Swat Boondocks

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It was night in Woodcrest. It had been a peaceful night when- BAM! A loud noise emanated from the Freeman family home. Neighbors ignored it as this was a regular occurrence.

Hidden from the neighbor's view, Riley and Huey were covered in bruises, cuts, with Riley sporting a bloody nose as well. They had gotten in a fight which Granddad had to break up, as usual.

"So that the hell were you two fighting about now?" He asked, grumpily.

Riley the youngest, spoke first, "I wasn't doing anything when Huey here jumped me for no good reason and–,"

"You ruined my speech and sabotaged my project," Huey shouted, cutting him off.

"Nigga! I did no such thing!"

"Yes you did!"

The explanations broke down as the pair once more have at it again, cussing and calling each other names then the pushing began. Granddad couldn't take this anymore. He been forced to live with their constant bickering, fighting, destroying the house, making enemies, and no one liking them. He was just sick of it all!

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" He yelled, causing the two miscreants to halt and stare at him. "You know what I wish?...I wish I was dead and you know why?"

They eyed him warily and shook their heads.

"Because you two have made my life a living hell. I don't get no peace at all! I spend all my time breaking up your fights, bailing your sorry asses from jail with money I ain't got to spend!"

The two Freeman boys began backing away in surprise. They'd never seen their Granddad this pissed before.


Below in Hell, Stinkmeaner heard everything and was asking the devil for one more trip to earth so he could get his revenge again on the Freeman family.

The Devil happened to be in a good mood for once and thought it would be fun to see the Freeman's life ruined forever, so gave his permission.

Grinning with evil pleasure, Sinkmeaner wasted no time leaving for Earth. Yeah, he was going to have a lot of fun and that miserable family wasn't going to beat him this time.


After the serious tongue lashing they'd gotten from Granddad, Riley and Huey were upstairs in their room staring at each other with deadly eyes that said bring-it-on.

Downstairs Granddad was in his chair, depressed and unhappy. He wished for once in their life, those two would change their behavior and not continually make him suffer.

He had mean every word he'd said to them, he wanted his life to end so he wouldn't have to suffer anymore with kids that always landed him in hot water. He was about to stand up and head upstairs to his room when suddenly the lights went out and a familiar voice sang out.

"Nigga! I'm back and I can see you!"

"What the hell…..ahhhhh boys!" Granddad screamed.

Huey and Riley were still staring at each other when they heard Granddad's distress call. They both hurriedly opened the door and raced downstairs entering the living room at a dead run. What greeted their eyes was Granddad being dragged by Stinkmeaner toward a hole floating in the air that glowed red.

"Granddad!" Both screamed racing towards the pair hoping to stop Stinkmeaner before he vanished in the hole.

"Oh no you don't!" Stinkmeaner crowed, dropping Granddad to the floor and grabbing the boys by their necks. "You're not following me!" He promptly opened another portal and tossed the pair in side.

"Noooo! Granddad wailed, hand reaching out to his grandsons helplessly.

"Granddad!" The boys screams echoed back to him just as the portal snapped closed.

The boys landed in a weird blue room with no doors or windows. They stared at each other in shocked dismay and panic.

"Huey what's going to happen to us?" Riley asked, badly shaken.

"I...I...don't know..." Huey stuttered then suddenly his brother began to fade away. "Riley! Don't leave me!" He tried to grab his brother's arm but it was already insubstantial...like trying to hold a ghost.

"Huey! Help me!...ahhhhh," Riley screamed as he vanished completely.

"Nooo!" Huey cried in fear until he noticed he himself was vanishing. "Wha..." His legs were first then the rest of his body began to follow suit, the last thing he was able to say before fading completely was, "GRANDDAD!"

Huey opened his eyes again not realizing he closed them in the first place and looked around. "What the…..didn't I die just….. now" he thought slowly then realized his body was in motion.

Frantically staring around then down, he discovered he was rapidly falling toward the ground at a high rate of speed and with no parachute. The next thing he realized was his body was limp like a damp rag...he could move nothing. Horror filled him and he closed his eyes knowing he was about to die rather horribly.

His ears, however, heard the sound a jet soaring close to him then a net of some kind surround his body just before he passed out from the shock.

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