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Silence. That's all that was heard. Tommy looked scared. "St-Steve?" He stuttered. "What's Steve doing here? He said he'd meet me at the lab when he needed his…fix." He finished lamely, looking warily at me. Laura started sniffling, trying to keep from crying. "He…he said he needed something fresh." She cried, falling to the floor, sobbing. Tommy's eyes widened. "Oh no…Lilly and Brandon." He whispered, fear causing his voice to crack. I stood up from the bed and stared at the two.

Tommy looked at me. "Vanessa…its best that you hide, Steve is…different now." He said. I shook my head and began to pop my knuckles and crack my neck. "Yeah, Tommy, I know. I guess it was Destiny that brought me to your tree house last night. Don't worry; I won't let him hurt your kids." I said. Tommy stood and shook his head. "No, Vanessa. I'm a grown man and it's my duty to protect my family." He said.

Laura stared at me, shocked. I was confused until I noticed a detail that Tommy dropped. "Vanessa?" She whispered. I bit my lip and nodded. Her eyes widened before narrowing into slits. "You know, Steve still looks the same…I bet you're one of them, aren't you?" she hissed, her voice reaching the point of hysteria. I snorted.

"Laura, I can tell you know that those bruises and painful inflictions on my body weren't caused by me. And no, I'm nothing like him." I looked down at myself. I was wearing pink pajama pants and a baby blue v neck tee shirt. I stared at Laura. "Laura, I'm sorry but I'm going to have to raid your closet." I said. She hesitated and then nodded helplessly.

"Down the hall and to the left." She whispered. I looked at Tommy and nodded. He sighed and reluctantly nodded. "I want the truth, Vanessa." He whispered as he took his wife in his arms. I nodded and dashed to their bedroom where I found Laura's closet. It was summer so I decided on a pair of cut offs and a white tank top. I looked around some more, finding my sword at the back of her closet. I heard a small gasp.

I whirled around to find Lilly staring at me with a little boy who looked around seven years old staring at me as well. He looked just like Tommy. This must be Brandon… "Are you going to protect us?" Lilly breathed. Brandon frowned and shook his head. "No, Lilly, Daddy will. She can't help us." He said quietly. Lilly shook her head. "No! She's a warrior princess! She told me so!" she said, tears welling up in her eyes. She ran over and threw herself onto me. "Don't let the bad man take Momma and Daddy!" she cried.

I looked down at this girl for a long time before patting her head. "I won't, Lilly. I'll make sure the bad man go away." I promised. She sniffled. I took her hand and looked at Brandon. "Brandon, I want you and Lilly to go hide in your parent's bathtub, okay? Don't come out until I say its okay." I said. He nodded and took his sister, doing as he was told.

I froze when I heard voices. "Hey, Tommy. What took you so long?" Steve asked. I heard a cushion squeak. "I sent my daughter to back to bed…she gets nervous around you and it's hard to do business with kids around, you know?" he laughed nervously. I heard the cushion squeak again and footsteps. "You're lying, Tommy. You were never good at it. Now what are you hiding?" I heard footsteps nearing the hall. My eyes widened. Tommy could get hurt if Steve found out he was lying.

I dashed into Lilly's room and Changed into Lilly, pushing my sword under the bed. Hurriedly, I crawled into her bed, faking asleep. I had just gotten my breathing back under control when the door opened and Steve came in. He came walking around the bed so that he was facing me. I heard him crouch down and it took everything I had not to flinch when he started running his fingers over my cheek. "Such a pretty girl…"He murmured. He leaned in and took a deep sniff. He sighed. "And her blood…so good…so pure…fresh." I could practically see the smirk on his face.

"Steve, your business is with me. Leave my daughter out of this." Tommy said, his voice strong. Steve laughed and stood up. "Okay, but what about that son of yours? I've had my eye on that one for a while, he'd make a good snack…or a good Vampaneze." He mused. My body tensed. Why would Steve reveal his inhuman presence to a human? And why would he want to turn a child?

