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- This note as of 2012. Any readers that started the story this year don't have a problem as long as they know that Gill's cat's name is Sapphire, not Jade.

After one long hour of unsettlingly awkward silence, the tense trio emerged from the woods riding the carriage. The path led them to an open meadow of trampled grass and blood stained flowers. Mutilated bodies littered the ground and some were being moved onto colossal wheelbarrows by despair-stricken ogres. Finn and Jake's jaws dropped.

In haste, her Highness stumbled out of her fire-steed drawn stagecoach and onto the field.

"Great Flaming Biscuits…" She whispered in astonishment, as she looked upon the hundreds, maybe thousands of slashed up ogre bodies scattered across the ground. "No…she's done it again…" The Fire Queen breathed the words as she fell to her knees.

The boys ran to her. "Who? Who's done it again?" Finn asked.

"Those malevolent felons! Gill and Sapphire…those horrible murderers…" she answered quietly in revulsion and hatred. Her hands that were palm-down in the grass stared to spark a fire as her anger boiled. Finn and Jake gasped and began stomping on the flames to put them out. "Oh! Forgive me." The Queen excused herself and the fire in her hands went out.

"So, WAIT. Gill and Sapphire? Those little girls did this? Even Finn and I couldn't take down an army this huge! What, are these chicks, like, fifty-feet tall throat-slicing trolls in disguise or something?" Questioned Jake.

"Can't say… It's very possible considering just how little anyone knows about them." The Fire Queen answered. "However I'm absolutely sure it was them. Gill is the strongest, most skilled fighter in all of Ahh. There is no one else I can possibly think of that would be bold enough to even dare take on this many ogres at once…and win. And with Sapphire on her side, you've seen her talent firsthand, they are an unstoppable team."

They all went silent then, as a huge shadow moved slowly over the three of them. Their heads moved up in unison and standing over them was a teary-eyed, seven-foot tall ogress holding a damp hankie in her large, meaty hand. She sniffled and wiped her eyes with the tissue. "Miss Fire Queen…" the gentle beast said in a low voice that was far from feminine.

"Oh! Why, hello there, Tina. How long has it been?" The fair red-haired maiden said comfortingly as she got to her feet. She flashed a brilliant smile. The two guys stood at her left and right flanks defensively, ready to protect her if needed.

"It has been long time." Said Tina sullenly. "Tina happy to see Fire Queen after long time…" She trailed off, and her face expressed that a sad thought was filling her simple mind. She started to sob loudly and the boys covered their ears to block out the noise.

"Now, now, dear friend. Don't cry." The sorceress wrapped her arms around the ogress as best as she could, reaching only the sides of her hips. Tina then embraced the Fire Queen, lifting her up and squeezing her until her face was as red as her hair. The queen spoke the best she could without much air; "Tina, Sweety… *gasp* …Please…let me down…!"

"Oh." Tina said, releasing her killer bear hug. "Tina sorry."

Regaining herself, The Queen said. "That's quite alright. I understand your sorrows. I cannot tell you how sorry I am for the losses you've faced here. They were all admirable warriors and beloved members of this village…"

The gentle beast began to shed more fat tears and her face wrinkled in despair. "They killed-ed Morris… THEY KILLED-ED HIM! Morris say he come back to Tina. He say he be all okay. But he is dead now!" She wailed sorrowfully.

Finn and Jake were heart broken from the scene taking place. Their faces were sympathetic and saddened. Noble righteousness welled up within Finn, and he stepped up to the ogre woman and placed his hand on her giant arm.

"Hey, please don't be sad, miss." He consoled, "These soldiers, including your Morris, will not die in vein. I'm a hero, and I plan to rise up against this Gill and put a stop to her evil. I don't care what it takes. My friend Jake and I are going to bring justice to this land, and I will see to it that she knows the hurt that she's caused you and your people. Right, Jake?"

"That's right! We'll avenge your friends, Tina! Count on that." Jake chimed in.

"Oh, thank you, little ones! Tina believes you can! We go see elder now." Tina said ecstatically.

They followed her, riding on the stagecoach, across the clearing and into a small village on the other side. The shelters were colossal huts of wood and large leaves. Many of them were heavily damaged and torn apart, and families of ogres were gathered around helping each other to repair them. Woman and children were aplenty, but there were few men to be seen, living anyway.

The Fire Queen leaned over to Finn and Jake, sitting at the reins. She whispered, "It was very honorable of the two of you to have said what you did to Tina about avenging her husband, Morris. However I'm wondering if you really are sure about what you are putting yourself up against here. You seem like warriors of your word, and I am worried for you if it becomes too a great a task for you two to handle…"

Like before, the two heroes reassured the Queen that they knew what they were doing, and before she could protest any further, they reached an enormously wide tree stump at the far end of the village, where upon it sat a very old looking ogre with a long, thinning, white beard.

