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Hermione contemplated the wall in front of her.

It was old looking and very high, not something you could just causally climb over. And that was just its physical attributes. This wall surrounded the grounds to a manor where a suspected criminal was hiding.

Hermione snorted slightly, Jacob Mannings hadn't actually been accused of anything yet so technically he wasn't a criminal. He was known to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement as a smuggler of dangerous and illegal items. Unfortunately, he was a wily character and had yet to be caught red handed though there were plenty of recovered objects that had his grubby prints all over them.

She sighed, when she said prints, she meant in the figurative sense. This wall had enchantments on it to prevent intruders from getting over.

But that wasn't about to stop her, she knew how to create vacuums in these kind of spells, giving her enough time to get over before the gap closed.

And five minutes later, she was in.

She carefully looked around, everything seemed calm. Though it wasn't public knowledge that this was where he had taken up residence, only a fool wouldn't take precautions. These grounds could be crawling with exotic plants and creatures that could quickly put a stop to any nosy snoopers.

There were also looks of different alarm spells and early warning systems that were undoubtedly in place. But Hermione had a few advantages when it came to the average snoop around. Her best friend and fiancé were both highly skilled Aurors who had taught her many tricks of the trade, including breaking and entering.

In fact, if she found evidence, they were her contacts in the Auror Department who would follow up her findings and then likely arrest this man.

But anyway, they had taught her how to avoid the type of spells usually found in a place like this. Also how to spot them in the first place as there were usually tell tale signs of magic. So holding her wand out, she waved it and performed some wordless spells.

She smiled in triumph as several popping noises told her the spells had been safely deactivated without alarming the owner. She had to do this wordless because some of these spells would be triggered by somehow trying to deactivate them.

After a couple more spells just to be on the safe side, she decided it was safe to proceed.

Keeping to the shadow, she crept towards the manor which she knew was full of illegal merchandise. Of course, once she got in, she'd probably run into more traps and spells so she needed to be prepared for that.

Mannings wasn't meant to be home but he could easily turn up, he was known to disappear just like that. Mostly to throw off the Law Enforcement personnel he knew tailed him. However, he was meant to be on business at the moment, which was why she had picked this night to break into his home.

She was walking through a wooded patch of ground that thankfully was fairly free of undergrowth. It was quite dry and so her feet crunched a little on dead leaves but apart from that, it was very quiet.

Suddenly, her foot caught something and she went flying forward.

She managed to break her fall the way Harry had taught her with a slight roll. This saved her from any sprains or general injury. She mentally cursed though, that had giving her a huge fright.

She frowned as she tried to find what had tripped her. Because she was being stealthy, she couldn't use her wand to light her way. In fact, she couldn't use any form of light so had to rely on her own eyes. The night was fairly clear however, so she didn't understand what had tripped her as it hadn't felt like a tree root.

Her eyes examined the ground, starting where her feet where. To her bemusement, there didn't seem to be anything there but dead leave and other woodland debris. Certainly nothing that could actually trip her. And she had defiantly felt her leg catch something.

But then there was a strange cry and she whipped her head round, tensing as she listened. Her wand was gripped tightly in her hand as she waited to see if anything would appear. She didn't notice the silent vines silently slithering over to her.

There was another cry and she realised with a mental laugh that it was only an owl out hunting. She was safe, there wasn't some creature stalking her. Or so she thought.

Before she could decide her next move, or even in fact, move, her ankles were suddenly grabbed. She let out a cry of surprise as they were yanked, causing her to fall onto her front. Then with an almighty tug, she was pulled along the ground to who knows what.

Her first thought was these weren't human hands grabbing her or even animal hands.

Her second thought was to do something now.

"Difindo," she cried, her alarm overriding her caution.

Her spell lit up the area in front of her as it slashed at whatever was dragging her. To her surprise, it was long leafy vines that had hold of her and were attempting to drag her somewhere.

Her spell had only destroyed one set of vines, the other still had a firm grip on an ankle. She quickly yanked her free foot up before it could be captured again and tried to slash the remaining vines.

