Omigah! A crossover! Hide! Okay, no. But I hope my brain allows me to finish this 'cause I like it! Assassin's Creed 2 x House of Night! Who woulda thought it!

It takes place in Marked -just thought you should know!

Rated T for Aphrodite's tongue!

"Hey, y'all!" Stevie Rae chimed cheerfully as she and her best buddy for life, Zoey Redbird, walked to their usual table in the House of Night cafeteria. It was bustling in the cafeteria today since some new fledgling was just marked and rumor has it, she challenged the Hag from Hell, Aphrodite, on her first day. Z's group completely supported the girl, in spite of the fact that they didn't know her.

The girls took their seats just as the Twins, Erin and Shaunee, were clinking their milk glasses.

"Kate Moore," Shaunee began.

" –we salute you!" Erin continued and they Twins proceeded to exchange praises for Kate, the new girl, and insults for the Hag.

Damien shook his head at them and pulled something out of his pocket. He then handed it to Zoey. She gave him a puzzled look. "My notes from Vamp Sociology class." he explained.

"Ah, right, I totally forgot." she muttered as she took the notes. "If you hadn't reminded me, I probably wouldn't have asked at all. Thanks a bunch!"

Damien laughed, "It's fine, Z. You don't need to thank me for anything!" Stevie Rae laughed with them. Then the Twins joined in and they eventually forgot what they were laughing about in the first place.

Suddenly, a familiar and icy voice immobilized everyone from the poison dripping with every syllable.

"What're you laughing about, dweebs?"

They all simultaneously turned their heads to the voice. If you haven't guessed already, it was none other than Aphrodite Lafont. The first to speak were the Twins.

"Oh, it's the demonic ice queen." Erin said.

"What?" Shaunee added. "Did you rise up from Hell just to talk to us? How becoming!" The dark skinned girl inwardly cheered for herself after using some of Damien's vocabulary.

"Uh, guys?" Stevie Rae interrupted with her known twang, "I think class is starting."

Aphrodite glared at her for no apparent reason but to glare and left the group alone, waving her hips sassily as she walked away.

Damien was next to check his watch and the others followed suit. It was indeed time for classes to start. The cafeteria got louder because the chattering was mixed with the shuffling of feet. Stevie Rae headed towards her first class: Equestrian Studies with Professor Lenobia. She dreaded it since Aphrodite's goons, Warlike and Terrible, were in it with her but it lifted her spirits to know that that super cool teacher, Professor Lenobia, taught it.

The day went by uneventfully and Stevie Rae retreated to her dorm bored. To make matters worse, her roommate had to go to that Dark Daughters thing later so she would be bored with Zoey gone.

As she was walking alone in the halls, an argument aroused Stevie Rae's ears.

"Oh, shut up! You just got here! You don't know shit about this school like I do!"

"That may be true but I know everyone hates you!"

"Oh yeah? And how does that affect me?"

"Someone's gonna knock you off that throne of yours soon. It's probably not gonna be me but I'll be right there laughing my ass off while it happens!"

"Fuck you! Why are you even bothering me in the first place?"

"'Cause I came here and found you in my bitch radar!"

Stevie Rae stopped in her tracks and winced at the… colorful use of words. It was obvious that it was between Aphrodite and the new girl –who Stevie Rae saw for the first time and she had long brown hair that curled at the bottom and fierce brown eyes. The argument was getting pretty heated and, fearing the worst, she stepped in between the girls that were grimacing so angrily that it looked like they were baring sharp animal teeth. "Okay!" she shouted, interrupting Aphrodite in the middle of her sentence. "Listen! Y'all gotta stop fighting! Kate, Aphrodite may be a pain in the butt but she hasn't done anything to you! And Aphrodite, nobody's throwin' ya off your hellish hag horse so calm down!"

"And when did it become your business, Texas?" Kate mocked Stevie Rae whose face would have twisted in fury if she hadn't willed it to stay calm. Sure, it doubtless had nothing to do with her but it was getting on every one of her nerves.

"I just think this whole fight is ridiculous!" she replied, mustering up the strength she got from her Mama as she spoke.

"She's right." Aphrodite agreed making Stevie Rae shortly rejoice. "You stand no chance!" Stevie Rae groaned in disappointment. Did she not get what Stevie Rae was trying to do here? The Southern girl wanted to kick Aphrodite in the face for that.

"What did you say?" Kate exclaimed and the fight looked like it was going to resume. Dammit. Those girls just wouldn't stop.

"No! Stop!" Stevie Rae exclaimed. "This isn't getting you anywhere! Aphrodite, you have to go to that Dark Daughters meeting and Kate, you should get to wherever the hell you need to go!" When she was done with her sentence, she was pretty proud of how powerful she sounded when deep inside she was about to leave them to finish off what they started.

Kate seemingly didn't like being scolded and immediately began to bite back at the poor girl. "Who says I'll listen to you? You're probably one of Aphrodite's tiny henchmen! I'll bet you're as big a b –"

"Shut up!" Aphrodite exclaimed –now as frustrated as the other blonde –saving Stevie Rae from Kate's wrath. "Can't you stop arguing for like ten seconds?"

It looked like that phrase shut the new girl who was (and Stevie Rae didn't want to think it) more haggish than the Queen of Hags, Aphrodite herself. Kate harrumphed and walked away but not before she stuck up both of her middle fingers –one for Stevie Rae and one for Aphrodite.

"Aw! Isn't that considerate of her?" Aphrodite commented at the gesture sarcastically. Then she turned to the short, curly haired blonde. "You didn't have to come and interrupt. I was handling things perfectly fine on my own."

