The Well-Dressed Slayer

Summary: What is the perfect attire for slaying? Rory Gilmore isn't sure.

Warning: I don't know; maybe language and innuendo somewhere along the way.

Timeline: Not really specific for BtVS, but obviously before season 4 of Gilmore Girls. AU in that Luke and Lorelai have already gotten together and are very happy, thank you very much!

Challenge: none that I can find; if you see one that matches, please let me know.

A/N: From an idea that some kids gave me because of a conversation over a clip-on tie vs a real one.

Thanks to my betas: none, I couldn't subject them to this crackfic.

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Chapter 1: Outfitting the Slayer

The Crapshack

Rory Gilmore, the newly-Called Slayer, stood in the middle of her bedroom, trying to think of what to wear for her first patrol.

Jeans would be good for durability, but would they hinder her movement too much?

Same thing for wearing a jacket, but the jacket would have the added bonus of pockets to put her holy water, crosses and stakes in.

Then there was the question of footwear…tennis shoes would be easier to run in, but she could use high heels as weapons – as Taylor found out one day when he tried to bother her mother during a Founder's Day party.

Finally, what should she do about her hair? Leaving it loose would let it flip in her way. On the other hand, wearing a ponytail would give the vampires something to grab, and that didn't sound pleasant.

"Mom!" she cried out, giving up. "I need help getting my outfit together before Buffy and Mr. Giles get here! I don't want to look like I don't know what I'm doing!"

Lorelai Gilmore, mother to the newly-Called Slayer, sashayed into the disaster room that was usually impeccably clean. This looked like her room, not Rory's. "But you don't know what you're doing; that's what this training patrol is for," she reminded her nervous child.

If it weren't for them telling her that going with would put her baby in more danger, Lorelai would be picking out her own outfit right then. As it was, she was getting the first aid kit ready – which she really hoped was unnecessary – while Sookie prepared after-patrol snacks. No surprise, but Luke was busy carving stakes out on the porch.

But back to the issue at hand…picking the perfect outfit. Thankfully, that was something Lorelai was a master at. Or would that be mistress? Ooo, dirty! She'd have to remember that for later, when she and Luke had a moment alone.

Glancing quickly at all the piles of clothes, she quickly snatched the cargo pants Rory got for building houses with Habitat for Humanity. Since the night was a bit chilly, she also grabbed a long-sleeved, v-neck shirt and a jean jacket that she made special for her baby girl when she found out about this slaying thing. It looked like one of those street vendor's, except for places to put jewelry, this had loops for the stakes Luke was carving.

"These should work," Lorelai said with an air of authority. "For tonight, why don't you wear tennis shoes; we can practice on you fighting with high-heeled boots when it isn't life and death. We'll French-braid your hair to keep it out of the way, but it won't give the baddies something to grab. For an accent you can use, we'll put some mini-stakes in the back through the braid."

Rory stared at her mom in awe. "You've done it again! I get why you were able to put together a great date outfit, but a slaying outfit?"

The slightly older, but still young enough to be cool, Gilmore shrugged, "Same principles apply as with a dating outfit, you just have different functions with this."

"And she asked Buffy earlier," Sookie chipped in from the kitchen.

"Sookie!" Lorelai snapped in mock anger. "That was our little secret so Rory would think I was wonderful!"

Hugging her mom as tightly as she could without breaking her, Rory exclaimed, "You are wonderful! How many moms would ask what their daughter should wear, much less make a jacket specially-designed for slaying?"

Just then, the doorbell rang and Rory raced to answer it. "Hi Buffy…Mr. Giles. You remember my mom; this is her boyfriend, Luke, and her best friend, Sookie," she introduced all the adults.

Giles shook the man's hand, and commented, "You can call me Rupert." Seeing Lorelai's amused look, he quickly added, "Or Giles, if you prefer."

"If you're lucky, you may get to call him Ripper," Buffy chirped, unconcerned about the glare he sent her way. "Or maybe that's unlucky 'cause he only gets that way when he's really angry or magicked up on spelled candy."

Leaning over, Giles stage-whispered, "You really shouldn't talk, Cave-Buffy." When she blushed, he looked quite pleased with himself. "Now that that's over with, are you ready, Rory?"

Buffy gave her trainee-Slayer a detailed examination, gesturing for the young girl to turn around so she could get the full picture. Lorelai had her open the jacket so they could put a bunch of stakes in. The veteran Slayer was impressed that Lorelai had thought to put 'caps' so the stakes wouldn't hang freely; that was just asking for trouble – like in the respect of being jabbed with her own stake.

"Very nice," Buffy declared. "We'll be back in a few hours. Oh, your cellphone is fully-charged, right Rory?"

Rory nodded, and gave her mother and friends another hug before following Buffy and Giles to the car.

Sookie called out before the engine started, "Don't forget I made snacks for later!"

"I thought you were bad at keeping your identity a secret," Giles said to his Slayer, his tone teasing. "Rory is going to have the entire town helping her by the end of the week if this keeps up."

Buffy smiled back at Rory so the teenager would know they weren't really angry. She was told the dangers of letting too many people know, and if she felt those two were trustworthy, then they were trustworthy – at least until they proved otherwise. "At least we're getting snacks out of the deal."

"Oh, and they'll be the best snacks you've ever had," Rory promised, relieved she wasn't already in trouble with her trainers. "Thanks for telling my mom what I should wear; I couldn't make any decisions. It was almost as bad as the first time I got dressed for a guy."

"You should get the benefit of my years of experience. Sadly, the old Slayer's handbook said nothing about clothing choices," Buffy replied, glaring lightly at her Watcher.

Giles felt the need to defend the Watchers Council, even though he knew it was a losing battle, "That is because the Slayers never worried about looking fashionable for dancing afterward."

"Their loss," was the flippant reply.

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