Summary: The Black-Lupin's attempt to give war damaged teenagers a second chance at life in Forks. Post-War. Harry/Jacob

Pairings: Jacob/Harry, Remus/Sirius, Seth/Draco, Embry/Theo, Hermione/Blaise, Ron/Neville.

Category: Harry Potter/Twilight

Genre: Romance/Family

Rating: M/NC-17

Warnings: Mature themes, slash, gay (male/male) relationships, some angst, drama, gay sex, crossover, canon for books one to four and AU after that.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Twilight and make no profit from writing this story.

Author's note: So this is my first attempt at a HP/Twilight crossover! I'm nervous about it so let me know what you think. Also there are brief mentions of child abuse and rape in this chapter. Nothing graphic but just to give a warning all the same.

Remus Lupin tightened his grip on the steering wheel in his hands when once again his view of the road was blocked by a large map. Sighing in frustration, the werewolf shoved the useless piece of paper in the direction of the passenger seat where one Sirius Black was eagerly reading it.

"Sirius, for the last time. We don't need a map," Remus said, peering through the heavy rain that was battering the rented car he was driving before taking a left as the road sign directed.

Sirius turned to his partner with a familiar pout on his face.

"You're the one who insisted the we drive here instead of apparating like the wizards we are."

"Yes I know but-"

"And you're the one who wanted to make good first impression by acting like muggles."

"I did but-"

"Well, then we're going act like muggles and I'm gonna read this map." Sirius ended his sentence with a fierce flourish of his hands that had his dark head disappearing behind the wrinkled map again.

Remus rolled his eyes at the sheer stubbornness of his lover. "Sirius, I do want us to act like muggles. It's just. . . Can you read a map?"

The silence was interrupted only by the pounding of hail stones on the roof of the car. Remus began to count, lowering each finger around the steering wheel as he went and had three fingers left when Sirius harrumphed and vanished the map with a quick wave of his wands.

"Don't know how muggles read all those little squiggly lines anyway," the dog animagus grumbled, sinking down in his seat and glancing despondently out into the terrible weather.

Remus withheld a smirk and reached out to place a hand on the back of Sirius' neck. He rubbed the soft skin with his thumb as he single-handedly took a left at a fork.

"I'm happy that your so committed to this move Sirius," he soothed, smiling as his lover began to relax, "but I don't expect you to give up magic just because we're going to be living in a muggle town."

"I just really want to make this work," Sirius whispered, reaching up and holding Remus' hand in his own. "They've all been through so much and I just. . ."

Remus nodded knowing exactly how the other man felt and after a final squeeze he released Sirius' hand and placed his own back on the steering wheel. He reflected on why exactly they were moving so far away and leaving everything they had ever known behind them.

The war had finally ended just over a month ago. A violent and blood-thirsty battle had taken place on the Hogwarts' grounds after one of the Order's spies had informed them that Voldemort had discovered a way to bring down the school's wards. The younger children had quickly been transported in groups by emergency port keys to safe houses all over the country. The Order, the school's staff and older students as well as members of wizarding Britain's public and Ministry members had stood waiting outside the castle prepared to fight to whatever end.

It was doubtful though that anyone had expected the utter chaos that was the Final Battle. Remus had seen muggle movies as a child and a teenager, his mother had been muggleborn after all. The wars in those movies were so planned, so thought out, so calm in comparison to this.

Here there was no plan, no schedule to follow. There was only blood and mud, slipping and falling, pain and shock, grief and anger. Watching as people you loved were murdered cruelly before your eyes. The Light had swiftly moved from using stunners and hexes to using their most vicious curses and in some cases even the Unforgivables.

Remus and Sirius had watched, fighting side-by-side as they always did as Greyback ripped Tonks' throat and then discard her body like it meant nothing. Remus felt a shiver of satisfaction down his spine as he recalled how Sirius and he had brought the blood-thirsty werewolf to his end.

The battle seemed to go on for hours in a confusion of screaming and shouting but they learned later that they had only been fighting for less the half an hour. So little time and so many people dead. The battle ended abruptly when Harry Potter, the Wizarding World's hero, but merely Remus' and Sirius' godson, discarded his wand in a fit of rage after watching Dumbledore fall under the attack of the Dark Lord. Taking the sword of Gryffindor from the hilt at his waist and while crying out the Killing Curse he plunged the glowing green sword into Voldemort's body.

The effect was instantaneous. The Dark Lord's body, only being kept alive by the small soul fragment left inside it, began to shrivel up and crumple in on itself until there was nothing left but a pile of robes and a yew wand with a phoenix feather for a core.

The rest of the fighters, both from the Light and the Dark, had watched as the Boy-Who-Lived defeated the Dark Lord and then collapsed himself. The remaining Death Eaters and werewolves immediately began to run or apparate hoping that they could escape Azkaban this time around. But the Aurors or members of the Order of the Phoenix who were still able enough were quick to cast off an array of stunners and Body-Binding curses so that most of them were caught.

