Harry Potter and Guiding Seer

Chapter 6: Finders Keepers

As Harry stepped into the last compartment in the last car of the train he saw that their was someone already there, judging from appearances alone he would have to guess that she was either a 6th or 7th year, the girl had long straight black hair with numerous green streaks running through it and looked to be about 5 foot 6 and to Harry she was absolutely beautiful. Stopping at the doorway Harry asked, "Do you mind if I join you?"

The girl, who had looked up at the sound of the door opening gave a gentle smile to the apparent 1st year student, "I don't mind, do you need any help with your luggage?"

Nodding his thanks, Harry then proceeded to wheel in his non-magical luggage bag and then with obvious ease lifted it up into the overhead rack, "No thanks I'm fine, this thing has so many enchantments on it I'm surprised it can't fly." Sitting down and taking a seat opposite the girl he extended his hand, "I'm Harry by the way and I'm going to be a 1st year."

Taking his hand in hers she gave a gentle and delicate handshake, "I'm Tonks, that's my last name not my first, I don't really like my first name, and I'm going into my 7th year in Ravenclaw." (In my story Tonks will be played by Rachel Bilson from The O.C., Damn she is HOT, and the reason why she is a 7th year is because I figure that if she was still at Hogwarts when Luna was she would have stuck up for her because that's the type of person I think she is.)

"Ok Tonks, so what can you tell me about Hogwarts that I should know about that can't be found in Hogwarts: A History?" Harry asked with genuine curiosity.

"Well I guess you should know that the Potions professor is an ass to everyone who isn't in Slytherin, and History of Magic is the single most boring class there is."

"Why is the Potions professor an ass, and if he is why hasn't he been sacked yet?"

"He's an ass because he just is, and the only reason why he is still there is because the headmaster is protecting him, for some unknown reason."

"What's his name?" Harry asked.

"Snape." Was Tonks' only reply.

With that one word Harry knew exactly who it was that was teaching Potions, Severus (Snivelus) Snape, he had been a student at the same time as his mother and James. The only reason as to why he knew that was because he had asked his mother about a name he came across when he was reading the Potter Book of Debts, and it said that Snape still had an outstanding Life Debt to the House of Potter two fold, for reasons yet unknown to him, but believing that it was due to the fact that the debt was not paid to the one owed so the debt was then compounded upon like interest, increasing the amount of debt owed to the House of Potter. Thinking that if Snape was as bad as Tonks made out he would just have to use one of his debts to do something about him.

Getting back to the here and now Harry replied, "Fair enough, so what is it about History that is so boring, is it just the subject or something else?"

"Well the subject itself is fairly boring but the main reason is because it is taught by a ghost who died over 70 years ago, and has no idea of what has happened since." Was Tonks' answer.

By this point in time the train had already started moving and had just reached the suburbs, after an hour of chatting and Tonks finding out that he was The Harry Potter, without going all fan-girl on him, and he getting her first name, Nymphadora, they were finally interrupted by the food cart lady where the only thing he bought was a pack of chocolate frogs, once the food lady was gone Harry opened up his back pack and took out a KFC burger and chips (Fries for you Americans), that were as fresh and hot as when he bought them, along with a bottle of ice cold coke.

Tonks who was about to eat her own pre-made lunch paused in doing so when she saw what Harry had and just had to ask, "Where did you get that?" She asked pointing to the KFC.

"I bought it yesterday when I heard that we didn't get an actual lunch on the train, I just put it into the stasis area of my back pack, would you like some I bought extra just in case."

Nodding enthusiastically Tonks accepted what Harry offered and eagerly dug in having not had KFC for ages.

An hour after eating the two were once again interrupted but this time it was by a blonde first year who simply barged into their compartment, "I'm looking for Harry Potter are you him then?" He practically demanded of them but mostly Harry.

"Harry Potter? Never heard of him, is he someone important?" Harry asked the blonde ponce with fake curiosity.

"If you've never even heard of Harry Potter you must be a Mud-Blood." The ponce replied with a weak scowl.

"No, my last name's Evans, not Mudblode. So why are you looking for this Harry Potter person anyway, oh I see you're looking for someone else to join your all boy harem, but don't you think that two is enough for now? You can always add others at a later date." Harry replied with a straight face, although Tonks looked like she was trying very hard to suppress her laughter.

"It's Mud-Blood you ignorant ass-hole, and how dare you insult me do you have any idea of who I am? I am Draco Malfoy of the Noble House of Malfoy."

"Mud-Blood? So it's an insult of some kind?" Harry asked turning to Tonks who gave him a slight nod, "Noble House or not you just fucked up, because you have insulted the head of an Ancient and Noble House not once but twice, and you can be sure that I will be looking for compensation for your insults." Harry said in an authoritative manner holding up his hand and showing his House ring. At this point Malfoy gulped and paled, if that is even possible, and made a quick retreat.

After that Harry got up and went to use the toilet, on his way back to his compartment he saw that the one two doors from his had Kayla in it with two others that he guessed were also 1st years, deciding to say a quick hello he gave a quick knock before opening the door and greeting the three girls, "Hello Kayla, it is good to see you again," turning to face the pretty blonde that sat next to Kayla and the dark haired girl who sat across from them he held out his hand for an introduction. "Hello I'm Harry."

"Hello Harry, I'm Daphne." Replied the pretty blonde shaking his hand.

"Hello, I'm Tracy." said the dark haired girl also shaking his hand.

"Well it's nice meeting you two, but I was just on my way back to my compartment when I saw Kayla and wanted to say hello, so sorry for the interruption I'll let you get back to your conversation and I'll see you all at the castle." And with that and agreements to met up at some time at the school Harry left them to it and back to his compartment.

The next interruption came near the end of the train ride when a brown eyed bushy haired 1st year came into the compartment and without so much as a 'Hello' she said, "Have either of you two seen a toad, a boy has lost his?" To Harry it was barely phrased as a question and more like a demand for information.

