Naruto sighed...damn it. Still wouldn't work! He'd been trying to develop a technique that used the air to mimic the abilities of sensors. It was thought possible to do something like that, but it had been nothing but pure theory for years.

"Ryo for your thoughts, Baka-Sama?"

Naruto turned to see Akuha grinning at him. "Just trying to develop a new technique...hasn't gone as well as I'd like." He told her.

Akuha snickered. "Well, you really haven't changed, have you? Always training your butt off and don't stop unless you collapse from over-exerting yourself, like always."

Naruto scratched the back of his head in embarrassment before he started walking towards the academy with Akuha beside him. " know what I've been doing. How've things been going with you and Moka?"

Akuha sighed "To quote you: Not as well as I'd like. I'll admit that. My stepmother is willing to give me a chance, though."

"What happened between you two? Why's she so angry with you?" Naruto asked.

Akuha rolled her eyes, smelling an intervention from her old friend. Not that she'd ever tell him about that day she'd helped reawaken Alucard, both due to her shame she felt about her role in the events of what happened and because she felt it was a family matter.

"Family business Naruto-kun, unless you marry me or one of my sisters, I can't tell you diddly squat. I KNOW you want to help, but it's something Moka and I need to settle ourselves." she said, grinning at her eager-to-be-helpful friend.

Naruto was strongly reminded of Sasuke by that...something which wasn't very reassuring in the least. He frowned at her, "Alright...but just so you know, the last person to tell me something like that was Sasuke, and I know how it ended. So if I have to force myself into it to keep you two from mortal combat, I will."

Akuha stared at him, wide-eyed, then she smiled. "Aiya, Baka-sama. You really are the same guy I knew back then, aren't you?"

Naruto shrugged, "So? I care about my friends, and I protect what I care about. If the fact that I haven't changed is a good thing, why try fixing what isn't broken or damaged?"

Akuha shook her head. Good point, if it's not a problem, there wasn't any need to bend over backwards to fix it. "I'll give you that one, but sheesh...almost sagely words of wisdom and with you being you...I can't help but feel that doesn't mix, Baka-sama." she smiled.

Naruto rolled his eyes "Too late to object to that, I'm already a sage from my training at Myōbokuzan."

Akuha snickered "Well...I'll need to keep that in mind."

Naruto looked at the vampiress "So...what were you up to the other day while I was keeping an eye on Moka?"

Akuha stared at him. What had she been up to? Ho, if he only knew...


Akuha looked at the two before her, fighting the urge to completely shred the lot of them with the Jigen-Tou. Would these bakas stop fighting one another long enough to actually notice her?

She cleared her throat loudly, catching both their attention, "Fariy Tale 3rd Subdivision Leader, Kuyou...Fairy tale 1st Subdivision Staff Officer, Kaneshiro Hokuto...I called you both here."

"Akuha! What're you doing here?!" Both Kuyou and Hokuto shouted then looked to one another, stunned "YOU'RE PART OF FAIRY TALE?!" they demanded of each other in unison.

"Yes...and you both know what that means, don't you?" Akuha said, amused by the "Shocked-in-stereo" act the two were putting on.

The two shared a look. They certainly did, it meant that since Akuha outranked them in Fairy Tale, then their groups, ANTI-THESIS and the Student Police Committee respectively, were both more or less Akuha's subordinates.

"So...I have something to tell you both." Akuha said, "The Dark Lords brought in some help." She said, seeing the others suddenly look a bit apprehensive just like she figured they might. She took a moment to savor their shock then explained about Naruto and Killer Bee, deliberately being as vauge as she could while letting them know Naruto had a nine-tailed kitsuine's powers and Bee had the ability to turn into an ushi-oni, so Kuyou and Hokuto thought that those were the pair's monster-forms as opposed to them both being Jinchuriki. Not that it would actually do much good to keep the information on how strong those two were from them, the members of the student police and ANTI-THESIS would stand no chance and if people like the high-ranking members of Fairy Tale, they might stand a chance, but what would be left after that?

When she finished, Kuyou snarled "Those two are going to be a nuisance...!"

Akuha hid a smirk as she nodded at that. "An ushi-oni and a nine-tailed kitsuine added onto the threat the Dark Lords pose to the agenda of the Masked means we'll need to push back quite a bit of our plans."

"How strong are they?" Hokuto asked.

Akuha shrugged " idea."

Kiria looked quite pleased. "That so? I might find I like that Naruto guy if he's such a magnet for interesting events."

