Last Night Chapter 15

'A perfect Dream'

(Watchtower - medical unit)

Galatea stood by the regeneration tank Dick was in. It was allowing Dick to heal quicker than normal, but J'onn had warned her that it was likely his left wrist may fuse or at best it would become much weaker in older age. She nodded, but anything would be worth it to have him whole again and have him home. She needed him. The pain she felt looking at how hurt he was only showed how much she honestly did need him. She felt the tears gather in her eyes as she wiped them again. The memories of the soldiers screaming at her that crying was a weakness, that love was a weakness came to her mind, but she didn't believe it. She had never felt stronger. She had faced down odds she may never come back from because she loved the man she stood by. She vowed that one day she would prove to herself if no one else that she deserved to be with him.

(Saint Mary's Catherial – Gotham – Three months later)

Galatea smiled brightly as she walked down the isle. The silken wedding dress she wore seemed to hug her showing off her natural beauty. There was never a moment that she felt happier than as she stood there looking at her husband to be. She bit her lip nervously as the Priest began the ceremony. She chalked it up to Kara for her wanting a wedding. The connection to her 'sister' had shown several desires of Kara's and one of them was to have a grand wedding one day in a beautiful church. She felt Dick take her hand and he slid a ring on her finger. She took his hand and did the same. For a moment there the blanket of words from the priest, but then she heard Dick say "I do." If it was possible for her smile to be any brighter then it became so at that moment. A similar blanket of words was spoken to her and she looked at Dick with her brightest smile. "I do too." She said.

(Metropolis - Six Years later)

Galatea looked at the guardian of Metropolis as the two of them placed both Alexandra and Lexington Luthor II into power restraining shackles. Finally after so long the two 'children' of Lex Luthor was brought to justice for the murder of Luthor himself, attempted murder of John Stewart, and torture of several others including members of the Justice League. The siblings attempted to flee, but with the power restrainers on they could little more than punch like normal humans. Galatea smirked at the two of them and shot off toward Gotham. She arrived in time to make it to Wayne Manor for the anniversy party Dick was throwing for Bruce and Diana. She smiled at her adopted father in law as he was suddenly attacked by his and Diana's three children. The two little girls and their little boy hugged on to their father refusing to let go.

(Watchtower – Ten Years after freeing the Kryptonians)

Diana looked at Superwoman as she stood in the council room. Like Clark she was a beacon of hope, and one of truth and Justice. She had taken the words that Lois had said to her to heart. She was filling the inner council in of placement of the other Kryptonians. The other Kryptonians had accepted their help in finding out how to control their powers, but none of them wanted to become heroes. Instead they where satifised with working with the land and growing crops. Diana knew that fact was enough to bring a small smirk to her husband's face. She looked over to see Galatea smiling somewhat sadly. She stopped her daughter in law and found that Galatea loved Dick, but she wanted to find out what it was like to be a mother. Understanding completely Diana had Galatea perform a ritual with her. Once the ritual was finished Hermes arrived with a beautiful pendant. Diana explained that the pendant would allow Galatea not only to be fertile, but it would also allow her chosen to put her with child. She had never seen her daughter in law smile so brightly.

(Watchtower – Medical Unit – ten months later)

Galatea screamed in pain as the contractions came. She grabbed the rails of the hospital bed and twisted them into junk. She felt Dick's hand on her shoulder and she reached for him. She stopped herself as another contraction came and she let loose another scream. Dick watched as the doctors began to show signs of worry. J'onn looked at him and then at Galatea and informed them the child had not turned. He explained that he was going to try to help, and it was important for Galatea to stay conscious. She let out another scream of agony and her hands found Dick. He held her trying to protect her in some way. Finally after several minutes J'onn stood back holding not one, but two small bundles.

"Congradulations you have twins. A boy and a girl." J'onn said as he showed them to Galatea.

"They're beautiful… They're the most perfect things in the entire world." She said her voice sounding tired.

(Eighteen years later – Dick and Galatea's house.)

Galatea looked at her daughter and her boyfriend Johnny West. She closed her hands into fists as she closed her eyes and began to mentally count to three. She knew that her daughter was grown according to the law, but she was still her daughter and it was just wrong to come home and find your daughter and her boyfriend nude, in the living room, on the family couch going at it like rabbits.

"Get your clothes on and come with me into the den." Galatea said through her gritted teeth.

Both teenagers did as she demanded and she looked at them angered at what they had done.

"What the hell are you thinking?" Galatea shouted as she looked at her daughter.

"Mrs. Grayson if it means anything I sort of got things rolling… I mean it is my fault." Johnny said.

Galatea looked at him with a glare that would make Dick proud.

"I'll get to you in a minute Johnny, but Mary here has some explaining to do. What was you thinking!" Galatea shouted the question.

"I'm grown! I can do what I want!" Mary Grayson said with defiance in her voice.

"You're living under you're my and your father's roof! While you are living here it means that you will obey our rules and one of them is that you wait!" Galatea shouted as she neared Mary.

"I know that Johnny and I are going to be together forever! Geeze it's not like you and dad waited!" Mary shouted back.

"Sweetheart." Johnny started before Mary turned toward him with a look that quickly made him shut his mouth.

"This isn't going to happen again while you are living in this house." Galatea said coldly.

"Then I'm not living in this house!" Mary shouted as she turned and walked out of the room.

(Three years later – Wayne Manor)

Galatea looked at Mary. Her daughter had married Johnny West. The boy loved her and was willing to do anything for her, but at the moment what her daughter was needing was her mother to hold her. Like his father Johnny could move faster than light when needed. So when he activated the speed force to protect his wife from something that Lexington Luthor II had sent after her it ended up taking him with it. Mary West was left alone with her little daughter. Bruce and Diana had allowed her to move in with them, and she had graciously accepted. Galatea heard Dick and turned around to see him. His hair had began to have some gray in it. He was still active, very, very active if this morning was any indication, but the truth was that he was aging much faster than herself. She turned back to her daughter and brought her into a hug as she felt Mary's body shake from the sobs of loosing Johnny. She looked to see Mary's brother Hermes come over and hug his sister as well.

"Whatever happens Mary. I'll be here." She said as she held her daughter and felt Dicks arms move around them as well.