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Harry Potter and the Guiding Seer

Chapter 1

Harry Potter was standing there waiting for Hagrid to open the archway that would lead him into the magical world and Diagon Ally, when out of the corner of his eye he saw someone also waiting, this someone was a girl who looked to be his age with long wavy black hair that reached her shoulderblades and soul searching hazel eyes, he was just about to introduce himself when the archway matterialized before him and he got his very first look at Diagon Ally.

Following Hagrid down the ally he noticed that the girl was still with them and decided to talk to her, "Hi I'm Harry, are you going to go to Hogwarts to?" he asked shyly.

"Hi I'm Kayla, and yes this will be my first year, but I've been a part of the magical world since early december, but seeing as how the lists only came out recently I couldn't get the specifics until now. So were you raised in the magical world like everyone assumes or in the non-magical world?"

"I grew up in the muggle world." Here Harry paused seeing her cringe a little, and gave her a questioning look.

"I hate that word 'muggle' it sounds like an insult no matter how you say it, I prefer the term non-magical or as the Americans say mundane."

Harry although not entirely sure what she was talking about agreed anyway. Walking into a large white stone building that Hagrid said was Gringotts the wizard bank the three walked to the closest available teller and Hagrid said "Mr. Potter would like to make a withdrawal, and I have a letter here from Prof. Dumbledore about you know what in vault you know which." As the goblin was inspecting the key for Harry's vault Kayla spoke up.

"Honorable Goblin teller, if it not an inconvience could you please set up an appointment so that Mr. Potter can talk to his account manager and discuss his finances, inheritence and his parents will?" Harry and Hagrid looked at her as though she had just grown another head, but finally Harry processed what was said and turned a hopeful look to the goblin at the counter.

"Of course Miss Stone, that will not be a problem, Mr Potter's account manager is always availabe for him," now turning towards Harry the goblin said "Mr. Potter after you have gone down to your trust vault and retrieved some money Griphook will show you to your account mangers office where everything will be discussed in private." Sending a look to Hagrid.

Harry was about to say that Hagrid could come but Kayla leaned over and whispered that family matters should stay in the family until they are no longer family matters. Although not liking it Harry agreed to keep it private. As Harry and Hagrid went down to the vaults to take care of the little bit of bussiness that they had to do Kayla was waiting in the lobby for Harry to return for one last piece of advice before he talked to his manager, when she noticed Griphook leading Harry towards a hallway in the back Kayla walked up to him quickly and quietly told him to ask about emancipation so that he could live where ever he liked.

Walking down the hallway Harry was reflecting on what had happened so far during his visit to the wizarding bank, so far he had gone on a magical rollercoaster ride to get to his 'trust vault' and then seen the mounds of gold in said vault after pocketing a couple hundred gold coins or galleons as he was told they were called they jump back into the cart for Hagrid to visit a vault to retrieve a small package from and told not to mention it to anyone, and then when he was in the lobby again that Kayla girl told him to ask about emancipation and figured that she hadn't led him astray yet he may as well. Now standing infront of a set of large double doors with some form of crest on them he saw Griphook knock on the door and then to hear an immediate reply of "Come in" Griphook opened the door and motioned for Harry to enter first. Upon entering Harry was relieved to see that it wasn't overly done and had a sort of natural feel to it that seemed to settle his nerves somewhat, looking at the older looking goblin behind the desk who indicated that Harry should take a seat, after doing so the goblin cleared his throat and began.

"Mr. Potter my name is Gripshaft and I have been the Potter account manager for the last 50 years, even though some tried to have me replaced 10 years ago after your parents deaths, but we will get to that later for now we have some proceedures we have to go through, first is the standard inheritence test to verify who you are and also to tell us if there are any other vaults that you might be entitled to. After that we will go onto your parents will and then I will answer any questions that you might have, shall we get started" receiving a nod "good now I just need a few drops of blood from you and a piece of hair dropped into this bowl and we can continue from there."

After doing as Gripshaft asked the bowl started to glow flashing through different colours as it did first white then red, blue, gold, green and then back to white again, once the glowing receeded back into the bowl inside instead of blood and hair there was now a rolled up piece of parchment which Gripshaft grabbed and unrolled before reading it, after a moment the goblins eyes widened slightly before passing the scroll to Harry so that he could read it himself.

Harry James Evans- Potter

Son of Lily Marie Evans-Potter and James Harrison Potter

Heir by blood to the Houses Potter, Evans-Ravenclaw, Gryffindor.

