This is my very first own story, written after a german short story, called "Harry und der Mitternachtsgeist" posted by AmagicRickman. (Thank you!)

I want to give a BIG "Thank you" to my beta Breanna Tala, who did a great job helping me. Without her, I would not be able to post this story!

Warning: Dursley's are abusive - be warned - if you like nice Dursley's, better not read this Story! (That's why the Story is rated T... )

Oh Yeah, and the Harry-Potter-World is not mine. I'm just playing around with it!

- . -

Chapter 1

Light tickled through a little crack in the wooden door, but it wasn't enough to lighten the tiny room under the stairs. It was not a big room - just big enough to fit a little thin mattress under the lower part by the stairs and a shelf on the other side.

On the mattress, on the very far corner and directly under the stairs, lay a small body curled up into a ball - knees to its chest – sleeping.

- . -

The house was silent, everybody still asleep.

- . -

When the sun shone through the cracks in the door and the wood had a golden shimmer, the little thin body moved slowly and sluggishly came to life. The sleep faded, and so did the dream: a warm summer dream of freedom and happiness. The skinny little boy got up from his bed, stretched his stiff body and shivered in the cool air. He barely could move. Long red cuts, some open and some half healed, crisscrossed his back. Blue and green bruises coloured his shoulders and on one side of his neck was a yellow stripe.

He pulled fresh underwear and a shirt out of the lower shelf and dressed in oversized, baggy jeans. His grey socks had a hole on the left big toe, so he pulled the socks of and switched them, so his little toe on his right foot had the hole. With careful precision, he turned to cover the mattress with the light blue blanket he slept with. Right next to his bed, next to the wall and on a carton box were his glasses. He grabbed them and put them on his nose. Silently, he opened the now-golden-looking door - just a crack, so it won't make any noise, slid into the hallway and closed the hidden cupboard door.

- . -

Still everybody else was sound asleep.

- . –

Light from the morning sun shined through the window directly across the door like and made the air in the hallway look as like a golden stream. An icy film lay on the outside glass, just melting by the sudden warmth of the winter light. The little boy gave a silent, "Good morning," to a black spider on the top left corner of the window, which looked golden, too. He made his way to the small guest bathroom on the other side of the stairs.

He used the bathroom, brushed his teeth, cleaned his face and hands with cold water – since he was not allowed to use warm water – and combed his hair. On the day before, there was a hole of missing hair right above his right ear. Now, there wasn't a hole anymore – the messy hair had grown back and covered his head like a fur cap.

Slowly, he put the comb back to its place on the white wooden shelf right underneath the mirror and watched his own movements in the glass. Very carefully he touched the spot where the missing hair used to be; it felt sore. When he looked up, there were tears in his emerald green eyes, aware of the pain. Before it could overwhelm him, he pulled himself out of the memory and wiped his tears away. He touched the glass again and carefully caressed his reflection in the mirror. "We'll be strong," he whispered silently to himself.

- . -

When he closed the bathroom door and headed to the kitchen, the house no longer had the golden hue to it. Without making any one noise, he started cooking and setting the breakfast table. Just a little before he was done cooking the milky porridge and toast, his Aunt Petunia came into the kitchen. "Harry…" she said, as she got herself a cup of tea and sat down at the table to get her breakfast.

Dudley suddenly slammed the door open as he ran into the kitchen. Harry was slow to react when his cousin jumped over the chair and crashed into him, slamming Harry against the hot and heavy stove. He couldn't remember Dudley ever moving so fast before – sure, he loved to be loud – but not fast. The impact made him hit his chin on the corner of the stove, burning the right side of his face before he slid down to the floor in enormous pain, Dudley on his back. Tears were immediately ran down his face. But all Dudley did was pick himself up and grinned. To make it worse he patted Harry on his painful shoulders.

"Thanks, Dude, for the soft fall," Dudley said and sat next to his mother at the table where he poured himself a glass of juice. Petunia rose and grabbed Harry hard by the top of his arm. She jerked him back and shook him a little. "Stop this fussing immediately! You are not a baby anymore! I can't stand this crying attitude. No wonder no one wanted you. Go back to your cupboard and just stay there!"

Dudley grinned at him. "Mom, don't forget to pack me some good candy. Remember, my class is going to this special surprise field trip today and I want a good place in the bus!" Petunia smiled at Dudley, let go of Harry and went to the counter to get the lunch bags ready. Dudley whispered to Harry: "I guess you can't go?" He snickered silently and pushed Harry rudely through the door.

Just after Harry got to his cupboard, Vernon came down the stairs. Without even one look in his nephew's direction, he turned towards the kitchen where he grunted "Good morning, shit weather" before sitting down and shovelling his breakfast into his big mouth.

- . -

In the cupboard, Harry laid himself on the cold floor his red, burned face down, silently sobbing. Tears were falling from his eyes as he wished his Mom and Dad had taken him along to wherever they had gone. With his fingers, he traced the folds of the light green bedspread covering the rugged mattress.

Slowly his eyes went shut and he fell into an exhausted sleep. He did not hear Uncle Vernon lock the cupboard and him and leave with Dudley, nor did he hear Aunt Petunia when she left the house later on to go shopping and meet with her giggling girlfriends in the city. He did not notice the weather change during the day with heavy clouds slowly covering the sky. By late afternoon the sun had disappeared and the sky had turned into a depressing, dark grey.

Aunt Petunia arrived humming a new tune, carrying bags and boxes filled with all kinds of fancy trinkets. Singing, she turned the lights on in the now-dark house. In the kitchen, she started cooking dinner for just Vernon and herself, because Dudley would be staying overnight at Pier's. Shortly, a thought of the surprise field trip came into her mind, but because Dudley was absent to babble about it, she only wondered what stories he would tell tomorrow. Any thought about Harry in the cupboard, lying there in pain, never crossed her mind. She had completely forgotten about him.