Akuha nodded. "Try not to kill him then...he's known for subconsciously making nearly anything more interesting. Once he even got drawn into a battle against someone out to acquire the power of Gelel."

"Gelel...that source of life energy contained in a mineral? As in what's known as the "solidified essence of life-energy"? THAT Gelel?" Kiria asked, eyes widening.

Akuha nodded "Yeah. And that's what his simply returning someone's pet ferret turned into with Naruto."

At that revelation, Kiria looked overjoyed, "Oh...I am gonna LOVE clashing with a guy that interesting! Keep him alive, memo to me: See to it that this Naruto guy doesn't die! Ahahah!"

Akuha rolled her eyes at the Chimera. But not that she blamed him, if you liked interesting events, Naruto was the guy you had to turn to. And if Yoshii was out to help keep Naruto alive and safe...well...all the better.

" the very least, they could end up being useful against that OTHER over-extremist organization, Armageddon." Hokuto said thoughtfully.

Akuha, Kiria, and Kuyou all nodded, Unlike Fairy Tale, whom only wished to wipe out humanity, Armageddon wanted the destruction of both humans AND monsters. Why? they didn't know, but Fairy Tale had clashed with Armageddon enough times to know they were crazy and needed to get them out of the way.

"I'll keep an eye on him and Moka...the Dark Lords know I'm here and they even assigned me to do so, they can't find anything odd if I seem to be following their orders. They've done half the work for me and I can watch them both for Fairy Tale." Akuha said.

Kuyou, Kiria, and Hokuto's eyes all widened and stared at her in surprise, to which Akuha shrugged, "In the final moments before she was trapped inside my grandfather, Akasha entrusted Moka to my protection. Mikogami and Fuhai both already know this, so I'm in the best position to watch them for our organization." she said, keeping it hidden that her stepmother was no longer within Alucard. Less they could report to Fairy Tale, the better.

The other members of Fairy Tale nodded. That made sense.


"Just business, I do have a life outside of people like you and Moka, after all." she said.

"With how obsessive you can be? Gasp!" Naruto said with a laugh in mock-surprise.

At hearing his say the fake gasp, Akuha frowned at him,"I am NOT obsessive!" Akuha pouted.

Naruto stared at her blankly and she caved.

"Okay, so maybe I am a little bit." She said.

"Yep." Naruto with a nod.

Akuha looked at her old friend flatly. "Thanks for the support, O Lord Idiot."

Naruto snickered "Relax Akuha-chan...I'm just messing with you."

She growled at him and walked away, nose in the air. Vampiric pride in full swing. As soon as she was out of sight however, she smiled. Even after six years apart, he could read her like a book.

Guess she hadn't changed much either.

It was a comfort.

"Well, whatever. I gotta go. Catch you later, Naruto." she said before walking off. 'Need to give the Dark Lords a report on the Masked King...' she added mentally.

Naruto smiled as his old friend left. Whatever she was up to, he trusted her. Walking up to the school and headed to class, as he did, someone bumped into him. Looking to see who it was, Naruto blushed seeing as it was a girl and they'd collided face-to-face so her assets had bumped his chest. The girl appeared to be fifteen, stood at 5'4", E-cup breasts, violet eyes, short sky-blue hair with with a purple ribbon in it, wearing a long sleeve blouse, yellow sweater, brown miniskirt, knee high socks, and brown shoes.

"Ho, sorry. I'm Kurono Kurumu." she said to him.

Naruto smiled good-naturedly at her "No problem. And I'm Uzumaki Naruto." he said, looking at the light-blue haired girl, Naruto shook his head to clear it. Ocular hypnosis? That was annoying, yet she was no Itachi, she was too unrefined and it mostly stirred up his hormones a bit.

"If you're trying to hypnotize me, nice try, but next to a guy I knew back home with ocular powers, your hypnosis barely qualifies as more than a headache." he said as he walked away.

Kurumu felt her jaw hanging, yet made no move to close it. He'd shrugged off her charm! Yet from what he said, he'd dealt with visual hypnosis before. She HATED when things like that happened! 'He broke my charm?! That's impossible! I am a succubus! I was literally made to seduce and control men! It's what I'm freaking built for!'

Naruto turned and walked away. "Word of advice: try honestly earning a guy's heart rather than deliberately making yourself act like a prostitute looking for a one-night stand to get knocked up on, succubus." Naruto called behind him, glad Akuha had drilled the contents of a monster encyclopedia into him back when they were younger...wonder why he remembered that now though?