Friends of Harry Potter, however, only had eyes for him and they hurriedly gathered around his fallen form. Remus and Sirius ran forward and found Harry's head cushioned in Hermione's lap while Theo and Neville knelt on either side of him. Ginny, Ron, Luna, Blaise and Draco stood around them protectively. Remus held Sirius back as he let out a strangled cry and reached for his godson.

Remus reluctantly met Hermione's red eyes and managed a choked, "Is he. . .?"

Hermione shook her head. "He's exhausted," she whispered. "We all are."

That night people all across Britain celebrated, once again toasting the Boy-Who-Defeated-The-Dark-Lord but that night Harry Potter lay sleeping in the Hogwarts' infirmary surrounded by his friends, his family as he slept peacefully for the first time in months.

While the war was now over, many people believed that everything could go back to normal. Most of those people were those who had barely been effected by the war, who hadn't lost anyone in the Final Battle and could now go on with their lives as they had been before the war. Remus and Sirius however could see the reality right in front of their eyes and it was quite plain to them that their job was no where near over.

Harry, who had spent nearly two weeks recovering in the Hogwarts' hospital wing from magical exhaustion and an assortment of burns, cuts and bruises, with a recovering Dumbledore for company, was immediately bombarded with offers from various Quidditch teams, jobs at the Ministry, marriage proposals and requests for interviews from several wizarding newspapers. He was so overwhelmed that the day after he had been released Harry had locked himself into the bathroom in the Gryffindor seventh year dorm room and had refused to come out. A frantic Sirius had finally resorted to blasting down the door and had pulled sobbing godson into his arms, trying very hard not to burst into tears himself.

The next day Sirius, who had quickly been cleared of all charges and given a tidy sum of money for his "unfortunate circumstances" after Pettigrew had been caught after the Final Battle, stormed into the Ministry of Magic. Ignoring the whispers and stares that followed in his wake he had burst into Minister Shacklebolt's office and demanded the forms he would need to sign in order to become Harry Potter's legal guardian.

Kingsley had grinned and immediately summoned a witch from the Magical Child Services Department. The young witch, who looked terrified to be in the same room as the Minister of Magic and ex-convict, quickly handed over the necessary forms and told Sirius that as he was labelled as Harry's legal guardian in James and Lily's will that he could adopt Harry as soon as he signed the papers.

"However. . ." the witch began nervously.

"What?" Sirius demanded, agitated to be gone so that he and Remus could sign the forms and be able to protect Harry from the lunacy of the Wizarding World.

The young witch was even more nervous now and began to wring her hands. "It's down in our registrar that as the last of the Blacks or at least the only one not incarcerated that you are also the legal guardian of Draco Malfoy."

Sirius gaped at her for a whole minute then shook his head and asked for Draco's papers as well. He left the Minister's office more than a little harassed.

Draco Malfoy had been dragged into his father's dungeons on his sixteenth birthday and held at wand point while he was ordered to torture and kill a four-year-old muggle girl. Instead Draco had quickly stunned his father and grabbed the girl as he attempted to fight his way out of the Dark Lord's headquarters.

He had been found outside the gates of Hogwarts by Hagrid. Unconscious and covered in blood with his arms wrapped protectively around the tiny and terrified child. The little girl was in fact not a muggle but a muggleborn who, though frightened had tried to fend off members of the Order when they tried to take away her protector and cast a rather powerful bit of magic that had thrown Moody and Remus backwards.

A twinkly-eyed Dumbledore had told her that they were simply going to heal Draco and that she was more than welcome to accompany them. Harry, who had been watching from the shadows now stepped forward and offer to take the girl with him. She had informed him that 'Dwaco' said she could only go with 'Hawwy P'ter'. A surprised, but smiling Harry told her that he was Harry and the girl eagerly accompanied him.

A sore Draco awoke the next morning to find Harry Potter and the muggle girl sitting by his bed and as she launched herself at him, Draco met Harry's eyes over the small head resting on his chest. Small nods were exchanged and a friendship was developed in an instant when both realised that they would do anything to protect this little girl and any others like her. The next day Draco joined the Order after being subjected to Veritaserum and quickly became a member of Harry's 'inner circle' as it eventually became known as.

That night after much deliberation, Sirius and Remus decided to discuss the situation with Harry and Draco who were both staying in Gryffindor tower with the rest of their group. Both boys agreed eagerly to be adopted by the older men and the subject of Draco's parents, who were now imprisoned in Azkaban, was deftly ignored.

The adoption process was completed quickly and Sirius and Remus ignored others' questions of why they had adopted two boys who would both be seventeen and legal in less than six months. Nobody would understand that now that these boys had more or less saved the world, they were the ones that now needed looking after.

