Ĭnto Ђe ζtill Иight

Chapter One: Emerald Eyes

Harry never really knew what love was like. He had ideas; grand ideas, so full of imagination and life. But, like always, when he opened his eyes those thoughts seem to fade.

Harry was walking down the road not completely aware of anything around him so full of his thoughts. Cars whizzed by him in blurs of light and dust from the gravel road.

He put his hand in his backpack and pulled out an ornate and delicate book. His hand caressed the cover as he held it close to his chest. Even in the dark the lone emerald jewel surrounded by gold swashes glowed and sparkled.

Sam looked out at the blur of trees as they drove down Highway 13. In the corner of his eye he saw a flash of green light. Startled by the sudden appearance of a light he looked hard when it had come from.

"Dean, slow down. I think I saw something."
"What was it Sammy?"
"I don't know, I think it was green light."

Not far from them they saw a young boy walking he was holding something in his hands. Dean slowed down to a craw as Sam rolled down the window to poke out his head.

"Hey there, are you ok? My name is Sam and this is my brother Dean. I thought I saw someone hit you. Do you want a ride into town?" Sam asked smiling at the young boy.
"My name is Harry; I'm fine, no one hit me. Last car that came by me passed about half an hour ago. A ride to town? That would be great; if it's not too much trouble." Harry looked down to his shoes and with a foot scrapped at the worn toe of the other.
"It's no trouble at all. We're heading that way any way." Dean replied.

Harry smiled and opened the back door to the dark Impala. For what appeared like an old vehicle was very well taken care of. Harry buckled the belt as they sped off and clutched his backpack tight.

"So, why are you out this late at night? There isn't anything around here for miles." Sam questioned curiously.
"I'm not sure truth be told. I don't remember how I got here. I woke up in a clearing a mile and a half north from here." Harry replied quietly.
"That's odd; do you remember who you are? Or do you remember who your parents are? You look a bit young to be on your own." Dean looked in the rear-view mirror.
"I know who I am, I'm Harry. I remember my parents, as to why I'm not with them… well; they died when I was one. I'm not that young you know. I turned 16 end of July."

Sam looked out the window; something about this kid bugged him. He wasn't annoying and he wasn't creepy. Something pulled at him to help, he felt some deep connection. Dean looked into the back again through the rear-view mirror. As Harry looked up and his green eyes bore into his own he was thrown back into the fiery pits of hell. The screaming echoed in his ears, and bright green eyes swollen with pain and tears begged for mersey.

"Dean, Dean did you hear a word I said?"
"Sorry Sammy, what was that?"
"I said the motel should be coming up soon. It's supposed to be on the right hand side just as we enter the city."
"Right Sorry Sammy." Dean purposely ignored the look Sam gave him. That kid just looked so familiar. But he refused to think back to his time down there. No, it was better left forgotten.

As Dean pulled up into the parking lot he could see Harry looking out the window. The shine of his eyes brought more flashes to his mind and the car came to a sudden stop.

Harry smiles softly to them and thanks them for the ride. "Did you need any help with your bags? It's the least I can do for the ride."
"Don't worry about it Harry just go get yourself a room."

Harry walked up to the counter and smiled at the man sitting at the computer. He looked a little bored sitting there with a magazine. The motel was nice and quiet. Smooth red rug went from wall to wall; glass doors and wood panel walls decorated the space. The desk looked like it was made from logs, a true lodge motif.

"What can I get for you?" the man asked.
"Can I get a single room for a week please?"
"I need some ID and it'll be . a day for a total of . ."
"I'm sorry I don't have ID, I didn't know I would need any."
"Here, I'll get the room. Sorry, this is my brother I forgot he would need ID. Could I also got another room with two beds?"
"That's alright, it'll be . all together."

Same squeezed Harry's shoulder and directed Harry and Dean to their rooms. Dean gave a nod to Harry and walked into their room.

"If you need any help just come on over ok Harry?" Sam smiled and gave another squeeze. With nod Harry entered the room to get some sleep.

Sam was on his laptop doing some research into the local haunting in Salem. Nothing seemed to make sense, sure everyone knew Salem was where the Witch hunt began. And it made sense spirits would stay after
being burned alive, and if they were innocent it made sense they would be angry. But why wait now? Or was it something a little more resent then century's old grudges? As Sam opened the page of the local newspaper a scream came from the room next door. The scream had Sam up and running to Harry's room. The door had been unlocked, odd thing he noticed.

Sam could see in the corner between the window and the bathroom on the left side of the room. He slowly walked past the bed and crouched down in front of the young shaking boy.

"Are you ok Harry? It's me Sam, I won't hurt you."
"Yeah, it's me. Can you tell me what you saw?"
"A man, he was standing by my bed staring at me. He had this long, thing in his hand. I think I've seen him before but, I can't remember." Harry shuddered and buried his head in his knees.
"Well, it looks like he left. The door was unlocked, did he maybe get in through there? Do you remember seeing how he left?"
"He just disappeared into thin air. I don't know how he got in, maybe it was the door. I'm sorry Sam, I thought I locked it. Thanks for helping me."

Sam just nodded and helped Harry climb into bed. He shook his head as he tucked him in and as Harry's eyes began to drop closed he made sure to lock the door. Dean was awake sitting in bed and he entered looking at him expectedly.

"He said someone was in his room standing over his bed holding something in his hand. Not sure how he got in or left. The windows were closed, but the door was unlocked. When I went there I didn't see anyone in the hallway."
"I think there is something about him that's drawing us to him. Suddenly we come across this boy and right away we give him a ride and he's like a brother or something? I don't like this, something feels off. You think he's a witch Sammy?"
"I don't know Dean, he doesn't seen evil. He's just a kid. The only thing I've ever seen on him is that book and his backpack."
"I think next time he leaves the room we should do some digging. Make sure we know who we're dealing with."

"Did you want me to take him for breakfast tomorrow? I can call you when we are on our way back to the rooms."

"That would be great Sammy, now, get some sleep we've been up all day."