"Danielle we can't let Becca ruin Stacey's life." Jean said, panicking.

"I know... I know Jean, but until Stacey learns the truth we can't get Becca out of the picture..." Danielle sighed "She might listen to me. Take all the pressure off you. I'll tell her that it was you who wanted to write down the records, it was her that didn't."

"I don't remember anything very well Danielle..." Jean said, feeling bad she couldn't give any more information.

"It's okay. I do. She don't know I overheard it all, me and Ronnie. Stacey's listened to me before, hopefully she will again." Danielle said.

"Well just be careful." Jean said. She was becoming increasingly confused and panicky, which wasn't good for anyone, herself included, and she didn't like it at all.

"What can she do to me that hasn't already been tried or done before?" Danielle shrugged. Rejected by my mum time and time again, humiliated, being paid off to leave by Archie, nearly being knocked down, one night stand... And that's just in Walford. She thought. "She might be able to turn Stacey against everyone else, but at least neither of us got rid of the one she loved."

"But... but she can do things... she's not right Danielle... the girl needs mental help..!"

"Jean." Danielle said gently but firmly to grab her attention once again. "Deep breath. Calm. Okay, getting stressed about it won't help anyone, especially yourself." She smiled softly as Jean began to visibly relax, calm and she saw the tension leave her muscles. "I think a cup of tea is in order. And tonight I'll convince them both to come out, and I'll tell her tomorrow or something."

Jean nodded. "When did you get so sensible and confident? Well, more than last time anyway."

Danielle went to put the kettle on. "When my mum told me and the whole Square she didn't want me." She said, and she made Jean her tea when the kettle was boiled, and she placed the cup on the table for her.

Jean smiled a little. "I don't know why she wouldn't. You're a lovely girl" she said.

"Thanks Jean." Danielle smiled. Jean really was like a mother to her. Albeit a bit eccentric, but that's what made her love her so much.

Stacey walked in moments later. "You ready, Dan?"

"For what?"

"Well didn't Becca tell you? We're goin' out to get more stock."

"Okay... I'll need to have a word with you too..." Danielle smiled.

"Yeah, course. You can tell me anything." Stacey grinned. "Right, come on before we're too late."

Danielle nodded and she walked out the kitchen with her.

"You comin' or stayin'?" Stacey looked at Becca as she got Lily ready and put her in her pram.

"I'll stay. I can look after her if you want?" Becca said.

"No, I'll take her. She could do with a bit of change of scenery." Stacey said and walked out, pushing Lily.

Danielle and Becca glared at each other, and Danielle turned to follow her out.

Becca grabbed her arm. "Tell her and you may as well have killed her yourself, never mind a one way ticket to the loony bin." She hissed.

Danielle yanked her arm free and walked out, slamming the door behind her, momentarily forgetting about Jean and her edgy nerves. Damn! Sorry! She thought.

"What's up with your face?" Stacey asked, looking back at her friend.

"Nothing, I'm fine." Danielle forced a smile.

"Let's go then." Stacey grinned and started to walk off, Danielle followed behind her.