"Put it in already!" Stan whispered hurriedly, his face dripping with sweat as lube dripped down between his legs. He was getting desperate. It was obvious in the way he begged.

"I don't want to hurt you," Gary said, trying to be as gentle as possible.

"For fuck's sake…" Stan mumbled softly, "I need you to do it now."

Although he appreciated Gary's consideration—it was that sweetness that had won him over in the first place—he was getting pretty fucking tired of it at the moment. With the part of his brain still able to function at a time like this, Stan wondered if Gary wasn't teasing him by being so gentle, especially since it wasn't like this was the first time they had done this. Sure, Gary was the only one who knew Stan was gay, but once that was out in the open, they hadn't held back with one another physically.

Since the very first time Gary had taken him, Stan couldn't get enough.

"Fuck… just fucking GIVE IT TO ME!"

Stan usually tried to keep from swearing around Gary. But when he was naked, erect, and moaning for penetration, Gary found it extremely arousing.

"Oh, God! Yes!" Stan gritted his teeth as Gary slid in. It wasn't too painful; Gary had been very thorough in preparation.

Gary looped one arm around Stan's waist, resting the other hand on his face lightly. "Ugh… Stan…" he whispered his name quietly, shutting his eyes so he could focus on the feeling of being inside the one he loved and the warmth of the flush on his cheek.

Gary was always gentle to start. The same treatment did not apply further down the line.

Stan felt tears well up as Gary's pace picked up. He wasn't complaining; the reason he had rushed things was because he couldn't wait—the pain was always accompanied by an irresistible sense of… well, Stan couldn't describe it in any other manner than fullness.

Stan's mouth dropped open as a jolt ran through his body. "Fuck! Ah… right there… again…"

Gary smiled, kissed him, and moved in the same exact manner, finding the right spot with ease. He adored the sound Stan made underneath him. He wanted to make him yell and beg, but he would never admit that to anyone. It was too awful for a Mormon to say aloud. Nevertheless, he knew exactly how to go about coaxing that adorable, gravelly voice into a scream.

Gary took the hand resting on Stan's cheek and reached down, grabbing his erection with just enough pressure.

"Oh, fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck… Gary… ugh…"

Gary grinned. It was music to his ears.

"Keep going… fuck, just like that… oh God…!" Stan was easy to please today. His suspicion before was correct—Gary had been teasing him, though that had been just a happy plus to the necessary chore of preparing for anal sex. The kissing, sucking, and fingering had left Stan so wound up that he had nearly climaxed during the foreplay.

Now, with Gary fucking him so hard that cognitive function was impossible—not to mention the matched pace of Gary's hand pumping away at his front—it was impossible for Stan to not reach orgasm.

"FUCK!" Stan screamed, his cum splattering between their bodies.

Gary furrowed his brows and kept going, his body trembling as he felt the contractions from Stan's climax. With Stan sweating and panting beneath him, and the sudden tightness he felt with each thrust, Gary was losing his mind.

"…S-Stan!" Gary called out to his loved one as he came. Stan reached up and grabbed his hair, bringing him into a deep kiss as they came down from their natural high. Gary smiled, separating his lips only enough to let a few words slip past them: "I love you."

a little Stan x Gary (the Mormon kid) smut for a friend.

this was fun and a quick, relaxing drabble.