Heir by conquest the Houses of Gaunt, Slytherin.

Heir by magic the Houses of LeFey, Emmrys.

Vaults – Aproximate Monetary Value (AMV)

Potter (Trust) - 9,000 AMV

Potter - 12,000,000 AMV

Evans, Lily – 35,000 AMV

Evans-Ravenclaw – 19,000,000 AMV

Gryffindor – 23,000,000 AMV

Gaunt – 100 AMV

Slytherin – 12,000 AMV

LeFey – 10,000,000

Emmrys – 4,000,000

Total AMV = 68,056,100 G or 340,280,500 Pound Sterling

Stock – Approx %

Daily Prophet – 35%

Flourish and Blotts – 28%

Nimbus Broom Company – 70%

Jeeps Custom Wands – 45%

St. Mungos – 12%

Three Broomsticks – 29%

All other businessses in Diagon Alley Distict – 1-5%

All other businesses in Hogsmead Village – 1-15%


Potter Manor – Wales – Full Wards

Potter Cottage – Godrics Hollow – Faulty Wards

Lily's Pad – London (Condo) – Blood Fidileus + Full Wards

Ravenclaws Sanctuary – South France – Blood Fidileus + Full Wards

Gryffindor's Retreat – England - Blood Fidileus + Full Wards

Riddle Manor – Little Hangleton – No Wards

Gaunt Shack – Little Hangleton – Parsel Wards

Hogwarts Castle (Camelot) – Scotland – Half Strength Faulty Wards


Lord Potter - Wizengamot Seat – Hogwarts Board of Goveners Seat

Lord Gryffindoor - Wizengamot Seat – Hogwarts Board of Goveners Seat

Lord Slytherin - Wizengamot Seat (Sold for another 57 years) – Hogwarts Board of Goveners Seat

Lord Ravenclaw - Wizengamot Seat – Hogwarts Board of Goveners Seat

Mage Emmrys - Wizengamot Seat – Circle of Mages Elemental Seat

Mage LeFey - Wizengamot Seat – Circle of Mages Grey Seat

Mage Evans - Circle of Mages Veela Seat

As Harry was reading throught the inheritence scroll Gripshaft had retrieved the Potter will as well as a letter from Lily Evans-Potter to be given to her son, clearing his throat to get young Harry's attention back to himself he handed the letter to Harry first before opening the will and began to read it, it basically said that everything was to go to Harry if he survived, and then a list of people that he was to be sent to should the both of them die with explicate instructions that he should never go to the Dursleys or those suspected of being a Death Eater and oaths of loyalty to Harry to be gotten from all who raise him. After the will was read Gripshaft invited Harry to ask his questions and boy did he have questions.

"Wow... That is a lot of money."

"That it is Lord Emmrys."

"You don't have to call me Lord you can call me Harry, but why did you say Emmrys and not Potter?" Harry enquired.

"Very well Harry, and it is customary to refer to someone using the oldest name to which they are entitled and Emmrys outdates Potter by about a thousand years with LeFey and Evans only 50 and 100 years younger then Emmrys. I think I should point out to you that Emmrys was the family name of the wizard commonly known as Merlin and LeFey from his sister Morgana, and Evans is the only daughter of the Lady in the lake and the first Veela, Katherine Evans, who is your 13 times great grandmother on your mothers side. If you wish to keep all of this secret for now I would suggest just going by Evans-Potter as people will assume that you are just using your mothers maiden name as well." Thinking it over for a bit Harry decided that that was a good idea and would now be refered to as Harry James Evans-Potter as he really didn't want everyone knowing more about him then they already did.

Coming up with the next question Harry asked "Who are Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Slytherin and Gaunt?"

"Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Slytherin are three of the four founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, while Gaunt was the last line of Slytherin. You are related to Ravenclaw through your mother and Gryffindor through your father."

"What does it mean Heir by Conquest?"

"On the night of your parents deaths the Dark Lord known as Voldemort Tom Marvolo Riddle only son of Meurope Gaunt was beaten in magical combat by you and therefore you have the right to claim what was once his by conquest, you have no other link to him through either blood or magic."

"What are wards and the blood fidileus?"

"Wards are magical barriers that are used against theft, harm, entrance or for security like we do here at Gringotts to secure the gold of our customers. The fidileus charm is used to hide something from the world and its location can only be revealed by the secret keeper, I would hazard a guess that a blood fidileus would hide something from everyone except for those of a certain blood and the secret can not be told to anyone at all."

