So I'm gonna apologize for two things right now. First of all, I'm an asshole because it took me a whole year to update this. I had some nasty writer's block and I'm not sure if it's completely gone, but whatever. Second of all, I made up a lot of crap about the First Civilization and I need you to forgive me for all the liberties I took to put everything together. I hope you don't mind the inaccuracies.

Add to that the fact that I haven't even touched the newest HoN book yet... siiiiigh... so much to do...

With that, enjoy this chapter.

Zoey sat in the library, studying furiously. Lenobia had suggested the book that she was reading. She said that it would give her some insight to what was going on with Stevie Rae. Zoey also told her about seeing Elliot. She was coming to terms with the fact that she may have just been hallucinating, but she asked anyway. Just as she expected, Lenobia didn't know what to tell her.

The book was called something-divination-something. There were many words she didn't know and she tried her hardest to understand it. It did give her some amusement that the book looked like it came out of the world of Harry Potter. And in that moment she swore she was almost Hermione. Almost.

It talked a lot about people like Aphrodite, who could see the future. Apparently, seeing the future wasn't the only thing they were capable of. The book mentioned their ability to project divination upon others, or rather, the ability to make other people see the future too. However, it was an advanced skill and it had only been seen in very old and gifted vampyres. They were also the only known vampyres with the ability to speak to Nyx at will.

Zoey recalled herself speaking to Nyx as well, but that was against her will and she still kind of thought it was a bit unbelievable. Still, after everything that had happened to her, it couldn't have been just a dream.

Zoey started to read about three legendary original Diviners named Merva, Tinia and Uni. It was said that they were the ones who created the two races, Vampyres and Humans. They used the Pieces of Eden to control them and use them as a work force. The vampyres were allowed to have special abilities and were based more closely on the originals and upon realizing their superiority to humanity, rebelled against them, causing these Diviners, or rather, the First Civilization to create the Children of Two Worlds. These Children were created to destroy the arrogant vampire race and put an end to the rebellion.

Sighing, Zoey realized that a lot of this stuff sounded pretty unbelievable. The book mentioned people being able to speak to Nyx, then it went and outright denied her existence by saying that some "First Civilization" was actually god? And what were the Pieces of Eden and what did they have to do with anything? Was Neferet a part of those Children of Two Worlds? That was impossible, right? Neferet was definitely a vampire. Zoey was sure of that.

She shut the book and put it back in her bag. It was beginning to give her a headache. Maybe she would try to decipher the meaning behind all that mumbo jumbo after a really long nap. As she made her way to the door, someone stood in her way.

"P-Professor Loren!" she stuttered in surprise. What could he possibly want with her?

"Zoey Redbird, I was hoping I'd catch you here," he said smoothly and Zoey tried really hard not to swoon and fall to the ground at his feet. "Could you walk with me please?"

She nodded really quickly. She had no idea what he wanted, but if it meant that she got to look at his face for a little while, she was pretty okay with it.

At first, she and Loren walked in silence. It was beginning to make her nervous, but not for long because he eventually spoke up. "Zoey, I must admit," he said, sounding anxious. "I can't stop thinking about you." Zoey stopped in her tracks. Her voice caught in her throat and she didn't know what to say. This was wrong on so many levels, but it felt so right. He continued to speak, turning around to stand facing her. He reached out and grabbed her hands gently. "I know I shouldn't… I'm a professor, but there's something otherworldly about you…"

"O-Otherworldly…" she stammered, "Loren, I…" She trailed off. She omitted the "Professor" part. It just seemed wrong to call someone really hot who was also coming on to you "Professor"

"You don't need to say anything," he said softly. "Zoey, I think you're wise beyond your years. You're so mature… so beautiful." He let go of one of her hands to caress her face.

He was kissing her. He was kissing her. He was kissing her. Her heart was beating way too fast and she knew her cheeks were blushing fifty shades of –OMIGOD! OMIGOD! OMIGOD! she thought anxiously as she felt his lips move gently over hers. It was soft, yet passionate and it made her melt a million times.

It was strange when her thoughts began to slip away. For a moment, she thought it was the rush and the ecstasy, but then she felt her limbs become heavy and her heart slowing down. What was going on?

Aphrodite was fuming. First, she was drugged and Stevie Rae let it happen. Then she was Abandoned. Yes, you heard right. Abandoned. With a capital A.

As soon as she awoke, Aphrodite put on her armor and headed straight for the training grounds. She knew that if she wanted to know where Stevie Rae was, she needed to know where Ezio was. Stevie Rae wouldn't go off on her own, so if she wasn't with Aphrodite and Claudia, she was definitely with the knucklehead assassin.

To her dismay, none of the men fighting outside of the house were very helpful. A couple of them tried to hit on her only to get a heel to the face. It served them right for being pigs. She did, however, find out one thing. Ezio wasn't in Monteriggioni and neither was Stevie Rae.


A blinding white light covered Aphrodite's vision. However, she knew this wasn't a prophecy. This was Minerva.

The child is in danger. You must go after her. I will light your way so hurry!

Aphrodite clutched her head and watched as the beautiful Monteriggioni scenery was revealed again. Stevie Rae was in danger? How? And how was Aphrodite of all people more useful than Ezio? Couldn't he save her?

With a grumble, she dashed through the town and towards a stable. She needed a horse and she knew exactly where to go. Maybe Minerva could give her a few fighting tips while she was at it and some luck. Where Aphrodite was going, she needed as much luck and skill as she could manage.