Harry not liking the way she did that decided to take control of the situation with his overwhelming presence and passive Legilimency to find out the truth of her words, "No we haven't, but what you just did was fairly rude so why don't you start again and this time introduce yourself."

"I'm so sorry, my name is Hermione Granger." She said with a look of abashment on her face but on the inside she was practically jumping for joy, which Harry picked up on, it turned out that the only reason she looked up to authority figures is because they tell her what to do, (Yes I gave Hermione a submissive personality) which Harry kept in mind for later.

"So Hermione what house do you think you will be in? Tonks here is a Ravenclaw and I think that I will follow her there, I'm Harry by the way." Harry asked.

"Oh, I want to be in Gryffindore just like Headmaster Dumbledore." Hermione replied with enthusiasm.

"Hermione, in all honesty that is a very bad reason for wanting to be somewhere, your house should reflect who you are not who others are. I have something that might help you make a proper decision, a scenario in fact. You own and run a business that makes and distributes potions to hospitals and orphanages and you have a position vacant for someone to help you with everything, you have four applicants one from each house, now based on the standard characteristics of the houses who do you hire, do you chose the Hufflepuff who will be a hard worker and be very loyal to you and your work, the Slytherin who will use cunning and ambition to not only make you money but also influence so that you can reach a greater market, or do you choose the Ravenclaw who has the knowledge and intelligence to not only make your business efficient but be able to help in all endeavours, or do you go with the Gryffindore, the brave and courages, two attributes that are not required or needed in a business, or any form of work really, except maybe an Auror?"

Hermione and Tonks sat gobsmacked at the scenario that Harry just spun the two, Harry continued, "It is believed that Hufflepuff is the house of dregs but it is not so, in actual fact it is Gryffindore that is, the only time that bravery and courage are truly needed is in times of war, but even then it is better to be smart then brave. So who do you hire, or more specifically which house do you choose?"

"Well, based on your scenario I don't really care about money and influence or power, although I'm not afraid of hard work loyalty must be earned not freely given, and bravery and courage can be found when the time comes, and I have always loved learning new things so I choose Ravenclaw." After that the three of them chatted some more when Harry felt the train slow down, so took out a cloak from his back pack and threw it on over his clothes with Tonks doing the same and Hermione having already changed into the full school uniform, it was not 10 minutes later that the train came to a complete stop.

(I'm going to skip the boat ride and first encounter of the ghosts and just get to the sorting.)

Harry stood with the other first years awaiting to be sorted, from where he stood he could see Tonks off to his left giving him a little smile, Harry clapped along with everyone else as Hermione was sorted into Ravenclaw and taking a seat across from Tonks, he gave a shrug of indifference as Malfoy went to Slytherin, when the name Potter, Harry was announced he made no move to step up to the stool and hat, knowing for a fact that his name and title were on the list and so was waiting to be called forth properly.

After three more calls of Potter, Harry the Headmaster stood from his chair and looked directly at him and said, "Mr. Potter your name has been called several times now and it is imperative that you be sorted."

"I am sorry to question you Headmaster but I have not been called, and until I am called upon properly I will not be sorted." Harry replied.

Ignoring Snape' under the breath comments about arrogance Dumbledore asked, "And how should you be called then?"

"As it is written on the register, Lord Harry Evans-Potter, and to address me otherwise without my permission is an insult to my house." At this statement the students began to whisper amongst themselves and the staff was completely shocked, none more so then Dumbledore.

Getting over her shock professor McGonagall called out his proper name and title at which point Harry walked up to the stool and placed the hat on his head and merely told it to put him in Ravenclaw, which the hat did seeing as how he was a founders Lord.

After that the sorting went normally with Kayla being sorted into Slytherin along with her two new friends Daphne and Tracy. (It was just to hard to try and put her into the everyday life of Harry.)

When the meal and Dumbledore's announcements were over and the prefects lead the 1st years to their dormitories Harry was guided by a house elf by the name of Ellie to one of the Lords suites near Ravenclaw tower, the suite itself had 2 bedrooms a large bathroom and a study/lounge room. Once in his bedroom and having changed his luggage to it's trunk form he opened it up to the apartment and waited for his mother to come through, when she did both of them moved into the lounge area were Harry filled her in on everything so far. During a lapse in conversation Harry said as if to thin air, "Hogwarts school of the four, Camelot home of the one I ask for your presence so that we might talk face to face if possible." There was a pregnant pause after that as the two waited for some form of reply.

It wasn't long before they got one, "It is indeed possible young Lord." Said a decidedly feminine voice, looking to the side the two saw someone who looked somewhat like Lily but older and shorter and darker hair, "I am the avatar of Hogwarts and Camelot, and I have decided to take the form of your ancestor Rowena Ravenclaw, and you are correct young Lord we do need to talk."

Offering the avatar a seat, which she took, the three settled down for a talk, "First of all what would you like us to call you?" Harry asked.

"Rowena is fine young Lord." The now named Rowena replied.

"And you may call me Harry, so the first thing that I think that we need to talk about is the safety of this school and those within it, so what can you tell me about the wards?"

"Well the external wards are fine, those that surround the grounds themselves and can be turned on to full power in an instant if we ever come under attack, it is the internal wards that we have a problem with, most of which extend out into the external wards as well." Rowena said.

"What sort of problems?" Lily asked the avatar.

