sorry if it isn't very good, i don't usually write stories.

As the sky grew dark I started to Sienna's House. The streets glowed with light from the bright full moon positioned in the middle of the sky, looking down at the world. All of a sudden I felt a chill run through my body, and I turned around to notice a shadow moving across the road. I knew it wasn't mine, but whose shadow was it? It felt like somebody was following me.

I continued walking not having a care in the world to the person (or thing) following me.
'Sienna's house is only 500 metres away, so just keep walking and don't run!' I said underneath my breath.

The wind started to pick up and I felt a soft cold touch on my right leg then a sudden pull which had enough force to pull me to the ground. I didn't have enough strength to get myself back up, but what pulled me down? There is only myself here. I kept trying to pull myself up but I was too weak.
'The more you try, the harder it will get and the weaker you will be!' the voice was cold as they spoke into my ear.
I continued to struggle until I heard a sudden snap, it was a faint snap.

My legs now pinned to the middle of the road. As the moon's light shone directly on me, I noticed a dark shadow at my legs. It noticed the moons direct light and squirmed across to the darkness and out of eye contact. I leapt up onto my feet as quickly as I could and ran hoping whatever it was wouldn't come back and attack me.

Sienna was sitting on the stairs in front of her front door, with a worried look on her face. I paused and watched the emotion running through her mind and reflecting on her face. As I started heading up the stairs, Sienna had gone inside. I checked my watch and it was 11pm, I was really late to meet Sienna, we were meant to go out for dinner at 7. I turned back around and called dad to come pick me up so I didn't bother Sienna. I didn't want to walk home that night after what had happened just before, thank god dad's available to pick me up when I need him.

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