Warning: Contains a wee bit of baby angst, and scenes of a restaurant nature.

Summary: The Doctor and Donna are on a home visit after being asked to investigate a hotel alien sighting by Torchwood.

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who, or any of the stores in Oxford Street; though can I have first dibs on them?

Chapter 2 - Any Room For A Restaurant


Donna and Sylvia had enjoyed a few hours hitting Oxford Street during a rare home visit. It was after they'd done John Lewis, Selfridges, and were now sat in the restaurant in BHS that the woman found Donna. Sylvia had been on her best behaviour up to that point; they'd tried on hats, held tops up against each other in disgust, and oohed over pieces of jewellery. They'd had quite a good mother-daughter day, having left the Doctor in the eager care of Wilf.

"It's you!" the woman accused Donna, causing her to drop her fork into her plate of fish and chips. "I never thought I'd see you again!" the woman continued to exclaim as she hovered by their table oozing excitement.

Donna could feel several pairs of eyes on her as she fought to recognise the woman. Which job was it again she'd seen the woman at? Could have been anywhere in the past umpteen years!

"How's your husband?" the woman asked. Oops! That narrowed it down considerably, especially when the woman then asked, "And where's your baby? Left the little thing at home with Daddy?"

Donna knew that she was about to unforgivably wipe the smile off the woman's face and answer lots of questions from Sylvia, who was mouthing the words 'husband' and 'baby' in confusion.

"Oh, the baby," Donna put on a blank expression, before she found herself having to blink away tears that had suddenly sprung uncontrollably to her eyes. "I'm afraid the baby…," not knowing how to end that sentence.

The woman gasped and clutched at her throat, "Oh dear! I'm so sorry! I didn't know! How awful for you both! Please pass on my sympathies to your lovely husband; you'd looked so happy and in love as well. My sister-in-law had the same thing happen, so I understand exactly. I'll leave you in peace." She gave Donna's arm a compassionate squeeze, gave Sylvia a small smile, and with a soft 'bye' went on her way.

Donna could feel her cheeks glowing bright red under the inevitable attention from the other customers. Could she feel any worse for crushing the woman's enthusiasm like that?

"Okay missy! Out with it! What husband and what baby?" demanded Sylvia as she pinned Donna to the seat with a glare.

"Ah, well, you see, Mum, I met that woman when I was eating out with the Doctor…," Donna started before being quickly interrupted.

"I knew it! I knew it had to involve him somehow!" Sylvia sneered.

"Listen, Mum!" Donna started again. "We were staying in the Mudlark Hotel…"

"The Mudlark? On your wages? Don't give me that!" Sylvia scoffed. "Hang on, you were staying just down the road from us and you didn't visit?"

"We were investigating an…," but Donna was cut across.

"And you stayed with the Doctor in the Mudlark? Where you two staying in the same room?"

"Well, yes, we were, but…" Donna wasn't allowed to finish.

"You slept with the Doctor?" it was all Sylvia could do to hold in her disgust.

"We didn't exactly sleep there though…"

"You little trollop! Sylvia visibly garnered her anger. "Sharing a bed with that man!"

"Mum! It wasn't like that! We…"

"You slept with him and got pregnant! And you never told me! Donna, how could you?" Sylvia was a picture of hurt. "I bet you told your grandfather!"

"No, I never told Gramps anything about what happened there, not that I'm saying anything did," Donna tried to counter.

"Did you or did you not share a bed with the Doctor?" Sylvia cross examined her.


"Well?" more glares.

"Yes I did but…"

"I knew it! I knew you two were up to no good! Getting pregnant, having a miscarriage and not letting me know all this time. I suppose you are going to try and tell me he never laid a finger on you!" Sylvia sat back with the satisfied air of a hunter with his prey.

"Honestly, Mum, he only massaged my back and that!" Donna defended herself.

"I bet he did!"

"Mum!" Donna was close to tears now, unable to cope with the onslaught. "He would never want to have sex with me."

"Why not? What's the matter with the man? Aren't you good enough for him? Seemed pretty taken with you last time I saw him." Sylvia was adamant.