Although, they had been staying in Hogwarts because no one wanted to go back to Grimmauld place, it became more and more obvious as the days went by that they had to leave soon. More and more people were managing to overcome the poorly reinstated wards that a weak Dumbledore had put up after recovering from the severe Cruciatus and Slashing Curses he had been placed under by Voldemort.

However, even as Sirius and Remus began to plan where the four of them should go, more and more tragedies began to emerge from the war.

Hermione, who had Obliviated her parents, then planted a false life in their minds in order to protect them from the war, had decided about a month after the Final Battle that now would be a good time to get them back. She had announced to everyone one night as they sat in the Gryffindor common room drinking hot chocolate and basking in the laziness they could now indulge in.

"I've decided to go find my parents and bring them home," Hermione said softly. But despite how quiet he voice was it still carried to everyone sprawled on the armchairs and couches. They had become attuned to each other during the war, so much so that they almost automatically knew where each one of the group was at every moment of the day. While it was rather invasive, it was also reassuring to know that you were being protected.

"Why now?" Harry asked from his place curled on a rug by the fire.

Hermione shrugged. "The funerals are all over now," Hermione shot an apologetic look towards Ron who stiffened but nodded. "I only did it so that they could be protected from the war and the war is over. I want them back."

Everyone nodded nearly simultaneously and then exchanged half-hearted amused looks.

"But I. . ." Hermione bit her lip uncertainly and got a reprimanding look from Draco.

"Hermione we stuck together during the war. We'll stick together now."

His words got a mumble of agreement from everybody else and that was how three days later Hermione and Blaise accompanied by Remus, brushing dirt off their robes after their crash landing courtesy of a portkey.

"I hate those things," Blaise mumbled as he straightened his robes and glanced around him.

They were in the backyard of a Australian suburban house and quite a nice one at that. After casting a Disillusionment charm on themselves the two wizards and one witch walked towards the door at the back of the house.

"Do you know how to reverse the spell?" Blaise whispered as he peered through one of the windows.

Hermione turned to face him and he nearly groaned at the 'text book answer' look that was written on her face.

"It's quite a simple procedure actually. I simply have to remove the false memories I placed inside their heads and a simple charm will restore the old ones. The fake ones have to be removed though. They can't have two different sets of memories in their heads at the same time. It would drive them mad. . ."

Hermione's voice trailed away and Blaise took in the stricken look on her face as she looked over his shoulder. Knowing that that look could never mean anything good, Blaise turned slowly to face whatever it was. The sight had him taking a deep gasp of breath before letting it out in a rush.

Through a window Blaise could see what he presumed was Mrs. Granger sitting on a couch looking incredibly happy and on her lap was a baby in a blue sleeper who appeared to be roughly two months old. As he continued to watch a man entered the room carrying a baby bottle wrapped in a small towel. He handed the bottle to the woman and watched with an enraptured face as the tiny baby latched happily onto the milk, stroking the baby's head as he did.

Blaise whirled around as Remus whispered, "Oh Hermione. . ." and the tears that had yet to fall began to trickle down her face.

Blaise caught her before she fell and cradled her in his arms as she wept. "Hermione, it's ok. We can still work something out, we can still get your parents back." But his words sounded false even to his ears.

"No," she whispered," if I get them back, if I give them back their memories then they lose him. I-I can get over this but he needs them. My brother needs them."

"Hermione. . ."

"Take me home," Hermione whimpered into his neck. "Just take me home Blaise. Please."

Blaise nodded stiffly and picked her up in his arms. They walked back to the portkey in silence and Remus picked it up, said the activation word and the world disappeared from under their feet. For the first time in as long as he could remember Blaise landed on his feet after the portkey deposited them at the gates of Hogwarts.

Hermione didn't move when they landed, she simply curled up tighter against his chest her hands clutching fistfuls of his robes. Blaise took courage from the comforting hand that Remus placed on his shoulder and together they walked across the grounds.

They received questioning looks when they entered the common room but Blaise ignored them as he climbed the stairs to the boys dorm room, knowing that he wouldn't be able to enter the girl's dormitory and placed Hermione on his bed.

"Stay," she whispered beseechingly as he turned to leave.

Blaise didn't answer. He simply toed off his shoes and climbed into the bed with her. She curled against his chest, sobs wracking her body as he held her and she grieved for the family she had lost. Yet another casualty of war. Blaise held her until she cried herself into a restless sleep and only then allowed himself to close his eyes.

Remus had explained to the everyone what had happened and the next day they were all sympathetic while remaining unobtrusive. They were there for a shoulder to cry on, yet didn't approach Hermione themselves, knowing that she would approach them when she was ready.

While everyone tried to be there for their friend, it was harder for others. Ron's entire family had been deeply involved in the war and it was only expected that they would suffer losses. All the same the shock of losing Percy when the family had only just made up with him was more than many of them were able to handle. Mrs. Weasley had been there to support everyone at the end of the war and had even visited Harry when he was in hospital. After Percy's funeral though she seemed to breakdown and the family gathered togehter to try and help each other in their time of grief.