But more suddenly appeared, seizing her captive foot and dragging her at a faster rate. It didn't matter how many she blasted, more took their places.

Just as she was thinking another spell would be good, she suddenly saw where the vines were taking her. A huge, moving vine plant was right in front of her, tentacle like vines saying.

She was still being dragged her front towards it so she started to aim at its centre to put it out of commission, But suddenly, a thin spidery vine shot out of nowhere and plucked her wand right out of her hand. It then retreated to who knows where, with Hermione's precious wand.

"Damn it," she started to curse out loud but another vine flew out of nowhere and plastered it's self across her mouth, effectively gagging her.

"Mmmn, mrth," she gargled as she tried to pull it away from her mouth.

But her momentary loss of concentration cost her as she was finally dragged to the foot of the plant.

Her wrists were seized, preventing her from pulling the gag away and her another foot was also grabbed. She was then heaved to her feet and pulled into the plants centre. She was spun around so that she was facing the outside of the plant.

The vine gag shifted its grip so that it was holding her mouth more securely. She moaned as it slipped between her lips so that her teeth were now biting down on it.

Her limbs were now yanked apart so that she was spread eagled in the plant. And then more vines appeared, crawling over her body but not grabbing hold. She had already worked out this wasn't a Devil's Snare, that vine plant didn't waste time when trying to kill you.

But at the moment, she couldn't think what it was.

She gasped as the exploring vines suddenly slipping under her clothing. She shivered as she felt the cold vines against her bare skin, it was a creepy sensation.

"Mpfth, mrrth," she moaned, trying to struggle but she was pulled so tightly she could only wriggle.

Suddenly the vines started to strain against her clothes and there was an ominous tearing. She screamed behind her vine gag as her long sleeved, black blouse suddenly burst open, revealing a white frilly bra.

The vines retreated from her chest area, pulling the ruined blouse with them so that in no time at all, she was only wearing her bra.

"On no," she thought as the vines started concentrating on her skirt.

"Merlin's Beard," she cried out which muffled by the gag.

The vines were pulling and tearing at her skirt, ruining the black material. She bucked her body with a yell as the vines slipped into her panties. But luckily for her, after a cursory probe, they withdrew, and continued getting rid of her skirt.

With a final wrench, they tore it away, meaning she now only had underwear, stockings and her trainers on. But it seemed the vines still weren't finish as they started slipping into her trainers.

She couldn't help a giggle as they tickled her feet, even though they hadn't even touched the bare skin yet. But of course, it wasn't long until they had forced her trainers off and started on the stockings.

"Hmpth, mmmth," she mumbled as they slid into her stockings and caressed her ticklish feet.

She was still trying to struggle but was growing tired. She felt cold air on her feet and knew they were now bare. A horrible thought suddenly struck her.

"Are they going to strip me naked?"

As much as she hated being captured in the first place, she thought she'd die if Mannings discovered her bound and naked in this plant.

But the plant seemed to be finished stripping her as it suddenly pulled her limbs together. Her arms were pulled behind her back and tightly bound there. Her ankles and knees were tied as well while a couple of vines supported her body.

She moaned and feebly struggled but it was no good. She was as good as caught as in a spider's web. It seemed she would have to wait until someone came along and freed her.

"At the very least, Ron will worry where I am, I told him to come if I wasn't back by morning."

And her fiancé would likely bring Harry to and she doubted anything in these grounds was a match for those two.

So until then, she'd just have to relax and wait for help to come. She hated the idea but could admit when she needed help and right now, she really needed it.

At least the plant wasn't holding her too tightly, it seemed to have settled down now she wasn't struggling. So she decided to allow her mind to wander, in order to pass the time.

"What Plant is this, I'm sure it's familiar,"

It wasn't the deadly Devil's Snare but it seemed very similar. It had the same strange tangy odour Devil's Snare had had, were they related?

"Of course, how could I have been so stupid?" she thought, mentally chastising herself.

This was Cacodemon's Vine,ahybrid of Devil's Snare. It was the safer cousin of that deadly plant, holding its victims but not harming them. It was much rarer than Devil's Snare and not very well known but she had read about them.