"We're just friends. We've only ever been just friends and nothing more." Donna fixed her gaze on her mother, "He wouldn't want me because he's in love with someone else, okay?"

"Says you," said Sylvia, an unconvinced expression on her face. "He seems a bit too keen to me for someone with interests elsewhere."

At that point Donna was saved by the bell, or rather the ringtone to be more precise. Her mobile phone played a ditty, and she was relieved to see the number was the Doctor's. "Hello, Doctor!" she ignored Sylvia's enquiring glare and listened for a few moments. "We're in BHS having something to eat… yes, that's right… course you can!... See you in a mo'," she hung up and mentally prepared herself for more questions from her mother.

"He's coming here?" Sylvia asked, as if he were Bin Laden himself.

"Yes. Got a problem with that?" Donna refused to be intimidated now. "And don't make a scene when he does," she hissed.

"Oh no, can't have the high and mighty Doctor upset, can we?" mocked Sylvia.

"Mum, I'm warning you!" Donna snarled.

"What does he want to come here for?" Sylvia went for a sneer again, "Can't he leave you alone for five minutes?"

Donna sighed, "Mum, just let me finish my dinner will you? He wants to meet us here; there's nothing wrong with that. Unless you are jealous, of course."

"Jealous! Me, jealous of him? Don't make me laugh!" Sylvia busied herself putting her plate and used tea cup back on the tray.

"Donna!" boomed across the restaurant, closely followed by the Doctor himself. Nearby patrons looked up with glee to watch the next instalment of the drama.

"Doctor!" Donna stood up to greet him, but under the scrutiny of her mother she felt it best not to hug him, which seemed to confuse him for a moment.

"Anything the matter, Sylvia?" he asked, seeing her dissatisfied expression.

"Yes, Doctor," she rose out of her seat as Donna moved to position herself in front of him. Sylvia scowled when he placed his hands on Donna's shoulders. "It seems you have been leading my daughter on," she enunciated.

"What?" his confusion evident.

"Getting her to sleep with you in fancy hotels, getting her pregnant and then dumping her when she loses the baby!" Sylvia was getting louder and louder with piece of scorn.

"What?" the Doctor wrestled his attention away from Sylvia to question Donna, "Pregnant?" but she looked back at him horror struck.

"I see… you're a hit and run driver as well getting your kicks by abducting women," spat Sylvia. Seeing the potential danger as Sylvia wound up to slap the Doctor, Donna moved herself back in the way. "Don't look at her to rescue you! I've heard all about your little jaunt to the Mudlark Hotel with my daughter, posing as her husband, and about the baby!" Sylvia pressed nearer to him.

"Oh! The Mudlark! I'm with you now!" The Doctor exclaimed with relief, and then ably caught himself from appearing too happy. "Lovely hotel; the bed was wonderful!"

"Doctor!" Donna indignantly squealed. "You are not helping!"

He removed Donna gently from the firing range. "Sylvia, I assure you I have done nothing untoward regarding your daughter. I respect her too much and, well, I don't think I'd get away with anything," he tried out his roguish smile on her.

"How do you explain the baby?" demanded Sylvia, still ready to strike.

"What's this about a baby?" he asked Donna, "unless…"

"That woman from the Mudlark restaurant was here," explained Donna, glad to see full recognition on his face finally, "in front of Mum, and… there were questions."

"Ah!" he said simply. He reached down and took hold of Donna's hand. "Well, it's been lovely to see you again, Sylvia, but we have to be on our way."

"What? You're off again already? But we've only had a few hours…," Sylvia shot Donna an accusing glare. "He turns up and it's 'Good night Vienna'!"

The Doctor tugged on Donna's hand, pulling her away from the target zone too. "Sorry, Mum, but we have to go. It's been…," she began, "as always." But she managed to blow a kiss in Sylvia's direction.

As they walked away Sylvia caught the strains of their conversation that included the words "Did you tell your Mum about us having Jack in with us too?" from the Doctor.

Sylvia's final words "Threesome? Doctor!" could be heard clean across the store, before she hurriedly retreated from her audience.