16 months after the Ordeal with the Russian weapon-virus and a new agent is brought forth. Even after being ordered to quit hacking, Takagi Fujimaru is asked for another favour by THIRD-I. New to this specific anti-terrorist organization, and to Tokyo all together, Nakamura Hakira has been pulled in to take over for the legendary 'Falcon'. For reasons yet unknown, she's moved in with the genius hacker and even infiltrated the school as a tedious, delinquent-like student, causing mishaps for everyone.

Not quite what you'd expect a professional to be like; with her "not-quite-normal" sense of humour and "I don't give a shit" attitude. She likes to do things her own way and god forbid, anyone stands in her way. No matter the obstacles, Nakamura gets her job done perfectly, but something seems to be off about her. Will people find out about her little secrets or will she be able to get by unblemished by reality?

With the rivalry of the two genius teen hackers continuing to clash, will Nakamura let go of the stubbornness and agree to let Fujimaru get close to her underlying issues?

Don't forget the usual stuff every teenage girls go through. Queue bad hair days, trying to make new friends in a new place, PMS and clueless boys.

Not to mention finding a dreamy guy who seems to be perfect in every way, only to find out he happens to be trying to destroy the whole of Tokyo.


Name: Nakamura Hakira

Age: 18

Bio: Passers-by see her as stand-offish, while people who talk to her know her for her strange and perverted sense of humour. She seems to get angry when people underestimate her or take her for granted. She likes betting on stuff and always makes sure the unfortunate person who bet against her, pays up. Often pops up from nowhere with weird and unfathomable comments. Can have major mood swings. When it comes to her 'job', she's not as ethical she could be, but she doesn't care. She like partying and always tries to drag Fujimaru and Otoya out to have fun. Seems to have some sort of a rivalry with Aoi. The boys don't understand it, so when they try to get involved, they usually end up getting hit.

Appearance: Standing at 5'7 (174cm) - long reddish/brown hair, light green eyes and pale skin. Being half Japanese and half English has caused some confusion over the years, having a European body and Asian face has always been an advantage though.


Teaser 1

Otoya and Fujimaru looked to each other, both seeming to be loosing patience.
"Do you think she'll make us stay in here all night?" The shorter of the two whimpered as the thought of spending a night in a dark, cramped store cupboard daunted on him.
"No, I have her car keys." Fujimaru laughed manically at his own genius.
The pair jumped when the heard a bang against the door. "So you think you out smarted me, Takagi?" Hakira laughed from the other side of the door. "I have another set." She laughed.
The two boys hopes floated down the fast flowing river of despair as her shadow under the door disappeared.

Teaser 2

The a deadly silence fell on the office space.
"Kirishima-San~? Let me have a vacation!" The slightly shorter girl stood before the man and stomped her foot.
"At a time like this?" The man in charge pinched the bridge of his nose.
"Fine, I quit." Hakira scoffed and headed for the door.
All the rooms occupants could do was gawp as their leader was forced to go through drastic measures. "You can't just quit!" He chased the girl.
"Give me a reason why I can't?" The angry girl turned on her heels, knowing what the man was going to say.

Teaser 3

It was one of those slow, tedious days. One of those where you could either waste away in the class room listening to some substitute go on about something totally unrelated to…anything. Or brave the snow and gale force winds and try to make it home without dying of frost bite or slipping and breaking anything.
Fujimaru's eyes fluttered shut as the warmth of the air conditioner brushed his face. Otoya shortly followed suit.
"T-testing?" The intercom rung through out the room.
The class paused…no, most of them woke up and gained interest in the rustling coming from the speaker.
"Sorry to disturb your enthralling lessons, but I have a few things I'd like to say. First…" The girl cleared her voice.
Fujimaru looked to his right to notice his friend staring at him. They knew that voice all too well.
"Professor of Biology, class 3, try not to kill the student with your outrageously poor jokes."
The class chuckled and the substitute coughed uneasily.
"Second, Asaka Tetsuya of class 4-A, if you stick one more love letter begging me for a date in my desk, I'll make you eat it."
The echoes of hysterical laughed boomed through the halls, shortly followed by Poor Asaka abruptly leaving his homeroom.