"If you call 'Almost getting into a catfight' handling things then you were doing a dandy job of that, Aphrodite." Stevie Rae was hurt at her lack of gratitude. If she hadn't stepped in, who knows how long the fight would've dragged on?

"Keep your cowboy lingo to yourself, dork." Aphrodite muttered before heading off to the Dark Daughters meeting. Stevie Rae cringed at Aphrodite's rudeness but now that Stevie Rae was alone in the corridor again, she resumed her solitary stroll to her room.

Stevie Rae didn't know how long it was until Zoey returned but she knew that her BFF would likely come back pissed at Aphrodite and the whole thing. Oddly, Z came back laughing so hard that it seemed like she was miming.

"Z? Are you alright?" Stevie Rae asked, "You look like you enjoyed the meeting a little too much."

Zoey nodded, still laughing soundlessly and clutching her stomach in pain from all the laughter. Soon the sound of her laughter came back and eventually, she calmed down. "It was hilarious! That new girl, Kate, totally humiliated the Hag in front of everyone!"

Stevie Rae frowned, "That's not nice." Kate was in the Dark Daughters? Well, what else would one expect from her…

"No, it's damn funny!" Zoey broke into a brand new fit of laughter and collapsed onto her bed.

Her roommate closed the door and sat on her own bed. "Zoey, I don't like this Kate girl," she said, debating whether to reveal her encounter with the two hateful fledglings or not. Finally, she decided she should since Z was her best friend and she should tell her everything. "I met Kate today." Zoey looked up from her fit and calmly urged her to continue. "She was real mean, Zoey. Like –meaner-than-Aphrodite mean."

"But she's on our side –"

"No, she just wants to be the school's new Queen Bee!"

Zoey mused for a second before nodding. "Well, if you say so."

"We should help Aphrodite with her." Stevie Rae said, glad that her best friend believed her when she expected her to scoff sarcastically. She should have more faith in Z.

"No!" Erin exclaimed.

"Absolutely not!" Shaunee added.

Damien shrugged. "Well, I personally feel no need to help Aphrodite. It's her problem, let her handle it."

"But she's pissin' me off too!" Stevie Rae exclaimed.

"Since when do you get pissed off? You're a big ball of happiness!" Erin teased; making her twin giggle and Stevie Rae hit her lightly on the shoulder. Even Stevie Rae had a bad side –even if she was usually too nice to show it.

"Hmm. Maybe we should help." Zoey said. "For Stevie Rae's sake." she added when the other three friends shot her odd looks.

"Stevie Rae! Stevie Rae!" A girl came running to the blonde, calling her name. Stevie Rae turned around and saw a flustered looking fledgling by the name of Shannoncompton. She panted before saying, "Could you do me a favor?"

"Sure!" Stevie Rae replied with a smile. "What is it?"

The other girl fidgeted with her sleeve before saying, "I think Aphrodite took something from me –a poetry book."

"Are you sure? I mean, the vamps are pretty thorough with this stuff. They probably got it back already."

Shannoncompton shook her head and continued, "No, I'm sure and I was wondering if you could get it, y'know 'cause your rooms are close, you could get it while she isn't looking?"

"Sneak into her room?" Stevie Rae asked doubtfully, "And you couldn't find anyone else?"

"Nobody else that I trust."

Stevie Rae knew it was crazy and Aphrodite wouldn't really steal from other people (unless she did and Stevie Rae didn't know) but she figured that she needed to have a word with Aphrodite anyways concerning the "Kate" issue so she reluctantly agreed.

She walked to the dorm only to be greeted by two cheerful Twins. Their identical but different selves grabbed both of her arms.

"We're watching Star Wars: Episode 3!" Shaunee cried urgently. Her dark complexion showed serious and exaggerated anxiety.

The second twin bore the same expression. "Get in. Get in! Get in!" Erin said, ushering the clueless Stevie Rae to the couch Damien and Zoey were sitting on, apparently having a debate over Luke and Anakin and which one was cooler.

"Turning on your Master and friends is not cool!" Damien exclaimed exasperated. His hands were balled up in fists and he seemed to be trying to return to his normal, calm self with much difficulty. "It's lame!"

"So? We're talking coolness and not morality! In terms of coolness, Anakin definitely wins! I mean; he's Darth Vader! It doesn't get cooler!"

"Luke cuts his hand off!"

"It was a robotic hand! And if you ask any person who isn't a fan of Star Wars, he'd tell you that it had Darth Vader in it!" Zoey insisted. She threw her head down in a nod-like gesture that made all her dark locks cover her face as if trying to imitate Vader's mask with her hair. "He's well known!"

"They'd know Luke Skywalker too!"

"Vader's more famous!"

Stevie Rae interrupted the conversation out of the blue by saying, "I need to tell y'all something."

"Don't tell us it's Aphrodite-related." Shaunee whined and hopped in place like a child.

"Well, it sorta is but listen!" She gestured with her hand for her friends to huddle around her. "A girl tells me Aphrodite stole something from her and she wants me to get in her room and steal it back but –"

"That bitch!" Erin almost raised her voice.

"Wait!" Stevie Rae whispered hurriedly, "I think it was Kate so I thought maybe one of us could go pay Kate a visit while I go see Aphrodite."

"Well, I'm immediately ruled out 'cause I'm sorta not a girl." Damien joked but the end of his sentence trailed off when it seemed to him like a useless addition to the conversation.

"I'll do it!" Zoey immediately piped up.


"And us?" the Twins said simultaneously.

"You guys tell us what happens in Episode 3 even though we've seen it ten times already." Zoey said it almost as if it were a mission of great importance.

"Gee, Twin," Erin said sarcastically, "I feel really important."

"I know, right?" Shaunee said.

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