"Steve, stay away from him. Stay away from my family; this is between you and me." Tommy said angrily. I heard a shuffle and a thud as Steve no doubt slammed Tommy against the wall. I heard Laura gasp. Steve laughed. "And what will you do to stop me? You're pitiful Tommy. What can an insignificant human do to me, the Lord of Vampaneze?" he cackled.

Using my vampire speed, I jumped out of Lilly's bed, Changed back into myself, grabbed my sword, and pressed the tip against the back of Steve's neck. I heard gasps. "I don't know, Steve. But I know what a Vampire Princess could do." I said. He slowly turned his head, his eyes widening in shock and anger when he saw me. "You." He snarled. I glared at him.

"Let Tommy go, now." Steve instead gripped Tommy's neck tighter, making his face turn blue. I stared at Steve calmly. "Steve, I can't tell you how easily I could slice your pathetic head off right now." I pressed the weapon tighter against his neck, drawing blood. "It'd be so easy…like cutting tissue paper really." I said in a bored tone as I watched the blood drip down his muscled and defined neck.

He slowly let Tommy go, who fell to the ground gasping for air. Laura darted from the door to her husband and held him tightly. "Tommy, go get Lilly and Brandon and run. I'll find you four later." I instructed. He hesitated and then nodded. He got up and soon later, I heard the back door open and close as the four left.

By now, Steve had turned around to where my sword was now pointing at his jugular. He stared at me for a long time then smirked. "Oh, baby. I'm digging the cutoffs." He said, smirking at me. I continued to glare. "What are you doing here Steve?" I demanded, ignoring his commentary. He frowned. "I could say the same for you. I thought I told you to scram." He growled. "I did. I had to rest at some point and found their tree house." I said, nodding my head in the direction of the backyard.

"Now, what do you want with Tommy?" I pressed. He shrugged. "Blood, what else?" he smirked. I glared at him. "I don't believe that. You wouldn't have been toying with him if it was just blood. He acted like he sees you often." I said. He glared at me. "And why should I tell you? You are a filthy vampire." He spat.

I slid the sword so the edge of it was now pressed to his neck. "Oh, because," I began. I used my free hand and slowly unzipped his black leather jacket to reveal his bare chest. I dragged one of my super sharp nails down his chest, drawing blood. I felt his chest muscles tighten as he hissed in pain. I stood on my tippy toes and whispered in his ear. "I have the upper hand, don't you see? I have the weapon, a satisfied hunger for blood, and you're here alone…aren't you Steve?" I said. He glared at me.

"He's a scientist and I have him doing personal research for me." He said, his voice tight. I sighed and pushed the jacket off his shoulders and continued to draw lines with his blood across his upper chest, shoulders, and shoulder blades. "Oh, Steve, there must be more than that." I whispered, jabbing him in the side with my nail. He gasped and ground his teeth together.

"It's about that vampire…who can give birth. I've been giving him DNA samples of female vampires for him to look at." He gasped. I frowned. "And what did you find?" I asked. Steve laughed. "I'm not telling you anything else." He sneered. I stared at him, and then smirked. He looked confused. "That's okay. I'll just take you to where I'm going. I'm sure that my friends will have other ways of convincing you to talk with us." I said. He snorted.

"Good luck with that, the only way you're going to get me to go anywhere with you is if…" he trailed off, his eyes widening. "If you're unconscious?" I finished for him before using my knock out breath. He groaned and fell to the floor. I sighed and stuck my sword through one of my belt loops. I searched the house until I found rope and duct tape. First I bound Steve's hands with the duct tape, and then went over it with the rope, just to be safe.

I dragged him down the hall towards the backdoor and sighed. Tommy's scent was fading, which meant I had to start on the trail fast. I looked down at the man who was bound and sighed. "Guess I better head out." I muttered as I threw him over my shoulder and left the house, looking for my former friend.