"When Dumbledore become Headmaster he changed or at least deactivated some of the internal wards, the only two wards that he only changed a little was the Anti-Portkey and Harmful Artefacts Capturing wards, he changed the Anti-Portkey ward so that only he was able to make Portkeys in and out of the castle and grounds when in actual fact the only person who was suppose to be able to do that was the school healer, and even then they could only make out going ones. The Harmful Artefacts Capturing ward was turned down so low that the only thing that it does now is tell the Headmaster when something harmful has entered the castle, whereas it is suppose to immediately confiscate the artefact and give the name of the person, who brought it in so that an investigation as to why they did so, to the Headmaster and Head-of-House. The ones that he has deactivated completely he did over time but are the workings of a truly foul person, the most heinous one that he switched off is the Anti-Rape ward, it was initially set to just stun the would be rapist and put them into one of the dungeon cells until someone from law enforcement could perform a proper investigation. The next ward is similar to the last it is an Anti-Hostility ward, this ward would stun any who would get into a fight, whether magical or physical it mattered not, and then inform the Head-of-House of the students involved. The Headmaster may have mentioned that magic was not to be used in the corridors but that didn't stop him from turning off the Magic Suppressor wards that work in the corridors which prevent any and all magic being used outside of classes and practice and dorm rooms. The last ward is an Anti-Tracker ward which prevents all forms of magical tracking and locating of individuals, privacy is paramount."

Thinking things over and talking about them with his mother Harry finally turned back to Rowena with his answer to the problem, "Well Rowena, the first thing we are doing is that we are going to turn on the Anti-Rape ward and add in a castration hex into it so that they can never even attempt something like that again." With that statement Harry felt a pulse of magic expand from him to cover the entire castle and grounds, Rowena having felt that Dumbledore didn't need to know about the change made sure that he didn't feel anything, "For the Anti-Hostility ward can we make it so that the aggressor will be transported to the dungeon cells for one weeks detention?"

"That shouldn't be a problem at all Harry. What about the Portkey and Artefacts wards?"

"Can you make it so that my mother and I can also make Portkeys in and out of Hogwarts, I think removing the ability from Dumbleshit would tip him off. As for the Artefacts can you just have them sent to the spare bedroom in this suite so that we can do our own investigation?" Harry asked.

"Of course Harry, as long as the room has sufficient security that shouldn't be a problem. Now what about the last two wards the Magic Suppressor and the Anti-Tracker?"

"Well those two you can just re-activate I don't think that anything needs to be changed about those two. Now that the ward business has been taken care of we would like your help with something if you could?" Harry said looking to Lily to take it from there.

"Yes, Rowena what I would like to do is open a pre-Hogwarts school for first-generation witches and wizards, that would teach them the basics of the magical world like government and currency, and some other things like some history and maybe even occlumency, but for this to happen I need a list of children which I hope that you can help me with."

"What a commendable idea Lily and I have no problem of giving you such a list and I will have it brought to you now." With that Rowena closed her eyes for a moment and then when she opened them the same house-elf that had shown Harry to his suite, Ellie, was standing in front of them with a piece of parchment in her hands which she then handed to Lily, before the elf could leave Rowena spoke to her "Ellie, while Harry is here at Hogwarts you are to be his personal elf and see to his needs is that understood?"

Curtseying low to the avatar of Hogwarts the little elf squeaked a reply "Of course Mistress Hogwarts." and then popped away.

Looking at the list Lily saw that there were to be 14 first-generation witches and wizards coming to Hogwarts next year and thinking that that was more then enough students for her to start with. After that Rowena wished them both a good night and left the couple to themselves and the bed that awaited them.

The next morning Harry found himself sitting at the Ravenclaw table eating breakfast next to Hermione, he decided that eating in the great hall would raise less suspicion with Dumbleshit, as he ate and talked with those around him he intentionally rubbed his leg against Hermione', which she brushed off as accidental. During their time in the apartment Lily had informed Harry that it would be wise to have a girlfriend from among his peers at Hogwarts and to even look for potential wives and or mistresses, she stated that he did have a few titles that he may want to continue. Although Harry wasn't really against the idea of multiple women he said that he would not actively look for more women and see what happens with the ones he becomes friends with.

After getting their timetables from Flitwick, and gathering the needed supplies the first year Ravenclaws made their way down to the Dungeons for their first ever class, Potions.

Ten minutes into the class and Harry knew that he would have to do something about Snivelus, he had not only insulted Harry but he had also used Legilimency on the entire class and apparently had no idea of how to teach, and so he had decided that later tonight to use the life debts owed to him to remove Snivelus for good.

The rest of the day was just as bad as the first class as he had History after lunch, and true to Tonks' assessment the ghost of Binns had no idea of what was going on around him, but instead of waiting for tonight to deal with him Harry made sure that he was the last one in the classroom and then discreetly used an exorcism spell to ensure the ghost moved on. Once that was done Harry calmly walked out of the room and joined Hermione on their way to the Library for the Potions essay that Snivelus had assigned them, even though he knew that he wouldn't need it by tomorrow but appearances must be made.

That night Harry sat on the lounge within his suite with his mother curled up next to him with the Potter Book of Debts sitting on his lap opened to Snivelus' page. After thinking and talking it through for a bit Harry had finally decided on how he was going to use the two debts that he was owed and so clearly intoned, "I, Harry Evans-Potter, being owed debts by one, Severus Oswald Snape, do hereby proclaim that which must be paid to cancel these debts. For the first debt I lay claim to all of his knowledge on Potions as my own," with that Harry felt a rush of information enter his mind, after it had sorted itself he realised that it still didn't exceed his mothers knowledge of Potions, Snivelus was never a Potions Master like he and Dumbleshit claimed, he was a Journeyman level brewer at best, with a sigh of disappointment he continued, "and with the second and final debt I lay claim to his magical core for the House of Potter to do with as it sees fit." With that statement a glowing green sphere appeared before them before condensing and becoming solid.

Picking it up Harry was able to feel it pulse with magic, waving his hand, wand/ring, at it to get its MD (Magical Density) and finding out that it only had a MD of 35 but still figuring that he could use it to power something later on.

Calling on Rowena Harry asked her to remove Snivelus from the castle and grounds as he no longer had a legitimate reason for being at the school and to bar him from ever re-entering in any way, which she happily did. After that Harry asked Rowena to send out invitations of employment to people that she felt were qualified to teach Potions and History, hoping to get a response by the weekend.

