Written for the "30 words or less" challenge set by MioneWazlib at the Harry Potter Fanfiction Challenges Forum. Moments in the life of Molly Weasley, in no particular order.

Moments in Time


Reality check

Another contraction hits, and Molly gasps.

"I can't do this!" she cries.

Arthur looks as scared as she feels. Surely they are too young to be parents?

Absolutely alone

She has seven children who love and need her, and a husband who worships the ground she walks on.

But her brothers are dead. Molly has never felt so alone.

Prince Charming

Arthur hands her the flowers and grapes, and stammers his sorrow that she is ill, and suddenly Molly's headache and streaming eyes are forgotten.

She has found her Prince.


"It doesn't matter," Arthur tells her. "No one minds these days."

But Molly knows it does.

"Arthur, I'm three months pregnant!" she protests. "I shouldn't be wearing white."

Good question

The two boyish faces are lifted to hers expectantly.

Molly sighs, hushes little Percy, and tries to explain to Bill and Charlie just how the babies got into her tummy.

Can you hear me?

She is "Bill and Charlie and Percy and the twins' Mummy" and "Arthur's wife". She wonders if anyone knows or cares that she is still Molly.

Arthur does.

I'm telling

She is muddy and her dress is torn and her knees are grazed. Gideon pushed her over, and Fabian is laughing at her too.

Molly pouts.

"I'm telling!" she says.

Out of control

The war ended years ago.

But now it is happening again, and Molly is frightened. For herself, but mostly for her family.

She hates that she cannot keep them safe.

I love you

It is Christmas Eve. They have a shabby house, a tiny baby and no money at all.

Arthur holds her, and whispers, "I love you."

Molly has all she needs.


Last time they kept out of it – as much as they could – for the sake of the children.

This time they have to fight - because of the children.