They were used to guard old houses, catching and binding intruders in its long, strong vines. It also stripped its captive to ensure they didn't have any weapons though it wasn't meant to take everything off. Owners of the plant had to check it because after a certain amount of time, it would release its captive and they could escape.

But Mannings would have to be a fool if he didn't have something that would inform him of the Plant's capture. So it was unlikely she'd be here long enough for it to simply let her go.

"I have to admit, whoever breed this was very clever," she thought ruefully, glancing down at the encircling vines on her body which was starting to shiver from lack of clothes.

"Good thing it isn't winter or I'd be in trouble,"

But suddenly, she blushed as she thought what Ron would say when he saw her. She was wearing rather frilly pants and bra, would he be turned on by the sight of her, all tied up and helpless.

"Mmm?" she mumbled as the plant seemed to sense what she was thinking, and started gently stroking her bare stomach.

Realisation struck her, leaving her trembling. Cacodemon's Vine wasn't just used as protection, it was also used in bondage. 'Victims' were captured by the plant which would strip them and leave them helpless for their partners to take at their leisure. In fact, if the plant was stroked the right way, it could be encouraged to removed more than it normally want.

"Mmmm," she groaned, closing her eyes as this thought made her tighten up.

Now all she could think about was what it would be like for Ron to take her like this.

She didn't feel at first that the plant had sensed the change in her body temperature and it was acting. Tiny tendrils started to creep over her body, teasing the pale skin. She squeaked as the rubbed against her toes and the sole of her feet.

"Ooof," she moaned as her body was teased and stroked by the strange, vine plant.

She couldn't help but wriggle but this only seemed to intensify the plant's actions.

She eyes bulged as one tendril snaked its way across her stomach and down towards her panties. She squealed as it sneakily wormed its way under the material and kept on going.

"Mrth, mmm, mrth," she groaned as it started to tease her there.

She screwed up her face as sensations shot up her body, making her tense up. The plant relaxed its grip as she did this but tightened as she relaxed her body again. Her blush was becoming bigger, and she was sure it would spread.

But something else did spread and it was more tendrils. As one rubbed her side, she other slipped into one of the cups of her bra. Then, it started to tease and stroke the rapidly hardening nipple. She moaned louder than ever as that nipple was squeezed by a tendril end.

Suddenly, she screamed behind her gag, as the tendril in her panties suddenly entered her. She arched her back as her lower muscles tightened with pleasure. And it had barely gone inside her, what would happen if it went any deeper.

She was now becoming very hot and very wet as her entrance was teased mercilessly. She was actually feeling tortured, why did it need to tease so much, she was going to die if it kept this up.

Suddenly, it plunged in deeper and she moaned with pleasure and relief. Her hands clenched and unclenched as the clever plant had its way with her. It was now moving around inside her, causing her muscles to go even tighter around it. But this only served to encourage it.

She was biting down hard on the gag now but it didn't seem to affect the plant. Perhaps this vine didn't have any nerve endings in it so it could easily be used as a gag.

Both nipples were being squeezed and caressed now and she almost wished she had her bra off. She was just feeling so hot now, she needed more cold air on her body.

But then the tendril seemed to swell inside her and now seemed to be thrusting in and out of her. It wasn't hard for it, her wetness made entre smooth.

She flung back her head, unable to stop her body bucking into the thrusting vine. The plant allowed her body to move, it was practically helping her hips thrust forward.

Finally, she could take no more and with a gagged scream, came hard onto the invading tendril.

"Mmmm," she moaned as it decreased in size before slipping out of her as a normal tendril again.

It then slipped out of her very wet panties and slithered off somewhere. The tendrils in her bra also retreated, leaving a very satisfied girl in their wake.

Hermione couldn't think, she could only feel the delicious feelings that the plant had left in her body. She didn't care about the state Mannings was going to find her in, all she wanted now was a good sleep.

Her last thought, moaning loudly as she drifted off into sleep, was that she and Ron would have to get one of these plants for their cellar.

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