Chapter 3: Blue and Silver's Quiet Time
By: Pink-Green-White-4eer
Last Revised: August 19, 2010

Summary: Just another day in the life of Flynn and Gemma
Rating: T
Ship: F/G, mentions of others
Disclaimer: Don't own them, wish I did

Dedication: Enigmaforum, for giving me ideas that won't leave me alone!


Tired down to the bone after an entire night up with his son and a long, long day of trying to fix Eagle Squad's downed internal network, he felt like simply collapsing on the couch and not getting up for the next several hours. Alas, he knew the minute he walked through the door, his nearly one and a half year old baby girl was gonna come rushing at him, all pigtails and jabbering about her day. Not that he minded in the least. Brianna Joy was his pride and, pun intended, joy.

When he got into the foyer and still hadn't been tackled, he cocked an eyebrow, toed off his shoes and shucked off his jacket. Creeping into the living room quietly, he saw his wife curled up on the sofa, a mound of pillows propping up her left arm, which was cradling their son to her. Even from where he stood, he could see she was breast feeding Brady. What amazed him was that Brianna was leaning against the mound of pillows, lightly brushing her tiny fingers back and forth across her brother's forehead while he suckled away.

It was in that moment that he wished he had a camera, because it was so very rare to see both of his children quiet and calm. He tried not to make a sound as he padded across the carpet, but his wife tilted her head back and looked up at him, smiling. He never could sneak past her, no matter how many times he'd tried.

"Da!" Brianna called, only to have her mother shake her head at her.

"Brianna…" Gemma warned.

"Baby!" the little girl with his bright blue eyes and her mother's thick black hair whispered excitedly, continuing to stroke her brother's head.

He couldn't help but grin and nod even as he moved to kneel on the floor in front of them. "Are you helping yer mama?" he asked softly, reaching out to run his hand down the side of his little girl's face.

"Baby…." she repeated, only this time punctuating it with a kiss to Brady's head.

"You okay?" Gemma softly asked, reaching out to touch his face. "You look exhausted."

"I am. The network's still down, and I can't figure out why," he sighed, hoping his tone would tell her he didn't want to discuss his frustration.

Gemma smiled and caressed his face. "You'll figure it out, and if you can't, call K. Are you hungry?"

"Starvin'" he admitted.

"Brianna, go show Daddy what we made for dinner," Gemma urged their daughter, whose eyes lit up. Flynn had to hurry and catch up with her as she raced from the living room into the kitchen. When he got to where she'd stopped, in front of the oven, he bent down with her. The light was still on inside and he could see a large tray.


"Mac cheze!" she grinned.

The pan was indeed a large thing of macaroni and cheese, and he could see that Gemma had put his favorite little sausages in it. "Well, well, helped Mama did ye?"

Brianna nodded. "Cheze!" she repeated, then snuggled into her daddy's arms. "Hungy."

"Me too," he told her, lifting her into his arms. "Let's go wash up, then we can'a eat."


"Gemma?" he asked when his wife stalked into their bedroom, looking frustrated beyond belief. Brady was sound asleep, lying on his chest, as he reclined back on their bed, watching the muted television.

"Your daughter!" she hissed, trying not to wake Brady. "YOUR daughter, will not go to sleep. I've read her three stories and she will not lay down and stop getting up."

He tried to hide his smirk, knowing she's slap it right off his face, using any and all explosives she could get her hands on. "Why don't I put Brady in bed, round up Brianna, and ye go take a bubble bath?"

Gemma glared at him and then relented. "Give Brady to me, you deal with your daughter."

Flynn nodded and carefully they shifted Brady from his chest to his mother's arms before the former Blue Ranger kissed his wife softly and headed for their daughter's room. When he got to Brianna's room, she had her toys strewn all over the floor, as if she was having a tea party with them. "Brianna Joy MacAllister." He announced in a stern voice, watching her jump before flinging her head back, her dark eyes wide as she stared up at him. "Yer Mama said it was bed time, WHAT are ye doing out of bed?"

"Daddy!" she happily clasped. "Tea!"

"I see that, but it's not Tea Time. It's bed time. NOW."

He watched the mutinous expression take over her face, a look she definitely got from her mother. Her little bottom lip started quivering while she crossed her arms over her chest. "TEA!"


His hand automatically came up to rub his forehead when his normally sweet and angelic daughter threw herself back and began kicking and screaming and crying crocodile tears. It use to scare him when she did what she was doing now, but as Gemma had explained, she was merely trying to wrap him around her little fingers. Unfortunately for her, after the long day he had, he wasn't having any of it. "BRIANNA JOY!" he raised his voice, as he so rarely did, making her jump and stop crying. "THAT IS ENOUGH."

She sat on the floor, chest heaving, tears still rolling down her face, as he bent over and plucked her off the floor. He held her against his chest even as she wiggled. "MAMA!" she screamed, attempting to wiggle out of her father's arms.

"Mama will not be'a saving ye tonight," he told her in a firm tone that finally had her stop moving. As much as seeing her cry like she was felt like a blow to his heart, he knew he had to be firm with her. "Ye are gonna pick up these toys and go to bed. Now."

He set her down and watched as she just sunk down on her butt, staring at him. "Daddy…"

"Now, Brianna. Or ye won't be going to Auntie Summer's tomorrow. Ye'll be staying home, with me."

He let out a sigh of relief when she pushed up and started slowly picking her toys up. Five minutes later she was crawling into bed, but she slapped at his hands when he tried to cover her up. She snatched her stuffed yellow teddy bear, the one with a large three on its tummy, from him when he held it up. She never went anywhere with out Wolfie, as she'd named it, since Dillon had given it to her for Christmas. Rolling his eyes, he reminded himself she wouldn't always be like this, or at least he hoped not. "Bri?"

She said nothing, instead presenting him with her back as she rolled over to face the wall. "Come on, Princess," he tried to conjole. "Daddy didn't-a mean to yell at ye, but ye need to start listening when Mama says it's ye bedtime."

He tried to hide the smile when she rolled just enough to look at him over her shoulder. He opened his arms to her, making a pouty face. Her frown morphed into a shy little grin and she rolled over and into his arms, hugging his neck tightly. "I love ye," he murmured, kissing her smooth cheek and then trying to eat her neck, which caused her to giggle. "Want me to lay with ye a bit?"

She nodded enthusiastically and settled down as Flynn sat on the edge of her bed. Once he was sitting, she laid on her belly, her head on her pillow, face turned toward him. While she closed her eyes, Flynn began to pat her back, feeling her relax under his hand. Despite the occasional outburst and tantrum, his daughter was very well behaved. Her and her brother and their mother were the absolute loves of his life, and he thanked each and every God out there for giving them to him, to love and enjoy and protect and cherish. He couldn't imagine life without them, because life before them had been very, very lonely, with it just being him and his Da.