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The night had passed with Selene's reign and now a new day was arriving as Eos awoke and heralded Helios for his own next reign; he rose slowly into the sky and daylight was upon the earth below. He shone his beams on the world below him and it was Perseus who he awoke first out of all those lying asleep in the forest; sleep had passed him and he could resume it. The words and actions of Athena and Hades had disturbed his dreams and were still echoing in his mind; they would not leave him alone for they wanted to be sure that he had accepted the message. His mind was not resting and he could not stay where he was, so he chose to go for a walk; dressing himself in his armour, he climbed onto his feet and walked away from the campsite. He walked through the trees into a part he knew and was soon standing in the resting area of the winged horses, though the horses were not there. But this was how he wanted it to be, for he wanted silence and peace then suddenly, a voice spoke out to him, but it was a voice he did not recognise.

"Our father is rather upset."

He turned around and saw a dashingly handsome young man with raven black hair wearing magnificent armour of shining gold standing before him; Perseus knew he was a god, but which one?

"Who are you?" he asked.

Like Athena when she had first presented herself to him, this god was proud to answer Perseus' question.

"I am Apollo, the god of the sun; son of Zeus and Leto and twin brother of Artemis, the goddess of the moon."

First his stepmother, then his sister, then his uncle and now his brother; Perseus did not feel fearful for by now, he was used to gods appearing, not that it was something he wanted but he could not stop it. They were a part of him and although he would continuously defy that fact, it did not change anything and he only had one question for the god standing before him.

"And what is it you want?"

"You're running out of time," Apollo said as he walked towards Perseus, "and I am anxious in assisting Athena to help you."

Perseus heard what he said, but decided he'd had enough and turned around to walk away.

"Just leave me alone," he said with some angst in his voice.

But Apollo was not one to be easily stopped and chose to carry on what he had come to do.

"Do you know how it feels to live as a god Perseus? It's like falling in love every second of the day," he proudly explained, "You have a god inside you, but you fight it with every breath; you're drowning in your own spite and for what?"

"I'm tired of everybody telling me what I can and cannot do," Perseus spat out with force almost at once.

Apollo did not reply; instead, he carried a vulnerable look on his face and Perseus felt he could read what it said.

"You're afraid."

"Careful how you speak to me," Apollo replied in defence, "only one of us is mortal."

"Why do you want to help me?" Perseus asked.

"Because you're fighting the part of you that can help me, which is all I really care about," the god confessed, "Throw away your pride Perseus or you won't last another day; listen to our sister's words of wisdom, for her reasons for helping you are not the same as mine."

Perseus was holding a sarcastic look on his face and took a small step forward towards the god.

"I'd rather die in the mud with those men than stand alongside of you."

His remark only made Apollo reply with a chuckle; Perseus gave his own.

"We share our father's arrogance," Apollo gladly stated, "clearly, we are brothers. I wish you much success in completing your quest and saving us all from destruction, though you are to have another god assisting you now."

The demigod could not find the right words to say in reply; first he had a father, who was a god, then a sister who was a goddess, an uncle who was a god and now, a brother. Everything was happening so quickly, but he had no time to waste; as Apollo said, he was running out of time before the day would come when the Kraken would be unleashed. Finally moving from the spot, he headed back to the campsite and was approaching the others when he heard something. The sound of horses and wheels could be heard out on the sand and they all went to investigate; when they arrived, their eyes widened. There on the sand were Athena and Apollo and behind them were two magnificent chariots and two pairs of horses; Pegasus then flew down and joined them and the silence was broken by Apollo.

"I did say I was anxious to assist our sister," he proudly said, "time is running out, so you need all the help you can get if you are to reach the witches in time."

Before Perseus could even say a word, Athena stopped him.

"If you are going to attempt to argue with us Perseus, there is no point because you have no choice. Our brother is right; if you are to reach the witches, than you must accept our offer. The soldiers can ride with us in our chariots and you will ride Pegasus; what do you say?"

There was no point in arguing, even Perseus could see that; this was the only solution and if he was to succeed, he had to accept the gods' help. He was silent for a moment or two and then, he took a few small steps towards them.

"When do we set off?" he asked.

And set off they did in no time flat; everyone quickly prepared themselves for their journey onwards – Solon and Draco were to ride with Athena, Ixas and Eusebios with Apollo and Perseus was to ride Pegasus.

"Are you can keep up?" Perseus asked sarcastically when mounted on Pegasus.

"The chariot of a god is as fast as Pegasus," Athena replied.

"Have either of you ever rode in a god's chariot before," Apollo asked Ixas and Eusebios with a smirk once they were ready to go.

"Never," said Eusebios.

"Then you might want to hold on tight," Apollo replied with a sarcastic manner.

And he was right; the chariots soon took off and Pegasus took to the skies. Indeed, the chariots were fast and they kept up with Pegasus without question. Off they rode as fast as the wind through the deserts to the mountains and nothing was to stop them.