Please read Red Version if you haven't already. This takes place a year later, between Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows. I shouldn't have to remind you that it's completely AU.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I have decided to completely rewrite this fanfiction. I apologize to anyone who may not like this, but I cannot make myself continue this fic if I don't like what I've already done with it and where it's going. So hopefully anyone whose interested will stay by and see what I have to write!

DISCLAIMER: JK Rowling and Game Freak are the great creators of Harry Potter and the Pokémon franchise, respectively, not me. I only take credit in writing this. Anything you recognize is almost definitely from one of those franchises. I will include quotes from both the Harry Potter series and the Pokemon anime and games, and I don't own these either.



"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches... Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies...and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not...and either must die at the hands of the other for neither can life while the other survives..."

Harry watched Hedwig rustle her feathers in her sleep as he leaned quietly against his bed frame, his wand and glasses beside him. He couldn't sleep; all he could think of was the way Dumbledore had fallen, and Snape's emotionless face as he had said those unforgivable words. And for what? A fake locket with a hastily scribbled note?

He had known about the prophecy for a year. A whole year. It seemed like so long ago, when Sirius had toppled through the swaying veil, so long that there was no way it could have only been a year. No way...

And then, that was the same year that he and Ron had stopped speaking. It was playful at first, the challenges like "You may have beaten Onix this time, Harry, but I'll get you!" with a nudge from Ron's elbow and a couple of exchanged laughs, but it amounted to much more over time. Harry thought that Ron's jealousy at his amazing Magikarp's Hydro Pump would cool down, but it never did. But it was all right, Harry didn't miss him.

Well...maybe. Just a little.

On his windowsill sat a stack of unopened letters from Hermione. Begging him to reconsider, he expected, reconsider the journey that Harry knew he had to take alone. He would not let Hermione get tangled up in everything that he had to do. He would defeat Voldemort and his team of Death Eaters, or he would die trying. He didn't like to think that the latter was much more likely.

He glanced at the clock on his bedside table, which he could just barely make out because his glasses were still sitting beside him. The red glow illuminated just a very small amount of brown desk space. It was 11:40 AM, July 30th. His birthday began in twenty minutes, and he would be seventeen.

He would leave soon. There was no other choice, he had accepted that by now. He was going to leave Privet Drive forever, take his bag and a set of six Poke Balls Professor Dumbledore had given him and his wand, and manage all by himself. No Ron, no Hermione, and no help. This was his journey and he would have to do it himself. No one jumping in front of a wand before him to sacrifice their life just to prolong his just a little longer. But there was no fooling himself any longer. He knew that Voldemort would find him sooner or later. This time, he wouldn't kill anyone else.

He glanced at the clock again. Eight more minutes. He sat up straight, and put his glasses on. He grabbed his wand, and put it in the front pocket of his Muggle jeans. He had one set of robes in his bag, just in case, but he felt that this way would be much safer.

He looked at Hedwig, who had woken up, disturbed, by his rustling and preparing.

"All right, girl," he said to her, walking over to the cage. "I'm leaving Privet Drive, so I guess this is it." Her big amber eyes studied him. "I'm going to let you out, Hedwig. Maybe...maybe you can go live with Hermione. careful, okay?" She continued to look at him, unabashed. "I...I'm sorry."

He opened her cage, and the window. Warm summer air blew in. He walked over to his pack and picked it up, and headed for the door. He would leave the moment the Trace was lifted. Hedwig hooted meaningfully, and without looking at her, Harry said, "I'm sorry, Hedwig. I just...I have to defeat Voldemort, and I can't have anyone with me. Maybe...we'll see each other again." She hooted again, but he ignored her. He had told himself there would be no goodbyes. And there wouldn't be.

As the clock was just about to turn to midnight, Harry shut the door to his bedroom and walked toward the front door.

Hedwig watched from the window as he stood on the front doorstep, observing his watch, his eyes averted away from the house – and when both the clock on his bedside table and his watch turned to midnight, he Disapparated.

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