Glass Imitation

In the darkness of the empty apartment, only vague shapes of city lights illuminated the single glass pane from across from the window. They caused eerie refractions and distortions as they shuddered and morphed between shapes and colours – neon pinks and elliptical shapes that floated around with no sense of direction. They almost looked like fireflies – misshapen, colourful fireflies.

Cool fingers touched silver ice, dancing lightly across its surface. A girl was smiling on the other side, her lips a frozen shade of crimson. She had wild, black hair like crudely hung drapes and eyes that were a fiery blaze of deep, deep red. She reached out to touch the cold surface from the other side. The two's fingers met.

The boy opposite of her grinned, baring dagger-like canines. It was an expression of pure malice, etching its way across his face in a garishly grotesque manner. Her soft lips formed an identical smile, eyes twinkling with scarlet excitement. She shifted coyly as though to beckon him closer. Of course, he was already as close to her as he could be. He could feel how cold she was as he pressed his forehead against hers.

He raised his hand to caress her cheek, but her hand followed his. Her palms were pressed insistently against his, refusing him to come any closer. He dared to mock pout; she did the same in sore mimicry.

He had just about given up, letting out a sigh as he watched his breath turn to fog and cling to the transparent surface, when he noticed her doing the same. His smile turned cunning as he inched closer. His lips met hers with little resistance. Her eyes shimmered and she returned his quiet kiss, claret pupils glowing with fascination. Her lips were icy and stiff like a rose dipped in liquid nitrogen – frail and brittle too.

He separated from her, letting his own ebony hair brush against hers as he walked away. He turned to wave and she did the same.

Orihara Izaya left with a smile on his face.

As did Kanra.

Selfcest makes the world go 'round. ...At least in Izaya's case, but I digress...