"I love you." the bluenette says with tears running down her face, as she jumps to the twin tailed girl. Giving her a kiss that lasts only a second before she is pushed away. The purple haired girl then takes out her sword from her sheath, preparing for battle.

Roughly five to four months prior.

"Kagami the great!" the otaku says while the so called 'Kagami the great' is shocked that her friend is calling her that.

" Konata, that was just a joke, stop calling me that." with her patience low with the midget. Konata on the other hand can go on all day. She just loves messing with the taller girl, especially when there are all those witnesses.

"Oh,Kagami the great, that wouldn't be fun." her expression was a lot less of what she expected. "So, speaking of lunch, lets go to the class room now."

"But we were- let's just go."she didn't want to even try to argue with the girl's logic, and went to the class room. The walk over consisted of Konata's teasing, Kagami's blushing, and also her trying to come up with a clever comeback. When they got to the class room, Tsukasa and Miyuki have already set up the table from desks. They all started to eat once they sat down.

"Time in class seems to go by too slow." Konata says munching on her choco cornet. Thinking of the past few days where the classes felt too long. Along with the agony she felt during said classes. "Even when I fall asleep, and when it feels like I've been sleeping too long, I wake up. Only to realize I have been sleeping only for a few minutes."

"Really?" the younger twin said, "I feel like the classes are going too fast, and I get lost." Miyuki has nothing to say in this conversation. So she just listens and eats her eel.

" I have the same deal. Classes go by fast." Kagami the Great says, "but for me I understand every thing." jealousy filled the atmosphere.

One long school day later.

Our heroine goes home, and what else does she do besides Otaku mode central. Randomly she decides to go to bed early... even for a normal person. Even she thinks it is entirely out of her character. Well, as a author I have to come up with a reason for this strange behavior, just to let you know it was an out side supernatural force. Because that is the only thing that will be able to do THAT.

Her eyes darted open. To see a bright light floating over her. Stranger yet, it was humanoid, staring at her.

"I have a lot to explain, but with your perception I will have plenty of time."


Konata: Crazy Huh?