"Elder," the virtuous witch addressed the wrinkled creature as she stepped out from the carriage.

"Ah, Hello. Fire Queen is arrived." The Elder welcomed her cheerfully. His voice was weak and raspy; it was barely past a whisper. "Good that Fire Queen is in village. The peoples need the Fire Queen now. They need support. They are all very sad. Fire Queen help fix village."

"As I have in the past, your Oldness, I will do everything in my power to aid your community in these hard times." Motioning to Finn and Jake, she continued, "With me are two brave travelers. They are not familiar with our lands, so I am showing them around so that they may learn a bit more about us residence here in Ahh."

"Elder not care as long as they not get in way."

The tired beast grabbed a cane that was leaning against his stump and he gradually started to get to his feet. Knees and arms shaking violently, several ran to the sides of the tree stump, ready to assist him in his endeavor to stand.

"Stop fussing! Elder's got this!" he said annoyed. Slowly, but surely, he made it down onto the ground, squishing a little family of mushroom folk beneath his giant clumsy foot in the process. Once on the ground, he explained in his simple language how the invasion occurred, first with the destruction of the village, then the looting of their goods and supplies, and then the brutal slaughter of the village men. He and the Fire Queen then began to make their way to the citizens of the little town.

Before leaving, her majesty noted to Finn and Jake quietly, "I will be lingering in the village a little while. Do me a favor and don't leave this place without my okay. Are we clear?"

"Crystal, your highness!" the boys saluted.

"Good. Oh, and make sure not to upset any of the ogres. They aren't quick to violence but they're really sensitive."

"Is the Fire Queen coming?" the Elder asked impatiently.

"Oh, yes, my apologies!" She called back. Then to the boys again she said, "I will see the two of you later today." Then, she walked off.

"Dude, we've been sitting on this old ogre's stump for hours." Jake complained.

"The Fire Queen and the Elder told us not to get in the way and to stay put." Finn returned.

But I'm SO BOOOORRRRRRRED! And you left all your awesome stuff at the tree house!"

"I know. Sorry, broski. We left in such a hurry to get back at the Ice King that I didn't have time to pack food or video games…"

"UGH!" Jake fell backward and laid on his back in frustration. Finn looked upon the villagers and the servants the Fire Queen had called for to assist in restoring the damages. The bodies of soldiers were meanwhile being laid down in front of the tree stump. They were to hold a ceremony to respect the deceased soon.

Finn felt the craving for vengeance as he watched, and admittedly was getting antsy from sitting for so long too.

"Let's go find those murderers." He said in a dark tone.

Jake sat up. "What, do you mean like, right now?"

"As soon as possible. We can't let them get away with this… or do it again. Plus I'm loosing feeling in my butt."

"We don't have any leads, as much as I'd love to run after baddies right now…"

"But we do. This world is completely opposite to our own. We have all the knowledge we need. It'll just take a bit of thought to apply what details are most important in finding them."

"Aw man this is totally rhombus! We'll be like detectives, tracking down cold-hearted criminals!"

Finn stood up in the center of the stump, with Jake looking up at him with sparkles in his eyes.

"Hear me, Gill the Human! I'm coming for you! I'll put a stop to your evil once and for all! I'M A RADICAL BOY SEEKING JUSTIIIICE!"

"Keep it down over there!" called one of the villagers.

"Let's go down there and finish them off…" She whispered, both her and her partner's bodies concealed within the cover of a tall tree. Looking down at the village, they sat silently on a high tree branch, speaking to each other in low, hushed voices.

"No. " The other replied.

"What are we even waiting for? They serve us no use. Why do you keep telling me to hold off on killing them? They're trespassing in our world!"

"You idiot!" Hissed the feline. "It is for that very reason that we can't kill them! They're from the other side of the mirror. They are more valuable to us than you know."

"Psh. They're so weak though. I could cut through both of them like butter…"

"But you won't. Understand?"

"Yeah, whatever mom."

"We'll stay close to them. Watch them. Make sure they don't do anything stupid…"

"Great. Now we're stalkers and babysitters."

"Let's head back. I don't think they'll be leaving the village until tomorrow after they mourn their loses." The cat chuckled morbidly. Her human joined in and laughed a bit herself.

With a light gust of wind, the two disappeared into the darkness of the dense woods. An echo of their subtle laughter lingered in their wake, harmonized with the rustling of tree leaves moved by the gentle breeze.