Charlie had resigned from his job at the dragon's keep in Romania, had accepted the post of Care of Magical Creatures at Hogwarts and had moved back into the Burrow. Likewise Bill, who had not yet resigned from his job at Gringotts as he and Fleur needed the money with a baby on the way now, had moved into one of the houses in Ottery St. Catchpole so that he would be nearer to his family.

Fred and George on the other hand seemed to spend their time between busying themselves with their business in an attempt to forget the war altogether or appearing at the house to try to cheer their mum up. Their attempts at humour usually ended in arguments between them and their father who believed that their jokes held no place in their house while they were grieving.

Ginny, who had been part of the group during the war but never quite as involved as some of the others mainly because of her reluctance to accept the three Slytherins as their friends, seemed to be coping the best. She was a support for her mum as well as a buffer in her family when the arguments between her father and brother's started up. She alone seemed to be coping with Percy's death by helping everyone else. Her one problem however, was that she felt Ron should be with the family now instead of spending time with his friends.

Ron had tried to split his time equally between his friends and his family, but while Harry and everyone else supported the fact that he needed to be with his family, his family didn't return the sentiment. His brother's were constantly telling him to move back home, that he was needed there now. They didn't seem to realise that he was also needed at Hogwarts.

While Harry appeared to be the leader of their group it was actually Ron and Blaise that essentially held everyone togther. The others all had insecurities that Ron and Blaise had helped them overcome. Harry, Theo, Neville and Draco often leaned on the older two boys as emotional supports. While Harry and Neville relied more on Ron and Theo and Draco on Blaise, both boys had an understanding that everyone in the group was theirs to protect.

With the war only just passed Ron and Blaise were needed more than ever. Yet Ron found himself spending more and more time away as his brothers called on him. Worse still was the fact that Ron sometimes didn't want to be at home. Bill and Charlie continued to treat him like a child despite the fact that he had fought in the war just like they had. For someone who was often relied on by several different people this was an infuriating change.

His mother barely noticed he was there anymore and every time he came home his dad was locked away in his shed, refusing to answer when called. Fred and George incensed him with their attempts at being funny and their slurs at his Slytherin friends who had fought in the war just like they had. Charlie had had to pull him back after he broke George's nose when the twin had called Theo, the Death Eater's whore. Ron knew that this was the twin's defence mechanism. That they used jokes and pranks to cover up their hurt and anger but he would never allow them to label Theo a whore.

Ron had stomped into the common room late one night after returning from the Burrow and found it empty apart from Sirius who was reading a book. Ron had ignored his best friend's godfather for and slumped down in one of the seats by the dying fire.

"You ok, Ron?" Sirius had lowered his book and was peering at him in concern.

Ron grunted.

"You just came back from the Burrow, didn't you?"

Ron grunted again.

"You know, I don't know if Harry told you about this but I hate quite a hard life with my family," Sirius spoke softly, his eyes focused on the bent head of the red-headed boy. "I knew that they loved me in their own way. All of them did. But they also had certain expectations that they wanted me to live up to and as much I wanted to please them I knew that I couldn't do what they asked me. I didn't want them to be disappointed in me but my heart was torn in two ways and I knew which way I wanted to go."

Ron raised his head to look at the sympathetic gaze directed his way and blurted out what was wrong. How his family always wanted him there, then how they acted when he was there. How he needed time to mourn Percy properly but he didn't think he could when surrounded by the rest of his family. He told Sirius everything and the older man listened patiently. The dog animagus felt his fists clench at the name the twin's had given to Theo but didn't interrupt.

When Ron was done Sirius stood and wrapped him a warm hug and whispered that he was welcome to stay with Remus and him anytime. Ron nodded gratefully and rubbed a hand roughly across his eyes as he stood.

"Thanks Sirius," Ron muttered gruffly. He passed Remus coming out of the boy's dormitory as he entered it and gave him a weak smile.

Remus Lupin smiled at the sight his lover sprawled across one of the red couches that Draco often complained about. Sirius could probably hear him approaching but he kept his eyes closed when Remus walked over.

The werewolf couldn't resist bending down and brushing a soft kiss one each of Sirius lids and ending with a chaste one on his lips. He lifted Sirius head off of the couch then replaced it on his lap once he had sat down.

"How is Neville?" Sirius questioned without opening his eyes and snuggled into the warmth of Remus thigh.

Remus sighed. "Not good I'm afraid. We knew of course that the chances of Augusta getting better were very slim but I had hoped from Neville's sake that she would pull through."

Augusta Longbottom, Neville's grandmother had contracted septicaemia after been hit with a Cutting Curse during the Final Battle. The disease had taken it's toll on the old woman and she had finally succumbed to the illness that afternoon despite the Healer's best attempts to save her. Neville had been distraught when informed. He had been to see her the day before and one of the healer's had told him it was believed that Augusta would make a full recovery. It had taken three hours for Neville to calm down enough for Remus and Harry to help him up to bed and Harry had poured a Dreamless Sleep Potion into his tea.