Stevie Rae was sneaking into a large cathedral. It was really beautifully built and it was a shame that she was breaking and entering. Of course, she had no choice. She was light on her toes as she leapt from ledge to ledge, finally reaching an open window that she could crawl into.

The window took her to a dimly lit room. It was empty, just as Ezio had told her. Ezio, was on the other side of the cathedral, finding a way to let his men inside as well. She was tasked with making sure the coast was clear on the inside and unlocking any doors she could to help.

She felt a pang of guilt at leaving Aphrodite all alone in Monteriggioni. She had no choice. They were in Italy for a reason and if it wasn't to help Ezio, then what was it? She couldn't sit around and wait for Aphrodite to recover from her violent vision and headaches. She needed to progress and she had no choice but to go after Ezio. She was a talented assassin and she figured it had to do with all the work she did to help out her mama when she was still human. She knew Ezio needed her.

She sprinted nimbly to the door, listening for a moment to make sure that nobody was on the other side. She opened it carefully and stayed in the shadows as she made her way through a hallway. She made her way to the first door and began to pick the lock, making sure that she did it quickly and quietly so as not to tip off the guards of her presence.

It was only at the last lock that she was caught. A man in armor came up to her menacingly. She sucked in a deep breath. Well, this was her time to shine.

She didn't even let the man speak before pulling out her dual swords and running towards him. He wasted no time pulling out his own weapon and blocking her double hit. He staggered back and thrust his mace towards her. She blocked it easily with one of her weapons and thrust her second weapon into her staggered opponent's neck.

She shrugged off the blood that stained her face as two more men approached. Thankfully, they looked less skilled than the man she had just killed. To think, she was killing people now. She never thought she could do that so unflinchingly. She realized that the years had definitely changed her.

The men that approached her this time were unarmed. Stevie Rae tucked away her weapons and watched them warily. They didn't seem like they cared much for the corpse on the floor. They seemed more interested in Stevie Rae's presence. She was about to speak when both men dropped to her knees before her and bowed.

Well, this was new.

"Oh, Red One!" one of the men called out. She had been called Red One before by the other vampyres. What was going on here?

"Get off the floor and tell me what you want!" Stevie Rae snapped, sneering at them.

The men stumbled awkwardly to their feet. The obviously hadn't expected her to react this way to them. The second man spoke softly. "My Lady," he began, "We have been awaiting your arrival for many decades. We are your humble servants. Allow us to…"

The man was interrupted by a familiar voice. "'Humble servants'?" Ezio called out from behind her. Stevie Rae twisted around to watch him come through the door she had just unlocked with his men trailing after him, weapons stained with blood. He looked confused as he stared at the two men who were speaking to Stevie Rae. "What is the meaning of this?"

"I have no idea…" Stevie Rae mumbled, stepping back to stand with her fellow assassins.

"My Lady! You have sided with the ones who seek your destruction?" The first man spoke again. He looked just as confused as everyone else now. Everything was just a mess of confusion.

"Seek my destruction?" she asked and glanced uncertainly at Ezio. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Shaun looked up from his computer when something hard hit his back. He glanced around to see a shoe at his feet. Rebecca had thrown it at him. He narrowed his eyes and asked. "What was that for, Rebecca?"

"I've been trying to call you for ages, but you weren't responding," she replied sheepishly.

"What do you want?" he asked with irritation.

She pointed to Desmond. "I think we need to get him out of the Animus."

"You do realize we're behind schedule, right?"

She nodded briskly. "But, Shaun, the Bleeding Effect. We can't risk anything happening to Desmond or this will all be useless."

With a sigh, Shaun removed his glasses and rubbed his eyes. They stung from all the staring he had been doing. "Yes," he said weakly. "You're right. I could use a break, too." He got up from his chair and began to head towards the resting area.

Before unhooking Desmond from the device, she walked up to Shaun. "Hey, are you okay?" she asked calmly.

He glanced at her for a moment and nodded swiftly. He had been working harder than anyone now that Lucy was gone. Rebecca was definitely worried. She saw him collapse on a couch and she turned back to Desmond.

Zoey groaned as she regained consciousness. Where was she? She rubbed her eyes and looked around. The aged stone looked like the same material that built the House of Night, but it didn't look as well maintained as the walls of the school. It was broken and crumbling. It almost made her afraid that the walls would fall on top of her and crush her forever.

"Hello?" she said, trying to raise her voice. "Is anyone there?"

She heard the soft chuckling of a woman. Neferet came into view, looking all too elegant for the dirty scenery. Zoey scowled at her. She should have known that this was all Neferet's fault, but why would Neferet take her here? Up until that point, all their fighting had been in secret. They had never confronted each other face to face.

"Zoey," she started, her voice as smooth as silk. "Where did you get this book?" She pulled the ancient book that once belonged to Lenobia from behind her back.

"I found it in the library," the fledgling said fiercely.

"Don't lie to me, Zoey," the headmistress replied with a sinister look on her face.

Zoey winced in pain. Suddenly, she felt like tiny blades were whipping her skin and she felt the sticky sensation of blood oozing out of the cuts. "Stop it!" she screamed. Her eyes watered and through her blurred vision, she saw the silhouette of dark tentacles emerging from Neferet's shapely form.

The tentacles that were whipping Zoey retreated and the girl dropped to her knees weakly to Neferet's amusement. "Now, child. Tell me again. Where. Did. You. Get. This. Book?"

No Lucy in this chapter, but hopefully you'll find out what happened to her this year at least. (haha bad joke, I'm so sorry) Anyway, at least you've got Zoey in pain. Now isn't that music to your ears? :D (I'm a horrible human being)