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Naruto looked in shock at the waterfall beside him. At the soft ripples it created where it fell. At the woman dancing on the water. It was the same woman, then a girl, he had seen dancing one the Bikōchū mission. No one had believed he had really seen her before, but here she was, right in front of him.

Ever since he'd first saw her, but failed to talk to her, he had though about her. He frequently saw her in his dreams, enabling him to revisit that night and the beauty he'd seen. Although, he knew he would always wonder who she was.

Now, maybe he could find out. Maybe she wouldn't run away again. Maybe he could tell the nameless dancer how he felt…

As he watched her, he noticed several things different about her. Before, her hair had been in a pixie cut. Now, it fell gracefully down her back, shining blackish/blue in the moonlight. She was taller than she had been, with bigger…assets. He couldn't tell much more about her, as before, the shadows hid her face. He wished he could see it. He could tell one more thing. She was naked, and she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, even shrouded in the shadows.

Gently stepping on the water from behind he bushes he had hid behind, he prayed she didn't run away again. He walked a few steps from the shore and stopped, waiting for her to notice him, all the time praying he would find out her identity this time.

He watched as she moved gracefully across the surface of the lake, causing barely any ripples to form, water latching onto her chakra and forming small arks to dance around her.

So caught up in her movements, the blonde unknowingly let out a sigh. The mysterious girl stopped dancing, and jerked her head toe look in his direction. She gasped at the sight of him and hurried to get out of sight.

"Wait!" he called after her, "I wanted to tell you something!"

She stopped momentarily, waiting for him to speak again. "Firstly, I wanted to let you know that I'm sorry I disturbed you last time. I didn't mean to. Secondly, I wanted you to know that ever since I first saw you… I think I've been in love with you. I just wanted you to know, even if I don't know your name."

She looked at him a few minutes in silence before turning and walking away. His hopes, some of the ones he held closed to his heart, seemed to ignite, their ashes blowing away on an imaginary breeze. He had hoped, almost to a fault, she might harbor feelings for him as well. But all his hoping had been in vain. After all, he told himself, who could love a demon?

As he looked at the spot were she disappeared, caught up in his despairing thoughts, he didn't see the lavender hued white eyes watching him. He almost didn't hear the whispered confession carried off, stolen by the wind.

"Naruto… I love you to…"

Quickly swerving to look for the speaker, he found nothing. She was gone. All he saw was the surrounding trees, and all he heard was the whispering of the falling water lapping across the rocks.

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