"Draco and Harry levitated their beds closer to his in case he wakes up during the night," Remus said as he stroked Sirius' silky, shoulder-length locks. "Sirius what do you think about. . . you know. . .taking Neville in as well?"

Sirius opened his eyes in surprise and Remus opened his mouth to back pedal but his partner bet him to it.

"I already presumed that we would be taking him anyway," Sirius replied still looking puzzled. "After all Alice and Frank were very good friends of ours. We're not going to abandon their son. We;d also have another member to add to our pack."

Remus grinned at the wolfish term for their family, then frowned and asked why Ron had looked so upset. Sirius quickly explained about Ron and his family and his offer for the red-head to come live with them.

"I agree," Remus assured his dark-haired lover. "But I don't think the Weasley's will be very happy about it."

"Ron is already seventeen, they don't have a decision in what he does and I refuse to allow them to guilt him into anything. We're already taking all of the group except Ginny and Luna. I'm just glad that they still have families to stay with."

"My protective little mate," Remus whispered into Sirius' ear. The dog animagus flushed in pleasure, but scowled up at the laughing amber eyes.

"I am not little," he protested, then sobered when he heard a cry from up stairs. A night never passed when one of their charges didn't have nightmares. They listened and heard one of the other's get out of bed and no doubt climb in with whoever had had the nightmare.

"Do you think that once we get them settled somewhere new, that we should. . .maybe take some of them to a mind healer?"

Remus looked contemplatively at his mate, truly considering the question. "I don't think that would be such a bad idea," he replied evenly. "Some of them probably only need time and comfort to heal. Ron and Neville for example, they need to grieve their losses and they can't do it here. Blaise probably only needs time as well. Killing your own brother would be a traumatic experience for anyone. But Blaise talks to me, he tells me how he's doing each day and I think having the other's rely on him the way they do gives him comfort as well."

Remus paused and Sirius nodded sadly in understanding. They were both thinking of the other four in their care.

Sirius bit his lip, a habit Remus found endearing, before he took off where Remus stopped. "Draco is going to need a bit more care than that. Blaise was part of a Death Eater family but his home wasn't made into the Dark Lord's lair." The blond boy had been forced to watch countless torturing and killings at the hands of his own father and friends, been instructed to torture and kill as well and then punished when he didn't deliver.

"Draco is healing from simply being around people who love him for himself. He would never have healed during the war but now that he never has to fight again he can allow himself to repair the damage his father did. Hermione too, will need help. She's lost her parents and a brother and blames herself despite the fact that she was only trying to protect them. They're not dead so she can't grieve them, but she can never be reconciled with them either."

Remus hummed in agreement with Sirius' assessment of the two and felt a tremble run through the ex-convict as he thought of their last two charges and the two that would no doubt need the most help to heal.

"Harry and Theo," Sirius whispered and hid his tears in Remus' cloth covered thigh.

Remus took a deep breath and began. "Harry needs help, no questions asked. He has had to lead a war and kill someone simply because he was told he had to. He also needs to heal from the Dursley's treatment."

Sirius growled as he thought of Harry's small stature because he had been starved by his own relatives. He relaxed as Remus absently patted his head like he did when Sirius was in his animagus form.

"Harry needs to get over the guilt he's feeling for all the people who died in the battle and he needs to be a child for the first time in his life. He needs to learn how to live again. His panic attacks and flashbacks are a problem too. Theo though. . . Merlin, Sirius I don't know how we're supposed to help Theo. Where do we even start?"

"We start by being a family. A proper one," Sirius said firmly, " All of us. We're going to show Harry and Theo what a family is really like. . ."

Theodore Nott, Theo as he was known to his friends. His suffering had started a long time before the war had even begun. And it was all at the hands of the monster he called Father. Theo's earliest memory was of when he was four years old. He had been playing hide-and-seek with a house-elf called Bibby, who looked after him. The small boy had been hiding under one of the larger tables in their huge living room when his father and mum had entered. His parents were shouting.

"I don't want those people in my house," his mum had shouted and Theo had felt sad because he could see her crying. He didn't want his mummy to cry, she was too pretty to be sad.

"They'll be staying here because I say they will," his father had roared back. Theo had cringed. He never saw his father much because he spent most of his time with his mummy or Bibby and he was always scared of how tall and big his father was when he did see him. "It is my house and I say who will be staying and who won't."

Theo's eyes widened as his mummy's face went red. She only went that colour when Theo did something really bad, like breaking the vase in the hall when he was running or spilling milk all over his new clothes.

"You can let them stay here all you want but they won't be anywhere near me or my son!" His mum turned to leave and Theo cried out as his father jumped on her. The big man's huge hands wrapped around the woman's slender throat and Theo heard a loud cracking noise.

