Here is the final story in the trilogy that began with 'Lover's Tiff' and carried on in 'Sunken Ship'. I hope you all enjoy how the series ends :)

Chapter One: Market Day

The Lily of the Valley Conference was an important part of Sinnoh's annual event calendar. It was the only time that such a huge group of trainers gathered in one place. The Hearthome Tag Team Competition and Grand Festival didn't even come close, and as a new day begun on Lily of the Valley Island, Dawn and Piplup found themselves struggling against the massive crowds.

"I didn't even know this many people could fit on one island!" Dawn shrieked, as people much taller than her nearly bowled her over as they passed.

"Pip Pip!" Piplup replied, as he scrambled up onto her head for safety. Though only a third of these people were trainers, lots of spectators had come, either to see friends or family, or simply to watch a good battle. But many stalls had been set up outside the stadiums, and people were flocking to them.

"Aww, and I've been saving up a heap of money for this!" Dawn moaned, as she struggled to get close to a clothes store, and failed to get near a postcard shop. Only one stall was quiet enough for Dawn to get close to. Dawn and Piplup examined some of the stuff on the tables, which included several Meowth dolls, and then they saw something they recognised.

"A Jessilina doll?" Dawn laughed, and held the miniature model of her old contest rival up for Piplup to see. "I didn't even know anyone made these!"

"Excuse me, but Jessilina was a great coordinator!" A female attendant shrieked, and grabbed the doll from Dawn's hands. Dawn looked up at the attendant in shock, and the purple haired attendant dropped the doll in surprise.

"You look familiar…" Dawn pondered.

"Wh-wh-why would you say that?" The attendant stuttered, and looked nervously over at her blue haired co-worker.

"Didn't you run a stall at the Twinleaf Town Festival?" Dawn said at last. The purple haired attendant sighed with relief and nodded. "That was a pretty fun festival!"

"Quite. Now, are you going buy something or just stand there all day?" The attendant snapped.

"Lup!" Piplup said angrily.

"It's fine Piplup, we won't stay if we're going to be snapped at." Dawn huffed, and she walked away from the stand. However, all of the other stalls were busy, and more people were joining the crowds surrounding them.

"Come on Piplup, let's just go and sit down." Dawn said sadly, and flopped down onto a green bench. Piplup jumped off her hat, and landed beside her. He looked up at his trainer, and saw that she was looking rather down.

"Piplup Pip?" He asked, and Dawn looked down at him.

"I'm fine." She replied, but Piplup gave her a knowing look, and she growled. "Fine, I'm not! I am just not coping well with being back in these large crowds, it reminds me of the Grand Festival." Piplup gasped at this, and Dawn out her head in her hands.

"Lup Lup Piplup Pip?"

"Yes, I thought I was fine about it as well, but I just can't handle having the stress, and the thought of Ash suffering the same loss." Dawn continued. "It is such a horrible feeling to get so close to victory, and then have it taken away."

"Piplup." Piplup agreed, and the two of them sadly remembered those fateful last few seconds of the Grand Festival final, when even their brilliant combination couldn't defeat Zoey.

"I'm not sure if I should try for contests again. That loss was just so extreme, and seeing that it could possibly happen again with Ash is making it worse." Dawn finished, and wiped a tear out of her eyes.

"Don't say that!" A familiar voice said from behind them. Piplup turned around, but Dawn simply froze. She recognised the voice, but hadn't heard it for weeks.

"You." She whispered, and slowly turned around.

Misty was standing behind her, looking a bit awkward. She was wearing a long light blue skirt, and a blue jacket over a yellow shirt.

"What are you doing here?" Dawn asked. "I thought we'd left you behind back in Sunyshore!"

"I deserve that, I was a bit of a cow to you." Misty said, nodding her head and making Dawn raise an eyebrow suspiciously. "But I came to this island for one reason."

"What, to try and make out with Ash?" Dawn growled.

"No Dawn, I came to see you."