enough of that killing combination!"

"Then I just wonder, why you were the willing part in the end." He should really know better than to bring the subject up, but since the obvious evidence in form of two used condoms lay next to his feet, there was no way to avoid it. Maybe they better fought it out right here and now, without witnesses and curios glances.

"I wasn't willing. You... blindsided me," she spat, unwilling to admit the truth.

"Yeah, sure..." he sighed. "Just one tiny little history lesson... I never had to convince you to sleep with me! You've always been the one to knock at my door to ask for a roll in the hay!"

"Untrue, Rossi! I remember several times when you were the desperate party in this game..."

"Just forget it... Fact is we lost two of the fellow participants of our little party..."

Erin turned around. The place looked really lonely and forgotten. Two decades ago, this had been the place were the students of the Academy held their notorious parties, but these days the young people had moved to other places, though she couldn't understand why. She had always liked this place – all right, she had liked it until now.

"There's a parking lot... the car must be there."

"Right, the car..." Rossi mumbled, rubbing his face. He remembered the car. The Cadillac that wasn't his, but belonged to his published. The one he had borrowed and promised to bring back before midnight.

"What?" she asked, when she saw him musing.

"Nothing, let's go... maybe your good old friend Gideon is sleeping on the backseat."