Unknown to Harry but within 15 minutes of Snape losing his core and being kicked out of Hogwarts he had fallen into a coma that he would never wake from and die from within a week.

For the rest of the week classes continued as they should except for potions and history, at first their was fear that something terrible had happened but later it turned to confusion as they realised that Snape was no longer in the castle.

By Friday Harry could see that Dumbleshit had no intention of finding a replacement potions professor but he really didn't care about that as he was informed just this morning by Hogwarts/Rowena that she had a lead on a very promising Potions Mistress, and a few candidates for the history class and would hopefully have both positions filled by Monday morning.

After lunch Harry received a note asking to go and see Hagrid after his final class down at his hut, with a quick acceptance Harry continued on after informing Hermione about the note and meeting and her asking if she could join him which he agreed to.

During his meeting with Hagrid Harry had seen numerous newspaper clippings about the Gringotts break-in, after asking Hagrid a couple of questions about it he just used his skill in the mind arts to find out about the Philosophers Stone and some of the traps that had been placed before it, after that Harry just continued to chat with the grounds-keeper for another 15 minutes before his excused himself and Hermione saying that they had school work they wanted to get out of the way before the weekend was over.

That night after Harry had told Lily about the stone he called for the House Elf Ellie, "Ellie, I would like you to go to the third floor corridor, the one that is out of bounds to students, and in the last room there should be a stone, I would like you to retrieve it for me but make sure that there is nothing harmful to yourself before getting it and if there are please disable it first and then bring the stone here, do you think you can do that for me?" Harry asked kindly.

"Of course Master Harry sir, I will be back with the stone soon." and with that she disappeared.

It was only a couple of minutes later that Ellie returned with the stone in hand and placed it on the table, where he indicated that is where he wanted it, after thanking the elf Harry ran any and all diagnostic charms that he knew for any magic that was not related to the stone and only finding a tracking charm that will only come active with the touch of a wizard or witch, wanting to keep Dumbleshit in the dark Harry conjured a fake stone before layering it with wards that would give it the same magical feel as the original and then moving the tracking charm to the fake, Harry asked Ellie to put the copy back where the original came from, after that Harry picked it up and felt a rush of power coming from it before handing it over to Lily to have a closer look at it.

"Think you could work out how it works and exactly what it does?" He asked his mother.

"I don't think that it should be to much trouble, but enough about rocks it is time for you to satisfy your mother." Lily replied before jumping Harry.

That Sunday night Harry received confirmation about the two new teachers that would be starting the next morning and as a Founder's Lord he was able to circumvent the Headmaster and sign the employment contracts for them himself, ensuring that Dumbleshit is never able to fire them.

The new History teacher was in fact a 700 year old vampire by the name of Jessica Silke (Played by Rachel Weisz from the Mummy movies) and the Potions Mistress was a 22 year old from America Grace Swift (Played by Michelle Ryan from Bionic Woman.) both of whom would be arriving early the next morning to begin their lessons.

Monday morning Hogwarts informed Harry that the two new professors had arrived and she had already sent a couple of elves to show them to their quarters, and had them sign their contracts, and had the house elves tell them that they could call for them if they needed anything either for themselves or their classes.

Waiting outside of his suite was Hermione, like usual, he had not yet invited her in yet because he had something planned for a later time. Walking together down to the great hall for breakfast and being among the first to arrive, just as they sat down in walked the two new teachers, McGonagall was the first to her feet and slowly made her way towards the two new arrivals, after a quick and quiet talk between the three McGonagall made the introductions to staff and students, with only Dumbleshit looking put out and confused as to how they could have been hired without his knowledge.

For the next week everything had been going normally, with the new teachers being enthusiastically welcomed except for most of the Slytherin'. During the week Harry had taken out his Hover-board so that he could explore the grounds a lot easier then just walking, from the students that saw him on it they were all raving about it and wanting to know where they could get one, luckily for Harry he had placed a modified copy right charm on it so that others couldn't make one of their own or even use the idea without his expressed written permission. When filch had tried to confiscate it saying that first years weren't allowed brooms Harry merely stated "If you think this is a broom is it any wonder why the castle isn't cleaner." and resolved to have Hogwarts/Rowena fire the spiteful prick and bar him from the castle and grounds, which he did that night. (Yes, I know that I seem to be getting rid of a lot of characters, but only the ones I don't like. More to follow.)

That Friday was flying lessons with the Hufflepuff' which went well, the only thing that Harry had a complaint about is the standard of the school brooms, which was why straight after the lesson Harry tracked down his Head-of-House Professor Flitwick and gave him the idea of opening a study group or something in charming and enchanting items such as brooms, and if they passed inspection then they could replace the old school brooms. The idea was taken with a happy smile and assurances that he would look into it. Harry also decided that the rule of first years unable to have their own brooms was a stupid rule and changed it so that they were allowed to have a broom but only after completing a flying competence test issued by Madam Hooch, the rule also stated that no-one can overrule her in this decision.

After that school went by as usual with Harry easily passing the flying test but with Malfoy and Weasley having failed 3 and 5 times respectively. The next major event to hit Hogwarts was the Halloween Feast, which Harry wasn't even planning on attending due to the fact that he was going to spend the night with his mother on the anniversary of her original death. It was about 7:30pm when Hogwarts/Rowena announced that the DADA Professor had let in a Mountain Troll and that a first year student was in danger in one of the girls restrooms, without even thinking about it Harry grabbed a pen that he was just using and turned it into a port-key that would take him to the hallway near the girls restroom and in an instant he was gone. Upon arrival Harry saw the troll lumbering it's way into the girls loo (For the Americans that's toilet), quickly casting a silencing charm on himself Harry ran in and saw that the troll was about to decimate the pretty first year and so reacting on instinct and using his wand/ring for added power Harry cast a piercing hex at the base of it's skull killing it instantly. After making sure that the creature was in fact dead Harry went over to the girl who he remembered was Hannah Abbott from Hufflepuff, gently picking her up and carrying her bridal style out of the room Harry slowly started to make his way to the Hospital Wing so that he could get Hannah checked out. After a minute of walking Harry started talking, "So what were you doing there by your self during the Halloween Feast?"

