She sighed.

She'd come here on behest of her father having heard that a demon rivaling her entire bloodline had attacked this place. From what her youkai-detection ability her race had developed through evolution was blaring at her, that was indeed the case of the demon's power. Yet what puzzled her was that for some reason, she couldn't find the thing, there were just residual traces of demonic aura. Yet that wasn't the strangest thing, what was was that the demon was reported to still be alive by the humans here, yet the demonic aura hadn't left from this village, and it suddenly dropped to half its power then vanished completely. Why was that? It didn't make any sense, even if the echos she was sensing were three years old, the demon in question couldn't have been able to just up and vanish. She'd heard that the demon was still alive from eavesdropping on some of the humans here. That in itself was another mystery, what would a being of such power stand to gain by staying in such a place?

She went to where the aura dropped and instantly lept back and away, eyes wide with actual terror.

One of these humans had summoned him! Where they out of their damned mind?

It answered some of her questions...still...what idiot would call the Shinigami of all things? You couldn't just have death itself at your beck an call!

She scowled, whoever had done this...they'd paid with their soul for stepping into Kami's territory, of that she had no doubt.

Her mission for the Myew crime family back in China was a bust.

Hm? What it the...? A smile triumphant smirk tugged at her lips...maybe she'd spoke too soon. There were near-mmicroscopic traces of demonic aura that seemed to something.

Looked like her mission still had a shot.

Sighing deeply through her nose, she resumed her search and before long, she heard shouting as a boy suddenly mowed her down, and sending them sprawling in a heap of tangled limbs and entwined bodies.

The boy got up and she noticedhe was utterly scared out of his mind. Seeing how he was acting, she wondered what had him so insane with terror, not that she cared. Pushing herself up, she noticed the boy had suddenly turned towards the sounds of shouting and had shot her a pleading look, as if begging her not to betray him and then dashed up a tree and hid among the leaves and branches.

Shooting the fright-striken human a questioning glance with a raised brow, she went to another tree and reclined against it, before shutting her eyes to think. There had been a demon attack here, there was no doubt of that. The people said it remained in this place, however, she couldn't find it.

It was frustrating.

Not even fifteen minutes later, an entire armed mob entered the area, looking around before one man in the mob went up to her and shook her shoulder a little, thinking she was asleep...only to have his arm torn off from the elbow down. As the human wriggled around on the ground clutching the bloody stump, the rest of the mob muttered how she was the grumpy type.

Her eyes scanned the mob and noted the way they'd armed themselves. Everything from knives, farming tools, mining tools, guardening tools, construction tools and torchs to broken bottles and nail-riddled boards.

"Excuse me girl, sorry the fool woke you...but we were wondering if the demon had passed this way." the apparent leader of the mob said.

she gave the humans a flat look of annoyance "I didn't see any demon before I closed my eyes, and I opened them just now thanks to the idiot."

As the mob nodded at that, one of the disappointed members threw their torch at that and it struck the tree she'd seen the boy hide in earlier. As the torch landed among the tree branches, The boy lept out of the tree, his legs burning. As soon as he hit the ground the mob was on him like starved wolves would to a roast goose and began to beat him, void of any and all mercy.

Seeing what they were doing, she turned away. This wasn't her concern...not while she was here...she'd stay out of this...

She made it three feet away before she stopped and sighed. Spinning around on her heel, she had to wonder if she was going insane. This didn't have anything to do with her. Why was she doing this?

Getting back to where the mob was, she placed her hands on her hips and called out to the ones who made up the angered pack of humans.

"You're all so entire armed mob against a three-year-old, and an unarmed one at that! HA! I don't know what dumbass thought you people were worth feeding his soul to Reaper for, but they deserved to die if they thought people like you were worth saving!" she mocked, seeing as what she was and the place she'd lived in after mother died, she abhorred weaklings and cowards.

The mob froze and rounded on the girl. How DARE she say that! They were just finishing the task of killing the demon, just as was the final wish of who morphed it into human form at the cost of their life.

The mob forgot their original target and rounded on her and charged.

"Pff...sheer numbers and makeshift weapons, this'll take all of five seconds."

As the mob rushed at her, she responded in kind and met them half way, after that, it was a blur of screams of pain and flying bodies until everyone in the mob was laying all over the ground, moaning in agony.

Looking around, she felt soiled for even looking at these mortals, much less touching them...even if it was to inflict pain. She looked to the boy and was shocked to see him glare at her.

