This fanfic is hugely inspired by Dark Shadows, a gothic television soap opera that originally aired weekdays on the ABC television network, from June 27, 1966 to April 2, 1971 and was produced by Dan Curtis. Just so you know, I don't own ABC or Dark Shadows and I won't be receiving any payment whatsoever for this story.

This is the love story of Nicolas and Maggie. Happy Reading and please, please Review! In this chapter, we discover Maggie's view of Nicholas's Manor House.

~*o*~ Maggie was completely captivated with Nicholas. When he told her of all the ways he wished to pleasure her, her face flushed with desire. She had been in the sanitarium for such a long time, with no one to hold her or to love her. She was absolutely craving a man's embrace as well as his kiss. She had an attraction for Nicholas she could not explain. It was as though he captivated her, and she felt they somehow belonged together. Maggie couldn't explain her growing feelings for Nicholas; she only knew she never wanted to leave his side...not ever.

When they walked through the portal and entered Nicholas's Manor House, Maggie was amazed. She looked around the elegant room, her eyes taking in the many fine furnishings. This was no doubt Nicholas's bedchamber, and it was splendid. He walked over to one of the wardrobes, informing her that it was filled with clothing just for her. Maggie smiled as she had never had such fine garments before. She had lead a modest lifestyle before entering Wyndclyffe, working at a diner as a waitress to help her father make ends meet. She walked over to the wardrobe, admiring the dozens of beautiful gowns and outfits as well as the exquisite undergarments.

Nicholas then told her she was welcome to use the facilities to freshen-up as he must be going to take care of a few things. Maggie felt panic at first when he said he must leave her for a time. She truly needed Nicholas and wanted to cling to him as she felt he was the only one who could bring her out of this nightmare she had been living. Nicholas then pressed himself against her, giving her a long, passionate kiss. Maggie parted her lips under his, her arms locking around him as she didn't want to let him go.

But it was only a moment later she found herself standing all alone in the large bedchamber. Nicholas had gone off to see to his tasks. Maggie walked over to the wardrobe, selecting a beautiful wine-colored evening gown and delicate matching undergarments trimmed in lace. She took the items and headed off toward the bathroom, anxious to bathe and put on presentable clothing as she hated the shapeless white nightgown she had been wearing ever since had come to stay at Wyndclyffe. Maggie drew herself a hot bubble bath in the immense tub, then soaked for a long while, relaxing and thinking about what life might be like here at the Manor House with Nicholas. She imagined he must be some sort of wizard or magician, considering he had spirited her away through the portal. He definitely was no ordinary man, and Maggie longed to learn everything there was to know about him. After her bath, Maggie toweled herself dry and slipped on the garments which fit her perfectly. She admired her reflection in the mirror, then left the bathroom, feeling more like herself than she had in a very long while. She went to sit before the fireplace on the comfy rug, her feet folded under her as she gazed into the dancing flames. She wrapped her arms around herself, wishing it was Nicholas who held her close in his comforting embrace.

Nicholas hadn't been able stay away from Maggie a moment longer. Once he was done casting his spell, he came to her room. He knocked on the door before entering. Almost as if by magic, Nicholas appeared in the room. Maggie had been warming herself before the fire and hadn't even heard him knock. When Nicholas approached, Maggie looked up at him with a happy smile. He saw Maggie by the fire and he felt a stirring of desire. "Maggie, you look absolutely enchanting," he remarked as he approached her near the fireplace. He pulled her up into his embrace and kissed her passionately on the lips.

"Hello, Nicholas," she greeted him, thinking he was so handsome and she longed to be snuggled in his arms. She reached out for him, and Nicholas lifted her to her feet, sweeping her against him and giving her a lingering kiss.

"Sorry, Love, I had to kiss you. There was no way I could stop myself; you are so incredibly beautiful. Seeing you in that wine-colored evening gown makes me wish to make love to you for many hours," he spoke to her in a husky tone.

When Nicholas apologized, saying that her gown was lovely and made him hungry to make love to her, a soft blush settled over Maggie's cheeks from his words. In a small, soft voice, she said, "I want to make love to you, too, Nicholas. But it's been a very long time for me."

"I don't even remember... having made love before," she told him, frowning a little because all of her memories were skewed from the time of her disappearance and even before that. Maggie hadn't been the same since her fateful disappearance and that night she was found lying on the beach. Something awful had happened to her. The doctors at Wyndclyffe hadn't been able to successfully help her regain her memory nor could they stop her fears and her nightmares. Maggie wrapped her arms around Nicholas when she thought of the terrible things she had seen in her dreams. Somehow, she sensed that Nicholas could help heal the awful wounds on her soul.

"Nicholas, can you make me better?" Maggie asked in a whisper. "I know you can do magic; you brought us here to your Manor House in some sort of a portal. Your magic excites and intrigues me. Please make me better, Nicholas. I want you to heal me. Heal me so I can stop the hurting in my heart..." With those words, Maggie placed Nicholas's hand over her breast so he could feel the rapid beating of her heart.

"Maggie, I will help anyway I can," Nicholas promised to her softly. He stroked her back gently as he pulled her closer. "I want you so much, but I don't want to rush you. I want you to know you can trust me."

When she placed his hand over her breast, Nicholas gently squeezed her soft flesh in his hands. It excited him that her heart was beating so rapidly because of him. "Ohhhh Maggie, my darling girl, I wish I could heal you. You are so beautiful. You should never have to be hurt or scared. Whatever happened, I will find out, and I will help you," he promised.

Maggie moaned with desire as she felt Nicholas's large hand on her breast, gently squeezing. Her nipple grew painfully erect, and she knew it had been a very long time since she had made love to a least willingly. "Thank you for offering to help me, Nicholas," spoke Maggie breathlessly. "And for taking me out of that awful sanitarium. They kept me so drugged up in there. Maybe after all those drugs wear off, I will feel better. Maybe the fog in my head can go away. I know you can heal me, Nicholas. Whatever it takes, we can do it together, so I am well again, and free from the nightmares and my irrational fears."
"I trust you, Nicholas... and I want you. I want you so badly; it hurts," said Maggie, looking up into his eyes.

"I want you, too, my darling," Nicholas told Maggie as he continued to caress her breast.

"You feel so good," he breathed. "We will heal you; and help you remember what it is that frightens you."

"And I can promise you here and now that you will not be drugged again, and I will not allow anyone to harm you. I won't put you through that again," he promised as he looked deep into her eyes. "I will chase away your nightmares and all your fears." To seal his promise, Nicholas placed a passionate kiss upon Maggie's full ruby-red lips.