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"Carry me," commanded Grell, stretching his arms out to Undertaker. He twisted his pretty pink lips into a grin and waited for the older teen to hug him. Since William ni-chan was no where to be found and Grell was at the special age of two, he waited and waited until his mustard eyes welled up with bloody tears and he started to bawl.

"Awww come here," Undertaker crooned, picking up the little toddler, "look at the funny face~ Look at the funny face~" He repeated, finishing up some tedious book work that came with owning a supernatural daycare. Of course it wasn't as bad as when he started, when the only nanny was William and he refused to associate himself with the demon and angel babies. After spreading the word of community service and part-time jobs, the blood hound teenagers came rushing in, from punky angels to preppy demons to geeky Shinigami the army of nannies was formed. But once the clock struck midnight and all the babies were picked up, the army disappeared faster than a plate of doomed souls. Even with his newfound nanny army, more hands were still needed. It was times like this when he wished for the Furies: Tisiphone, Megaera, and Alecto.

"Wish for whom?" William, who returned from the Shinigami academy, asked. He held his clipper scythe in one hand and a packaged wrapped in bright red in the other. Grell squealed and squirmed out of Undertaker's arms; Willy was back!

"Willyaaaam~!" Grell squealed again, rushing into William's arms. William scooped him up and twirled the toddler around before putting him down.

"I missed you too! Here, I got this from a nice market lady," but Grell was already peeling the package and playing with the bright wrapping it came in.

"How was the Shinigami academy? Did you enjoy the summer program?" Undertaker inquired, closing the giant book of baby names.

"They have nothing left to teach me," William bragged, "but you still haven't answered my question: what were you wishing for?"

"The Furies, oh arrogant one," Undertaker told him, "oh how I wish they were helping us right now."

"The Furies, "William repeated, looking over at Grell who discovered another red dress for his wardrobe collection. The Furies were as powerful as demons, but didn't waste any second of their power. It was rumored they tortured souls for their amusement and detested any angel, Shinigami, or demon.

"I know that look," Undertaker said, snapping his fingers in front of William's face, "but you, master of the Shinigami arts, can't possibly believe the rumors that surround these beautiful women? I met them one day after detention, when my professors had forgotten me in Purgatory. At that time, they were still grieving their son, Sebastian Michaelis." William almost dropped his clipper scythe, almost. But a deep red settled beneath his glasses and warmed his cheeks. Undertaker giggled and placed his fingers on the young boy's cheek.

"Michaelis is still alive," William retorted, gingerly rubbing his cheeks, "how can The Furies grieve for him? And if the Furies are such great babysitters, why did their son cause the Bubonic plague?"

"William T. Spears if I ever hear you bad mouth Bubonic plagues I will personally make sure you get sent to Purgatory," Undertaker admonished, "now sit. Come here Grell and sit with Willy ni-chan, I have a tale for you two."

"Stowee time!" Grell happily raced to the wooden barrels William and Undertaker were sitting on and raised his arms up. William picked him up and seated the toddler on his lap, both of the young boys turning to face the older teen.

"Sebastian Michaelis was born to a mortal woman long before Mme Rosso Corsa had her cherry popped," Grell and William, who didn't know what a cherry was yet, only nodded in agreement.

"Yep, it seems like only yesterday the mortal woman was trying to get rid of Sebastian so she could keep her job at the brothel…

"I'm sure you have room in this giant house of yours for one little baby! He doesn't eat much, and I promise as he gets older I will send him money for all his expenses!" The woman pleaded, extending the black bundle out to the family that answered the door she rung. The door was softly slammed shut, and the thick curtains at the window were closed shut. She slouched, this was the last house left to ask in town.

No one was willing to help a woman, especially one who "stole" husbands and ruined women's already demeaning status. And those who wanted the baby were interested in the coins the barbarians would exchange; after all, baby sacrifices had to done or the Gods would be terrifying angry and send a mysterious plague.