"What the hell are you playing at? I didn't ask or want your help!" he snapped.

Her face morphed into a scowl at the ungrateful brat, how dare he feel he had the right to act that way! he should have been thanking her on bent knee!

Seeing her scowling as him for his attitude, he winced. She didn't have to come to his rescue like that yet she'd beaten the whole mob down in moments without getting so much as a scratch on her clothing. She was an utterly amazing fighter. Seeing as she helped him, she deserved an explanation.

"Sorry...its just that whenever most people save me it's just so they can try killing me themselves." the boy sighed. As much as his life experiences told him that he shouldn't trust anyone because people can't hurt you if there's no one around, this girl had saved him from the usual near-death or hospitalization he got from the mobs.

Rolling her eyes, she admitted to herself that was indeed a good reason to feel hostile towards anyone who helped you seeing as it'd be impossible to become paranoid. Just then, she caught a whiff of something that sent her mind plunging into a haze and looked at the boy.

"You're bleeding..." She said

The boy she's just rescued reached up and touched his temple. He knew already he broke a couple of ribs, and was pretty sure his arm was busted. There was a wound to his temple, which, the girl was staring at. "Oh, it's nothing don't worry about it."

However, when he looked back at the girl, he noticed she had starting to look strange. He tilted his head to one side, confused at her change. She seemed like she was blushing, and distracted. She started to lean closer to him as the boy three years her junior started to crawl backwards, but got about five inches before his arm hurt, and propped himself up. His ribs were fine now, and his arm was starting to feel workable, but he was more worried about her.

She continued to get closer to him, her face about a foot away from his. Her eyes looked glazed over, and he thought he saw hunger in her them. But there was no way... right? Now she sat on his stomach, straddling his waist, her face about six inches from his, which started to heat up. She was getting closer and closer.

"Your scent..." as she spoke he could feel her hot breath against his skin and see how much her lips trembled. "It's so…so…DELICIOUS! Capu-Chu…!"

Without any further warning, she quickly struck, sinking her fangs into the flesh of his neck, sucking his blood as she did so. Reveling in the taste of his warm skin as well as his tasty blood.

"Nani!" It actually wasn't really painful; he was just surprised that a pretty girl would suddenly want to bite him. So despite his surprise he didn't try to pull away.

'This boy's blood is the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals…Its beyond grade-A quality blood… Huh? What the hell...?' she thought moaning softly, cradling his head in her arms stroking his cheek as she did so.

After a few moments, she released him. He put a hand to his neck. There was a slight mark there, Two small holes surrounded by a pair of female lips. It was a bit like a hickey, but there was no wound. What had just happened here?

The girl meanwhile was blushing and seemed almost euphoric. "Oh! Thank you soooo much! Your blood is absolutely delicious!"

He stared at her. Were all really cute girls this weird? "Did you just drink my blood?"

That question instantly shattered her buzz. Aw shit! She had just given herself away as a vampire by that! Damn this twerp and the godly sweet crimson nectar pumping through his flesh! This had just made searching for that demon harder. But when she'd sucked his blood moments ago...there was something just a little off under all the sheer perfection of the boy's flavor, she'd felt something. She could taste just the slightest bit of energy hidden beneath the each individual drop of blood in seven quarts she'd taken from him was laced with electricity. It was not enough to take away her pleasure or ruin the taste, but it was there. Hell, it even enhanced the taste!

She smiled charmingly at him, and much to the boy's irritation, ignored her question.

"Are you going to answer me or am I going to have to beat it out of you?"

"Hmm..." she said in a mock thoughtful tone "I'm not sure you'll be able to land even a free blow." She teased. The boy's blood had put her in a wonderful mood, so she felt like having a little fun with the walking delicacy. And she was always up for a good fight, so why not?

Angry at her putting him down, he stood up and glared at her in defence.

"I'll show you!"

She snickered as she slipped into her fighting stance, but seeing the stance he took, she went bug eyed as he arms dropped to her sides.

"What the hell is that?" she asked, pointing in a dumbsturck manner. The horrid excuse of a "stance" was too utterly abysmal to even bare looking at.

"Its what I was taught at the academy...well...Iruka-sensei is always trying to get me to use the same one as everyone else, but when I try to, the other instructors get really mad at me for some reason and light me on fire with a Katon jutsu for some reason. I had to watch the other kids to try and add what they do to my stance and..."

