It wasn't long before I had to go stay with Jared and Paul actually I left the house before Sam and Emily did. I sighed as I sat on the couch of their living room. I looked around and tried to hold my breath for as long as I could but every now and then I would have to breathe and then I would smell the odor.

I looked around at the filthy living room; sadly it was the cleanest room out of all the others. I sighed again I was ordered not to leave the house and was not allowed to see Jacob.

I still had heard nothing from Benjamin and a small part of me wanted me to but the other part knew it would create problems. Black had disappeared and I knew he be gone for a while. Although he still lurks out there somewhere, planning in silence. Benjamin was right though, his powers, never heard any one being able to turn them self-invisible. I knew in time he would learn to turn his sent invisible as well if he wasn't stopped.

"Did someone order take out?" Paul said as he walked through the door bringing me out of my thoughts.

"I hope you weren't bored." Jared said with a smile. I just smiled back and went to see what they got.

I sighed as my head hit the pillow. Apparently I wasn't allowed to sleep in the living room (Sam orders) and I had to sleep in Jared's room. I laid there for hours. Finally I got an idea and found no reason to why I couldn't go for a walk… So I got up not making a noise and went down the stairs to find Jared past out on the couch with the door wide open.

This is way too easy I said to myself and within a couple of minutes I found myself inside the forest walking to Jacobs. On the way there I found a couple of deer turning my eyes a beautiful gold. I walked to his window, finding it wide open. What is up with these people leaving stuff open! I through myself through the window, landing on Jacob. I covered his mouth knowing he be startled and put my finger to my lips. He smiled and looked at me. I tipped my head towards the window and he got the hint.

Soon Jacob and I were hand in hand walking to the cliff.

"How'd you get out of the house?" Jacob asked.

I snorted "Jared and Paul aren't very good at watching someone. I got out the same way I got in your room. They left the door wide open." I said.

Jacob laughed and looked at me "Are you sure you're feeling fine?"

I stopped and looked at him and held the bridge of my nose giggling a little.

Jacobs POV

I watched Nickie and honestly I didn't find anything funny. It was a simple question? I looked at my love and the way she was standing and holding the bridge of her nose. She reminded me of Edward. I wouldn't tell her that. At least not now, she was acting like the real Nickie. Not having a care in the world and smiling at everything.

She hasn't been like this in quite a while and I missed it. I felt special that she could act like this around me.

"Love it's been almost a month since the accident, I feel fine" I said.

"One that wasn't an accident, it was a kidnapping. Two you could still be in an immense amount of pain." I said with a smiled.

"Well I'm fine. " She said with a roll over her eyes as we sat down three feet away from the ledge of the cliff, looking out to the sea.

Nickies POV

I rested my head on Jacobs shoulder as he wrapped his arms around me. I looked at the cliff and remembered when Bella told me about her cliff diving experience. Then I had another brilliant idea.

I smiled and went to the cliff.


"Jacob lets go for a swim." I said seductively as I began to unbutton my red, green and black checkered shirt.

"Nicole ...I'm sorry but…"

I cut Jacob off as I pulled my jeans down revealing my butt cheeks since I was wearing the thong Rosalie gave me and to be honest they actually felt pretty comfortable. I looked out at the moon. I turned to look at Jacob who was speechless looking at my body. With wearing only a white bra and thong I dove in to the icy cold sea.

As I came up to surface I took a deep breath from the shock of the cold water and heard a splash of water come from the right of me. I look up to the cliff and didn't see anyone. I looked around for Jacob but couldn't find him.


I looked around but no sign.

"Love come up."

Still no sign.

"Jacob please this isn't funny."

I felt fear build up in my heart, a long with worry.

"Jacob! Jacob! Ja-"I was suddenly pulled under water. I kicked and pushed and went back up to surface…..with Jacob.

"You stupid jerk!" I yelled and pushed him away from me. He just laughed at me and swam over to me wrapping me in his arms.

"Come on babe it was just a joke. I didn't mean to make you upset. "He said as he put his chin on my shoulder. A smile crept onto my face and before Jacob could even tell, I turned around and pushed Jacobs head under water. Soon he came back as startled as I did when I was yanked under. It wasn't long before me and Jacob had an all-out water fight. Tired and breathing hard we retired to the shore where I laid on my back as he hung over me. He leaned in for the kiss…

"Uh hem "Came voice from above.

We turned our head to see Jared and Paul above us with the arms folded looking perfectly like a scolding Sam.

"Get up and put your dam cloths on." Paul said through clenched teeth as Jared through our clothes at our face. I grabbed my cloths and ran to the forest as Paul and Jared look the other way. I could hear Paul and Jared arguing with Jacob and Jacob yelling back. I emerged from the forest only to be taken by my arm by Jared with Paul right behind. I was nervous as hell.

Being lead home by the two tallest buffest boys looking like a five- year-old who was about to be spanked was not the position I wanted to be in. If anything I wanted to be in the same position I was in before me and Jacob were rudely interrupted.

I was led into the house and Jared turned me to look at him.

"You better be lucky Paul talked me out of what I planned to do to you when I found you." I looked up at him with big eyes.

"Nickie." I turned around to look at Paul who had a phoned extended out to me.

"Sam wants to speak to you."