"Mummy," the young boy cried, scrambling out from under the table. He fell to his knees beside the still woman and shook her shoulder softly.

"Mummy," he whispered, when he noticed her closed eyes. "Are you sleeping?"

The boy shrieked as a hand grabbed his small wrist and pulled him away from his mummy. A blinding pain erupted at the left side of his face and he hit the ground hard, knocked off his feet by the slap his father had given him. Theo looked up and the flinched back from the towering figure above.

"How dare you spy on me?" his father roared. "Get out!"

Theo scrambled to his feet and ran for the door but paused before leaving, glancing back at his mummy. "But mummy-" He ducked the book that was thrown his way and darted through the door towards his room as fast as his small legs could carry him.

Bibby found him a few minutes later curled up in a ball and sobbing on his bed, cradling his swollen cheek. Like always Bibby looked after him. She put a healing salve on his face then put him in the bath and got him ready for bed.

Theo never saw his mummy again and presumed that she had abandoned him. It was only years later that he realised his father had murdered his mum that day by breaking her neck. A week later while he was playing with his toy dragons in his room Theo heard shouting from downstairs. Bibby had gone to get him lunch and hopefully wouldn't be back for awhile yet. Theo pushed open the door and slowly tiptoed down the hall towards the top of the stairs where the voices were the loudest.

Peeking between the spaces in the railing of the stairs he saw that they were loads of people down in the hall by the door where mummy always told him not to run because it was dangerous. They were strange looking people too, he thought. Some of them were very dirty and only had pants on, no shirts. They were all very big like his father who was in the middle of them all and Theo saw the largest of all them shake his father's hand. The man had long, silver hair and scary black eyes.

Theo jumped when the man looked at him and grinned. His teeth were very sharp-looking like a dog's and the small boy felt himself tremble in fear. He willingly went with Bibby when she came looking for him. She too looked frightened and Theo found himself nodding when she pleaded with him not to leave the room unless she told him to.

Following her orders for the next few years was easily done. Bibby brought him food and drink in his room everyday. Theo had hundreds of toys in his room and more seemed to appear everyday. There loads of different books as well, that Bibby educated him in how to read and sometimes she even taught him some magic. Whenever his father, who seemed to have forgotten about him, or the strange men left Bibby would take him outside and let him wander around in the fresh air. She would always make him come inside before anyone returned but Theo loved those days.

Eventually, like any boy his age, Theo become frustrated with his restricted lifestyle and the secret trips they had to make outside when the house was empty. He felt that he should be allowed roam as he pleased in his own house. At the age of seven, Theo had quite forgotten the scary man with the sharp teeth who had stared at him all those years ago.

Escaping from under the nose of the sharp-eyed Bibby proved to be rather easier than he had thought it would be. It turned out that every night after he went to sleep, Bibby would leave the room to do whatever it was that house-elves do. Theo had kept his eyes closed for a few minutes after she had popped out of the room but once he was certain she would not return, he eagerly scrambled out of bed.

The small boy shivered as his bare feet touched the cold floor of the hall outside his room. He bit his lip as he glanced nervously up and down the dark passageway but took a deep breath. This was his home he reminded himself as he began to walk, tripping over the hem of his long nightshirt. But it had been so long since Theo had explored the Nott Manor that he quickly got lost.

The dark seemed to press in on him from all sides because the corridors were only barely lit with gas lamps. His breath came in quick pants and he shivered not entirely from the cold. Maybe this hadn't been such a good idea after all. Desperate to get away from the long, empty halls Theo pushed open the door closest to him and darted inside. He gasped when he saw the room.

It was the Nott family's library. Books that had been gathered by his ancestors for hundreds of years lined the walls on shelves. Theo smiled happily at the familiar sight and the memory of how his mother and he used to come her every night before bed. She would lead him to where the fairytales were and every night he would close his eyes and point at a book. That would be the book the she read him that night.

Theo had his hand stretched out reaching for The Tales of Beedle the Bard when he heard a growl from behind him. The small boy whirled around and gasped at the sight of the large, silver haired man he had seen with his father three years ago. Had the man be here all along? He had not heard him come in. The man growled again and Theo whimpered at the canine-like sound.

"What have we here?" The man reached out a hand and smirked when Theo flinched back. "I do believe you're Nott Junior aren't you?"

Theo glanced up at the golden eyes staring intently at him and gave a shaky nod.

"I had wondered if you were still alive," the man mused, still smirking. "Your father never mentions you and I only ever saw you that one time."

The man didn't speak again but continued to gaze keenly at him. Theo fidgeted, feeling uncomfortable under those eyes, desperately wishing he had never left his bed at all.

"I-I should g-go back to b-bed," Theo stammered, backing away from the imposing man and making a sudden run for the still open door.

