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"Most people think Time is like a river, that flows swift and sure in one direction but I have seen the face of time and can tell you they are wrong. Time is like an ocean in a storm, you may wonder who I am and why I say this ,sit down and I will tell you a tale like none that you have ever heard. Know, first, that I am the son of Shahraman, a mighty King of Persia.

On our way to Azad with a small company of men we passed through India... Where the promise of Honor and Glory tempted my father to a grievance hell, do you think I felt regret as I gazed upon the destruction we had brought or at least humility of the speed of which a world can be transformed from a good world into a hell, if you think that you are mistaken, from that moment I thought of one thing only, the honor and glory I would bring my father, by fighting like a warrior my first battle..." Prince of Persia: The Sand of Time Game

Tamina sat on the bed, looking straight at him. She was beautiful, her robes very much like the cream she wore during their adventures together. Her eyes, so fine, concealed secrets. Yet he had unveiled those secrets, secrets which even she knew not, he knew.

Dastan approached her, trying not to seem to eager. He recalled what he had though of this night. Their wedding night. He knew he would not force her into anything, not just yet. He would take time, to know her as before. As per both Alamutian and Persian traditions, they had not been allowed to talk to each other since their walk in the garden weeks ago.

But he had not been able to resist, climbing over the walls of her palace, till he had swung accidentally, into to her private chambers one night. They had talked then. Argued, that was more like it. Exchanging barbs. This Tamina still posessed her shrewd tongue. But a little by little, every night, as he climbed into her balcony, she would be waiting, though denying that. Slowly, they had gotten to know each other But the fateful night. On the eve of their wedding, a sudden awkward silence, it had led to this.

"Dastan, "she had said, suddenly determined, "I know you have used the Dagger."

He had been shocked, though it ought to have been expected. Tamina was observant, clever, beautiful. She would have found out. And yet, he hadn't expected this. Not on the eve of their wedding.

He had been about to deny it, but the look on her face silenced him. He had wondered, what made her reveal this that night, when she had spoken up.

"You knew Dastan. As a Guardian of the Dagger, I can sense your Fate tied to it." She paused. "You know your way around the palace, the secret temple. And it is not through your persian wiles. And I've seen how you look at me. At your family."

Her tone had turned gentle, and Tamina hadn't need to expound on what his expressions were. The relief that overcame him, every time he took in the faces of those he had watched die, it had to be obvious to the watchful eye.

"Dastan, I need to know what happened, to protect it, "he had looked at her, as she struggled with the words. "I feel as though I know you, Dastan. That, even beneath your warrior persona, and persian garb, I-I know you're a good man." Her tone had turned soft, and Dastan saw the hint of vulnerability. Immediately, he had reached out for her hands.

She had looked up at him, their faces close. "I need to know why."

He stroked her cheek, moving closer. Bracing himself, he had told her, "It is because you do. Or rather, you did." Her expression was collected, but Dastan felt her shock.

"Tamina, "he had refused to let go of her, "tomorrow, when we are wed, I shall tell you everything. Give me a day at the very least, to brace myself."

She had surveyed him closely, and nodded. He had leaned in, and kissed her forehead, before plunging down her balcony, flying off into the night.

And now, she sat there, his newly-wed wife, her eyes burning with curiosity. He had had time to be calm, and realised it was best. Through the long Alamutian rituals and a Persian wedding, the day had flown through, both of them near each other, but hard-pressed to talk.

He had reached the bed, and sat down heavily, turning away. Dastan felt Tamina inch closer, and her hand on his shoulder. She placed something in his hands. He looked down.

The Dagger. He was awed; he did not think she trusted him so much. He looked back at Tamina, who looked a little hesitant. He knew. She was wondering why she trusted him too.

He had to explain. "Tamina, I have seen the powers of this Dagger, I will not deny that." She nodded, holding on to his every word. He knew had to begin.

"Time." He couldn't help but utter. The air seemed to freeze with the tension, the sway of the trees stilled. The atmosphere was cold, while the Dagger almost glowed, almost as if it had sensed its importance. He looked at her expression. She understood.

"Time," he struggled to describe, "time is like a river, like an ocean in a storm." He knew not why he said those exact words, but it felt right all the same.

Dastan turned to her, She looked at him, as though calculating something. Tamina spoke, her voice soft, but there was a tone of scrutiny, almost to goad him. "Most people think time is like a river, that flows swift and sure in one direction."

"And that, it does not," he replied.

He closed his eyes, trying to gather his strength. Then he felt Tamina's hand one his, comforting him. It was the first gesture of comfort she'd ever shown. He couldn't help but smile a little, and looked at her.

"Dastan, the powers of the Sands are enough to drive a man mad. You have used them, and you can derive comfort from telling your tale."

"A tale, I fear, even you may not believe Tamina." He looked at her raised eyebrows, and smiled.

"Very well," he sighed, knowing not how to start. Tamina seemed to sense this.

"Tell me of the siege." She spoke. " I assume this is where it all quite started." Dastan nodded. She kept her eyes on him, and he leaned out to kiss her cheek, feeling her blush a little, but she did not lean back. A comfort, before anything.

Inhaling the scented night air of Alamut, he thus began.

"It was midnight, and our troops had gathered around your walls. Yet I decided to breach your walls. My men..."

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