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The airport was tightly packed, filled with so many people. Meredith was feeling exctreamely claustrophobic as she tried to focus on the book in her lap. When the chair moved next to her, her head snappe dupa nd she was about to snap at yet another person that the seat was taken, but she relaxed when she saw that it was Derek who was finally back.

"How long does it take to go to the bathroom?" she demanded.

"Long line," Derek sighed.

He leaned over and kissed Meredith on the head. Meredith cringed slighty, still feeling very claustrophobic."Do you know how much I freaking hate airports?" Meredith spat.

Derek chuckled. "Don't worry. We will get onto the plane soon enough Mer."

Meredith groaned. "Like that's any better?" she muttered sarcastically. "I really don't understand why I agreed to go on this vacation!"

Derek put his hands on either side of Meredith's face and turned her to look at him. "You agreed to go on this vacation because it will be fun. You me, Mark, Lexie, Cristina and Owen, and Karev. I still don't understand why Karev is coming but I understand why we are. Just imagine, an entire week with a hotel room just to ourseleves," Derek chuckled.

Meredith but back a smile. She sighed and leaned her head against Derek's shoulder. "Alex is coming because he needs to get his mind off of things," Meredith sighed. "Izzie broke his heart, and it's still broken and he won't admit it!"

"Yeah, having a hotel room all to himself will remind him of the fact that he isn't lonely?" Derek said sarcastically.

Mereidht rolle dher eyes. "He's sharing a hotel room with Jackson," she said. "Duh!"

"Avery is coming?" Derek asked, shocked. "Since when?"

"Since two days ago. I caught him reading a bridal magazine and getting choked up and I decided he needed to get out a little bit."

"Well don't you think you should have told me?" Derek asked. "And everyone else?"

"Everyone else knows," Meredith sighed, looking back at her book. "And I did tell you when I came home the other night."

"I probably fell asleep," Derek murmured, thinking back. "I was exausted."

Meredith giggled and turned back to her book.

"I cannot believe you are making me do this!" a voice boomed from the other side of the room.

Meredith looked up and a smiled lit her face. "Finally," she whispered." Cristina!" she called, standing up to get a better view. "Cristina!"

Owen was holding Cristina by the wrist and dragging her towards them. Criswtina had an angry look on her face. Her eyes were narrowed, her nostrils flaring. "I could be cutting people open right now! I could be in surgery heaven! But no! I am stuck going to Hawaii, sitting on a beach and 'relaxing' and not being able to wo0rk for an entire week!"

"You know," Owen pointed out. "Most people enjoy that."

Crisitna paused for a moment before yanking her hand from Owen's and stomping over to Meredith. "Hey, Mrs. Happy," Derek teased. "Meet Mrs. Happy number two."

"Lame joke Shepherd," Cristina grumbled.

"Ignore him," Meredith mumbled, eyeing Derek angrily.

Cristina quickly spuna round to Owen. "I could be holding a scalpal right now."

"I could be doing alot of things I want to right now, but I'm not," Owen said suggestively.

Cristina rolled her eyes and turned away. "Where's Alex, Jackson, Lexie and Mark?" Crisitna asked.

"Lexie's getting breakfast. Mark is getting breakfast," Derek explained. "Karev moped all the way to some shop over there to buy a magazine, and I didn't even know htat Avery was coming."

Cristina nodded and sighed.

"Flight 242 is now boarding. Flight 242 is now boarding," a voice echoed through the speakers.

"That's us," Derek said and stood up.

Owen and Derek had huge smiles on their faces. "It will be fun," Derek whispered in Meredith's ear as he walked past her.

Meredith smiled a little bit and tried to convince herself of that one fact. This would be fun.

Owen threw his arms around Cristina's shoulder and they walked over to the line to wait to get onto the plane.

Meredith noticed Lexie and Mark jogging over to them. Alex and Jackson were right behind them.

"And now everyone's here," Derek murmrued.

"Oh hell no!" a voice suddenly gasped form behind them.

All of the doctor's eyes widened as they slowly turned to find Miranda Bailey standing there. "And here I was thinking I would finally get some time to myself," she mumbled. "Yet the hwole team is coming to Hawaii as well!"

"Nise to see you too Miranda," Mark said as he and Lexie stepped into line.

After his ticket and passport were checked, Alex was allowed into the airplane. He walked inside, hanging his head.

He didn't want to do this. This was something that would have been fun had Izzie not left him. This was something he would want to do with her.

But she wasn't here, and she had left him, and this vacation was going to suck.

"Cheer up," Lexie murmured as she passed him onto the plane.

Alex didn't respond. He just found his seat and sat in it without a word.

"This is going to be so much fun!" Lexie smiled as she passed Meredith.

"Yay," Meredith cheered, expressionlessly.

Lexie just kept on smiling as she went to her seat. She sat down next to a young couple who were looking as happy as could be.

"Hello," Lexie said as she sat down.

"Hi," the woman said sweetly.

The man extended his hand. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Andrew," he said.

"I'm Natalie," the girl next to him said.

"Lexie," Lexie responded. "So why are you guys going to Hawaii?"

"Honeymoon," Natalie beamed.

"Congradulations," Lexie said.

Meredith sat through most of the plane ride quietly. She finished her book, looked at a magazine, took a nap.

She was bored but the hours passed by quickly enough.

Mereidth awoke to Derek nudging her. It was night time already. "Buckle your seatbelt," he said. "The pilot just put the sign up for it. The ride's getting kind of bumpy."

"Okay," Meredith said, doing as Derek told her.

She rested her head against Derek's shoulder and closed her eyes again.

Suddenly the airplane sifted and jolted. Meredith gaspedand heard other poeple doing the same thing. Her eyes snapped open.

"Woah," Derek whispered.

"That was weird," Meredith started. "This is why I don't like-

She was cut off as the plane jerked again. Meredith straighter in her seat. The plane hit anotehr bump and this time it was even harder than the last. Air masks fell down in front of them and panic rose in Meredith immediately.

"Derek!" she squeaked, grabbing at the mask dangling in front of her.

Her eyes were wide and her breathing was coming short. Derek pulled his mask on quickly and then grabbed Meredith's hand in his tightly.

There was a loud scream from somwhere and she could hear someone yell, "What's happening?"

Another voice was screaming Owen's name again and again.

The plane suddenly jerked forwards harder than the last time and there was a squeal as a peice of the plane tore off and the air came rushing in.

Meredith screamed against the face mask.

She hardly nnoticed as a suit case fell from over head and made contact with her skull.

Her vision went blurry and warm liquid was dripping down the side of her face.

Everything went black.

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