Thinking that wards would be a very useful branch of magic Harry kept it in the back of his mind for now but was going to have to research them latter.

"Is there anyway to fix the faulty wards at Potter Cottage and Hogwarts"

"There is actually a problem with both properties, the Ministry of Magic has declared Potter Cottage a Heritage Site and although you still own it you can't legally change anything about it, and Hogwarts is complicated since the wards are tied to the headmaster and if you did anything to the wards now he would know about it, I would suggest that you wait until you are there and the castle inself will inform you of what needed to be done to fix the wards."

"What do you mean the castle will inform me?"

"Hogwarts castle is basically sintient and in a fashion can communicate with those it so wishes."

"Oh, Ok then, what are Parsel Wards?" Harry asked wondering what the difference was from normal wards.

"Parsel wards are the normal wards but they have been erected using Parselmouth and Parselmagic, a parselmouth is someone who has the ability to talk to snake and understand them in turn, and parselmagic is casting magic using parselmouth."

"So I could use parselmagic then?"

Gripshaft was shocked at this question but quickly answered "Yes I suppose you could if you are indeed a parselmouth," he said with a questioning look at Harry who gave him a nod to confirm that he could speak to snakes "Harry it is considered among the wizarding populace that the ability to talk to snakes is the sign of a dark wizard it would be wise to conceal that particular skill from everyone." Gripshaft said in all seriousness. Harry considered it to be a wise decision and nodded his agreement.

"How do I get to my properties?"

"Once you put on your head of house rings, which I have sent for already, all you will have to do is think about which property you want to go to and tap your ring with your wand. With the properties under the blood fidileus you will probably find directions either in the vault or in the letter left to you by your mother, please don't read it yet I'm sure that you still have some questions."

"Ok, what is the Wizengamot?"

"The Wizengamot is basically the magical house of lords, and at the moment you have 5 seats with which to vote, although I'm sure that only the Potter and Gryffindor seats are being represented at the moment."

"Who is using them in my stead at the moment?"

"I believe that Albus Dumbledoor is your proxy at this time."

"Ok we'll get back to that soon but what is the Board of Goveners?"

"The Board of Goveners are a small group of Lords who are suppose to oversee Hogwarts and ensure that it is running properly and in accordace with the school charter, but as you own the castle and grounds you can override any of their decisions as well as those made by the headmaster Albus Dumbledoor."

"Well that's good but I think that I will wait until I've started school to see how it runs now before I start changing things. What is the Circle of Mages?"

"The Circle of Mages is something that has not been around since before the founding of Hogwarts and the Ministy of Magic, they were once the governing body of the wizarding world but no more, it is they that the idea for the Wizengamot was very loosely taken from, and although the Circle of Mages no longer exists their rings do which are also their head of house rings, and each head of house ring has different abalities that will help the witch or wizard that wears them."

"What is a Veela?" Harry asked still wondering what his new rings will do for him.

"A Veela is considered by the magical populace as nothing more then sexual creatures out to steal husbands and ruin families, which is not what they are at all they are enchanters and they have an allure which amplyfies their attractiveness, which is why they have such a bad reputaion as even without the allure they are considered some of the most attractive paople on the planet, and some of that blood runs through your viens, and I'm sure that you can find more information about that in the Evans vault."

"How can I become emancipated?" Harry asked tentively.

"As soon as you put your head of house rings on you will automatically become a legal adult in the magical world, only the one you want will be displayed to everyone in your case the Potter ring, they will all merge as one until you decide otherwise." Gripshaft responded before sliding 7 small boxes towards him.

Opening the first one in the line that had the name Potter written in flourishing gold he hesentantly drew the ring out and placed it on his right middle finger, after it had resized to fit him perfectly and glowing briefly a small note appeared in the box which said 'To the new head of house Potter this ring will bestow upon you a heightened sense of balance and agility so that you may avoid conflict when possible and always land on your feet if you should fall.'

Reaching for and opening the next ring labeled Gryffindor and placing the ring on the same finger the ring seemed to have been absorbed into the Potter ring before glowing and leaving another note in the ring box 'To the new head of house Gryffindor this ring will bestow upon you greater streangth and stamina so that you may be able to stand tall and proud before your enemies and so that you can face against the storm of conflict.'

