(Carly's P.O.V) I walked down stairs "hey Freddie what's up?" I said happily "oh thank god Carly remember when you said I owe you one?" Freddie said "oh no what did you do" Sam came barging in "who took my meat" Sam said angrily Freddie bumped Carly "oh um yeah funny story I had to take your meat because it is um unhealthy for you" I said thinking in my head Sam don't care about her health "since when do I and you care about my health" Sam said angrily "um Freddie did it" carly ran away "what no i-I um it was for good reasons" Freddie said then ran away but sam followed and tackled him "ahh Sam get off" Freddie yelled I walked towards them "ok break it up you two" Sam stood up "why did you take her meat in the firs place?" I said "yeah why freddork" Sam said "she crashed my computer" "meat is way more important than a stupid computer" Sam said "is not" Freddie said "is to" Sam argued "ok guys don't start you to cant go at least two weeks without arguing" carly said "so" sam and Freddie said "ok I bet you guys couldn't go a day without fighting" I said with a smirk on my face knowing that sam wont back down from a bet "says you I can do anything if moneys involved mama needs her meat" sam said smiling "so are you if Freddie?" I said smiling "if it means not getting tackled I'm in" Freddie said smirking "ok we all put in 50 bucks" I said grabbing my brothers wallet pulling money out placing it on the table "I don't have mines write now ill have it later" sam said "of course you don't" Freddie said placing his down "so carly can I borrow 50 dollars?" sam asked "what no" carly said

At school I walked up to sam "hey sam" I said smiling "here's the 50" sam gave it to carly Spencer came running in "ok who took my money out of my wallet" Spencer said out of breath "oh um I gave it to a hobo he really needed it" I said shuddering "oh I was planning on using half of that money to go to a movie" Spencer said "what movie cost 25 dollars" I asked "a very good one" Spencer shouted "ok here's 25 dollars ill give you the other half later" I said "ok good" Spencer ran off "hey guys" Freddie said "hey freddork" sam said "hey remember our little bet" I said "you said no fighting as you can see I'm not fighting" sam said "yeah she has a point" Freddie said "hey I was trying to stand up for you and thanks the thanks I get and since when do you agree with sam" I said shocked "yeah that was kind of strange" sam said the bell rung "ill see you guys after class" Freddie said walking off to class sam an carly did the same "see ya" they all said to each other

Hours later "hey guys" Freddie said to carly and sam "I'm going to install something upstairs" Freddie said "ok" I said "so how are you holding up on this bet" I asked sam "its kind of easy actually" sam said "really" I asked "no its killing me you have to help me" sam said "your on your own" I said smiling "can I at least spit in his food" sam asked "what eww you're a monster" I said "hey guys were on in 10 minutes" Freddie yelled from upstairs "OK" I yelled back really load "do you have a thing for Freddie" I asked sam "umm no who would have a thing for Freddork" sam said with a disgust face "you said umm you had to think about it?" I said to sam "I'm just messing with you carls now lets go before we be late" sam said running upstairs "yeah ok" I followed After the show "I'm exhausted" sam said sitting on a couch "tell me a bout it" Freddie said "ok I'm going to the bathroom" I said walking away "so sam what's up" Freddie said sitting next to her "nothing just well nothing" sam sighed "is there something wrong" Freddie asked sam "well I like this guy but I don't want to tell anyone about it" sam said Freddie chuckled you like a guy" Freddie smirked "whatever I'm leaving" sam stood up Freddie did the same "I'm sorry sam I didn't mean what I said" Freddie said "then why did you say it" Freddie waited "maybe I'm je-" carly came "what's up guys" "nothing I have to go" sam and Freddie said and walked off "ok see you guys later" I said smiling Freddie and sam walked out the door "I'm sorry sam" Freddie said and kissed sam on the cheek sam's eyes widen as Freddie walked away sam touched her cheek and walked away in shock

The next day "hey girls" Freddie said approaching them as they walked to school "hey" carly said sam continued walking confused looking at the ground "sam are you ok" I asked her "yeah so Freddie how are you today?" sam asked with a smile "I'm good what about you" Freddie asked "um that's strange" carly said "what's strange" sam and Freddie said "well sam since when do you call Freddie by his name and when do you ask how he's been and were you smiling at him?" I asked confused "I don't know is it a crime to ask how my friend is?" sam asked carly Freddie smiled "did you jus call him your friend I know he is but you never call you're your friend" I said shocked "I don't know I guess I'm trying to be more nicer now until the bet is over" sam said "no I like when your mean so stay that way ok" I asked sam "ok Carls" sam said "Freddie quiet back there" I said "oh yeah lets go inside" Freddie said and they walked inside "ok ill see you guys after class" they walked off to class

Hours later at carly's house "I'm gonna go through mayonnaise at someone's car anyone want to come?" sam asked "yeah sure" Freddie said "wow you do" sam and carly asked "yeah why not" Freddie said "ok I'm going to mess with Spencer" carly said as sam and Freddie walked out the door "ok bye" they both said "so who is this guy you said you like" Freddie said "I cant tell you" sam responded "ok well whoever he is he's a lucky guy" Freddie said as sam blushed "thank you" sam said to Freddie "so what letter do his name start with" Freddie asked "the beginning letter of his first name start with a F and the last starts with a well I'm gonna keep that a secret" sam said smiling "ok" Freddie said