I do NOT own Bioshock.


You wonder where you are,
But you don't know who to ask.

Well, let me tell you,
You're not in Kansas anymore.

You didn't fall down the rabbit hole;
This isn't even close to being a wonderland.

You're in a world where the artist does not fear the censor,
And where the scientist isn't bound by petty morality.

The great are not constrained by the small,
And drugs, alcohol, and sex are the least of your problems.

Shooting them Splicers in the head works the best,
But a wrench can never run out of precious ammo.

However, if that doesn't suit your fancy,
A good ol' hit with a plasmid will do wonders.

"Hop, hop, Mr. B, there's no time to waste."
Oh, wondering where that childish voice is coming from?

I wouldn't follow it if you value your life.
The Big Daddies are ruthless if you harm their Little Sisters

So, now, you tell me,
Do you know where you are yet?

No? Why heavens not? I was expecting better from you.
Well, I guess I'll have to spell it out for you.

This is the impossible.
This is…Rapture.

Would you kindly, review?

~Rebecca aka Lord Rebecca-Sama