The third ring Ravenclaw's was placed upon the same as Gryffindor' with the note saying 'To the new head of house Ravenclaw this ring will bestow upon you greater mental acuity and retention so that you may use your knowledge to avoid conflict when possible and to always remember for what it is you live for.'

The fourth ring Slytherin's was next in line with a new note saying 'To the new head of house Slytherin this ring will bestow upon you the skill of the mind arts so that you may know your enemies secrets and use them against them, and to keep your secrets safe from those that would use yours against you.'

The fifth ring belonged to the house of Evans and the note said 'To the new head of house Evans this ring will bestow upon you the ability to shape shift so that you may hide amongst the crowd or even in your enemies stronghold.'

The sixth ring was the house of LeFey 'To the new head of house LeFey this ring will bestow upon you the noble art of Beast Speak so that you may learn to communicate and listen to those that you may have looked down apon and know that not everyone will see things the way you do.'

The final ring was the Emmrys ring 'To the new head of house Emmrys this ring will bestow upon you the mighty power of the Elements so that you may gain an understanding that what you do has an effect on the people and the landscape around us.'

After reading the note Harry felt an intense pulse of power pass through him before everything was back to normal.

"How do I get rid of Dumbledoor from voting as my proxy?"

"It has already been done, for you see when a new head of house takes control they are immediately given control of their seats within the wizengamot, which will have at least allerted Albus Dumbledoor that you have taken over as head of house Potter."

Thinking that he would have to come back another day to explore all the vaults that he now owned but not really having the time to do so now as he still had Hagrid waiting for him out in the lobby and he still needed to buy his school supplies, looking at Gripshaft with his final question of the day Harry asked "Is there an easier way to access money both magical and non-magical like a debit card or something?"

"We have money pouches that can be linked to your vault so that you don't have to go down if you don't want, but I'm not familiar with 'debit card' could you explain it to me?"

"A debit card is something that the non-magical people use so that they don't have to carry around a lot of cash on their person, it is a plastic card about 2 by 3 ½ inches usually with your name and account number on it, when you want to buy something with it it is scanned electronically at the checkout counter and your money is automatically transferred from your account into the account of the business, for security sake there is usually a pin number (password) and or signature, I'm not sure how you would do it magically but if you have contacts with non-magical banks they might be able to help you set it up and maybe even allow you to do business through them into the non-magical world."

Once Harry had finished trying to describe how a debit card works he watched as Gripshaft went from looking curious to absolutely gleeful at the prospect of making money from the non-magical world, getting Gripshaft' attention back on himself he asked if he could get a pouch connected to his trust vault. While Gripshaft was getting his pouch Harry decided to read the letter from his mother.

To my dearest Harry,

I am writing this to you in secret from everyone including your father, and if you are reading this then it was for good reason for I have been betrayed. The first incling that I got that not everything was right was shortly after I announced that I was pregnant with you, for you see I was no longer attracted to your father and don't think that I ever was, of my own free will at least, you see I am fairly certain that I have been dosed with something called a love potion and I do not think that it was of your fathers doing, I think it was that manipulative bastard Dumbledoor that did this to me, you are not to trust him love not one bit. After you were born I felt myself being attracted to James once more but because I was aware of it I was able to fight it and never let him touch me in that way again, and he merely put it down as postnatal depression. During one of his visits I saw Dumbleshit casting a charm on you so that you would appear a carbon copy of James when you grew up, if that is the case you need to go to Lily's Pad in London, this letter is a portkey (magical tranportaion) just tap it with your wand when your ready to go there, where you will find a potion sitting on the kitchen bench under a preservation charm that will unlock more of my genes so that you can be a whole person instead of the half that Dumbleshit would have you be. After that you will be able to enter my personal vault and retreive something that will help you emmensly as well as my journal that I kept throughout my years at Hogwarts. You will find out more about me from the journal so I finish this letter with this, I loved you while I carried you in me, I loved you holding you in my arms, and I love you now and always.

Love Lily Evans

With silent tears for what his mother had to go through, and a cold burning rage at what Dumbleshit did he put the letter away in his pocket for later as Gripshaft returned with his pouch, wiping away his tears he took his pouch and thanked Gripshaft and said that he would return in a few days to look through his vaults and left the office and walked down the hall to enter the lobby to see Hagrid and Kayla still waiting for him, looking at the clock on the wall he realised that only 45 minutes had gone by since entering the office of Gripshaft.

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