Kurumu went wide-eyed at that and snarled. She may have been a Succubus, but she wasn't a whore! She felt her fingernails starting to extend as sharpen. With a shriek of fury, she lunged at him and slashed at his back. Only for him to jump up and feel a hand slap her upside the head as she passed under him. While the blow wasn't hard, the kinetic force of her lunge added onto the hit to the back of her head and it sent her crashing face-first into the floor and she skid a little of the polished tile. Her breasts acting like an airbag and keeping her from ending up with a broken nose.

"Predictable." Naruto said, using chakra to stick to the ceiling as he looked at the yellow-sweatered girl before ending the flow of energy and dropping to the ground, flipping in midair and landing on his feet.

Sitting up, Kurumu growled. Possibility to be her Destined One be damned, the blond was a jerk! "No one spurns me!"

Naruto shrugged "First time for everything. Deal with it." whit that, he turned and walked away, leaving a fuming, broken young monster to gnash her teeth.

Well if one wouldn't work, there was always that brown-haired or the other, it didn't matter, she would still take the boys Akashiya Moka liked best away from from her and show whole school just who the sexiest girl in Youkai academy was!

Naruto felt like screaming as he sat through class and as soon as it was out, he bolted outside to get away from the academic atmosphere like a bat out of hell. Gasping from his impromptu run, he stopped when her heard the sound of someone crying. Naruto frowned as he followed the familiar voice. He stopped when he saw Moka sitting on a set of steps, looking upset.

'Whatever has Moka upset is dead meat...physically, mentally, or emotionally, no way Akuha would ever let anyone who did anything negative to her sisters get away with having a heartbeat after that.'

As if picking up on that thought, Akuha suddenly appeared next to him, causing Naruto to jump at her sudden appearance, and her eyes widened in horror.

"MOKA!" Akuha said, shocked, then seemed to teleport to her sister's side as Naruto walked up to the two "what's wrong?"

Naruto frowned as Moka inched away from Akuha, "Easy Moka...we're here to help, but you have to let us if we're going to." he said, "So like Akuha said: what's wrong?"

Moka nodded and explained things to them, how she had a confrontation with Tsukune and some girl named Kurumu earlier. She couldn't help but think of what Tsukune had said. Maybe...maybe she really was treating Tsukune badly. Maybe she was just using him for a free food source.

"How naive."

Moka looked around, then to the rosary around her neck, "Eh? Who's there?"

"I'm in here. I'm the part of you sealed away inside this rosary!" replied the voice once more. Moka looked to see a single glowing red eye in the center of the cross, "Listen to me; Tsukune is being tricked by that girl. She's a succubus, and her powers involve charming other males into becoming her mindless servants!"

"Wait...s-so you mean to tell me that Tsukune-kun was under a spell?" A light bulb went on in her head, "Oh! Kurumu was trying to make me think that Tsukune was saying those things to me, wasn't she?!"

"Precisely. If you don't hurry to the infirmary, she'll kiss him."

For some reason or another, that just didn't settle well with Moka, "She'll what?"

"Just as I said; a Succubus's kiss has the power to turn whomever she kisses into her personal slave!"

Moka got up, "I understand! I have to hurry!" With that, the vampire girl turned to Akuha and Naruto and explained everything.

"Succubus, eh? And to hurt my sister, she brainwashed him?" Akuha growled as Naruto assumed the lotus position and the pigment around his eyes turned a dark red-orange color, the tale-tell sign of entering sage mode.

"Got 'em, come on!" he said, causing the sisters to bolt after him as he made his way to where he felt Tsukune and the succubus' life-energy with his sage mode.

He could tell from the look on Moka's face that she just hoped Tsukune would still have his virginity intact when they found him.

"I'll take a shortcut so I get there in time, can you two catch up?" he asked. Seeing the pair nod, he jumped onto the outside wall and ran past the windows until he got to the one he sensed the pair he was looking for. Kurumu and Tsukune were in the infirmary as it was the closest place Kurumu could find that had a free bed and was empty.

To say Tsukune's face was red would be an understatement.

The thing might as well have been on fire as far as the human was concerned. The reason was the position he was currently in with a certain Succubus.

Kurumu smiled sweetly at Tsukune who was laying down on his back on the bed while she hovered over him on her hands and knees.

"K-Kurumu-san..." Tsukune muttered, not really knowing whether to just lean forwards and kiss the girl or to try and leave.

Kurumu's face started to get closer to Tsukune's own.

However, just before their lips met, Kurumu let out a yelp as her eyes widened when she felt someone pull on her leg until she was held dangling upside down. She blinked and looked around, only to find out that Naruto was holding her in the air by her ankle.