Answering with her face buried into the crook of Harry's neck Hannah said, "I was only alone for the last 5 minutes before that my best friend Susan was there as well, she was there trying to make me feel better after someone said something horrible."

Listening carefully and wanting answers he asked, "Who said what?"

With shallow hiccups she answered, "It was the youngest Weasley, Ron, and he said 'I don't know why they even teach girls magic the only thing that they are good for is taking care of her Husband and children.' he said this after Charms when all the females got the Levitation charm to work and he didn't."

Thinking this over and deciding to get his own revenge on the little shit he thought that the girls of Hogwarts could get their own as well, "Well if you want to make him pay for what he said there is a very easy way to do that, you black list him, you make it so that he can never ever get a date, and to do that the first thing that you're going to have to do is start a witches group from first years to seventh and from all houses and maybe even have a female professor over see it, and the purpose of this group could be something like social networking and study groups and maybe even a little self defence, you could even start a council where complaints can be heard and certain things could be passed like say black listing wizards who only use witches for their own pleasure."

Harry could see that Hannah liked the idea and left her to her thoughts on the matter but he knew that within a few weeks the group would be assembled, upon entering the hospital wing Harry gently placed Hannah on a spare bed and then went to Madam Pomfrey' office to let her know that she had a patient and to tell her what had happened, in broad strokes of course, walking back over to Hannah' bed he smiled warmly at her before he gently placed a kiss on her forehead and wishing her a Goodnight.

That night Harry relayed what happened to his anxious mother and she was in full agreement about what he had done, both to the troll and what he had advised Hannah to do, and also about his own revenge. Harry found that Quirrell' excuse that he had been bringing in the troll as part of a 7th year class when it got loose was fairly suspect.

The next day Harry went looking for his means of revenge against the little weasel, he finally found them coming out of the great hall after breakfast, "Wild Jokers a word if you please?" Harry called to the Weasley twins, at their nod of assent and curious looks at each other over the new nickname they followed Harry into an unused classroom, once the door was closed Harry discreetly put up some privacy wards.

"Why did you call us,"

"Wild Jokers?" They asked in their usual double talk.

"Oh, well, I'm not to sure of how familiar you are with the non-magical world and their different card games, but in some the Jokers are added and made 'Wild' which means that they can become whatever is needed and can instantly change a loser into a winner, they are in a way controlled chaos, and from what I hear about you two that about sums you up. So Fred is the Red Joker and George is the Black Joker or Fire and Shadow Jokers if you prefer." Was Harry' answer, which was received with huge grins from the twins loving the idea.

"So apart we are Fire and Shadow Jokers," Fred said first.

"But together we are Wild Jokers," George continued.

"We love it!" They finished together.

"Excellent, but that was not what I wanted to talk to you two about I'm going to tell you about what really happened last night, you see..." and with that Harry told them the abridged version of what happened and why it happened, and to say that the twins were pissed at their younger brother was an understatement, "I'm glad that you agree with me that something has to be done to your brother, I believe that the witches of Hogwarts will soon get their own revenge on him but that is neither here nor there, I would like to hire the Wild Jokers. I will pay you to prank your brother or brothers as well as Malfoy and his two harem boys Crabbe and Goyle," the twins chuckle at this, "The pay will be subjective and here is the payment list,

Laughed at For 1 Day 1k

3 Days 3k

1 Week 7k

1 Month 1S

Multiply by number of victims 1-5

Humiliated For 1 Day 5k

3 Days 15k

1 Week 1S

1 Month 5S

1 Year 1 Galleon (Multiply for each additional year)

For Life 50 Galleons

Multiply by number of victims 1-5 (Others could be added at later time)

Full payment is subject to number of people who actually witness it and I will decide when to pay for 1 Year plus payments.

Immunity For Life 1 Galleon per person

Current Immunity Members:

Harry Evans-Potter (Ravenclaw 1st Year)

Hermione Granger (Ravenclaw 1st Year)

N. Tonks (Ravenclaw 7th Year)

Hannah Abbott (Hufflepuff 1st Year)

Susan Bones (Hufflepuff 1st Year)

Kayla Stone (Slytherin 1st Year)

Daphne Greengrass (Slytherin 1st Year)

Tracy Davis (Slytherin 1st Year)

All physical pranks must cancel or be reversible within 24 hours.

Causing physical pain is strictly prohibited.

If you cause emotional pain and or distress to any females I will point them in your direction and let them get their own brand of revenge on you both.

"So if you both agree just sign on the bottom and I will give you 8 Galleons for the Immunity List and an added 2 G as a signing bonus, and I will be keeping a running tally of what you have achieved in the year and then I will pay you at the end of the school year of what I owe you."

Needless to say they both quickly signed the contract, even happily accepting the conditions of their pranks. Harry of course knew that with the Magic Suppressor Ward on the corridors it would make it harder for the twins to execute some of their pranks.

Leading up to the Christmas Holidays little and prefect Weasley along with the Slytherin boy harem were subject to pranks played on them about once a fortnight. The only other excitement that had happened was that Harry found that Hagrid had somehow gotten his hands on a dragon egg, which he took the liberty to acquire and then sent it on the the goblins at Gringotts to later use as a guard dragon.

When Christmas arrived although Harry was technically staying at Hogwarts he spent most of his time at Lily's Pad with his mother. It turned out that whilst he was sitting in classes she was working on her projects and had finally completed the Auto-Teacher, she had charmed a pair of watches that were connected with the memory database (large pensieve) using magical saturation the objects didn't actually have to be anywhere near the head to work properly they just had to have skin contact and the knowledge would flow along their magic and then move to the brain. Lily believed that with their Occlumency they should be able to absorb a years worth of knowledge in a week, and so they should be finished with high school by March.

