Swat Boondocks

Huey just continued to ignore the cinnamon cat, far too shocked by his changed appearance to listen. This was like some kind of really bad dream or drug induced hallucination...it just had to be...no way could a person turn into some kind of walking, talking cat.

He pulled his arm close, blinked at the fur covering it and pinched himself good and hard. "Owww...shit!" That hurt and it proved what he was seeing was real. 'What the hell happened to me?' He wondered, frantic and upset, as he looked down then behind himself to check out his new looks and seeing a tail all spazed out, behind him.

"No...no...no...no..." he began to moan, closing his eyes, trying to blot out what they were seeing. Meanwhile an urgent voice kept calling to him, the voice getting more and more upset and louder by the minute.


The loud voice finally penetrated Huey's fog of fear and shock. His eyes shot open and he stared down at the pair he'd wrapped up.

"What?" He asked, reflexively of the tabby who had been doing the yelling.

"Hey guy, we can tell whatever has happened to you has you really freaked. If you'll just let us loose, we might be able to help you," T-Bone coaxed, totally humiliated that his kitten was able to hold him and his partner hostage...crud, he would never live this down.

Shaking off his shock and dismay, Huey eyed his prisoners suspiciously. Crossing his arms over his chest, he demanded flatly, "How can I be sure you won't attack me?" The pair of toms sighed in annoyance. "Just so you know, I can and will knock you two out and put you back in that net so the answer better be good." He felt confident he could carry out his threat since he did possess martial arts skills as well as a good measure of street fighting ones that kept him safe in Woodcrest.

Razor cocked a skeptical eye at the kitten, really not believing his claim but willing to argue about it...getting free was the objective right now.

"Um…look we saved you from plummeting to your death when you appeared out of no where. We cleaned up wounds you arrived here with as well. It looks like you've had a really rough time before getting here. We're not your enemy...we only want to help you get home if we're able to...I have no way to prove our sincerity so you're just going to have to trust us. What do you say?"

Huey sighed, they had a point, but should he trust them? Like that little guy said, they did take care of him, he wasn't blind...he could see the bandages on him. Then there was the fact they knew this place, he didn't. They seemed intelligent and compassionate so there was every chance they might believe him when he told them what had happened..

So, okay, he'd trust them because he had no other choice. Now how was he to get them out of that net? Huey looked around then saw an odd looking glove laying on a work bench to the right of him. He walked over to it and picked it up.

'Wow! This is really high tech and appears to have lots of gadgets incorporated within it. Hmm, better be careful with this...don't want to shoot my own leg off. This should do the trick.' He thought. Walking back to the pair with one of the gloves, he stopped by their side.

"Alright, I'll trust you. I don't know this place and I'll need help so you're elected. Now will this high tech glove help?" He began to offer the glove.

Relieved the kitten was willing to trust them, Razor warned, "yes, that will help. Put it on but be extremely careful as it might..." He never got to finish as the kitten followed his order but accidentally activated a pair of mini-slicer missiles that just missed the seated pair, slicing through the net like butter.

Huey blinked in awe at the awesome tech he held. "Wow...impressive glove you have here." 'And far better than my electrical glove back home.'

Razor and T-Bone could only gape at the kitten, wondering how he managed to use the glove that easily. However, they set that aside for getting out of the net quickly and getting their dangerous tech out of the kittens paws.

T-Bone extended his paw in a demand for the glove. Huey carefully removed it from his paw and handed it over. "Answer me something. Why did you feel the need to punch me in the face?" He asked carefully, pulling the glove back on his paw.

Huey gave him a disgusted look. "Well, hell, how would you react if you found yourself in a world totally unlike your own? On my world, humans reign, cats are just animals not walking, talking people. I was already groggy, injured, went through some crazy things, then I end up here and falling through the air before passing out then when I wake up...there you guys are ... something that couldn't possibly exist on my world...wouldn't you freak out?"

Razor eyed the kitten with concern and interest. "So, you're saying you're not a Kat but something called a human and that you come from a different world?"

T-Bone snorted in disbelief but wisely said nothing to upset the stranger further.

Huey sighed and shook his head. "How about we get comfortable while I tell you a tale that will make your fur stand up?" He suggested. 'Hope they're open minded and, if they believe me, they don't freak learning there are other intelligent creatures besides themselves in the universe.


At Enforcer Headquarters, Commander Feral sat at his huge pedestal desk going over reports on what happened earlier. Disgusted by what they said, he tossed them down and was about to summon his assistant when a young officer burst into his office and ran across the floor toward him, halting before the desk..

"Commander, sir!" He said breathlessly, saluting the grumpy tom.

"You better have a good reason for barging into my office that way, rookie."

"Uhm sorry, sir. You need to come to the flight line. This kitten fell through the air and landed on the runway but that isn't the strangest thing that happened...instead of hitting the tarmac hard, he sort of floated down like he was nothing but a feather."

Feral blinked at the young officer, wondering if he'd lost his mind, but the earnest face staring at him was serious. 'Kat's Alive! And I thought we'd seen every weird thing by now.' Frowning, he stood up and walked down his steps, heading for his coat. Pulling it on, he stalked out of his office followed by the nervous rookie.

When Feral arrived at the hangar floor, he strode quickly out onto the runway apron. A small clot of enforcers were gathered some twenty yards ahead of him, surrounding something that was on the ground. He ran toward them to investigate, the rookie hoofing it on his heels. Arriving on the scene, he pushed through the knot of enforcers and knelt down. On the ground was a young Kat laying on his back, eyes closed and moaning.

"You sent for the medics," he demanded gruffly.

"Yes sir...and here they come," one of the officers told him briskly, pointing at a small group of medics running toward them.

Feral carefully lifted the brown colored kitten's head and shoulders from the ground. The kitten's eyes blinked open but there was no sign he was seeing the Commander. "Easy...help is coming...can you tell me your name?"

The kit groaned and said something that made no sense at all, "Nigga, who are you" before lapsing into unconscious in the tom's powerful arm.

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