A large hand grabbed the back of his nightshirt and Theo tumbled to the ground with a shriek. Looking up he saw that the grip the scary man still had on him was causing his nightclothes to bunch up, exposing his naked legs and nearly his bare bottom as well. His shaking hands reach down to cover himself but his hand was caught in a harsh grip and he was shoved roughly to the floor. The man was now kneeling beside him and Theo trembled in fear when those big, hairy hands held his face.

Fenrir Greyback felt like growling in satisfaction as he examined the delicate, pale face in his grip and excitement made him lick his lips. He shivered in pleasure as a whimper escaped the boy when he carded his hand roughly through the thick mass of brown curls.

"I really do love children," he whispered into the boy's ear before claiming his lips.

Theo had been found by a hysterical Bibby a few hours later, curled in a ball and surrounded by his shredded nightshirt, blood and other fluids while he wept. Bibby had transported her hysterical master to a bath where she had cleaned him and put him to bed just as she had on the night his father had killed his mummy.

Theo had prayed that night that if he never left his room again the big man who had hurt him would never come looking for him again. That he would forget him. But his prayers were in vain. Only two days later, Theo saw his father for the first time in three years.

The man only said a single sentence to him, "About time you became useful for something," before he proceeded to violate his only son.

Theo could not understand at the age of seven what the scary man and his father were doing to him. He only discovered the ethics of sex, or in his case rape, when he attended Hogwarts four years later. All he knew now was that it hurt, it really hurt and that he couldn't sit on the ground and play with his toys anymore because his bum was sore.

Although it was only Fenrir and his father at first, they soon began to pass him around to the other men in Fenrir's pack. The other werewolves were just as vicious as their Alpha and host. For that was what they were, werewolves. Disgusting animals that craved blood and laughed at his pain, at his tears.

Bibby would cry when she washed him and then give him pain-potions, but Theo learned quickly that crying did no good. He could never prevent the screams and cries he let out when he was violated and he never tried to, but he could control his tears when he was alone and he strived to do just that.

Hogwarts had been his saving grace just like it had been for Harry. Every time Theo was hurt again a mantra would repeat in his head just two years left to go, just one year left, just two months left. Until finally it was time, Theo had always considered the idea that his father may decide not to let him go. To keep him at home for pleasure's sake, however Theo was his only heir and therefore needed to be educated.

Bibby and he had celebrated one night in his room after his father had told him they would be going shopping the next day for school supplies. Fenrir had not been pleased to be losing his 'pet' as he referred to Theo and had punished him harshly the night before he was to leave. Theo had been so badly injured that his father had reluctantly healed him the next day so that he could walk out of the house himself.

Despite the fact the Theo's childhood had ended that night in the library almost four years ago, he could not keep the excitement and glee from showing on his face when he first saw Hogwarts. Of course there had been that terrifying moment when the Sorting Hat had nearly placed him in Gryffindor because of his courage. Thankfully he had quickly convinced it otherwise. He shuddered at the thought of the punishment he would receive at the hand of his father if he was not placed in Slytherin.

However, as much as Theo had wanted to simply forget his home life, it was not that easy. Dreams and memories plagued him, often keeping him awake all night so that he was exhausted the next day. One night after he woke, Blaise Zabini crawled into the bed next beside him and wrapped his arms around him sternly telling him to settle down so that everyone else could sleep. For the first two months at Hogwarts Theo had kept to himself. Having had no one but Bibby to speak to for the past seven years made him quiet and shy. The feel of arms around him, while comforting, was also frightening but with a whispered reassurance Theo felt himself falling asleep peacefully for the first time in years. After that night Theo soon became close friends with Blaise and Draco Malfoy. Draco, like Theo, suffered with nightmares of his home life and had also been comforted by Blaise at night time.

Theo, while quiet, had a calming presence on the group. Draco talked enough for the three of them as he rambled on about Pothead and Weaselbee and other nonsense that Theo and Blaise rarely understood, but listened to patiently all the same. Blaise who was slightly more talkative than Theo labelled himself as their protector. He seemed to revel in looking after the other two. The dark-skinned boy also didn't trust Crabbe or Goyle with either of the smaller boys' safety. He could see how Theo would glance nervously at them, no doubt because of their size.

Blaise was partially correct. Theo was wary of the two boys because of their size, but only because they resembled the huge werewolves that he shared his house with. The school year passed too quickly for Theo's liking and he dreaded going home that simmer.

Eventually the shy boy became used to going home only because he knew that he would be returning at the end of the summer. As long as he could return to Hogwarts and Blaise and Draco he knew he could put up with the werewolves and his father. His two friends had never asked about his home life, presuming that their questions would not be answered. They knew from his nightmares and his reluctance to return home every summer that his home life was abusive and Theo appreciated the fact that they did not ask. While Draco had confessed to being beaten by his father, he had not been sexually abused and Theo couldn't bare to see the looks of disgust and horror he would probably receive if he told them.

Fate it seemed was against him. Theo's hope that Fenrir would grow tired of him because he preferred children proved to be nothing except wishful thinking. The older he got the more and more possessive the werewolf grew until eventually he would allow no one except himself to touch the boy.

