Hello, this is Solblight here. I'm a newcomer and this is my very first fanfic, so hopefully it will make a decent impression.

Alright, so I figured my first story would be about my favourite character of my favourite universe, Kirisame Marisa from Touhou.

Basically, it all spawned from a little thought: Marisa's often portrayed as (one of the) pimp(s) of Gensokyo. What if she was aware of it? And what if she did not like it, or was not open to the idea?

And so it develops from there. Enjoy.


Ch. 1: Old friendship, new angle

Kirisame Marisa was what you may call a "chick magnet", save for two glaring flaws with such a description.

One: She was a girl herself. A slightly scruffy, slender young girl with long blonde hair, deep gold eyes and an outfit reminiscent of witches in cartoons.

Two: The "chicks" drawn to here were not your average "babes". They were more on the "so powerful, you better not mess with them" side than on the spicy side. These included magicians youkai, vampires and of course, humans. It seemed that as long as you were a girl in Gensokyo (a/n: pfft…), you were drawn to her to some extent.

And mind you, Marisa was aware of this.

It was not as though she did not know. After all, Alice barely tried to hide her affection for the witch. Well, she still kept a cold, curt demeanour, but her act had already lost its effectiveness, and her recent snide remarks were more playful than snide. Patchouli was already openly welcoming her into her library. Flandre was openly declaring her love for Marisa (though her declarations are not meant to be taken seriously). Even Sakuya and Reimu's attitudes had changed around her. They had on separate occasions said that they had missed her, after she left town for a few weeks for her own personal matters.

And Marisa did not miss their prompt blushes after their confessions. (Though they both later stressed that they missed her in a friendly manner)

Well, they've only gotten friendlier, was what Marisa often reasoned to herself. They were friends, good friends, and she would not dare risk her friendships by misinterpreting what could be misleading signs of deeper affection for her.

After all, despite being labelled the fanon's "pimp", she did not swing that way. And she liked her friendships the way they were. She liked the comfortable distance she was with others. Always within a casual distance, within arms length…

Almost close enough to embrace…

No, she did not think that way. No, they were friends to her, she would often stress to herself. And so she kept smiling, laughing, having fun and staying entertaining. She showed Sakuya the latest species of magical mushrooms she had uncovered. She drank tea and chatted with Reimu. She hung out with Alice and helped out with her research. She traded books and other materials with Patchouli.

She tried to stay a good friend, to demonstrate that she was a friend, and only a friend.

And they reciprocated her actions with increasing intensity…



"Marisa, did you here what I just said?"

"Uh, what? Sorry-ze. Was daydreaming. What were you saying again?"

Reimu sighed and placed her tea cup down. This evening, Marisa was over at the Hakurei shrine for one of her usual past times, drinking tea and chitchatting with her long time brunette friend, Reimu Hakurei, the resident miko. They had talked and drank for hours through the chilly autumn evening, and before long the skies began to darken.

"I was saying that it was getting late. You should be on your way home," repeated the Reimu.

"What? What is this? Chasing me out already?" Marisa asked playfully.

"No I'm not! I'm just concerned that if you stay any longer, it will get dark soon. And you house is quite some distance from here, even by flight."

"So? You say that like I'm in danger of travelling along in the night, ze." Marisa smiled and snapped her fingers, letting out a spark of danmaku. "If any youkai jumps me, they're gonna get a face full of this!" Marisa laughed heartily.

When she stopped, she noticed Reimu simply starring at her, with a most curious look on her face. An expression of being charmed. A tint of wanting in her deep brown eyes.

Wanting… what? Marisa buried the thought before it even formed.

"A…Anyway," continued Reimu hastily, "It really is getting dark soon, and even if you are in no danger, I have no plans and no place to accommodate you for the night. So you really ought to be going now." She paused, then added "Um, it's not like you can't come tomorrow," and gently smiled.

"Uh, right," replied Marisa. "Though I might not be able to come tomorrow. Got research with…"

"Alice?" Reimu finished for Marisa. This time, the miko dressed in a traditional red and white garment had another expression on her face. An ever so slight, crestfallen look.

If Marisa did notice the change in expression on Reimu's face, she gave no hint of having done so. Marisa was actually rather sensitive to such things, however she preferred it if people did not think of her as such. She hated soppy stuff and she definitely hated being thought of as a soppy person. Her nature was inclined towards being carefree and reckless. She liked to see joy and fun and happiness. She liked to see her friends smile.

Her friends liked her for that, and that "like" was growing…

"Well," Reimu was the first to break the silence, "Don't let me hold you back. You have an appointment tomorrow and you had better turn in for the night…"

"I could just sleep here-"

"At. Your. Own. Place." Reimu insisted, a small, wry smile finding its way back to her lips. "Come on, enough of your antics. I'll show you the way out."

"Fine. I guess I overstayed my welcome, huh?" Marisa got up from the low, Japanese-styled table and stretched.

"You always overstay your welcome," retorted Reimu

"Meh, I was under the impression you didn't want me to leave, daze…" Marisa joked, suppressing a yawn. Despite the tea, sleep was getting to her.

More blood was getting to Reimu's cheeks.

For a while, Reimu just stared at her, and Marisa, realizing what effect her little "joke" just had, found herself blushing as well.

Reimu recovered first.

"Eh… Eh? T'ch, I already said enough of your antics didn't I? Just go! I'll entertain you some other day!" Reimu started pushing Marisa out the door.

"R… Right. I should be leaving now!" Marisa hastily grabbed her broom and put on her oversized witch hat. "See you!" Marisa then mounted her broom and kicked off into the autumn night.

"Hey Marisa! See… see you." Reimu finished quietly. Smiling, she shook her head and headed back into the house. Reimu was finding herself smiling to herself a lot more than usual these last few weeks, like a silly old woman. And she knew whose damned fault it was.

She had long ago acknowledged her growing "like" for Marisa.


Alright, so there you go, the very first chapter of my very first (published) fanfic. Yay!

Hopefully the front monologue did not put you off. When I went back to read it, I found it a little too emo (as well as the rest of this chapter and the next, so prepare…) but I left it as it is because it set the setting.

Thank you for your time, hope you will read the rest of the series as I write it, and feel free to review it, of course (crosses fingers for favourable reviews…)