"You know..." Naruto drawled as he held the Succubus' ankle while said girl moved her hands to her skirt in an attempt to cover her exposed panties. "It's not nice to force someone into being your slave."

"P-put me down right now!" Kurumu yelled as her face heated up in embarrassment.

Tsukune just stared at what was happening in front of him in bewilderment. One moment he had a beautiful girl with large breasts basically crawling all over him, then the next he finds the same girl being held in the air by the ankle courtesy of his blond friend. "Naruto-san, what are you doing?"

"I'm saving you." Naruto replied as he started to move his hand from side to side, causing the Succubus' body to follow.

"Hey! Stop ignoring me! I said put me down!"

Naruto looked down into Kurumu's eyes. "Are you sure you want to get down?" When his reply was a glare, he shrugged and let go of her ankle, causing her to hit the ground head-first.

Tsukune stared at Naruto flatly as Kurumu started to let out several curse words while getting up.

The Succubus patted down her uniform before she sent Naruto a death glare while her nails extended into claws and wings sprouted from her back. "I said put me down not drop me on my head!" She shouted.

Naruto shrugged. "You still got down, didn't you?"

Kurumu snarled before slashing at him with her claws. However, before they could reach him, she felt something crash into the side of her body that sent her flying out of the nearby window. "Kya!"

Moka huffed as her arms went back down to her side, having had them up to push Kurumu out the window with her vampire strength. Akuha was prepared something a bit more...extreme. Namely she was preparing a Jigen-Tou to remove Kurumu's head.

Naruto whistled slightly at the sight. "Would you look at that. You sent her flying with just a shove."

Moka blushed at the compliment while Tsukune didn't look as surprised as he probably should have been. "H-hey, what are you three doing here anyway?"

"Saving you." Naruto said simply, repeating what he'd said earlier as if it was all that needed to be said.

"By dangling a girl upside down and dropping said girl on her head?" Came Tsukune's deadpan, sarcastic and rhetorical question.

Naruto huffed while the vampiric sisters smiled in amusement before Moka decided to explain. "Tsukune-kun, Kurumu-san is a Succubus, and one kiss from a Succubus can turn a male into their slave for eternity."

Tsukune stared at the trio with a completely blank face for a few moments as his mind processed what Moka had said. Slowly, his jaw started to lower as his expression turned from blank to disbelief. "Y-you mean that I would have been Kurumu-san's s-slave?!"

"Uh-huh." Naruto nodded and crossed his arms.

"If you knew that then why did you let me go with Kurumu-san in the first place?" Tsukune asked as he shook off his disbelief and tried to remind himself that he was in a school for yokai.

"I wan't around and neither was Akuha, and Moka didn't know that a Succubus could do that when you left with her." Naruto said with a shrug of his shoulders.

Before Tsukune could say anything, they all heard the flapping of wings and a familiar voice. "I can't believe I was thrown so far, I guess a vampire's strength really is something else. But that doesn't matter, come out here so I can kill all four of you!"

The group in the room simultaneously turned their heads in the direction the voice came from to see an enraged Kurumu just outside the window with her wings flapping behind her.

Naruto sighed before turning to the resident vampires. "Moka, do you know why Kurumu-san's doing this?"

Moka's eyebrows furrowed together slightly. "Well, she did say earlier that she wanted to defeat me because I was getting the way of her 'Yokai Academy Harem Transformation' plan..."

"...I don't think I even want to know..."

"Stop ignoring me!" Kurumu seethed as she flew through the window and once again slashed her claws at Naruto, only to have a foot firmly planted in her stomach and once again get blown outside, only this time she went out a different window and shattered that one too.

'I really can't fight well in enclosed areas...' Kurumu thought as she placed a hand on her stomach where Akuha had kicked her while trying to steady herself in the air.

"Alright, well I guess I'll take care of Kurumu-san then." Naruto muttered as he made his way over to one of the broken windows with a yawn.

"Wait, Naruto!"

Naruto turned around just as he was at the window to look at the black-wearing vampire who had a frown on her face. "What is it, Akuha?"

"I'm coming with." She placed a hand on said object. "If Kurumu-san really thinks that I'm going to let her get away with messing with my sister, then I owe her a beating."

Naruto laughed while Moka paled.

"Non-lethal." the pink-haired girl pleaded.

Akuha turned to her sister and gave her a quick hug "If that's what you want, Moka-imoto-chan...I'll just leave her with a few casts, then."

