Hello, readers! Just wanna let you know that I have made some major changes to this story… It had to be done. So if you still care about this story and want to continue reading after all this time, I suggest doing another read through. I'd hate to continue this story with you guys all confused and whatnot. I won't take up any more of your time. I'm off to continue editing!

Little black shoes beside orange paws dashed through thick snow in chase of an elderly man flying on pure beard power. He shoots ice from his hands toward his pursuers.

"Get away from me!" The wizard yelled. "Stop chasing me or I'll kill you!" He sends two more ice-zaps their way, and misses miserably.

"No way, Ice King! You're gonna' pay for what you did to Princess Bubble Gum!" the owner of the black shoes responded.

"Yeah!" agrees his companion, and, using his magical stretching powers, reaches out to the Ice Kings' cloak and whips him into the opposite direction. The wizard lands hard in the snow with a loud "Oof!" The two followers now stood over him in the form of a boy and a dog. The boy grabbed at the Ice Kings' collar and pulled him up so that their noses were only centimeters apart.

"W-wait! Don't do this! My criminal record has been so good! I haven't done anything!" the old man pleaded.

"I ain't fallin' for your stuff, guy! I know you stole a kiss from Bubble Gum. This is personal." The boy raised his fist and socked the Ice King in the beard and sent him flying a few feet away.

The kid pulled out his sword from his backpack and approached the Ice King again. Fury pervaded his entire being and his face flushed bright red. The dog ran in his masters' way and tried to persuade him, "Hold on Finn, don't do anything hasty. The Ice King didn't actually do anything wrong…"

"Jake! He KISSED princess Bubble Gum! KISSED HER! With his old man lips!"

"Yeah, I know, but…"

Finn turned his head back to look at the Ice King and saw him weakly jogging away.

"He's weakly jogging away!" Finn screamed.

"Well, good! Let's get outta' here, man."

"No way, Jake! The Princess will be avenged! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

The determined thirteen year old continued to chase the Ice King through the Ice Kingdom and Jake resentfully followed. They eventually followed him into a large cave in the side of a mountain. They went deeper and deeper and deeper still, and the farther the three of them wondered, the darker it became. Soon it seemed as if they were just running in eternal nothingness, running, running, running. Finally Finn and Jake slowed their run into a hesitant, exhausted walk.

"I don't think…I've ever been in this cave before…It just keeps going and going!" The young adventurer gasped between breathes, completely forgetting the reason he was there in the first place.

"Me either…but this place is really starting to freak me out. I don't think we should be here." Jake got up on two legs and clung to Finns' shorts with his front paws.

"Why are you being such a wuss today, man?" Finn asked, trying to pry him off.

"I'm not being a wuss! I'm just following my doggy-instincts. The Doggy-Instincts never lie, dude."

"Don't you wanna see what's at the end of this tunnel? Aren't you curious to see if it ends at all? What if we find something awesome, like…Like a giant purple turtle with the power to turn stuff into BACON?"

Jake chuckled, then added, "Or snow-cones."

"Or snow-cones and bacon!"

"Ha ha ha, yeah. Okay, Finn. I'll keep going if you promise we'll find something awesome like a Purple-snow-cone-bacon-turtle at the end of this tunnel."

"All right! Let's go!" Finn laughed in his cute youthful voice and broke into an eager run. However he immediately slams into a wall and falls backwards onto his bottom.

"Finn?" Jake ran to his side. "You okay?"

"Ugh…I think so… What hit me?"

They both looked up, and, as their eyes adjusted to the darkness, the duo beheld a gigantic oval-shaped mirror, roughly the height of one-story house. The frame was engraved all around with an elegant, floral design and a strange, foreign writing. At the top were two statues of a demon and an angel hanging onto either side of the frame and held hands.

"Shmow zow! How did I miss that?" Finn said, once he was finally able to pick his jaw back up from the ground.

"Cool…But, not as cool as a giant purple turtle would have been." Commented Jake.

Finn got back up on his feet and placed his hand on the frame of the reflection. "Who do you think decided to put a bagarmous* mirror in the middle of a giant pitch-black cave that never ends?"

Jake shrugged. "I don't know, but we've seen weirder things."

"Yeah but this is a different kind of weird." He began running his fingers across the glass. "Almost like…It was put here for a reason. Not just randoml-EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" As Finn began to lean heavily against the mirror, he fell through it.

"Fiiiiiiiinn!" Jake shouted and ran through after him.

**bagarmous = gigantic + enormous + the letter B