The days leading to Christmas day the two of them were out and about looking for a suitable property to open up their school, it was on their third day of searching that they came across a large farm with a larger than normal farm house, 3 hours later the property was theirs, well in Lily's name anyway, and Harry had placed some basic wards on it to start with and he would come back every weekend until it would be easier to break into Malfoy Manor.

Speaking of Malfoy Harry had finally gotten around to writing a letter to Malfoy senior demanding compensation in the form of one of his 20 most expensive books and that next time a Malfoy insulted him or his the price would be more then just a book.

After buying the farm Harry and Lily went about buying everything that they could possibly need for the new school, like 30 copies of every book on the basics of every subject as well as plenty of potions ingredients to teach them about handling and preparation, they also decided that 2 days a week was to much as the kids would still have primary school to attend and so changed it to one Saturday every 2 weeks.

Lemon (Sort of)

On Christmas day Harry and Lily woke in each others arms without a care, want or desire to move from where they were. "Merry Christmas Mum." Harry whispered into her hair from behind, where she had her back pressed up against his chest, as he slowly pushed his hard member into her moist soft folds from behind getting a low moan of joy for his actions, before slowly pulling most of the way out and then re-entering just as slowly, he continued this when he finally got some coherent words from his mother but he did not stop what he was doing.

"Merry Christmas Love." Lily replied with her eyes closed.

Seeing that his mothers eyes were currently closed Harry quickly summoned something into his hand without stopping his motion, and opened it in front of her eyes and whispered into her ear, "Will you marry me?"

With those words Lily snapped her eyes open as she came to orgasm, she first looked at the ring in front of her before looking over her shoulder and into the eyes of her Lover/Son and with unparalleled love in her eyes she smiled and said "Yes." As soon as the engagement ring was on her finger they both glowed a brilliant white and now laying next to the first ring was now a wedding ring, as soon as Lily saw it she knew what had happened they were Soul Bound and Married and then proceeded to explain it all to Harry, but he happy either way for she had said 'Yes'. For the most of the day they didn't even leave the bed they were celebrating knowing that they would be together in this life and the next for all eternity.

Lemon End

Deciding that he should at least make an appearance for lunch at Hogwarts and maybe even spend some time with the twins, who had to stay at school because their parents had gone to visit the second eldest Weasley, Charlie the dragon keeper, for a present from the twin he actually got a subscription to Play Wizard for a whole year and he gave them a book on becoming an Animagus which they really liked, for Hermione Harry sent her a book on Occlumency along with his own personal notes on the subject, and she had given him the entire Lord of the Rings series, for Kayla Harry sent her a copy of Lesbian Kama Sutra and funnily enough she sent him the regular version, he sent Tonks a copy of one of his basic Battle Magic books from the Gryffindore vault and she got him a coupon for one favour from her. Harry also received an invisibility cloak that his mother told him once belonged to James, Harry wasn't all that impressed by it but he could think of a couple of uses for it, like going into the girls showers.

For the rest of the break Harry and Lily continued to celebrate their marriage, while Lily would be working on the new school Harry would be studying the Time Sphere and the day before the holidays were over he figured out how to improve it, by basically plugging it into the ward structure itself it could cover a larger area and therefore have more power for the time dilation, he had even added an emergency hyper-time dilation where 1 hour outside time would be 1 month inside with a maximum of 2 years continuous use before a 3 day cooling down/recharging period. This was a great thing for they wanted to move into one of the larger properties next summer and may or may not use the Time Sphere. They also talked about where they wanted to go next summer and had finally decided to check out Ravenclaw Sanctuary in southern France.

When all of the students returned from the break as soon as Hermione saw Harry she went up and hugged him for the book and his notes, which she has already started to put to good use, and just as she was about to pull away Harry quickly leaned in and gave her a peck on the lips, when she merely blushed and didn't say anything about it he thought that it was great progress, when it was Tonks' turn for a hug she smiled slyly at him for the kiss he had given Hermione but when they were hugging Harry whispered to her, "For my favour I want to kiss you with you in your natural form, and I will do everything I can to make it as less awkward as possible, Hermione can even be there if that will help you any." Having planned to show her and Hermione his shifting ability, to a degree, and changing to his 17 year old self.


That Friday night Harry invited Tonks and Hermione over to his suite so that he could redeem his favour from Tonks, after the two were seated in his lounge and had a drink each Harry excused himself and went into his room, when he came out a couple of minutes later it was an older looking Harry that returned and now the only thing that he was wearing is a pair of black silk pyjama bottoms showing off his chest and arms to the two stunned and blushing girls, smirking a little at their display Harry said, "Like what you see girls?"

It was Tonks that came to first and replied in a breathy voice, "I wouldn't mind seeing more Harry."

"Only if you return the gesture." Harry replied honestly looking from Tonks to Hermione showing that he was including her in this to.

At that Hermione finally came back to the conversation but continued to stare at Harry, "Harry, what happened to you, did you take an aging potion or something? And what did you mean by that last statement?"

"No 'Mione I did not take an aging potion," at this he paused to look significantly at Tonks, and both girls cottoned on to what he was referring to, "and as to the other part if you want to see me naked it's only fair that I see you naked as well."

"You're a Metamorphmagus!" Tonks said in excitement.

"Technically no, I'm a Shifter a higher form of Metamorphmagus."

"What do you mean 'higher form'?" Hermione asked.

"I mean that Metamorphmagus can become whoever they want, and a Shifter can become anything they want, person or animal, although I'm still working on the animal aspect of it still."

Both girls were completely stunned by his announcement, more Tonks then Hermione, "So who's form is this?" Tonks asked.

"This is my true form, well 17 years old of course, but still all me, do you like it?" Harry asked taking a little bit of a pose.

"Merlin Yes!" They both replied breathlessly.