She cut the human off with a raised hand, she got where this was coming from. Patchwork to try and salvage what he could from something even he knew was wrong. From the sound of it, he had one instructor who genuinely tried to do his job and help the boy improve, yet the efforts were out weighted by sabotage.

"One, DON'T call that thing a stance, Two, if your instructors are making it so you're actually worse at what you do then you were before you started leaarning from them, they AREN'T your teachers."

The boy's arms dropped to his sided and he looked down, his hairline hiding her eyes in shadow.

"Well, what am I suppose to do then? How can I get stronger if no one helps me since I'm not strong enough to stand on my own yet? I want to get stronger, but don't know the right way to, so that's why I want to learn!"

Rolling her red eyes, the older girl had to find that was a valid point.

"Fair enough...if you want, I suppose I could try showing you my Youho Saishusui style. Call it payment for the blood."

"You...ho Sai...shusui...?" the blond three-year-old asked, testing the name on his tongue.

The girl nodded "It's my personal fighting style, the name translates to "Twist Step, Plucking Hand Strike", it can knock a person out for at least three days if you go with holding back on the basics."

The human looked up at her starry-eyed at that, she had to chuckle at how eager to gain power for one reason or another he was. Well...he had said he wanted to get stronger.

With that, she walked over to him and helped position his body so he was in the basic stance she'd developed for her combat style, then fell in place next to him and slowly walked through the basics with him mimicking her movements, occasionally being corrected. Once he'd gotten all the movements down to where he could preform them all as a rapid, fluid kata without needing to stop to shift stances, she nodded in approval and gave him a quick "Well done." before explaining that she was looking for something and she'd see him later if she had the time before she turned to go. Of course she'd had to calmly and politely decline his offer to help her look for what she'd come to this place to find as a way to thank her for helping him with learning the basics of her fighting style first.

"See ya later and good luck finding what you're looking for, Moonbeam-chan!" he called to her as she walked away.

She stopped and looked over her shoulder, glaring at him. Her eyes promising a very bloody death. "What'd you call me?"

"Uh...I called you Moonbeam-chan. I hope that's alright, you're really pretty, like the full moon when it's silver. If you'd like it more I'll call you Moonbeam-sensei instead..." he said, sounding downtrodden as a whipped puppy.

She rolled her eyes, she had little use for such a nickname. But she supposed that since she'd yet to give him her name, he needed to address her somehow.

He suddenly frozen and snarled, seconds later, the two were surrounded by people in animal masks that were leveling blades at them.

"These temes again..." the boy growled, anger in his tone.

'Hmm...double-edged tantō with no tip, meaning those weapons are only for cutting.' she though, eyeing the blades with a keen eye native to those who were fimilar with battle since nearly birth.

"By orders of the true savior and lord of the village, you're to come with us." One of the members said in an emotionless monotone.

"You'll never take me alive, so go tell that teme, Mr. Pussy a la war-hawk that I'm no one's slave!" the three-year-old spat angrily, surprising her. Since when do people teach a three-year-old to talk like that? Pussy a la war-hawk? Sounded like a really weird version of french smut.

The illegal Black Ops member's hands all twitched at the insult to their master. Didn't this worthless little demonic meat prison know the saintly actions the one they obayed did?

One apparently decided to discipline the target for speaking ill of their master and started to form handsighns.

"Suiton: Teppōdama!"

The ball of water flew at the boy only for it to be deflected with a Fuuton: Daitoppa, redirecting the attack and it instead hit the girl that he'd just met.

She cried out in pain, for as soon as the liquid came into contact with her skin, energy crackled all around her painfully as her vampire power was drawn out of her.

Upon hearing her scream in pain, something within the boy snapped and a torrent of malicious energy of hatred and destruction rushed out of the young child.

The Black Ops members glanced over at the three-year-old and couldn't help but gulp in fear. Their target was hunched over in a five foot deep crater where an old oak had once proudly stood. A crimson red aura appeared and consumed him. Like flames in the wind it danced around him. It pulsed, weakened, grew, and soon became in rhythm with his breathing. Witha beast-like growl, he glared at the one around them as a unquenchable bloodlust filled the area.

"Hurt friend, KILL YOU!"

The young boy then smiled aspower exploded and began to break the ground he was standing on. The men began launching an endless sea of jutsu and ninja tools at him as he crouched down to jump at them. He blurred through their attacks and appeared between a dozen men. A single kick and punch and the men dropped in two difference pieces. He had punched and kicked the men in half with one attack. His speed was too fast to follow but his current stance told it all. His clawed fingers allowed him to do so with his amazing speed and strength. His legs moved so fast that they seemed to just pass through the men when he attacked.