Her baby, christened Sebastian after she gave birth to him in a run-down church, seemed to be surrounded by a mysterious plague himself. He didn't cry in pain when he entered the cold world, and his appearance was almost god-like. He had alabaster white skin and a head full of thin jet-black hairs. His face was slightly chubby, but nothing about it resembled his mother's crooked nose or sunken cheekbones. His eyes were brown, but against the sunlight reflected an ominous ruby tint to them. And he was always hungry, an insatiable thirst her two engorged breasts couldn't seem to fill. In her misery, she fell to her knees in the town's dirt square and cursed to the Gods for giving her a useless existence and an undesirable son.

"Quite pathetic if you ask me," Alecto, the first fury, coolly analyzed.

The woman looked up, she had heard.

Only the dead can hear or see the Furies.

"Wh-Who are you?" The woman looked around, bringing baby Sebastian closer to her chest.

"OHHH… gimmie, gimmie, gimme!" Megaera, the second fury, whined, pulling Sebastian out of his mother's arms. "I've never held a mortal baby before, on account a soul cannot be born into the Furies' arms."

The woman fell to her knees once more, mouthing words that refused to be voiced. She reached for Sebastian, but the second Fury pushed her down with her leather sandal.

"Oh come on!" Megaera told the woman, her sandal pressing onto the woman's cheek. "First you try to sell him off to the townspeople and how you want him back? Make up your mind, it's not like you have much of a choice anymore."

"Shut up Megaera," the third Fury, Tisiphone, commanded, walking over to the scene. She bent down; her face was only a few inches from Sebastian's mother. Blood trickled from each eye socket, though Tisiphone's eyes were perfectly fine. The woman swallowed apprehensively, she knew what would be coming next.

"The dead don't belong in the world of the living," Tisiphone said, grabbing the woman's arms, "it's time to say good-bye." Sebastian's mother peered into the black blanket her son was wrapped in one last time. His eyes were wide-open and his tiny pink lips opened and closed like a fish out of water. Just as her index finger and his hand were about to touch, Tisiphone pushed Sebastian's mother into a portal straight to the Underworld.

Sebastian's mother didn't cry, though nine portals of hell were waiting below.

"Poor fool," Alecto added, closing up the portal Tisiphone opened. "Where will the child be placed?"

"HE'S MINE~" Shrieked Megaera, clutching Sebastian in her bony arms.

"Get rid of it," Alecto ordered, "you know we cannot have any ties to the world of the living."

"Tisiphone, tell Alecto I can keep him. Tell her! Tell her! Tell her!" Megaera excitedly requested, "look how cute and strong and healthy he is! I promise I'll feed him every single day and change his diaper and sing him to sleep and-"

"Shut up!" Alecto yelled, gnawing on her raw lip. "Tisiphone, you know we cannot have any ties to-"

"Doomed for eternity to be cursed by the Furies," Tisiphone lamented, snatching Sebastian from Megaera. "Now listen well you two, this baby is not connected to the world of the living. The bitch that gave birth to him was his only connection, and now it's gone. Ladies, we have a demon spawn in our clutches now~" She breathed her foul breath on the baby, instantly feeding his insatiable thirst for damned souls. She burped him after he was full on souls and gave him to Megaera who was dying to rock him to sleep. Alecto only gripped her rusty shield tighter and with her two other sisters walked the long way home to the Underworld.

"And this is home baby Sebastian," Megaera pointed out to the dozing demon, "and over there is Cerberus. Here boy! Who's my good puppy-dog?" Cerberus dropped his colossal mammoth bone and howled at the top of his lungs.

"Megaera you idiot! Cerberus hunts demons remember?" Alecto yelled, standing in front of Cerberus' path. The dog immediately rolled over and waited eagerly for Alecto to tickle him.

"Stupid mutt," She muttered, tickling Cerberus and avoiding slobber from his three mouths, "though not as stupid as Megaera."

"What was that?" Megaera innocently asked.

"Find the brat a cradle or crib to sleep in," Alecto replied, patting Cerberus' heads.

"Oh right, we need a crib and diapers and a baby sitter and a-"

"And I think I should take the little one to our house," Tisiphone offered, "You and Alecto are in charge of finding everything the baby needs." Alecto and Megaera only nodded and began their journey back to the world of the living.