On his sixteenth birthday, Fenrir informed a horrified Theo that he planned to claim him as his mate and for the first time in years Theo struggled and fought against the monster who had stole his virginity and his childhood. He would not be tied to this animal for the rest of his life.

Fenrir seemed amused at first and allowed the kicks and punches to connect, he soon grew tired though. He forced Theo's thrashing legs open and slapped him hard across the face. Theo tried to blink away the stars in his eyes and grimaced at the weight of the werewolf on him. He crawled across the bed when the weight was suddenly removed, not caring that his head was spinning or that blood was dripping out of his mouth. He nearly screamed as arms encircled his waist and lashed out viciously.

"Theo, its me," a shaky voice said. "Its Blaise. God, Theo I'm so sorry. I didn't know, I didn't think that. . ." The voice trailed away and Blaise began to sob.

Blaise was crying, was Theo's only thought, and because of me.

"Blaise, why are you here?" Theo finally asked, still struggling to see through his hazy vision.

Blaise gasped, remembering why exactly he had Flooed here. "Draco is at Hogwarts. He ran away from home with a muggle girl he saved and has joined the Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore's group. They've offered him protection and offered it to us too. You must pack." Theo merely looked at his friend in shock.

Blaise took a closer look at his friend and quickly realised that Theo appeared to have a concussion. His pupils were unequal and his gaze unfocused. Hastily Blaise transfigured a pillow into a suitcase, suppressing his rage at what he had seen when he arrived for the moment, though he shot a dirty look at the stunned body in the middle of the room.

By luck, Theo's personal house elf appeared and after seeing what he was doing helped him gather up clothes and Theo's most prized possessions. She sent the luggage and herself to Hogwarts while Blaise picked a dazed Theo up in his arms and carried him through the Floo and out of Nott Manor for the last time.

"A family," Remus whispered, knocking Sirius out of his memories. "Sirius we're going to be parents to seven teenagers."

That was what had led them here on a rainy, road using a rented car while Sirius moped. The older wizards had taken the seven teenagers to Grimmauld Place three days after Neville's grandmother had died. The amount of people trying to get in to see the Chosen One and his friends continued to grow and after Hermione turned up with a broken nose after being accosted by an overenthusiastic photographer working for the Daily Prophet, it was a mutual decision to leave. Said photographer was now in the hospital wing, but the boys had no sympathy for him and Remus had had to seal the doors of the common room shut to prevent some of them from trying to do further damage.

Grimmauld Place was quickly discarded as a new place to make their home as well. The dark artefacts and the d├ęcor reminded Theo, Blaise and Draco of their own houses and it was clear that the Gryffindor's didn't feel any more comfortable there. Sirius in particular became withdrawn and sullen and it pained Remus to see his mate and cubs still suffering now that the war was over.

Sirius and Remus quickly came to the agreement that staying in Britain was the worse thing they could possibly do. They needed a fresh start, somewhere that nobody knew who they were. Although Sirius was rather reluctant in agreeing that somewhere muggle was probably for the best.

Forks, Washington had been a random decision. Remus, who was far more versed in communicating with muggles than Sirius, had visited a travel agency in London. After describing that he wanted to travel to somewhere in America that was small, isolated and rainy, at which point he was given an odd look by the travel agency employee, he was handed a list of place names.

Sirius had decided that America was the best choice due to its lack of wizard and witches. They also wanted somewhere small and isolated where the children could recover in peace. The rain would hopefully be something that would put them at ease. Britain was never lacking in rain after all. It was then that they had suggested the idea of moving to the young wizards and witch. Their proposal was met eagerly by everyone except Ron who was reluctant to move so far away from his family. He was reassured that they he had to time to think about it, but truthfully Sirius and Remus were hoping to buy a house and move as soon as possible.

They had left their cubs in the capable hands of Minerva McGonagall and Albus Dumbledore though Remus shuddered at the thought of what Albus would teach them without supervision with McGonagall being preoccupied as the new Headmistress of Hogwarts. Dumbledore would continue to live in the castle, but merely as a highly esteemed guessed rather than a member of the staff. He wished to live out the rest of his life free of obligations.

". . .emus, Remus!"

Remus started at the sound of his name been called. Repeatedly. He turned his head and was met with the concerned eyes of his partner.

"Are you alright?" Sirius asked anxiously. "We've been parked in front of this stop sign for nearly five minutes and you haven't said anything. We're lucky that his road is deserted."

"I'm sorry," Remus said, taking his foot off the brake. "I was just thinking."

Sirius didn't push for answers, knowing that if his lover wanted to confide in him he would when he was ready. The animagus jumped suddenly and excitedly pointed out a sign on the road that read: Forks.

We're here. The thought was not spoken but Sirius and Remus simultaneously reached out a hand for the other and kept a firm grip when they drove into what they hoped would be their new home.