Naruto snickered as he and Akuha lept out the window and stared up at the airborne girl who wanted to kill them.

"If you wanna fight, we'll take that challenge!" Naruto called out to her.

"Don't take me so lightly!" Kurumu snarled,"us Succubi seek a 'Destined One' from among the men we tempt! In order to keep our species from dying out, we must carefully pick just one man out of many to be our Destined One!"

"She likes talking, doesn't she? Almost reminds me of Yamanaka Ino." Naruto remarked while Akuha shook her head and sighed at his friend's comment. This would be a bleeding heart-moment with Naruto later. Ah well, better a bleeding heart than a black one.

"Akashiya Moka got in the way of me finding my Destined One!" Kurumu launched herself at Naruto and Akuha with her claws ready to slice the ninja and vampire to ribbons. "She won't get away with that no matter what! And you won't stop me from getting her out of my way." she snarled before she swiped her claws at the vampire, but her attack was blocked by Naruto,who held a pair Muei-Tou.

Akuha smirked and the next thing Kurumu knew, an elbow strike from Akuha sent her flying back into the air, stunned.

Looking up at the succubus, Naruto growled, wishing he had more long-distance attacks, or at least properly do a bijūdama. At the thought, a black ball of pure yin chakra and a white ball of pure yang chakra on the other. As Naruto watched, the two chakra orbs seemed to "reach" for one another, sending out forks of energy like electricity, and where the two energies met, a black ord that resembled a Rasengan formed.

Naruto's eyes widened and wondered how the HELL that happened for a half-second and decided it didn't matter right now before taking aim at Kurumu and firing the bijūdama from the Muei-Tou like a slingshot, he was rewarded with Kurumu's scream of shock at what the blond had done with the attack and frantically tried to get out of the way as the orb flew at her. While she dodged the actual attack itself, the explosion of the ball of destructive energy got her with its force and sent her slamming into the ground as the blast also shattered every window on campus. A moment later, a powerful and rather unsettling presence suddenly make itself known and Akuha beamed joyfully before a flash of silver and green leaped out of the broken window of the school infirmary and landed in front of Naruto and Akuha.

Moka, in her unsealed state.

Seemed that being blown away had knocked Tsukune into Moka and he had accidentally removed Moka's rosary.

"I'll handle this poor, frail egotistical excuse for a woman." Moka said coolly than turned to Kurumu, her aura glowing menacingly. "Now why don't I tear off that tail and rip those wings of yours off so that you can never fly again?" Kurumu's eyes widened in horror as Moka stalked towards her with the intent on going through with her threat. "I'll make sure you can never stand up to me ever again..."

The Succubus whimpered slightly as the vampire got closer and closer to her. However, just as Moka was about to grab a hold of one of Kurumu's wings, a hand grasped the silver-haired woman's wrist.

Admittedly, it wasn't a very firm grip and was one that Moka could have broken out of without even trying, but it was enough to make her stop and glare at the one who had dared to touch her.

"What do you think you're doing, Aono?" She hissed dangerously at the boy who looked slightly green.

"You've done enough, Moka-san." Tsukune said as he blinked a few times, trying to regain his bearings.

"Wasn't this the same girl that just tried to enslave you and threatened to kill you just before?" Growing annoyed with the human touching her wrist, she yanked it away.

"Yes, it was. But I don't think that Kurumu-san was doing out of purely bad intentions." Tsukune smiled slightly while Kurumu's eyes were wide open in surprise. "I just can't imagine Kurumu-san being a bad girl at heart. So, don't hurt her, Moka-san."

"People do crazy things when it comes to family. I'm sure your parents would do the same to insure there are more Succubi in the future, right? Desperate situations call for desperate measures." Naruto said, eyeing the two tonfa of light he had yet to dispell, a gleam in his eyes before walking away.

"Besides...we've got more to worry about, sis...a LOT more." Akuha voice.

Moka rounded furiously on her not-yet-forgiven sibling, furious at being refered to "sis", and was surprised to see Akuha was actually pale as she stared at the blond's retreating form.

"...I know that look." the black-haired vampiress said, backing away and looking like she wanted to run, "he's gonna start experimenting with that."

"So?" Moka said, scowling at Akuha.

"When Naruto tests out an idea like that...things tend to blow up as frequently as Kahlua is emotionally unstable thanks to Gyokuro."

Now Moka was the one to pale. "Ho shit...!"

The two vampress both took off running, leaving Tsukune with the blue-haired succubus that he'd defended after she'd tried to kill him.