Two years later….

Sebastian's demonic appearance could no longer be hidden from the external world. His once brown eyes were completely ruby now, and flashed black whenever he was angry. All ten of his finger nails were black, as well as his ten little toenails. His stereotypical horns and tail had yet to come, but it wouldn't be long. It was time to take him to Lucifer.

"My baby will not go to that monster," Megaera protested, changing Sebastian into a black tunic with a grey rope tied around his belly. She stroked his mat of jet-black hair into a mess and watched him play with the trail of blood from her eye sockets.

"We aren't giving him to the angel, Megaera. That light bearer insists we bring the child over for him to see. He reigns over us and we've evaded his invitation long enough."

Lucifer wasn't so bad at handling Sebastian. He gave the little demon a bottle of souls from his personal collection and played a never-ending game of peek-a-boo with him. When it was time to go, Lucifer insisted that they bring the boy more often and promptly ripped open the baby's back.

"You promised you wouldn't hurt him!" Raged Megaera, "Why did you do that?" Lucifer looked up, and sure enough, Sebastian was up there. He was doing aerial stunts and swooping down like a midnight bat.

"Like I said, bring him more often down here. The reason he isn't maturing like other demons is his easy-going lifestyle up in the underworld. Here in the lowest pit of hell, even the most innocent of creatures can turn…." Tisiphone raised her arm and shook her head, she heard enough. The three sisters turned and walked away, with baby Sebastian flying overhead.

"I abhor angels," Alecto declared when they were back home in the Underworld, "especially fallen angels. I swear they're more demonic than…I can't even find anything else more evil than they are."

"Certainly not our little Sebastian," Megaera cooed, twirling his locks around. He cocked a grin and flew out of his wooden high chair, twirling in mid air with his soft black wings. He grew tired and fell into the arms of Tisiphone, who kissed his forehead and placed him back on his high chair.

"If only he would talk…."

"Say "Mama"!" Megaera pleaded, "Maaa-maaa!" It was a week since their visit to Lucifer's and all three were anxious to get Sebastian talking. His usual apathetic look was replaced with a sleepy look, he was bored.

"Say "Mother" you son of a bitch," Alecto called out from the living room. She ignored Megaera's dirty looks and repeated, "Say "Mother" you son of a bitch. Muh-thur."

"Milk," He pointed sleepily to the bottle in Tisiphone's hand, "meeealk."

The next thing on Megaera's list of accomplishments for baby Sebastian was to find his career from the future. While silly Alecto was trying to potty-train Sebastian and silly Tisiphone was teaching him manners from the world of the living, Megaera was trying to be a good parent and have a plan for their offspring.

"Cult leader? That can wait for the twentieth century. Murderer? He's a demon so no doubt he'll be killing a few pretty girls for their souls. Philosopher? No way in Hell. I will not have a bum for a son. This is hard, Tisiphone help me! Help me Alecto this is too hard!"

"What are you trying to do? Predict the twenty-first century? Please brush Sebastian's hair, he woke up knotty this morning," Tisiphone ordered, followed by a short laugh from Alecto.

"But this is important! If we don't decide now, Sebastian will hate us when he's older."

"Decide on what? Is this about his future thing?" Alecto complained.

"Damn right," Megaera retorted, "now which is better, demon pimp or demon ho?"

"Neither," Tisiphone and Alecto both replied.

Sebastian's attention was suddenly drawn to a faraway object lying on the floor. It was curled into a ball, and pure white with a blotch of black on its back. He poked it, and the ball unfolded to reveal a kitty. It was a knitted kitten with beady eyes and yarn for whiskers and a small pink tongue. Sebastian squealed and jumped up and down before picking up the kitty and pressing it against his chubby cheek. His three guardians witnessed everything and smiled, they knew what the boy would grow up to be.

"A kitten lover? He's nothing but a low-life, good-for-nothing arrogant demon!" William exclaimed. The Undertaker only smiled and took Grell, who had fallen asleep, to his crib.

"They're all cute," Undertaker merely replied, "even if they grow up to be good-for-nothing low-life arrogant demons!"

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