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I've had the urge for a Reborn fic. So I made this. Actually, I finally decided to finish this thing...

Squalo: Voooiiii! (Reads the label at the top) You have the label wrong! I'm a Rain Flame!

Sorry, Squalo-san, but I'm a Storm Flame. (Storms ftw!)

Belphegor: Ushishishi. Looks like I took your fangirl. After all, I'm a prince.

Actually, Bel, I prefer Squalo more than you.

Squalo: HA!

Bel: Bri does not own Katekyo Hitman Reborn. She does, however, own this fic.

"Did any of you ever see Bel-senpai's eyes?" Fran asked the others.

Most of the Varia (with the exception of Belphegor and Xanxus) were in the lounge. Most of them looked at the rookie strangely, as if they didn't even know the answer.

"Lussuria had a staring contest with Bel, so he's the only one who saw them." Levi said.

"His eyes are both cool and loyal," Lussuria said. "Such a pity he covers them."

Fran stared off into space saying "I wanna know what Bel-senpai's eyes look like..."

Then Levi, Squalo, and Lussuria got into a group circle. "This is sad, we've worked with the little twerp for years and we've never seen his eyes!"

"I have." Lussuria said with a grin. Which earned him a light punch to the head by Levi.

"We need a plan too see them!" Levi whispered.

"Vooiii!" Squalo yelled as he tossed Fran his camera. "Brat! We have a job for you!"


Fran snuck into Bel's room with skills only Varia and ninja are allowed to have. 'I can't believe that stupid long-haired captain is making me do this...' the rookie thought as he walked up to Bel's bed.

Fran lifted Bel's bangs...

Even more later...

The other Varia heard Fran approaching. Levi immediatly rushed up to the brat asking in a frantic voice. "Did you see them?"

"What happened to your eyes?" Lussuria asked.

Fran's eyes were bandaged, but everyone could feel the glare he was giving. "Senpai woke up." He pulled out a random knife from his back.

"Did you at least get a picture?"

Fran pulled out the broken remain's of Squalo's camera.

"Vooiiiii! My camera!"

Random written. And I figured it must have happened at least once in the Varia.