"So do you want to see more, but remember that so do I?" With that question both girls stood up and moved to a corner where they could talk about it with each other. This gave Harry a chance to think about why he was even thinking about this, ever since the resumption of school Harry would systematically test Hermione' Occlumency and then give her suggestions about improving them and he now felt that she would notice anyone, including Dumbleshit, who tried to enter her mind and by the end of the school year Dumbleshit would never be able to enter. Tonks' Occlumency was already close to master level due to the fact that her Mother, Andromeda Tonks nee Black, had taught her from a young age and Harry would give her a couple of tips to take her to master level. Coming out of his introspection he noticed that the girls seemed to have come to a decision.

"We would like to see more, and both of us are willing to do what needs done to do it." Said a madly blushing Hermione with a nodding Tonks beside her.

Smiling widely Harry said, "Excellent, now seeing as how I'm already topless it's only fair that you two are as well."

At that both girls took a deep cleansing breath to help with their nervousness, as they both started to remove their outer cloaks revealing that both are wearing a pair of jeans with Tonks going with a tight hot pink tee and Hermione going with a light grey long sleeve blouse, looking at each other they both started to slowly remove theirs tops, until Tonks was just standing there in her jeans and red bra and Hermione had undone all the buttons and was currently holding it closed with both hands before she once again closed her eyes and then quickly pulled it off and let it fall to the floor at her feet showing her smaller white bra to Harry and Tonks.

At this point Harry had taken a seat in one of the recliners so that he could watch from a more comfortable position, and he could already feel his cock becoming semi-hard.

Tonks showing more confidence than she actually felt then proceeded to remove her bra displaying her beautiful breasts for the other two to see. As Hermione watched Tonks take off her bra she was getting more excited than she thought she would and so without even really thinking about it she too took off her bra for the others.

When Harry finally saw both girls completely topless he instantly became as hard as a rock, "Now that you two have caught up I will go first with the rest." He said looking them both in the eye, as he put his hands on the waist of his pants and then slowly drawing them down until they were around his ankles and then standing up and stepping out of them allowing the girls to get a good look at his hard 9 inches, when he was sure that they had had a decent look he sat back down in his chair and motioned for them to continue with his left hand as his right had taken himself in hand and was slowly stroking himself looking at them.

Hermione and Tonks couldn't really take their eyes off of Harry's piece of meat, especially when they saw him start to masturbate in front of them, Tonks was once again the first to move and the first of the girls that was completely naked and had even gone so far as to sit on Harry's knee and take over the hand-job for him as they both now were watching Hermione.

"'Mione, I know what type of person you are, I've known since we met on the train so I'm going to make this easy on you," Here Harry paused to bring up an authoritative aura and then basically commanded, "Now take off the rest of your clothes and come over here and join us."

And with that Hermione did just that, blushing at how wet she got from him giving her orders, when Hermione was sitting on his other knee Harry placed a hand on the thigh of each girl and then gently started running his hands up and down their legs, and when he felt and saw Hermione add her hand to Tonks' on his shaft, he moved his hands higher up their legs until he was rubbing their nether lips, with that motion the girls started stroking him harder and faster and so he tentatively inserted a finger into each of them, with Hermione easily being the tighter of the two, the three continued with the mutual hand-jobs until when Harry inserted a second finger into each and the three came together.

"That was beautiful girls thank you," Harry said first looking at Tonks and leaning in to kiss her on the lips, when their lips touched Tonks went all in and turned it into a snog, when they parted Tonks was slightly glassy eyed and so Harry turned to Hermione "and thank you too." and ended up with the same results. When the kiss with Hermione was done Harry brought his hands up to his mouth and then proceeded to lick and suck the index finger of each hand tasting each of the girls, he then offered the middle finger that was just in Hermione to Tonks who happily took it into her mouth, once she had cleaned off the finger she brought her own hand that was covered in Harry's spunk and started cleaning it with her tongue. Taking his eyes off the very erotic sight of Tonks Harry then offered Hermione the hand that he had used on Tonks, and even though she was a lot more hesitant about tasting the juices of another girl she still took the finger into her mouth and even closed her eyes to enjoy it more.

Hermione not wanting to follow Tonks lead this time did not start licking Harry's sperm from her hand, instead she slid off his knee and knelt in front of him and then with a boldness that shocked even Harry she started to lick and suck of his still erect member. When Harry saw her staring into his own Harry once again commanded, "That's it 'Mione, now don't stop until I fill your beautiful mouth full of my cum, but the choice of swallowing or not is up to you, ok?" receiving a nod of confirmation Harry reclined the back of the chair as far back as possible and then had Tonks sit on his face so that eat her out, which she was more then willing to do.

After being sucked on by a very pretty 12 year old girl and licking and slurping at a 17 year olds pussy for a few minutes Harry was ready to cum and gave Hermione a warning that he was close before he came hard, spurting his cum straight into Hermione' mouth where he was surprised that she swallowed all that she could. After he had brought Tonks to orgasm he asked if Hermione wanted a go on his face, getting a yes from her the girls switched positions with Hermione sitting on his chest and her knees on either side of his head waiting for things to start again, but when Harry felt Tonks start to sit on his lap he stopped her, "Tonks wait, did you want to go all the way tonight?" Getting a hesitant nod from her he said, "Are you still a virgin?" Again another nod, "Ok then, I don't mind going all the way with you Tonks but if you were to lose your virginity in special circumstances you could gain certain benefits, as in perfect balance." Harry finished, knowing that she wasn't the most stable person on her feet that he had met, most likely a side effect of being a Metamorphmagus. Thinking it over quickly Tonks decided she liked the thought of better balance and so knelt down in front of him and proceeded to give him a titty fuck.

Lemon End

It was three satisfied teens that could be found 15 minutes later all now sitting on the couch huddled together and still naked, it was decided that the three of them would continue their new activities with each other through out the year and that Tonks would lose her virginity next Friday, but Hermione said she wasn't ready for that yet and even asked Tonks if she would mind if she was there during Tonks' first time which Tonks agreed to.