As the bodies hit the ground he blurred away and more men dropped. The members all suddenly realized that, unlike what their master had assured them while they were training under him, emotion couldn't be stripped from anything living, and grew into a panic and put their backs together. Their circle was too big and the three-year-old slipped inside it. He kicked, punched, elbowed, snapped necks, and tore out hearts faster than they could follow...using the Youho Saishusui style moves he'd just learned to a lethal effect. The men dropped just as he vanished and appeared between another group. He tore limbs off and maimed his enemies as the dead dropped at his feet.

The boy turned and blurred around dozens of ninja tools and Jutsus and tore through the ranks of enemies like wet tissue paper. They dropped in heaps of broken bones and torn flesh. Their weapons and armor were splintered and destroyed. The seemingly demented three-year-old stole weapons and jammed them into the bodies of those still living. After a mere two minutes of fighting the area was covered in ankle-high blood. Organs were strewn across the area with an endless sight of bodies torn apart.

As for her, she looked through her pain-wracked eyes at the boy and she openly gaped. This was the aura she'd been tracing! What the HELL was going on?

The three-year old turned to her as the power receded, taking his ability to remain conscious along with it and fainted, only to be caught by the girl whose cry of pain had triggered his rage.

It was there, among all the blood and gore, that something good was born.


Her eyes bolted open and she sat up with a start, what was she doing dreaming of that day? Didn't it haunt her enough already? She paused when she felt something wet run down her face, holding a hand up to her eyes, she was disgusted to feel that was indeed where the moisture was coming from.


Her lip curled in revulsion, she was actually crying? That was pathetic!

Without even turning on her light, opting to make use of the pale moonlight that the drapes of her bedroom filtered as she opened the drawer of her nightstand and dug through it, seeking a handkerchief to wipe away the offending streaks of water that went down her face.

As she looked through the drawer, she found something that made her freeze. Seeing it, she suddenly couldn't trust her legs to stand, and she couldn't trust her voice to talk. As she fell back on her bed, she reached into the drawer and took out what had caused her to lock up upon seeing it, her hands trembling.

It was an old framed picture. His fourth birthday. Both she and him were in it and looking happy...happier than she ever knew she ever could be.

She smiled at the photo, he never did stop calling her "Moonbeam-chan" during the five years they'd known one another, even after learning her real name. Then be fair, she called in a nickname of her own as well, she'd called him "Baka-sama" as in "Lord idiot". She thought it to be both very fitting and very funny considering who it was she'd labelled such. Turn about was fair play after all. Heh...people and their habits she supposed.

She couldn't help but give a bittersweet chuckle...after everything was said and done, she'd learned it was his birthday the day they'd met...and all he'd really wished for was a friend. The irony amused her to no end thinking she's more or less been the equivalent of a birthday present to him without meaning to. Sure he could be even more clingy than the youngest of her sisters, but he'd trusted her enough to tell her his whole past up to date before she'd had to head home that first day she'd first encountered him, and anyone who showed you kindness after barely even a quarter of what he'd gone through was bound to make you that way...she'd gone to see him everyday after that, but she'd made sure to keep his existance hidden from the Myew crime family of course, who knew WHAT they'd done to him.

She smiled to herself at the memories...he'd always hated when she'd had to leave, it was only her promise to see him every day that made it so she could even head towards the gates of the village.

It was then that she noticed the date, and her heart dropped like a rock. The anniversary of the day of his birth...the day they'd first met...and the day he died...was tomorrow. The revelation was like she'd been stabbed through the heart with a serrated machete down to the hilt and had it savagely twisted.

Her whole body started to shake as she looked at his face in the picture.

"Damn you, you stupid fool...I can't stand how weak you make me...even after it being years! Why do you still have this control over me...why do you haunt me so...I hate everything about why do I still love you!" she screamed at the picture, yet got no reply as the stilled image remained mute.

She couldn't hold it back any longer. She met him when he was three...knew him until he was eight...and for six years, she utterly loathed two things with all her soul: The tenth of October and all the human race.

"Baka-sama...I still remember that day...the day I swore humanity would pay for stealing you from me...if you're watching from the next life and can't forgive me than please, I want you to at least try to understand...DAMMIT! WHY'D THEY HAVE TO TAKE YOU?"

Akuha Shuzen could do little more than curl up with the picture held close to her...and cry silently to herself until blood replaced her tears.