Christmas Special

Chapter 10: London's Bridge

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Harry's walking down the street, it was late at night and all the shops were closed. A tingle went down his spine and as quickly as he got to the end of the row of shops he had bags in his hands. Deciding it was time to head back he passes the Jamisen house; which oddly enough is supposed to be on the other side of the city; and heads back to the hotel.

As Harry woke up he wiggled his toes as his feet itched and stung a bit. First thing he noticed were the scratches and dirt. 'Had I really been outside?' Harry thought. Bobby was sitting at the table reading the paper and so decided a shower was best; confusing dreams aside.

"Come on Bobby, Harry lets get some breakfast." Dean said from the other side of the door.

"We'll meet you there." Came Bobby's reply.

Harry emerges from the bathroom clean and fresh to find Bobby getting ready to head out. "Come one kid, time for breakfast."

"Oh, ok thanks Bobby."

"Don't thank me kid."

Sam was sitting across from Den and Harry slipped in beside him. He had his laptop out and was searching through birth records for a Jake Henri Jr.

"Can I take your order?" A friendly red haired blue eyed waitress asked.

"Yeah, I'll have your supper burger with fries and a coffee."

"I'll have your breakfast special of pancakes and coffee."

"Just a cup of coffee please."

"And you little man?" she asked Harry with a smile.

"Can I have your special too please but with a hot chocolate?" Harry gave a dirty look to Dean and smiled at the waitress.

"Awe little man no milk for you today?" Dean laughs.

After breakfast Harry walks with the others to the Impala. Dean and Bobby headed to the coroners office to look at the other bodies if they were still available. Sam and Harry got out and made their way to the public library.

"Hello there." Harry replied to a the librarian.

"I'm Brian what can I help you with?" he asked.

"I'm James and this is Sean. We were wondering if you kept records of the deaths of the troops."

"Right this way. If we had any it would be in either the public archives or in old newspapers.

Harry flipped through the public records book while Sam sat at a computer flipping through old newspapers a few feet away. With his eyes getting heavy as the hours drew on Harry slammed his hand on the table. Sam jumped and looked back with a frown.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing sorry just getting real tired. I can't find anything. Wait, come look at this.' Harry moved over to let Sam sit in a chair beside him. 'Jake Henri died while serving the country in an undisclosed location. He was brought back and as per the will was cremated. It says he was survived only by his son Jake Henri Junior."

"And he's dead now too so that ends that thread.' Sams phone began to ring 'Hello? Yeah hey Bobby, no we're done. Looks like he was cremated and the only family he had was his son. And he's dead now too. I'll explain that later. Meet you at the Impala."

"What did he say?" Harry asked.

"Found out the mother of Ms Patterson and Mrs. Jamisen both had sulphur on them. Oddly enough they kinda all look like you." Harry shivered at the thought as they headed back to the Impala

"I'm starving, lets get some dinner." Dean said as he pulled up to another diner just blocks from the one they were at this morning.

Harry sat beside Sam again as Bobby sat beside Dean.

"So what took so long?" Harry asked.

"Had to head to the morgue in the town over." Dean replied and turned to the waitress to give his order.

"Apparently there was a mix up and they were sent there by mistake after being brought in. A newbie placed a clip board on the bodies of the Jamisens and the Drivers took them over.

Bobby placed his order followed by Sam and Harry hummed and tapped his finger on his chin. "Ummm... can I have a cheese burger and fries with water.' Harry looks to the others 'I'll be right back I need the washroom."

"So something odd happened last night at the house.' Sam began as Harry turned down the a hall. 'Harry had another vision he was staring at the sign of a bridge the Jamisens owned on their property called London's Bridge. He was singing the London Bridge song as he seized while standing up."

"How do you seize while standing?" Bobby asked.

"I don't know, but nothing with him is normal." Dean replied.

The food had just arrived and Harry was still not back. Bobby looked to the washroom hallway and back to Sam. "I think you need to check on him. He still hasn't come out. Come to think of it he was humming that London Bridge song to himself."

Sam jumped up and paid dropped money on the table. "Can we get this packed up please?" Sam ran to the car with Bobby close behind. Grabbing the bag of food Dean grumbled as he headed out after them.

The streets were deserted this late at night and made driving to the Jamisen house easier and faster. The fence had been torn in a weak spot and foot prints led to the back of the house. Dean and Bobby pulled out flashlights and Sam went ahead.

Harry stood in a circle by the bridge that went around the tomb. A spot at the base looked disturbed. Candles stood in the four directions; North, East, South and West. Dean motioned to stop walking as they drew close. Harry had a knife up to his wrists and made a cut along the thin wrist.

A silver bowl stood by the base of the grave and a few jars off to the right. Harry sighed and turned around. "Back to try and spoil my fun. Why can I never get a moments peace?" Harry complained.

Sam, Dean and Bobby went flying to the nearest tree and vines sprouted from his wrists to tie them firm. "Thanks for bringing him to me Sam; couldn't do it without you. Just be patient, I'll answer your questions soon. Just one small thing to do first."

Harry's eyes had fogged over an eerie white not the normal black of possession. "See? Didn't I say something was fishy?" Dean ground out at Sam.

"Sine mortuos docebit vos ad servum vestrum. Sit corpus extra mundum link toyour puto esse tuus." Harry looked back to the hunters strapped to the tree. A glow started to form on his forehead. A triangle a circle inside and a line from the point of the triangle cutting through the circle to the bottom of the triangle.

"I am D'ábel Nostiel and I serve my master well. Unfortunately releasing the powers of the master of death completely also meant releasing his visions. I'd rather it not be out but it's OK with this body under his control it'll prove to be very valuable."

"Under who's control?" Bobby ordered

"Why, the devil of course. All I need is to drink this potion and the link is complete.' Harry help the silver bowl up high and his arms began to shake. 'No, not now, I'm so close. Damn them."

Harry dropped to the ground the potion spilled all over his face and shirt. As the liquid touched his lips he began to seize and his eyes roll in his head.

"The power lies within the servants half broken wish. The power is rightfully home with the master, master of all masters and to be the last. The power is disturbed like ripples upon the ocean; all shall become clear..."

Harry's body stops and relaxes, a black smock emerges from his lips and slowly begins to rise and vanish in the air.

D'ábel NostielCzeck – meaning Devil Bringer

Sine mortuos docebit vos ad servum vestrum. Sit corpus extra mundum link toyour puto esse tuus. - Latin - Let the dead guide you to your servant. Let the body I hold be your link to the world beyond yours.

The image of the symbol of the master of death can be viewed here.

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