The next Friday Tonks went through the ritual, with Harry having to explain to both girls that not all rituals were evil which they both eventually conceded to, and after the initial pain Tonks eventually had a very pleasurable time, with Hermione even sucking out Harry's sperm from Tonks' swollen pussy. The only ritual that Hermione went through was sacrificing the hair on her legs to give her complete control of the hair on the rest of her body, the first thing she did was change her hair style from bushy to wavy.

The rest of the school year passed by with only a few more things of note, the first was that on Valentines day 3 Slytherin 7th year boys tried to gang-rape a 4th year from their own house and the 3 guys were all castrated and sent onto the DMLE with the girl getting support council from all the other witches at Hogwarts, it appeared that Hannah had gotten the witches club started up which his girls, Hermione and Tonks, said that they had simply named The Coven but that was all they were allowed to tell him.

What the girls didn't tell Harry was that every student witch was a member, and that a girl from every year was on the Ruling Council, Susan Bones was the 1st year rep, Tonks wasn't on it but was the Ravenclaw Overseer. So there were 7 Ruling Council one for each year, who then had an Overseer in each of the houses, so 28 Overseers in total, and then the members themselves. They are already planning on taking the idea outside of Hogwarts for after they graduate, the only staff member that really knew what was going on was the new Potions Mistress Miss Grace Swift (Michelle Ryan remember) she was really behind it having grown up and lived in America all of her life she was disgusted with how witches are treated here in Britain.

The next thing of note was Kayla and Daphne coming to him for help, they needed a way to present their relationship to Daphne' father in a way that he would not try and sell her off to the highest bidder, it was a week later that Harry had finally came up with a solution, he had written up a contract between he and Lord Greengrass

I Lord Harry Evans-Potter,

Lord of other titles including one gained by conquest at the age of 15 months of age,

Offer this deal to Lord Greengrass, if you allow your eldest daughter, Daphne Greengrass, to live her life as she sees fit, especially if that life includes a sapphic (Lesbian) romance, and without any interference by yourself Lord Greengrass, if by her 17th birthday I Lord Harry Evans-Potter have not come up with a way for her and her female love to conceive a child with each other, then I Lord Harry Evans-Potter will seed a child myself with your eldest daughter, Daphne Greengrass, and will leave the child a trust of 2 million Galleons and the title of Lord Slytherin in perpetuity.

So it is said, So mote it be.

Lord Harry Evans-Potter

Harry also suggested that Daphne tell her father that with him only having daughters of his own that with Daphne being a witches witch it would allow for the Greengrass name to live on if he took Harry up on his offer.

The next thing of note is that since the sacking of filch the castle has been a much cleaner and happier place, especially with the elves now cleaning the castle proper.

Flitwick' broom project had gone along splendidly and the newly made brooms were much better then the old ones the school had to use, still nowhere near what Harry himself could make of course.

As for the Wild Jokers they hadn't done to bad for themselves this year earning.

Laughed at For 1 Day 1 Knut Total = 1S 15k

3 Days 3k = 2S 3k

1 Week 7k = 4S 10k

1 Month 1 Sickle = 3S

Sub-Total = 10S 28k

Humiliated For 1 Day 5 Knut Total = 15k

3 Days 15k = 1S 1k

1 Week 1 Sickle = 3S

1 Month 5 Sickle = 10S

1 Year 1 Galleon = 1G

For Life 50 Galleons = 0

Sub-Total = 2G 12S 1k

Grand Total = 3G 6S

The next school thing of note is that little Weasley and his boy-friends Dean and Seamus nearly got themselves all killed by going after the fake stone, no one really cared not even Weasley' brothers. Weasley had also spent 4 weeks in a dungeon cell for starting fights over the year.

About a month before school let out Lily gave Harry a review of how things were going with her and her projects, the first was that the school had been going very well and thought that the new batch of first-generation witches and wizards to come to Hogwarts next year were going to have an easier time of things then this years did, and so it was decided to continue on with the school. She had also made another Memory Database for the upcoming University knowledge that they were going to go out and collect this summer, for the Auto-Teacher. Speaking of the Auto-Teacher both Harry and Lily had finished absorbing the complete high school education, with Lily's favourite subjects being biology and the Maths classes, whereas Harry's were Computer Science and Engineering (Auto Shop, Metal Working, Wood Shop etc.) Harry also liked the music lessons that had been included, and they both thought that the language classes would soon come in handy.

She had also figured out what exactly the Philosophers Stone actually did, it actually made things the best they could be, for example use it on lead and you get gold, use it on coal get a diamond, use it on water and get what is called 'The Elixir of Life' which when drunk by a person will bring the body to the absolute best that the body can achieve even healing fatal wounds. (Thank you Mountain907 for your idea of the stones effects, in a broad strokes kind of way.) They both decided to wait until they were in France before taking it, Harry even put forth the idea of adding the Elixir into their Revival Ritual so that their bodies will be perfect when they are revived.

And now the trio sit in the last compartment in the last car on the train making it's way to King's Cross Station, with plans already made for the three of them to meet up in France at some point during the summer but that is not what they are thinking about right now, for as soon as they entered the compartment Harry had warded the shit out of it and now the three of them were naked and planned to stay that way all the way to London and enjoying every second of the vibrating journey.

End Chapter.

Yes I know that this took forever to post, well it took forever to write as well. I have no idea when the next chapter will be up because I have absolutely no idea of what happens in the next chapter, so until next time a bit of advice from me, if you are ever caught masturbating just say that you're holding it for someone else.

Oh, I also had a story idea that anyone is welcome to use. What if just after Harry had defeated Moldyshorts at the age of 15 months that the then Minister of Magic proclaimed, as the elected voice of the people, that Harry Potter had saved all of their lives, ensuring that every living witch and wizard in Britain owed Harry at least one life debt, with Harry at some point finding this out and using the debts as he sees fit and whatever your twisted little minds can come up with.