Small World

"Lovely to see you," gushes Magda. "It's a small world."

Magda is a career witch. Molly has five kids. They have nothing in common any more, small world or not.

Go the Distance

Sometimes Molly panics. Will Arthur still love her in ten years? In twenty? In fifty?

Then he smiles at her, and she knows he will go the distance.

Run Away

She barely feels old enough to have left school, let alone to be married with a baby due any day.

But she can't run away now.


Percy is howling, and the twins are protesting at being told off.

"He's not that wet!"

"It was only a shallow puddle we pushed him in!"


Molly attacks the house at Grimmauld Place as if cleanliness can somehow win the war.

She will make this old place shine.


She wishes Bill and Charlie had gone for jobs in England. It feels as if they are far too far out of her reach these days.

For You

Charlie puts the tray across her knees, and Bill spills half the tea as he sets the cup down.

Percy holds out a bunch of flowers. "For you," he says.

Pinky Promise

"Don't forget me when you go to Egypt!" Ginny implores.

Bill grins at his mother over his baby sister's head as he links little fingers with her. "'Course I won't!"

Squeaky Clean

She looks the boys up and down as they get ready to leave for Muriel's.

"Are you sure you washed?" she asks darkly.

"We're squeaky clean!" say the twins together.


The music swirls round them and Arthur's arms are tight around her.

Sometimes, even now, all the world recedes, and all there is is the two of them.